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University: Greenwich School Of Management

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 18 / Words 4587
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: NUR1202
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Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


The term identity represents as the process by which person seeks to segregate their roles and status and states about their own personality (Andersen, 2014). Professional identity is termed as someone that is perceived in a relation of membership that is done professionally (Introduction to Personal Identity, 2016). It has been created with the help of beliefs and attitudes through which individuals define themselves at workplace. In this report, Hilton Hotel has been taken into consideration. It is a brand of hotels and resorts with full service world wide and was founded by Conrad Hilton.

Here, there will be discussion on the benefits of ongoing professional development and employer’s expectations towards employees for a particular position. Along with this, personal skills and abilities will be described. In addition to this, professional development plan will be constructed that enhances the skills and competencies of employees. This assignment will also highlight the theories and approaches that are used for personal as well as professional development process.

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P1. Examining key benefits of ongoing professional development for different stakeholders of Hilton

Thus, the key benefits of ongoing professional development have been discussed as below:

Improved employee performance- Ongoing professional development training helps in increasing the efficiency of performance of employees. This type of training helps employees of Hilton in performing tasks with high abilities and with skills to perform their particular jobs. They will be getting greater understanding of responsibilities within their particular role in Hilton. This confidence of workers will in turn help company in benefiting more profit and achieving success. Ongoing professional development results in holding a strong position in market and gaining confidence in facing the competition.

Improved customers satisfaction- If Hilton makes investment in training, it will show employees that they are valued. This will later help employees to work with enthusiasm and produce high quality products and services. This in turn will help customers to meet the products or services they have desired. Thus, it also helps in increasing customers' engagement towards the brand.

Helps in being in touch with the latest technology- Thus, Hilton is being in touch with new technology that becomes difficult for them to run one off training session. Thus, it is required to ensure that staff of Hilton hotel are ongoing with regular training and development session in order to maintain efficiency and attract a large number of customers towards the brand. This also helps in gaining interest of a large number of investors towards Hilton that leads in achieving long term success and brand image.

Addressing weaknesses- Employees have some types of weaknesses at the workplace. Therefore, ongoing training helps in strengthening those skills that are required to be improved (Putta, 2014). This type of training helps in bringing higher level of skills and knowledge in all employees that are involved in Hilton. Professional development is very important in Hilton as it helps in making team to work independently or together without any guidance from the supervision or constant help from others.

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P2. Investigating employer expectations of professional skills and competencies

Thus, expectations of professional employers of skills and competencies has been discussed as per below context-

  • Positive attitude- attitude is the main thing that affects the supervisor or co-workers at workplace. This also affects the way employee feel for tasks and their satisfaction towards accomplishing the objectives. Thus, having positive attitude' means that workers are looking for the best quality goods and services for people or customers. This also fulfil the expectations of employer that they can willingly take challenges and can find ways in accomplishing all types of tasks either easier or tedious without complaining.

  • Dependability- Employer of Hilton usually expect this quality in employees. Being dependable means that they can do what they are saying will do. Thus, colleagues and managers of Hilton rely on service manager to fulfil certain targeted objectives. Having this quality or skills will make them successful because they are ensured that they can constantly work in order to exceed those expectations that are set by company.
  • Continual learning- this type of skill helps in increasing the contribution that is made in order to make company reach the boost. Thus, having ability to learn continuously will help the service manager to work with enthusiasm and with high quality efforts that will help Hilton to increase the customer attraction towards the brand.
  • Initiative- employee must have the ability of taking initiative of sharing innovative and unique ideas to Hilton and take advantage to work on task outside their comfort zone. This makes the employee to learn new things and company to test you by giving different tasks.
  • Cooperation- thus, working with cooperation is the most important asset of Hilton. This means that service manager has to work along with team members so that they get succeed (Mone and London, 2018). They may not have all the skills and competencies that are required for the position by employer. But they must have ability to cooperate with team work and also share their views regarding a particular tasks. This will in turn help them to make company a better place and also attract large number of customers or visitors towards them.

