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Strategic HRM


Employees engagements is an important aspect of strategic Human resource management. This strategy is considered as the two way commitment and communication between organization and individuals. The present report make analysis on different models of employees engagement i.e. Hewitt's model (Albdour and Altarawneh, 2014). This reports describe the main stages of this model and their suitability of using  this model in Hilton hotel.  This reports also make analysis of use of Hewitt's model and conduct primary research in hotel along with describes the best practices of using this model (Anitha, 2014). At last, this report gives recommendation for improving the practices of employees engagement.


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1) Models of Employees Engagement

Employees engagement is defines as process of making relationship between company and its employees (Kang, and Sung, 2017).  It is also defines as making employees passionate about their jobs and also make them committed towards organizations.  There are different types models which can use by Human Resource Management departments for engaging their employees. Following  are models of employees engagements.

Zinger model of employees engagements

This model consist different steps and designed to enhance employees engagement within organizations. 

Achieve results - As per this model, for achieving desired results managers as well as employees of company need to improves their own skills and knowledge (Liang, Renneboog, and Vansteenkiste, 2017). For getting positive outcomes it is important for mangers and workers to understand business strategics properly. 

Craft strategies - In every firm for achieve higher levels of employees engagement crafting appropriate strategics is essential (Mackay, Allen and Landis, 2017).  It includes a lot of planning and involvement of workers along with organizational requirements.  For crafting strategics managers involved individuals and this approach increases engagement of workers in firm.

Enliven Roles - For employees engagement managers should redefining workers tasks ans their responsibility in a such a manner that reduces boredom from their job and found their work c challenging and interesting (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014.). This practices also helps to firm

Excel at work - Motivation play vital role as it enables to make workers perform with this full efficiency. In this context, it is important that there should be a system in which employees are rewarded as per their performance (Mone, and London, 2014).

Get connected - As per this aspect, all the employees should have proper interaction with each as it will enable to develop strong relation with others.

Be authentic - All the workers should perform as per the roles and responsibilities that are being provided to them.

Live recognition - Manager and leaders should understand the efforts that are being made by their employees (Mone, and London, 2014). Moreover, they should be monitored of workers and accordingly identify the areas in which they lack. Accordingly, strategies should be developed with the help of which employees will be improve their performance.

Fully engage - All the organizational goals and objectives can be achieved in faster way when employees have coordination. The task will be complete on or before time and that also with high quality.

Identify with organization - Management should make sure that employees feel connected with the organization and this is possible when workers are conveyed with the aim and objectives of the firm (Popli, and Rizvi,  2017).

Serve customers - There are cases in which workers fail to perform their roles and responsibilities (Presbitero, 2017). This is because, workers do not have proper information about their job. In such condition, workers should be trained so that all the confusion they have can be eliminated and proper services can be delivered to customers.

Develop personality - Employees should not be focused on just achieving the goals and objectives of the firm but they should also aim at improving their personal skills and capabilities.

Attain happiness - All the workers who satisfied and happy contribute effectively towards the betterment and development of the firm (Albdour and Altarawneh, 2014). 

The Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Model

This is a type of model that aims at determining the making employees engaged in the business operations of the organization (Anitha, 2014). In this context, there are 6 steps elements that should be considered by the firm in order to improve their perform level. Six elements are as follows:

Leadership - Employees have direct interaction with customers so they should be provided with the opportunity to share their vies in order to make improvement in the products and services.

Performance - Workers should be monitored and they should be rewarded as per their performance (Biswas‐Diener,  Kashdan and Lyubchik, 2017). Further, they should be given with career opportunities so that they stay longer within the organization.

The work - Their should be effective communication among workers and managers. This way managers will get to identify the problems that are faced by them and accordingly steps can be taken.

The basics - Management should provide healthy working environment in which there are security of life (Mackay, Allen and Landis,  2017). This will enable them to feel safe and secure and to work with their full efficiency.

Company practices - Skills and capabilities that workers possess should be identified and as per the findings, employees should be provided with job roles (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014.). This will be helpful enough to motivate and to boost up their moral.


2) Use of model for conducting the best practices through primary research

The best model for employees engagement is Hewitt's model.  Bu using this model in hospitality industry Hilton's management is try to increases their employments engagement in entity (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014.). Leaders of company are concerned about entity's employees and motivating their workforce. From conducting the primary research following information is to be assessed and ways to use this model in organization's practices. This model consists three stage which is Say, stay and strive. 

With the help of this Hewitt's model the organization is improving its relationships with its workers and  focuses on establishing long term relationships with them (Mone, and London, 2014). As per this models there are three steps includes for employees engagements which are as follows.

Say - The managers of the hotel is always tried to speak positively with their co workers so they can attain their customers in effective manner (Popli, and Rizvi, 2017). In hotel industry most of the customer's interaction is done by the workers so it is important to keep firm's workers positive towards their work. With the help of this model Hilton's managers and top management speak positive with its customers so it helps to them for building long term relationships with its employees (Presbitero, 2017).

