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Introduction to Academic Journal in Human Resource

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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  1. What are the academic journal for HRM
  2. Give the effective summary for marketing.
Answer :


Business management is the organizing and coordinating of activities of business in order to attain objectives defined. It consists of managers and directors who holds power and responsibility to make decisions, oversee and supervise the business enterprise’s operations. Business management includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading, directing and controlling activities of organization to achieve goals and targets. This report identifies the academic journal in Human Resource and Marketing and selects articles using quantitative, qualitative research approach and review on literature. Summary of each article is then provided which comprises of aim, objectives, questions or main thesis of each article and methodology used. Main findings and recommendations related to each article is also discussed in the report.

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Academic journals on human resource and marketing

Journal 1: Human Resource Management Journal

  • Article 1: Human Resource Management and Employee Well-Being
  • Article 2: HRM and Performance

Journal 2: Journal of Marketing Research

  • Article 3: Meta-Analysis of Marketing Communication

Three articles from the selected two journals

Article 1: Human Resource Management and Employee Well-Being

From this article it ca be analyzed that, HRM should benefit individuals and organizations which is suggested by a mutual gain model. Rather continuously focusing on large ways to improve performance with little consideration to employees is done by dominant models within HRM theory and research. The article also elucidates employee threats related to wellbeing and pressures at work and to take this issue seriously an analytic framework for HR is required. An alternative approach to HRM giving priority to enhanced wellbeing and positive employment relationship that are essential elements is set by this article. Literature review and evidences are presented to assist choice of practices and arguments that hold potential to improve performance of organization and individuals.

Article 2: HRM and Performance

Article investigates the connection between HRM practices, organization performance, talent management and examines role of HRM and performance of business strategy in emerging, market context. The article analyses qualitative survey conducting and data collection methods which are gathered from 198 respondent firms where Talent management is focused on practices and techniques that are aimed at developing workforce network and social capital that is a main transmission mechanism mediating between HRM and firm performance. These performances can be increased by HRM and business strategy arrangement increases performance impacts and is not an essential component of HRM.

Article 3: Meta-Analysis of Marketing Communication Carryover effects

This article sets marketing communication budgets, prepares reliable estimate of short term elasticities and carryover effects for which empirical generalizations from meta analyses help in these decisions. Quantitative research approach is used by researchers by applying Koyck model to collect meta-analysis of marketing communication carryover effects. Targeted advertising and mass media advertising are two meta analyses of carryover estimates used to update and extend empirical generalizations using diverse model forms. Targeted advertising is focused on utilizing 918 estimates of carryover proportion of total effect and termed long term effect of total effect. Whereas, Mass media advertising focuses on 863 derivable estimates of implied interval durations. The article also discusses model types and marketing communication implications of budget setting and analysis.

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Summary of each article


Human Resource Management Journal seeks to support understanding of HRM academics and managers practicing. The purpose of this is to provide an international discussion forum, debate and concentrate on critical significance of managing employees to a wider economic, political and social concerns. It is necessary for people involved in personnel, training and human resource management.


“To analyze HRM and performance and identify the role of talent management as transmission mechanism in an emerging market”


  • To Investigate the link between HRM practices, talent management and firm performance
  • To examine the role of HRM / Business strategy alignment in an emerging market
  • To focus on series of practices targeted to develop workforce network and social capital

Research questions

  • What is the relation between Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Firm performance?
  • How is HRM / Business strategy aligned in an emerging market
  • What are the practices that develops workforce network and social capital?

Research Methodology

To understand and achieve the competitive advantage within firms and how that advantage is sustained over time period, an influential theoretical framework called resource based view of firm is applied. It assumes that firms could be conceptualized as bundles of resources distributed heterogeneously across firms and that persists over time. Internal organizations of firms are the main stressed part and complements traditional emphasis of strategy on industry structure and strategic positioning. For an organization achieving stakeholder objectives that might include satisfaction at work, balanced life and visible career prospects. Study attested hypotheses on extent to a match between compensation and diversification strategies that affects firm’s performance. Article used both archival and survey data that results in general support of a firm’s compensation strategies make a wider contribution to fir performances.

