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Recruitment and selection in business

Introduction to Recruitment and Selection in Business

Recruitment and selection process is a business concern activity to attract and choose applicants for employment. This process has great involvement of human resource department of organisation and division concern actions, policies that are essential for better recruitment and selection process. In this, learning will focus on various sources of recruitment process and how these are beneficial for recruiting and selection. Furthermore, it will also focus on various documentation that are essential for better recruiting and selection.


Two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources

Recruitment plan is process of finding and hiring the best candidate for fulfillment of vacant job ort position in effective manner. The process can be done with a help of internal as well as external sources (Brown, 2011). Internal sources are a recruitment source that occurs from within organization and external sources are that recruitment source that occurs from outside the organization.

House of Fraser (HOF)

In this task we will focus on organizations plan recruitment using internal and external sources. Firstly, we will spotlight on House of Fraser. It is a British, nationwide organization that operates its business in retail industry. Organization deals and sells number of products under five key departments. The products are classified in store from television to handbags to men’s shoes and make-up. It has been spotted that House of Fraser has more than 60 stores in United Kingdom, other than this, company also deals in online market through its online stores and allow international shipment (Brown, 2011). Organization also presents the House of Fraser ‘Store Cards’ that contain a master card, a recognition reward card and a recognition card for its dependable consumers. The corporation also operates its business while working in partnership to provide strength to businesses like, The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, Walk the Walk and Retail Trust.

Reasons vacancies occur at House of Fraser

It has been identified that at House of Fraser (HOF) the turnover ratio regarding labor is high and currently there are 5,200 individuals working in organization and also have 11,000 concession staff. The reasons employees leave the firm and company move towards sources are long term sickness, it would need a temporary individual to cover the vacant position till the employees or staff member is capable to effort again. Secondly, the maternity leave can also be the reason of recruitment, in this company requires temporary employment for next 6 to 12 months and retirement can also be other reason (Morrissey, 2009). It would need a member of staff to be recruited on permanent basis as this associate of organization will not be returning back to job. Transfer means the member of staff will not come back to work so it will result to permanent contract that would be prepared for a new associate of organization. At last, termination would also direct to a permanent arrangement to have proper working in organization.

In these circumstances, House of Fraser would require arranging or recruiting new employees and new members of firm to fulfill the organization needs and vacant positions, in other words it can be said that for no loss is occurred to the store financially or physically in conditions of supply. HOF can decide to provide work for staff permanently as well as temporarily, whichever is suitable for case (Walker, 2012). For example, Christmas time when temporary worker are required to cover the level when there is high order for goods. If a member of staff leaves organization for such reasons, HOF can decide to employ new member of organization, concerning with their financial situation as a production, and also reliant on the significance of the job position and responsibility. In the support they decide to recruit, they can promote the job/vacancies they have, internally as well as externally.

Internal and External sources used to recruit

House of Fraser mostly employ through internal sources, as this is a cost effective as well as time saving method. At the situation of internal recruitment, the advertisement of job is within firm through posters and banners presentation within staff room, locker room, etc (Morrissey, 2009). Other than this, organization also advertises its job over internet sites and notice for current members, if they want to look.  But these opportunities can also be initiate by associates of the community ‘externally’ on the House of Fraser portal too. This is also a comparatively cheap procedure as it does not involve any third party participation. This would generally be an employment centre or newspaper, who could promote vacancy on behalf of corporation. Announcements can also be spotted in shop casement which is cheap as comparison with additional external methods of promotions. It has also been identified that marketing internally for a job in-store is generally a faster procedure than externally, as the procedure is consist of low filtration of applicants which can be expensive to the corporation (HOF) (Walker, 2012). This could be a chance to better cost, as these funds might be spend on supplementary expenses like, bonus proposal and enhanced services for human resources.

Land Rover

Land Rover is a British car producer and specializes in four-wheel automobiles. Company is legendary popular for the formation of ‘off-road’ automobiles like the guardian, Free Lander and now more in recent times the limited Range Rover compilation. Organization has also been acknowledged for the use of its automobiles in the armed forces in Gulf War as well as Korean War (Mascull, 2010). They also recommend the service of global obtaining although there working is based in the United Kingdom. It also proposes ‘test drive’ services to consumers that stay the sales area they have in United Kingdom. To betterment of consumer Land Rover also present financial services related to insurance and Personal/Business monetary letters.

