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Human Resource Management

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There are various types of operations which are operated within  company or outside of organisation in decent manner (Cavusgil and et. al., 2014. ). These operation and activities which are controlled and manage by the most important department of organisation that is human resource department, this department plays a vital role in order to perform different types of functions and operations of organisation in proper manner. This department controls various activities of company. Human resource management controls various operations like conduct training session for employee, increase effectiveness in performing different type of operations. It aids to achieve goals and objectives of company in proper manner. It also arrange meeting to discuss about the various agenda. Brititsh Petroleum is  company which is one of  six largest  company which provide different types of service which are related to provide petrol fuels and other petroleum products. In this report it is explains about various roles and responsibilities of HR manager various strength and weakness which are faced by company


P1  Purpose and Functions of HRM applicable to  resourcing and workforce planning

Human Resource department is most important department which plays a crucial role in to ascertain various  functions of company (Watson,  2011). It monitor the performance of various worker which are performing various activities within organisation. These functions are selection of new applicants  according to necessity made by company which perform their role in accomplish of different operations of enterprises. Conduct new and advance training session for worker of  British Petroleum  which aids to increase skills and capabilities  to perform different types of operations in effective way. HR manager also focus on performance of different employee working in o0rganisation and give them appraisal  to them. The main motive of this department is to maximise the level of profit of company.  There are various nature and scope of  HRM is explain in proper way.


  • It is an continuous procedure.
  • It mange various kind of methods which are related to finding gas and fuels which are consumed by different clients. It also prepare an effective plan in order to select expert employees from different mode  according to requirement made by British Petroleum.
  • It also put focus on to create a dynamic environment for organisation.
  • The major purpose of HRM is to make proper coordination with all department of enterprises (Hewitt,  2014). 


  •  In order to increase the knowledge and capabilities of different worker HR manager conduct different levels of training session which to perform different types of task in effective manner.
  • HR manager of British Petroleum is to provide reward and compensation as per the performance of employee.

There are five functions which are performed by HR manager of British Petroleum which are explain below:

Provide training and development program.  This function is deals with the conduction  of different types of new and advance tools and techniques which are implemented by HR manger of British Petroleum  to enhance skills and knowledge of employee working in organisation in proper manner. It also plays an important role  order to organisation induction program for new worker who have join the organisation in effective manner.

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Compensation and Benefits:  The main objectives of British Petroleum is to perform various operations which are concerned on to produce various petroleum products for consumer this aid to increase productivity of company. The HR manger monitor performance and of different worker and give them reward and compensation to them which boost morale of various worker performing different activities  within company. There are various reward and compensation given to worker of enterprises:

  • Implement strategies to implement flexible duty hour.
  • Give paternal and maternal leaves.
  • Extension of leaves according to condition explain by different worker.

Performance appraisal:  The HR manager of British Petroleum focus on to maintain effectiveness in performing different types of activities of organisation in effective manner. It give appraisals to those worker which give their tremendous effort to accomplish task in proper manner.

Planning:  it is responsibility of HR mange of company is to prepare a effective plan which helps to perform different task in stipulated time. Before performing any operations  the HR manger needs to form a plan to execute the task (Disch,  2016).

There are different functions which are related to HRM are given :

  • Hiring and selection of new candidate for company.
  • Prepare effective plan and policies which are related to British Petroleum.
  • Encourage worker to perform different function in stipulated time.

Best Fit approach vs. best practices

Best practice

Best fit

It is concerned with giving appraisal to worker according to their performance.

There are various practices which are implemented  to maintain effectiveness in performing different types of work.

HR manager encourage their worker to achieve goals and objective of enterprises.

It help to ascertain competitive advantages to British Petroleum. 


Soft and Hard models of HRM

            Hard skills:  There are various operation and activities which accomplish various function in proper way. The main objectives of HR manager of  British Petroleum is to hire and select new worker for organisation. It also fulfil needs and desire of different worker.

Soft skills: HR manager of British Petroleum is to follow the instruction which given by superior management of company. The main objectives of company is to increase capabilities of employee.

Workforce Planning :

Types of organisation

Types of labour power market


Independent primary

Subordinate primary


It controls the different regulation of  worker, expert professional and the other members 

 Those worker which are get unionised due to competition with the union of different labour. 





 Worker who have high  capabilities are comes for union craft.

It is related with worker who ascertain low capabilities.


P2 Weaknesses and Strengths of various approaches to recruitment and selection

            The HR manager of British Petroleum is  conduct different interviews  and online examination  to fill vacant post in organisation ( Benn,  Edwards and Williams,  2014). There are two method of recruitment which is ascertain by  HR manager of organisation in order to recruit new worker to perform different types of functions of organisation in proper manner. These two methods are internal recruitment and external recruitment method.

Job analysis: It is concerned with various term and condition and description about the job, perform roles and responsibilities by new worker.

