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Human Resource Management Practices: Asda Ltd.

University: University of Houston

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : Asda Stores Limited


Human resource management is a strategic tactic through which administration of employees is conducted in an organisation. This helps firm to establish competitive advantage in respect to rivals. HR manages staff members for making them perform tasks effectively for accomplishment of business goals and objectives. Staffing, training, labour relations, compensation are various activities which are carried by human resource. This helps them to have skilled and talented people in firm for sustaining image and position of firm in market (Abdullah and Zulkifli, 2015). Present report is based on ASDA, parent company of Walmart is supermarket which have retail store globally. Company provides grocery items, general merchandise and financial services to people. This assignment specifies purpose and functions of HR in respect to workforce planning and resourcing. Discussion of HRM practices benefits of both employer and employee in enhancing productivity and profit of firm will be done. In addition to this, employee relations and employment legislations require to be considered by management in decision making is mentioned. Furthermore, application of HRM practices in work related contexts of company is described in the report.

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P1 Purpose and functions of HRM applicable to workforce planning and resourcing

Human resource manager's responsibility is to have adequate manpower in an organisation for achievement of goals and objectives. They conduct activities that are staffing, training, compensation, labour relations etc. to thrive organisation. This helps them to have sufficient staff members for execution of business operations effectively. ASDA is retail store which provide products and services to people. For this, HR role is workforce planning and resourcing for attainment of organisational goals and objectives. These activities help them to have knowledge about number of employees present in firm, thereby conduct staffing to employ new candidates (Albrecht and et. al., 2015). Besides this, training aid management to enhance skills of subordinates. Thus, company have skilled and competent people for improving brand image and market share.

Functions of HRM: These are activities which are conducted by human resource of ASDA are stated below:

  • Recruitment and selection: Human resource conducts recruitment to fill vacant positions from internal and external sources. This helps them to have sufficient staff members for execution of business operations effectively. Selection is activity through which HR assesses skills and abilities of employees to choose best candidate fit for job. ASDA which is supermarket having stores in different nation. Human resource manager conduct staffing to have employees in each outlet for providing services and items to customers. Internal and external recruitment tools are used by them to employ existing or new individuals in firm. With selection, interview is conducted by HR to analyse capabilities of people. Thus, recruit candidates in respect to skills required for vacant post.
  • Personal administration: Job analysis is conducted by human resource manager which help them to have knowledge about present manpower in an organisation. This aid them to conduct staffing process for either utilise current workers or employ new candidates. ASDA which is retail store require to have people in outlet for providing financial services and products to buyers (Bratton and Gold, 2017).
  • Training and Development: This function performed by human resource is to enhance performance of individuals and team in firm. Training and development programmes are conducted by HR of ASDA to enhance skills of employees. Staff members’ capabilities are improved for enhancing productivity of firm. They are trained to work with software and technology implemented in system. Thus, quality products and services are delivered to customers.
  • Performance and reward management: Performance assessment helps human resource to analyse capabilities of staff members. By comparing actual results with standards aid them to gain information about working of employees. In ASDA, HR manager provide rewards and incentives to subordinates in respect to their outcomes. This benefits them to encourage and motivate employees to conduct tasks effectively.
  • Labour relations: This is another function of human resource for retaining staff members for longer time. They provide responsibilities to workers to attain goals of organisation. For this, HR of ASDA maintains friendly relations with employees for keeping them dedicated towards job (Baum, 2015). This also benefits them to ascertain issues and conflicts faced by team members. Henceforth, provide them solutions for sustaining competent and talented people in firm.

Purpose of HRM: Human resource manager conduct activities for following aims which are described below:

  • To formulate policies and design system in respect to legislations and act of government.
  • Execute recruitment and selection activity to have sufficient workforce in organisation by employing appropriate individuals in firm.
  • Construct and maintain healthy and friendly relations with employees to sustain them dedicated and motivated towards job (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017).
  • Determine compensation for staff members in respect to their responsibilities and their performance and outcomes.
  • Conduct performance assessment to analyse abilities of employees by comparing benchmarks by actual results made by them.

P2 Strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

Recruitment is process through which people are informed about positions that are vacant in an organisation. This helps human resource manager to invite individuals to apply for job in according to their capabilities. Internal and external are two types of recruitment techniques which management of ASDA have to manage workforce in company. Henceforth, these are two types of recruitment approaches which are described beneath:

Internal Approach: This recruitment method is used by human resource manager to fill vacant posts with existing staff members. Promotion, transfer, demotion, former workers and employee referral are various techniques of internal approach. These tactics have certain pros and cons which are stated below (Advantage and disadvantage of internal recruitment approach, 2016):



Internal recruitment is faster tactic which comprises less costly, as HR didn’t require inviting candidates and then conducting selection process.

Human resource recruit employee from existing members, so they have limited choices for filling vacant positions.

Staff members have knowledge about organisation and its working environment. This helps human resource to motivate workers to conduct tasks effectively for getting promotion and higher position in company.