M1. Evaluating the importance of ongoing professional development and professional skills required

Ongoing professional development helps in increasing job satisfaction of employees and also, raises motivation that increases financial gain. Ongoing learning is defined as having an ability to develop skills and knowledge of particular individual in a continuous way that helps to perform in an effective manner and adapt changes at the workplace (Wrzus and Roberts, 2017). it helps in attracting new talent. As everyone wants the best employees to work with their brand, thus, Hilton attracts new and the best skilled talent from beginning with the help of ongoing training. This aids in making a positive brand image and people may like to apply to a company they are searching for. This in turn helps investors in gaining interest by earning high volume of profit by Hilton.

D1. Critically evaluating skills and competencies to meet employer expectation of professional skills required for employment

Competencies and skills are knowledge that leads in high quality performance and these traits also identifies roles and responsibilities of successful employees (Bartoszuk and Deal, 2016). Therefore, employer hire those people as employee of their respected company to make money and save money earned by them. Employer find those skills that are really required in order to raise the profitability of Hilton.


P3. Assessing own abilities, skills and competencies for a specific role

The role that is specified here is of service manager. The main aim is to provide excellent customer service and has to make sure that customers needs are satisfied and promote unique ideas in Hilton (Cottrell, 2015). Thus, skills abilities and competencies of service manager has been discussed with help of Swot analysis as per below context-


  • By performing a role of service managers, service manager must have a quality of communication skills. Thus, good communication skills helps in maintaining good relationships with customers.
  • This skills help in achieving great success and is most important of all the qualities. It is simply act of transferring information from one person to another in different areas. It may be verbally or written.
  • Thus, being a service manager, they have to communicate with every type of customers. Hence, information shared by service manager is in a clear way that helps customers and other departments of organisations to meet the needs of the customers by serving goods and services desired by them quickly. T
  • They must also have strong motivational, planning and organisational skills.
  • They must have multi tasking ability.
  • They must have problem solving skills.


  • They must have ability top keep patience so being a service manager it will influence them to a great extent along with the reputation of Hilton. Thus, great service beats the fast service.
  • They contribute time in analysing needs and requirements of the customers and trends in market. Patience is very much important in to both customers and services.
  • It helps in making quality decisions so this weakness will affect me in order to achieve long term profitability and loyal customer base.


  • They are responsible in managing agreements of service levels with customers and external service providers.
  • They have to handle complaints and queries.

SWOT analysis


  • I have good communication skills. This helps me in building good relationship with staff and customers.
  • Problem solving skills that help me in resolving dispute among members.
  • Information technology skills that helps me in researching on various trends in market.


  • lack of multitasking ability
  • lack of time management ability


  • Having good communication skills help me in building and maintaining relationships with customers that later helps me in achieving loyal customer base for my brand and I can expand my business all over the world.


  • Lack of time management skills may affect me in achieving long term success of a particular business as I may not be able to manage any kind of work on time and success may get delayed due to this.

P4. Reviewing range of learning theories and approaches used for personal and professional development process

Learning theories are the frameworks that are conceptual and describes the ability of individual in order to absorb, process and retain the knowledge during learning (Allen, Kelly and National Research Council, 2015). This plays a huge role in acquiring knowledge and skills that are required to achieve success in targeted goals. Thus, learning theories that are used by Hilton in terms of professional development process has been described as per below context-

  • Behaviourism- This is the learning theory that focuses on the behaviour of individuals. This mainly combines the elements of philosophy, methodology and psychological theory. This includes simple understanding because it is relied on observance of behaviours and describes universal laws. It acts as a world view that operates on stimulus response principle. This type of process do not prepare the individual who are willing to learn in terms of problem solving or creative thinking. This is the major disadvantage of this type of learning process.
  • Cognitivism- This works mainly on conscious thought theory, conversation, decision-making and emotions. It is also important as it focuses on the mental process that are essential for the development of cognitive nature. This also includes the process of people perceive, their thinking, remembrance, skills of solving problems and also attention to one stimulus rather than other.
  • Constructivism- This theory says that people constructs their understanding and knowledge of their world on their own with help of experiencing things and reflecting on their experiences (Castillo and et.al., 2016). It emphasises on the social influences' importance, free will and consciousness of an individual.
  • Experimentalism- It is a philosophical belief that is defined as a practice in order to conduct studies or a love for a new or particular experience. It is considered as sophisticated as behaviourism learning theory or constructivism because it represents atomistic view of the learner.
  • Connectivism- This is the new and trendy method of learning. It is the theory of learning in a digital age that emphasizes the role of social as well as cultural context about the process and place of learning that occurs. This not happens only within individual but also across the networks.