Reasons vacancies occur at Land Rover

It has also been spotted that Land Rover is having high labor turnover ratio while manufacturing the cars, it is due to the production cost is high and also needs human resources with detailed skills and necessities for better manufacturing of automobiles at all times. Position may arise within car sales area which is not significant as the job responsibility within industrial unit. Vacant positions may take place if employee is relocated to another Land Rover display area. Secondly, if a member of staff becomes unwell and this has a long-term impact on the corporation, this arrangement will require to be filled (Münstermann, 2010). If member of staff is promoted, their earlier location might need recruitment. The other reasons might be same as compare to HOF.

If recruitment is for any of above explanation, Land Rover can decide to employ their employees internally or externally, this can occasionally be indomitable on the significance of job responsibility. For instance, if an administrative location became empty, it may be sensible for company to encourage or possibly devalue someone to that definite position, because it requires experience and information about the corporation (Münstermann, 2010).  It may also arise that more temporary employees are required to effort as sales associates like, if a new car is being launched.

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Internal and External sources used to recruit

Land Rover recruitment is depends on the vacancy. As above said recruiting internally is time and cost saving method, so it is possible that company would choose to employ internally. Thorough internal recruitment, they can place advertisements over Internet and also ‘in-store’ notice board for instance in staff rooms, etc (Mascull, 2010). If Land rover decides to employ externally, this will consume time and moderately expensive that would reduce the investment in Bonus Schemes. But it would permit other inhabitants to carry new ideas and strategies to join corporation and provide benefits. Land Rover only promote externally through website, which is the cheapest technique of external staffing.

Impact of the legal and regulatory framework on recruitment and selection activities

It has been identified that the HOF and Land Rover has to follow some legal and regulatory framework while going through recruitment and selection process. The implementation of process without any consideration of legal aspects will lead both firms to several conflicts. In other words, it can be said that Acts of assembly and Legislation are formed for betterment of businesses and inhabitants to co-operate successfully. It includes some definite rules that to prevent inequity, unfairness and victimization (Billsberry, 2008). If laws are not followed, in that support the action can be taken against differences which is affect the environment. Those actions will affect the process of firm and lead to issues. Legislation is formed to set a reasonable and secure correlation among human resources and company.

There are number of legislation framework that organizations need to follow like, Sex Discrimination Act 1995/97. This act is formed to guard human resources against sex inequity in the administrative center. It means men, women any one can take part in process and interviewers or managers can not have any discrimination towards them on basis of sex. For example, if manager of Land Rover has not selected any women for vacant job just because of discrimination in sex then this will lead manager as well as firm to various legal issues that can affect the business as well as brand image of firm (Brookes, 2011). Secondly, come to the Equality Act 2010 legislation which facilitates a person with specific individuality to have equivalent privileges and protection from unfairness and unfair treatment. It includes religion, sexuality and disability.

After this, European Working Time Directive is law which facilitates EU employees, the right to a minimum figure of holidays per year, paid holidays, and some kind of rest of 11 hours in 24 hours. The Employment Act 2002 is provision that is proposed to offer an encouragement for company and workforce to determine any difficulty through conversation, in cases where such actions have not survived before (Billsberry, 2008). Within the section of provision itself there are two different kinds of process definite in the Act: A standard method and a simple, more customized process. The proper implementation of these laws in working will lead both organizations to success and effective working conditions, but while on other side, the breach of laws will lead firms to legal conflicts that can affect the business of both corporations.

Other than these laws, WOF and Land Rover also has to follow National Minimum Wage. It entitles employees within United Kingdom, aged 16+ to a nationalized minimum hourly salary which is presently £3.68 for 16-17 year old human resources above discipline leaving age but below 18, £4.98 for 18-19 year olds, and £6.08 for personnel 21years and above. This is despite of where they effort or their job responsibility. The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) is provision to ensures that the miss-use and miss-allotment of information on particular living inhabitants does not take place (Kurtz, 2011). It is the key part of provision that directs the security of individual information in United Kingdom. The better implementation of these laws will also motivate employees to work hard and make them understand about the responsibility of job in more efficient manner.


