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Human Resource Management - B&M Organization

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The purpose of this report is to evaluate role and responsibilities of Human resource management in business context. These practices will assist in analyzing the functional activities of the division.

  • Evaluate the scope and purpose of human resource management in the skill development practices.
  • Identify the appropriateness of crucial elements of HRM in B&M.
  • Discuss the impact of internal and external factors over HRM decision making of B&M.
  • Provide an application of HRM practices in work-related context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : B & M Organization


Human resource management is the process of hiring an selecting employee, providing orientation and induction programs to the new employees and training and development programs to new as well as to existing employees in the organization. Giving the performance appraisal to the employee according to their performance in the organization. Providing compensation and benefits, motivating, maintain proper relations with employees and with trade unions, maintaining employees’ safety, welfare and health measures in compliance with labour laws of the land (Kakuma and et. al., 2011). It is one of the most important functions of the management which gives important asset to the organization. With the help of skilful person, the organization can achieve their goals and objectives within the prescribed time period. For this report, B&M organization is selected and it is a retail industry which sales different variety of household goods and grocery items in the market. Under this report various important recruitment and selection approaches and its strengths and weaknesses in the organization is also summarized in this report. Various functions and purpose of HRM and application of workforce planning are determined in this report. In an organization employee relation with the top management is very essential because both the management and employees can achieve their targets in more productive manner. Important elements of employment statute law and its implications upon the human resource management decision making process are also included in this report. Now, we study the thoroughly about each and every element of the human resource in this report (Kraaijenbrink, Spender and Groen, 2010).


P1: Functions and purpose of HRM and application of workforce planning

Human is a skilful and knowledgeable person which works in the organization to fulfil their requirements. Resources are an economic or productive factor required to accomplish an activity in the organization (Iles, Chuai and Preece, 2010). Management is concern to how to use available limited resources in the most appropriate manner to achieve the organization objectives without any wastage. Human resource management is the process of handling people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. That covers staffing, retention of employees, pays and perks, performance management, and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities.


A human resource manager plays a vital role in the organization by providing highly educated person having skills and experience who performs their functions in the organization in well- defined manner. Let’s understand the manner in which Human Resource Management contributes to the business

Recruitment and staffing

The most important function of the human resource management is recruitment and staffing of a person. The human resource manager having a responsibility on his shoulder to hire the right kind of talent as per the requirement of the organization. Recruitment is the process to attract the talent and later on hire this talent which is suited as per the requirement of the company (Lewis, Packard and Lewis, 2011). The manager filter the many applications which is come to him and later on hire the most suitable candidate for performing their role in the organization. It is a very tedious process.

Training and development

Once the employees are selected in the above recruitment process, they need to be trained according to their job requirement. Human resource manager is responsible for this training and development to the new and old employees. Training and development is not only for the new joiners but also for the old or existing employees in the organization because when the new technology comes into the market, then it is duty of the manger to provide training to them (Hobfoll, 2011). Many human resource departments also give training after promotion because to do work after promotion, the employees require some skill of knowledge.

Payroll management

Human resource personnel usually see after the benefits and compensation. They also do analysis of the salary structure of the employees which are new and existing in the organization. They also formulate the strategies and plans for the compensation. They also give at the time of retirement a benefits to the employees like gratuity, pensions, provident funds, etc. Payroll management also covers the bonus, incentives, medical

Insurance, TDS, etc.


The main purpose of human resource management department to render employees which have a well- specified knowledge and skills to doing the job in the most appropriate manner. Following are the purpose of the human resources management which is summarized below:

  • Internal customer management: The main duty of human resource management to attract, recruit and retain a calibre workforce in the organization for this purpose they provides benefits like incentives, bonus, and other perks to the employees to increase the retention ratios in the organization
  • Matrices: The effectual human resource management gets in touch with all level i.e. from top to bottom in the organization (Gruman and Saks, 2011). The HR manager uses this approach to find out the costs and formulate the efficiency at all levels in the organization
  • Benefits of management: The HR manager provides benefits to their management by providing health and insurance plans, personal time off (PTO), leave of absence and also provides benefit in the case when the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness.

Application of workforce planning: Workforce planning is a continuous process which is used to arrange the needs and importance of the organization with those of its workforce. It involves identifying current and future needs of personnel and applying the most appropriate and cost- effective methods to recruit and retain these personnel.

The four effective workforce plans are:

  1. Supply Analysis.
  2. Demand Analysis.
  3. Gap Analysis.
  4. 4. Solution Development.

Importance of workforce planning

  1. It gives the right number of workforce with the right skill sets will enable the organization to take an advantage of opportunities in the competitive market (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016).
  2. It provides efficient utilization of financial resources by reducing unskilled and useless workforce in the organization.
  3. An organization’s effectiveness is directly affected by quality of workforce planning decisions so it is necessary for the management to do effective planning for the workforce.
  4. The effective workforce planning assists the organization by providing efficient workforce without any delays and disruptions.

P2: Strength and weakness of different methods to selection and recruitment

The different methods of recruitment are classified into two categories

  1. Internal Method
  2. b. External Method

Internal method: It includes recruiting candidates within the organization to fill the unoccupied position or job. Methods of internal recruitment are:

- Internal advertisements in the form of emails, newsletter, etc.

- Internal employee referrals.

- Word of mouth

- Former employees for part time/ work at home/ freelancer.


- No cost involved

- Less time consuming

- No need of training

- Easy to pick up the talents within an organization very quickly manner.


- No new opportunities for the external candidates

- Dissatisfaction among the employees if his co-worker is promoted to high position.

- Partiality among the employees (Fulton and et. al., 2011).

External method: It involves recruiting the candidate through job portals, references, etc. In order to compete with other organizations and increases the capacity of the organization, then external method is the best method where the company can improve very well manner. Methods of external recruitment are:

- Recruitment/ headhunting agencies

- Job portals

- Internal and external employee referrals

- Campus/ college recruitment


- Opportunities for external employees

- Increase in the selection ratio

- Less chances of partiality


- Cost to hire is high

- It is more time consuming process

- Sourcing a quality candidate becomes difficult for the organizations.

  1. The different methods of selections are classified into two categories
    1. Systematic method
    2. b. Unsystematic method

Systematic method: It is method where to recruit the best candidates for the job. It includes shortlisting, job analysis, assessing nominee, description, etc.


- It attracts larger number of employees for selection

- It does not creates any conflict and misunderstanding in between the employees


- It very lengthy process

- It is costly for the organization.

Unsystematic method: It is another method of selection process which is used in few organizations. In this HR manager select the RESUME or CV from the large number of applications. On the basis of this RESUME or CV, the manager selects the candidates which are fit for the jobs.


- It is beneficial to the candidates who apply for job in the organizations.

- It helps the candidates to increase the knowledge base.

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