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Personal Development Portfolio - Tesco

University: Regent College of London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The purpose of this report is to develop knowledge of learner in the context of different learning styles, its methods, self-managed learning, role of lifelong learning and so on.

  • Determine how lifelong learning can be enhanced through self-managed learning in Tesco plc.
  • Construct personal and professional development plan.
  • Discuss how to implement and review personal and professional development plan.
  • Evaluate how to acquire transferable and interpersonal skills while working in Tesco plc.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Personal and professional development concern with procedure in which organisation conducts such learning sessions or training program for accomplishing set targets. It can be combination of two major factors such as “personal” which means single person and “Professional” that signifies individual's work or job as per their educations as well as qualifications. There should be required to develop personal and professional in every business firm so that they can attains particular goals or objectives in better ways (Beach, 2012). This report is based on Tesco plc which is British multinational retail company and deals in groceries products. Its headquartered in England, UK. This assignment will describe regarding learning styles and purpose for personal or professional development which are very beneficial for the company to achieve desired goals. It will also elaborate solution regarding work based problems including various methods or strategies for time management. There will prepare personal development portfolio and evaluate own skills for organisational objectives. It is necessary to identify personal and professional development needs and opportunities to meet current and future requirements. PDP will define short or long term objectives through implementation of development plan.


1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

Self-managed learning is very important in the present world so that individuals can be developed and achieve predetermined goals or objectives in an effective manner. In this consist a process where persons develop their personalities and professional life with the help of observing behaviours, listening and attending some learning sessions, reading books or any articles and many more (Berk, 2015). It can be considered as the behaviour, views, opinions, good mindset, thoughts that are very necessary to attain predetermined business goals. Here are defined some approaches for self-managed learning such as:

Conferences and Seminars: In this consider the self practices which is an essential tool for learning more things and analyse own-self. It is an effective approaches that many of organisations undertake for developing the moral of employees as in this individual attends such seminars and conferences for the purpose of increasing knowledge as well as enhance skills. It is beneficial for both as speakers and listeners too where knowledge or experiences are shared with people. They can groom their presentations skills, transferable and communication skills through seminars.

Social networks: it is one of the best approach for self-managed as many of individuals are focusing on working in online and learn more by social networks as well. It give opportunity to people for interacting or contacting with other persons through social platform such as Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn and websites etc. by using these media, people can learn several things and enhance their skills (Meyers, 2015). They can use social sites and get knowledge about blogs, bulletin boards and many more.

Internet: In the present scenario, everyone is using internet as it has wide scope or source to get better knowledge as well as informations regarding entire world. There are number of websites available on internet which are serving such kinds of courses like trail and premium as well. User can access internet at anywhere or anytime for getting informations.

1.2 Ways in which learning in personal and professional context could be encouraged

There are defined several ways which can be beneficial for selecting learning styles to learn more things every day. These can be helpful in shaping such learning process and adopted number of approaches so that employees can increase their level of knowledge and encouraged for adopting various changes in an appropriate manner. These are as followings:

Self motivations: It is defined a the best tools for every individuals to work effectively and attains set targets of business. This is helpful aspect for companies as if employees are motivated then they will work hard and concentrate on achieving best possible outcomes in well manner. It always support in avoiding such negative ideas or depression of employees.

Evaluation and analysis of own: There must be required to identify own strengths, weaknesses and skills for every individuals so that they can learn better things for achieving growth as well as overcomes various weaknesses in an effective manner.

Leadership: This play an important role in every organisation for developing and encouraging employees towards set goals or targets (Cleary, 2011). They provide directions and proper instruction to them so that employees can feel motivated and work for attaining that particular goals in well manner.

Self modification: In this approach, individual find out particular problems on their own behalf and them try to self modified the techniques for improving level of performances. Manager should appreciate to the employees so that they can solve their problems.

1.3 Benefits of self-managed learning

Self-managed learning: It is the way of managing self learning with the helps of various training and development programs as well. Therefore, every organisations required to conducts such learning programs so that they enhance employees skills or knowledge for accomplishing set targets or goals in an effective way.