Documents used in selection and recruitment activities

The documentation of selection and recruitment process includes approval, person specification, job description and advertising. The every documentation of recruitment and section process needs approval from higher authorities before performing in process. Land Rover is looking for business expansion and they are recruiting for three vacant sales assistants. The draft of approval includes job description and other factors of selection process (Weiner, 2009). Job description is to provide information concerning to work responsibilities, function, duties and what are expectations for a definite manner of occupation so the worker or the individual who is applying for job can understand the needs. It will also help in recognition of education, skills that are important for organization. Other than this, documentation will also includes job duties, salary, location, etc that is necessary for organization to consider for better recruitment process.

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Job description for sales manager


  • To develop and adjust the sales marketing strategy.
  • Effort to meet the sales objectives of association in the course of efficient scheduling and budgeting.
  • To map possible consumers and produce leads for the association.
  • Analyze, evaluate, report and optimize the results of sales (Brookes, 2011).
  • Establishing, managing, analyzing and optimizing marketing and sales campaigns.

Job requirements

  • Working and thinking.
  • 2 to 4 years significant work experience.
  • Knowledge and skill with sales cost models (Billsberry, 2008).
  • Good skills in Microsoft Office as well as communication.
  • Able to sketch and to offer concrete trade case.

Working conditions

  • Working conditions
  • Employment:  One year contract.
  • Working hours:  Full-time (8 hrs per day). 5 days a week
  • Salary: £32,000.
  • Location: London.
  • Number of vacancy: one

Person Specification

  • Education: MBA, MBO BTEC.  In /management
  • Affinity with and knowledge of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Knowledge and experience with cost models.
  • Able to speak well Dutch is a plus.
  • Good skills in Microsoft Office.
  • Team-working ability (Brookes, 2011).

Job description for sales person (2)


  • To meet the target of organization on week basis and make feel comfortable the guest at showroom.
  • Maintain excellent professional relation with colleagues, sub-ordinate and superior.
  • Require to work in team

Person Specification

  • Candidates must have degree in business discipline.
  • Minimum one year working experience in any delivery organization or automobile industry (Kurtz, 2011).
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • Candidate must efficient in English and other language in Europe.

Working conditions

  • Employment:   One year contract.
  • Working hours:  Full-time (8 hrs per day).
  • Salary: £22.000
  • Location: London.
  • Number of vacancy: Two.

Advertising for vacant job

Advertising plays a key role in success of process through providing knowledge about job to general public as well as members of organization. Organization can share its link to online official portals (O'Meara, 2013). They can also contact to some local hr consultants for better recruitment and they can also publish their documentation over other job portals. Other than this, they can also advertise over several social networking websites and news papers. In this, organization will have advertisement regarding vacant job. They will render a information about job. Such as location, job profile, role, duties, salary, etc. this advertisement plays a key role in attracting more applicants towards job.

Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process

The comparison and analyzing of different documents that are used within interview and recruitment stages, it is necessary because it provides better understanding of recruitment and selection process. It also makes understand about importance of documents and helps in better identification of candidates for vacant position. It includes CV, personal specification and job description. Firstly come to the CV, its full form is Curriculum vitae. In this process for vacant job position, it requires the candidate to carry their CV while going through the selection process. A CV or Curriculum Vitae facilitate as a certificate listing data about the interviewee which can effortlessly be seen by the managers of Land Rover (Kurtz, 2011). It includes information like grades obtained, earlier work interconnected knowledge as well as hobby and advantageous qualities the candidate may contains. Manager take data listed above into deliberation when building their short listing, which they evaluate to the submission form of candidate.

Personal Specification includes basic qualities they are looking forward to their workers, so it is significant that any person wishing to submit an application must meet this criteria, this make sure that right inhabitants are chosen for the jobs (Weiner, 2009). The Personal Specification can be spot on the staffing poster. While on other hand, job descriptions make available a brief explanation on information about the job role and responsibility of a definite job, in this case, the job explanation listed above is for a Sales manager and sales person position within the corporation. The job description can be seen when they are marketing for the position, in showroom or online on their official portals and other social networking websites as well as recruitment portals.