Findings / Recommendations

Through evidences gathered from survey of 198 respondent firms shows that talent management if focused on a series of practices that are aimed at workforce development networks and social capital is a main transmission mechanism that reconciles relationship between human resource management and firm performance (Guest, 2017). HRM and business strategy alignment increases performances impacts and is not an essential component in HRM and talent management association.

Additional Comments

This article addresses questions such as; what do you mean by talent? What are the differences between talent management and development? Why a manager should care about them?. Successful organizations of future will be the ones who has most advanced technology or liquid capital. They will be the firms which systematically manages and develops talent to attain and sustain competitive advantage. This is also a key to understand potential leaders and several leadership styles when identifying talent.


From the article it can be concluded that HRM practices, talent management and frim performance aligns in an emerging market and it is examined the roles of HRM or business strategy. Strategy planning also emerged as a management tool which includes mission statements, goal setting and strategies. As these action plans has a high adoption and strong user satisfaction among firms around the world.


HRM has made a significant progress in recent years. Especially, various theories and models are being proposed on employee welfare. The mutual gain model suggest that the firm has to see through an effective handling of employee’s welfare.


“To identify the impact of HRM frame works in employee welfare.”


  • To identify the significance of human resource management in employee welfare.
  • To analyze a proper analytic HRM framework.
  • To evaluate how this analytic frame work of HRM will help in effective employee welfare.

Research question

  • What is the significance of Human resource management in employee welfare?
  • How an analytic HRM framework affects the organization?
  • What all measures can be considered to identify the impact of HRM practices and policies on employee welfare?

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Research methodology

As per the definition of “Well-being”, it is a state that involves physical, mental and social wellness. As this article is based on a Literature review, it follows the secondary research methodology that involves the assessment of various articles, journals and books to gather the data related to HRM operations and employee welfare. This will help in developing an effective understanding about different sort of measures which are been under taken for work force welfare and developing a positive employment relationship (Glaister and et.al., 2018). This article assesses the impact laid by the proposed approach of mutual gain model that is been followed within the organization. The article also focused upon the changing contexts and the challenges to employee well-being. This article focuses on work related well-being that is required to be maintained at an organization. The secondary data collection methods that is been adopted will help in proper handling of the different operations and activities which will help in suitable rise in development of knowledge about different employee welfare policies that will helped the firm or scholar to carry business operations and activities to a greater extent. Various journals and articles are being referred that will help the firm to adopt and assimilate different sort of staff well-being practices and policies to incorporate at a work place.

Findings and recommendations

On the basis of research, this is being found that human resource management plays a very deep and significant impact of operations and actions that are been taken in consideration by a scholar. Furthermore, different HR policies and practices is being evaluated that will promote the employee well-being to a greater extent. Various stress level indicators and HR practices are required to be evaluated. In accordance with study it has been evaluated that HRM practices plays a crucial role in managing employee welfare. The policies and procedures framed by HR manager helps the individual in maintaining employee and employer relationship. Moreover, HRM practices are modified according to changing employee needs and occupational health and safety. The adaption of proper HRM policies and practices that can be adopted or is placed in business organization. However, based on the findings, few recommendations can be suggested such as:

  • Proper decision making measures are required to be inculcated within the firm in order to have the staff well-being.
  • Effective communication channel is required to be developed up that will help the firm to transmit effective policies and other reforms taken for employee welfare in a frame work.

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Hence, this can be concluded that the proper management of HRM policies and practices is required to be adopted that will support the overall business operations and employee well-being. This also help in adoption of proper HRM frame work.