Thus, Hilton uses connectivism method of leraning as it takes use of online learning. To train staff on the new proprietary platform, called OnQ technology, Hilton decided to create online learning materials. In total, 55 hours of online materials were needed in order to cover all the various aspects and users of the systems. These had to be translated into seven languages so that 15,000 users in over 70 countries could use them.

M2. Evaluating own skills and competencies


I have good communication skills will help in building gaps between customers and business. With help of these skills, it will become easier for me to communicate with customers about their needs and wants and later communicate with operation manager in order to fulfil their requirements accordingly. This will lead them in expanding and diversifying business in abroad and achieve high volume of profits and brand image.


I will have to handle frustration that will affect the performance of Hilton. This can help me in understanding the actions and words used that can cause conflicts between colleagues. Furthermore, I have a patient nature that can help me in understanding words of others and can communicate with them easily.


P5. Constructing a development plan to enhance chosen skills and competencies

Professional Development Plan






Stress management training is required in order to build patience.

It requires 2 months to overcome the issue of lack of patience.

This will help service manager in analysing all the desired needs and wants of customers so that it will help them in achieving high profits and loyal customer base.

Lack of awareness

Performing self-reflection daily or taking help of counselling.

It requires 1 month in order to overcome this problem.

It plays critical role in business environment because if they will have better and up to date understanding of myself then only it will help them in bringing up the unique individual hidden in myself. This will later help in giving innovative ideas to Hilton so that they can implement on that and achieve great success and brand image. This will help in providing appropriate services to customers.

Problem solving skills

Continuous training and development.

It requires 3 months training for service manager to overcome these skills

It is important to reduce conflicts in Hilton. It also plays important role in motivating employees.



Requires 3 months to gain multi-tasking ability.

It is important in order to fulfil the needs and requirements of customers easily and quickly.

M3 & D2. Providing detailed development plan

Detailed and comprehensive professional development plan


Current level

Expected level


Time taken

Problem solving skills

At present, service mmanager have gained these skills, but required little more time to get perfect.

The level that is expected is to create appropriate way to overcome the problems that are affects the loyalty of customers.

High level of training is required in order to enhance the skills.

It requires 1 more month that will later help in creating loyal customer base.


At present level, service manager have gained the least ability of multi-tasking. Thus, to enhance the goodwill of a company, they will need more training.

The level that is expected is that they must attempt unlimited number of tasks together so that Hilton enjoys huge competitive advantage and earns higher profit.

To overcome this, high level of training and personality development has to be done.

It will require 2 months in order to gain complete knowledge and skills of service manager should be multitasking.

SMART objectives

My employment goal is to be a receptionist. The smart objectives analysed is discussed as per below context-

Specific- I need specific skills to gain with help of training and coaching so that I can achieve the goal of being a receptionist.

Measurable I will try to measure my achievement and accordingly adopt future strategies to achieve long term success in gaining that objectives.

Attainable- this helps me in focusing on what has to be done exactly in order to achieve particular goals. It will also help me in analysing what is lack in me and accordingly use tools to accomplish it and meet the objectives.

Relevant- the objective must be relevant to the skills. Lack of relevancy may affect the way to reach a particular objective.

Timely- providing time constraints also creates a sense of urgency. Therefore, it is useful to define what has to be achieved half way through the entire process.


P6. Undertaking a job interview for suitable service industry role

Updated CV for profile of Receptionist

Personal summary

Accomplished and driven receptionist having experience of communicating with people in wide range


  • Plan schedule and supervise the work of other 10 Front Desk employees
  • Process guest arrivals and departures including all necessary payments
  • Oversaw guest registration reservations and other clerical duties with a focus in quality and courtesy
  • Solid experience in accounting functions such as account Payable/Receivable and auditing


  • Multitasking
  • Prioritizing
  • Organization
  • Technical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Initiative and problem-solving abilities
  • Dependability


  • Basic computer knowledge and appropriate software proficiency,
  • good typing ability.
  • Must possess multi-task handling ability, and knowledge of administrative procedures and clerical actions.