Benefits to individual

  • Increase the level of knowledge: In this consider the training or learning sessions which are provided by an organisation for increasing employees performances through enhancing skills or knowledge as well (Eros, 2011). It will support in increasing work productivity and growth of the firm.
  • Enhanced decisions making: self learning gives better knowledge and experiences as per the situations or circumstances. It considered as the procedures for learning more from past mistakes as well as experiences in their lives. It will help in improving decisions making skills and solves problems in better manner.

Benefits to organisation:

  • Increase work productivity: Every organisation depends on the employees performances so that it is necessary to enhance their work productivity. Therefore, with the help of training or learning sessions they can manage the works by performing in better manner. It will be beneficial for increasing work productivity and profitability within an organisation.
  • Development of team work: These are also helpful aspects which develop the leadership qualities by performing particular task or objectives (Forte, 2014). Team work play vital role in developing particular organisation through effective performance.

4.1 work based problems and their solutions

There can be numerous problems and challenges which can be encountered by an organisation while carrying out its operations. It is the duty of management to make sure that problems are either suppressed or eliminated to make sure that better outcomes are availed. A brief description of the major issues which are faced by Tesco Plc are as follows:

Collaborative working: it is referred to be a situation in which different elements of an organisation are working together so that common goals are availed. The problem in this scenario is that workforce of this organisation is heterogeneous and belongs from distinct ethnicities and culture. Therefore they are not able to collaborate their efforts for organisational gains.

Therefore, to counter such situation management of an organisation needs to take some redress-al measures so that collaborative functioning of employees could be improved. Some of steps taken are mentioned briefly.

Team building and development exercises: the team building exercises such team development model should be focused so that employees feel comfortable around each other and form a bond. This team building exercises will make sure that they are able to work effectively with each other and to make sure that they are able to achieve desired results.

Formation of communication channels: Formation of communication channel helps in facilitation of right interaction and exchange of information (Flores, 2014). It is essential to form a right channel of communication between employees and employers so that employees are able to collaborate their efforts with each other achieving combined target and goals.

4.2 Various learning styles to overcome the problems

In this defined various learning styles that generally used for the purpose of solving the problems regrading workers within the firm. These are as followings:

  • Visuals: In this consider various forms of gathering informations or data through graphical representation in effective ways. It involved pictures, diagrams, mind maps, colours and images etc. it will support in getting information within limited time period.
  • Physical: In this involves physical moves for completing tasks as people generally use their body part for assisting learning. It considered diagrams, utilisation of physical objects and various strategies to learn better.
  • Verbal: it is very useful where learners use their words for speaking as well as writing so that they can assists learning (Gamrat, 2014). They consider several things for their words such as techniques, reading contents and scripting etc.
  • Public communication: this concern with communication process for providing information to the targeted audiences within defined time period as well.
  • Logical: There should be any logic behind any concepts which helps in better understanding. This will support in identifying logics, systems and reasoning etc. so that people can understand in better manner.
  • Solitary: these kinds of learners usually prefers to learn alone by doing self study. It is beneficial aspect that support in enhancing skills or knowledge and motivate them for learning better. Individuals can solve their problems through increasing knowledges as well.

4.3 Time management strategies and their effectiveness

Time management is defined as the set of procedures in which included planning, exercising controlling and timing for the purpose of achieving set targets or goals in well manner. It is very necessary to develop the business by ensuring time schedules and manage entire activities through effective strategies (Glogowska, 2011). There are describe some time management strategies such as:

  • Set goals and objectives: It is the first phase in which organisation set or accomplish their goals or targets by considering time factor as well. There is requires to assign various tasks and roles or responsibilities among employees so that they will be aware regarding their work that are to be performed to accomplish targets.
  • Organise: It is another step in which manager organise various activities or functions for attaining targets or goals by considering available resources. They focus on optimum utilisation of that resources so that best possible outcomes can be achieved in limited time period.
  • Scheduling: In this consider the time schedule which are distributed for the purpose of completing task or work. It is the major duty of management that to decide the time period and finish particular project accordingly.
  • Proactive: It is knowns as evaluation process in which manager check the employees performance and then try to improve it by providing better training or learning sessions (Young, 2011). They also consider the time factors by analysing gaps between actual as well as standards time so that particular task can be performed.
  • Time bound: This phase define the various methods which are required for task or work completion to attain targets or goals as well.
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