It has also been identified that the documents used in recruitment and selection process are important for organization and they all plays key role in success of process (O'Meara, 2013). Every document has its own features. Like C.V. makes understand about candidate education level and saves the time of manager. Personal specification and job description also make sure that candidate is not fake and make understand about needs and skills of person for vacant job.

Job description is a written document that provides some specific knowledge regarding job. The documentation is prepared according to findings of job analysis. This document is consisted of information regarding duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope and working conditions. It is necessary because it makes understand the person about the job and its working. It also facilitates organizations to have better recruitment and selection of candidates. Selection panel can easily have comparison of candidate with the needs of job with an assistance of job description documentation.


Plan to take part in a selection interview

The manager of Land Rover has to consider some selection interview steps for betterment of procedure. It includes, Application of verification, interview, skills evaluation, applicant rating and employment verification, skills profile, decision.

In this plan organization will firstly focus on completion of recruitment process that includes approval of selection process. In this HR department of organization will prepare a draft for taking an permission from higher authority for staring an process. This draft will includes brief summary of vacant position, job description, job criteria, salary, location and etc factors that are related to selection process. After receiving an approval the Hr department will share its link with public and decide some members to take an interview (Weiner, 2009). This panel is named as selection panel, who is responsible to take interview and ensure that the candidate chosen for vacant position is perfect and meets the job criteria. After that organization will advertise about the job and its description to have applications and achieve the goal of selection process.

After application receiving organization or elected panel members will verify the documents of candidate and after this, they will conduct an interview of suitable candidates. In this interview session panel will examine the candidate skills and capability for better selection of candidate for vacant job.

In this process I will also take part for better selection of candidate and lead firm to success with accomplishing the selection process goals. Being an HR Assistant of Land Rover I will contribute in selection process for sales manager and sales person (Rolf, 2009). As a part of Hr department I will prepare a documentation or draft for approval. While preparing a draft I will focus in needs of firm and job for better identification of skills and qualification. After receiving an approval I will share link over official website for better application receiving. I will also release an advertisement about vacancy over internet and other advertising mediums like, news paper, social media, etc.  Other than this, I will also take part in selection of panel the panel selection is depends on vacant position (Kurtz, 2011). As in this case the vacancies are related to sales, so the panel must include head of sales department because he can gave better identification of candidate regarding sales and management skills.

After receiving an application, I will also contribute in application verification, in this process being an Hr Assistant I will look over the received applications and select some most suitable candidates for betterment of process (O'Meara, 2013). In this I will ensure that candidate is not fake and he has submitted all required documents in correct manner. After verification of applications, HR Assistant will also participate in interview; in this assistant will work in team with selected panel and take the interview of candidates. In interview session I will ask questions to candidates about their education level, family background, past job experiences and other managerial questions that are essential and help me in better identification of person. I will also ensure that person is selected is perfect for vacant job and meeting the needs of position or organization. While conducting an interview I will also judge the behavior of person (Weiner, 2009). Other than this, I will also focus on confidence level of candidate, its communication skills, knowledge about field, etc. These all consideration will help me in better selection of candidate. The interview session will also includes skills evaluation and applicant rating for better comparison with others.

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The applicant rating will help me in better selection of person, after this I will ensure that selected candidate is not fake and make compression with others. In this I will also ensure about background of person and other details that are provided by him during candidates. After this, I will also look over the required skills of position and also compare person skills with required skills. It is to ensure that person is having all qualities that are essential for better working condition and meeting the organizational goals. This will also depends on experience of person, if candidate is meeting all needs and wants of firm as well as job then I will take the decision on basis of rating and other assessment criteria (Rolf, 2009). I will also discuss about candidate to the members of selection panel. After this, I will take decision on personal judgment for betterment of organization and meet the needs. The decision can be in any form positive as well as negative.

While working and contributing in selection process and interview, I has also come to know about some positive skills of mine. This participation has also improved my skills that are beneficial for firm as well as my professional carrier. This process has improved my skills regarding team work. It has motivated me to work in team with selection panel members. It provides me ability to understand the behavior of person or individuals (Weiner, 2009). Other than this, process participation has also improved my decision making power through taking a right decision about candidate. This process has also made me understand about better identification of organizational needs that has helped me in better work performance.


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