This article optimally sets marketing communication budgets, reliable estimates of short term elasticities and carry over effects. For this empirical generalizations from meta analyses of prior field studies can help in guiding these strategies. This research was done to analyze how marketing communication helps in interacting with customers. Here, the main aim of researcher was to conduct research on how marketing communication budget are set and evaluate its short term effect.


‘To conduct meta-analysis of marketing communication carryover effects”


  • To set marketing communication budgets, reliable estimates of short term elasticities and carry over effects
  • To provide reliable, up-to-date, and new EGs with respect to the magnitudes and drivers of carryover effects of all marcom effort in general and mass media advertising
  • To utilize estimates of carryover proportion of total effect

Research questions

  • What are marketing communication budgets, reliable estimates of short term elasticities and carry over effect?
  • How are reliable, up to date and EG with relation to magnitudes and driver’s carryover effects personal selling, targeted advertising and mass media advertising?
  • What are the ways to utilize estimates of carryover proportion of total effect?

Research methodology

The significance was to evaluate marcom effect of media in communication. Furthermore, elasticity of change in price with sales was measured. The research method used was collecting secondary data from database and analysing it. quantitative approach was used to get accurate and proper facts and figures. It gave an insight on how budget can be set so that marketing strategies are communicated in effective way. also, secondary data was precisely analysed to achieve aims and objectives. in this the sample selected was on basis of stratified sampling method. This was done to make research easier and get effective outcomes (Köhler and et.al., 2017). it enabled researcher in finding out level of effect on marketing budget. The objective of reliable, up to date and new EG with respect to magnitudes and drivers of carry over effects of all marketing communications in mass media and general advertising is being taken into consideration. From the article popular arguments on marketing communication ignorance and strategic role in the distribution and advertising channel or medium can be seen. According to article it is outlined that, marketing is an essential part of managing sales and profits of business. It offers various kinds of promotional tools that helps organization in creating awareness about products and services. Thus it is essential for the business to market its products continuously to stand out in market and gain customer base.

Findings and recommendations

The article is focused on and utilizes 918 estimates which are collected that are confined to mass media advertising using diverse forms of models. This gatherings of the carryover proportion of total effect, termed long term share of total effect is focused by targeted and personal selling. Whereas, the mass media communication focuses on 863 derivable estimates implied duration intervals. This chapter also finds the mean long term shares of total effect for personal selling and targeted advertising that are distinctly larger than for mass media advertising and corresponding median implied duration intervals. It can be seen from the article that marketing communication uses brick and mortar store to learn about products and services but then buying online to obtain lower prices which is attracting both business practices and academic literature. Manufacturer’s needs for retail informational services has always been of the essential reasons to retailers to exist and is a mean for them to achieve profitability. Marketing is an essential tool which an organization needs to apply for gaining customer popularity of the brand and gain sales and revenues. It is a main tool that is interrelated with every department or units of organization which can’t be avoided. Organizations cannot survive without doing any promotional or advertising activity as it cannot survive in the market thus being faded from the economy.


 It can be concluded from the article that discussion of types of model and the implications for marketing communications budget setting and analyses. After conducting the quantitative research approach, it can be analyzed that for carrying out marketing communications preparation of budget and estimates is mandatory and for mass media advertising diverse forms of models are used.

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From the report on business management project it can be concluded that every organization requires a fair management system to manage its organizational activities. It identified two major academic journals that include marketing and human resource management. Three articles from the journal that including quantitative, qualitative research approach and literature review is being included. Later on the study explained a summary of all the three articles with its aim, objective, research questions, research methodology, findings and recommendations and comments are also being provided. All the three articles show a relation to the business management project where marketing and human resource were selected for investigation.

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  • Glaister, A.J. and et.al., 2018. HRM and performance—The role of talent management as a transmission mechanism in an emerging market context.Human Resource Management Journal.28(1). pp.148-166.
  • Köhler, C. and et.al., 2017. A Meta-Analysis of Marketing Communication Carryover Effects. Journal of Marketing Research: December 2017. Vol. 54. No. 6. pp. 990-1008.
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