Interview questions

1. How do you manage workload in a busy schedule?

During last semester, I was managing five courses and out of them three had final exams. I was also having assignments that were due during that time. I set out a work schedule ahead of time so that I could ensure all my time was being used effectively

2. What do you think is the most essential quality for a receptionist to have?

A great receptionist has excellent organizational skills, is a valuable resource that employees can count on, and has a positive and friendly attitude at all times. A receptionist is the first face of the company that many clients will see, so it's vital to make a great first impression.”

I had skills of problem solving and also managing my maximum work on time. The employer expected just these skills from my side that I acquire. It helped me a lot in cracking the interview positively.

P7. Reviewing key strengths and weaknesses of applied interview process

Interview is termed as the conversation where they ask questions and according to those questions answers are given (Allen and et.al., 2018). Following are the strengths and weakness of job interview process-

Usefulness of interviews

  • It helps in investigating issues in a way very deeply.
  • It discovers about the inner abilities of an individual regarding particular topic and their holding of certain opinions.
  • It also helps in investigating the use, effectiveness and usefulness of particular library collections and services.
  • It also informs decision making and allocation of resources.
  • It also deepens understanding and explains the statistical data.


  • They help in collecting detailed information about the personal views, feelings and perceptions of candidates (Ballantyne and Povah, 2017).
  • They also allow in asking more detailed questions to the candidates.
  • There is lack of influence by others in term of interviewees in the group.
  • Some of them may be less self-conscious in one to one situation.
  • In this process, own words are recorded by respondents.
  • They usually achieve high rate of response.


  • These are the time consuming process as there are unlimited steps. This leads to steady work that affects the working environment of the stated company.
  • This process of hiring candidates for a selected position is costly.
  • The transcription may vary as per the interviewer.

M4. Evaluating job interview process

The job interview process for service manager includes following steps-

  • Identify hiring need- before filling the particular position, the need of the profile has to be identified. Positions are either newly formed or idle. In both the cases, the need should meet to generate a prioritised list of requirements of job that includes special qualifications, characteristics and experience that is required from a candidate (Haslam, Reicher and Platow, 2015).
  • Plan- the appropriate has to be included with timeline, recruitment plan, criteria for initial candidate screening, selection committee, interview questions and instructions regarding taking notes.
  • Create a job description- another important information that is required to be performed in role and advantages of working for Hilton.
  • Post and promote job openings- Hilton must promote the openings of the jobs in such way that it reaches easily to the seekers of job.
  • Recruiting- the cited company must seek our qualified candidate that are appropriated for the selected profile via social media or any type of industry events.
  • Applicant screening- this helps in screening or selecting the top candidates for the profile of service manager of Hilton (Megginson and Whitaker, 2017). Thus, applicants those are qualified are informed for the beginning of the next steps.
  • Screening interview- this includes phone calls with HR representatives that determines the qualifications that is needed for employees. They also explain process of interviewing during this step.
  • Interviews- later, interview process and time is set for a candidate where questions are prepared in order to ask the candidates and select accordingly.
  • Applicant talent assessment- various types of assessment steps assigned for candidates that includes personality type, talent and physical suitability.
  • Background check- the interviewee of Hilton later checks the background of candidates that includes any type of criminal records. This helps them in order to verify their history and eligibility.
  • Job offer- after all the above process they are offered with the offer letter that states all the information regarding salary, start date and many other conditions in detail. It is the contract between the Hilton and candidates that should contain clear information.
  • Hiring- if the candidate accepts the job letter and also accepts all the conditions mentioned in the letter then he or she is officially hired as a service manager and can join Hilton on the specified date.

Thus, while conducting interview process, service manager has to face many obstacles. The number of candidates recruited that created confusion for them. This leads to problems and confusion in making a decision of hiring the best candidate for a particular position.

D3. Producing detailed coherent critical reflection

Thus, from entire interview process, it has been analysed that I have good communication skills and has to be maintained according to the professional development plan. I had to face various challenges as face to face interview. Due to quality of good communication skills it was easy for me to pass the process of interview and got the job of service manager.


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Thus, from the above report, it can be concluded that ongoing professional development plays a vital role in attracting a large number of investors towards Hilton. It also helps in addressing weaknesses of employees that are working in stated company so that they can overcome it and achieve high term profitability. Further, professional development plan has also been constructed that helps in analysing the strengths and weaknesses of self. It has been analysed that problem solving and multi-tasking skills are very important for the position of service manager in order to build a positive and strong brand image that later leads in achieving high volume of profits and loyal customer base.

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