Stay - Another step is to develop intense sense if belonging in workers so they can feel important part of the firm. If employees, feels part of entity they their work performances improved and maintain long term relation with organization (Albdour and Altarawneh, 2014). For developing employees engagement Hilton hotel involved their employees for developing and making business strategic so individuals feel to be important part of the enterprise.

Strive - In the last stage the management motivate their employees towards their work and job.  For keeping engaged to employee it is important to motivate to them towards their job and work (Biswas‐Diener,  Kashdan and Lyubchik, 2017).  For motivating their workers hotel involved their staff in decisions making process and receive their valuable ideas.

From the primary research it is also identity that there are some employees which are not satisfied of using this model. Following is information is gather from this research.

  • This model helps to manager of Hilton hotel for motivating their employees and increases their contribution towards entity's activities and feel special when they are invited in meetings but its also have some negative impacts such as many  time Hotel is not bale to involved their workers in meetings because of some polices are not disclosed front of any worker. So its reduces the  employees' engagement (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014.). 
  • From conducting primary research from manager of Hilton hotel it is assessed that performance of employees is improved by using this model in positive manner.  Managers of the hotel always try to speak positively with their workers so they can make positive interaction with their customers (Mone, and London, 2014). On the other hand with use of this model individuals of organization spread important information with other people and it creates uncertainty with in entity.
  • Employees of firm increase their participation and delivered more creative work (Popli, and Rizvi,  2017). This model is helps to employees for presenting their own ideas and involved diverse group of employees during participation so employee's creativity is ultimately enhances long with firm's productivity.
  • From the primary research it is assessed that employee like the subordinates when they get change to engage with business activities of Hilton (Presbitero, 2017). Their inferiority vanishes and gain confidence at workplace. Worker's hesitation is gets away and confidence of working in the same environment retains.
  •  By using this model outlook of workers has changed and decisions making process become more effective, employees increase their participation and decisions of management is ultimately gets strong (Albdour and Altarawneh, 2014).  So this model improve employees engagement improves and decisions become more effective.
  •  By increases workers engagement hotel does not need to hire new employees for their work.  With poor employee's engagement firm need recruiting new workers. Individuals get chances to prove their capabilities and also presents good work (Biswas‐Diener,  Kashdan and Lyubchik, 2017). From the research it is assessed that managers of Hilton hotel is also felt good as their responsibility is decline.
  • From the research it is also concluded that use of Hewitt's model motivates employees for increasing their capabilities and skills.  This model helps to them for improving their work along with their capacities.
  •  By using this Hewitt's model employees of the company is get happy and able to encouraged to other people as well (Liang, Renneboog, and Vansteenkiste, 2017). Subordinates need to pay less attention of their workers so it ultimately increasing focus of workers.
  • However,  there are some problems is also faced by managers of Hilton hotel for using this model such as per this model, involvement of employees is important for developing long term relationships with employees but it is not possible to involvement of workers in every meeting which is conducted by organizations. So it also creates negative influences among  workers.

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3) Evaluation of approach and recommendations

From the evaluation of  Hewitt's model it is assessed that this model helps to managers and management of the Hilton hotel for achieving their business objectives.  With the help of this model they are able to involved their workers in company's word (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014.)k. There are some significant changes have been noticed in the worker's engagement.  Staff of the organization is able to produce more work and attain their customers in effective manner.  Workers of the organization feel good when they are involved in meetings. By involving workers in business meetings they important part of the entity so their engagement is ultimately increases (Popli, and Rizvi,  2017).  With the help of this model organization's workers involvements is grown. Hilton hotel successful involve their workers in decision making process and leaders are also affairs the value of their staff members.   It  is identified that workers naturally develop deeper commitments to organizational  and departmental objectives.  

Hewitt's model is also helps to Hilton hotel for attending their customers in better manner. In hotel front line employees that interacted directly with customers or clients, so execution of this model helps to them for receiving their customer's ideas and feedback. Employee's engagement encourages to hotel for sharing their valuable ideas and get involved in decisions making process (Liang, Renneboog, and Vansteenkiste, 2017). By using this model customers are get benefited and hotel become able to receives feedback from their consumers and also make necessary modifications in their as per their clients requirements (Mone, and London, 2014). Through this model employees get confidence towards their work and able to take further responsibilities in the hotel.

The major benefits of Hewitt's model is that it removes communication complexity in between workers and managers (Hilton, 2017) This model empowered to employees for improving their decision making ability and improve the consistency of communications. 

However, the use of this model increases chaos and leads to grapevine communication in entity (Albdour and Altarawneh, 2014). The topics which are discussed during meetings is spread very fast in firm and management become unable to handle every situations.

Recommendations for improving employees engagement    

There are some recommendations which assists to Hilton hotel for improving their  employee's e

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