Job descriptions:  it is concerned with duties roles ad responsibilities  which is to be performed by new employee who wants  to join the organisation.

Personal description:  this is concerned about  the qualification, eligibility criteria  which makes new employee eligible to apply for post. There are two process of recruit and hire new candidate by internal medium and external medium. And also determine strength and weaknesses.

Internal recruitment and selection:

             British petroleum select new candidate for enterprises. It is low time taking methods and very cost effective. HR manager of Brtitish petroleum do not recruit new  applicant from outside. There are three main medium by  which internal methods of recruitment are as follows:

            Promotion:  This methods is used by manger to give promotion to existing employee on the new post.

            Transfer: This method is concerned on to transfer employee from old department to new department of company.

            Employee referrals:  this is method  which is concerned with capabilities of worker to company by giving post by the references of relatives and known person in order  to fill vacat post within company (Ross,  2017).


  •  it is very cost effective and less time taking process.
  • The HR manager of company already acknowledge about skills and knowledge of existing employee (Kircher and Jain, 2013).
  • They always focus on to promote different workers.
  • It increase performance level of worker.


  • Lots of issues ad problems are arises between worker.
  • There is no opportunity to choose the new applicant.

External recruitment and selection:

            This is concerned about the hiring of new applicant from outside of organisation by different medium like from institution, by campus placement by giving advertisement and many others.


  • It is very costly process and also very time consuming.
  • It is essential  to provide effective trainingfor newly joined worker.

            Selection is the method tom choose new worker according to skills and their efficiency to perform their roles and responsibility. After completion of this method HR manger of  British Petroleum organisation induction process  to introduce new employee  to existing  employee. 

On boarding: It is method to introduce new employee in enterprises. HR manger needs to introduce new joiners to their department. New employee acknowledge with their aims and objective.

Induction process:  This process  is utilise by  HR manager to get them acknowldge about the process and culture of organisation, vision of organisation and other important information. It is organisation form very first day of joining. There are different problems and issues during performing induction program.

  • Capability of employee
  • effect aims and objectives of employee.

P3  Advantages of various HRM practices in an organisation

            There are various types of HRM practices which are implemented by British Petroleum which are describe below:

            Learning, training and development: In order to  increase effectiveness in skills and knowledge of various workers this aids to maintain effectiveness in performing different types of work in proper manner (hepherd,  2014).

Difference between Training and development



It focus on to enhance skills and knowledge of worker which are performing different types of activities of organisation in proper manner.

It develop overall performance of worker in effective manner. 

The main objectives of HR manger is enhance performance of  worker of company.

Implement new methods to perform different operations.


            It is essential for manager  to analyses about needs and want of different workers. There are two kinds of training process which are implement to trained different worker.

On the job training: this process is implemented within company. It is cost effective there are different types of methods like job rotation, coaching, internship, Apprenticeship and new  process.

Off the job training: This process is concerned with trained to different workers outside from company. Brititsh Petroleum  hire and expert trainer to different worker. Like seminars, conferences and other process (hillips,  2012).

Reward management:  HR manger give reward to employee on basis of their performance of  worker. There are tow types of reward systems which are as follows:

Intrinsic reward:This type of reward is given by the management  as per the behaviour of employee working in organisation in proper manner.

Extrinsic reward:   This reward is given by the organisation  on basis of  performance of employee.

Flexible duty hour: The HR manger of British Petroleum needs to maintain flexible duty hours in order to  perform different activities  in effective manner. Company needs to implement  8-9 hour to perform work in company.

P4 Effectiveness of various HRM practices in context of increasing organisational profit and development

The main motive of British Petroleum is to increase profit level of company and also remuneration to worker. Due to implementation of different types of HR practice implemented by company in order to motivate their employee to perform different types of task in proper manner (Shafritz,  Ott and Jang,  2015). It also aids to capture large number of shares if market. On the basis of these HRM practices aids to enhance productivity of different types of work which are performed by organisation in proper manner. So manager of company encourage their worker in order to attain goals and objectives of organisation and also attract large number of customer in short period of time. Apart from this there are different factors that benefited to the employees of British petroleum which describe below:-

  • Talent management:- It is utmost responsibilities of HR manager to get knowledge regarding all the skilled and talented employees in organisation on the basis of which they utilised it in their decision-making which help in increasing profits of company.
  • Information system:- This term also known as knowledge administration under which HR manager of British petroleum need to maintain all the data and information of workers who worked for organisation and apart from it maintain effective communication strategies in which important decision communicate to workforce at adequate manner which leads to accomplishment of daily targets.
  • Logical thinking:- Under this whatever the rules and standard made by organisation must be strictly adhere to whole management and respective deadline given to workforce for accomplishment of particular task which increase productivity also.

Therefore, these factor need to be address by British petroleum in order to increase the profits and productivity of business.

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