Competition in team members result into conflict and issues between employees. This impact on their morale and dedication. Thus, reduction in performance of staff that lowers productivity and profitability.

External Approach: It is another recruitment method by which HR employ new candidates in an organisation. This helps management to increase workforce that is add new talent to conduct business efficiently. Campus placement, employment agencies and professional associations are different external techniques (Cascio, 2018). These methods have some advantages and disadvantages that are described beneath:



Management have large number of applicants to recruit them in according to demands for post remaining vacant.

It is lengthy process in which human resource require to invite people and then conduct selection activities for choosing best candidate.

New candidate brings innovative and creative ideas which benefits firm to enhance their production and revenue. This helps human resource to establish competitive advantage in against to rival brands.

Training and development sessions and seminars required to be conducted by HR to enhance their skills and capabilities in respect to assigned job.

Thus from above approaches, external techniques are used by human resource of ASDA. This helps them to employ new candidates for enhancing performance and profitability of company. They conduct tasks in creative and innovative manner which benefits management deliver quality financial services and products to customers (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017).

Selection: It is process which is conducted by human resource to select and employ candidate in company. Interview, group discussion, test and physical examination are various activities which are conducted by HR. These help them to ascertain capabilities and skills of knowledge for choosing best person which have capability to work in vacant position. Management of ASDA uses interview technique to select individuals and recruit new candidates in firm.

Interview: Personal interview is conducted by human resource to interact with applicant for acknowledging their skills and capabilities. Management of ASDA asks questions to candidate to ascertain their abilities and knowledge. Henceforth, they are able to select applicant which have capability in respect to vacant post (Delery and Roumpi, 2017). This method has some pros and cons which are stated below:

  • Strengths: Interview helps human resource to communicate with candidate for analysing their skills and capabilities. This aids them to select best applicant which will be able to perform tasks in effective manner.
  • Weakness: Human resource capabilities and willingness determine efficiency of interview process. They interact with applicant so they might not make appropriate judgement in respect to technical and physical capabilities of a person.


P3 Benefits of HRM practices within an organisation for both the employer and employee

Human resource conducts HRM practices to have sufficient workforce in an organisation. Staffing, training, labour relation, compensation are activities which are executed by HR of ASDA to have skilled and competent people along with managing workforce. These practices help management to have talented and skilled staff members for providing quality items and financial services to customers. Thus, HRM practices have advantage on both employer and employee performance within firm which are described beneath:

Benefits that human resource management practices on employees and their working are stated below:

  • Training and Development: Human resource requires talented people which possess capability to conduct operations in effective manner. For this, management of ASDA organises training and development programmes for enhancing skills and knowledge of staff members. Sessions, conference, seminars and other exercises are conducted from which employees are made competent to work with software and technologies implemented in system (How Do Human Resources Managers Benefit Employees in an Organization?, 2018). This help management to give quality service and products to buyers for enhancing sales and profitability. Besides this, staff capabilities are improved for making them competent to utilise future opportunities.
  • Conflict Resolution: HR manager helps seniors to overcome disputes and problems which exist in an organisation. Issues and conflicts of staff with management and their team members are analysed by human resource of ASDA for providing them solutions. Poor attitude, insubordination, disrespectful workplace behaviour and inappropriate language are various aspects which result into issue and problem of workers with seniors or team mates. For this, policies and procedures interpretation and giving suitable workplace behaviour to subordinates aid management to reduce conflicts.
  • Employee Relations: Human resource establishes friendly connection with staff members for maintaining them dedicated for company. They interact and communicate with employees to acknowledge issues and conflicts faced by them. This helps management of ASDA to give appropriate treatment to subordinates for retaining long time. They interpret employment legislations that are anti- discrimination, harassment and other to support team members in legal matters (Donate and de Pablo, 2015).

Benefits that human resource practices have on functionality of employer are mentioned below:

  • Special Treatment: Human resource conduct HRM practices for which top personnel give them distinct facilities and position in company. Their role and responsibility is to manage workforce for having sufficient people in ASDA. This encourages and motivates to perform activities effectively.
  • Promoting positive behaviour: In an organisation, HR provides positive working environment and facilities to staff members. Through this, management keep workers happy to enhance productivity of firm. In ASDA, human resource provides reward and encourage employee to behave properly. They also get appropriate treatment and benefits from seniors which increase their morale to complete tasks timely (Grobelna and Marciszewska, 2016).
  • Retaining qualified employees: Human resource manager of ASDA gives subordinates flexibility and easy access to get remunerations and other facilities. This helps management to retain skilled and competent people which provide quality products and services to buyers. Talented staff aid HR to manage challenges and risks for sustaining performance of company.

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P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practices in raising organisational profit and productivity

HRM practices are conducted by human resource to make organisation successful. It is required for providing positive working environment and facilities to staff members for keeping them dedicated and inspired towards duties. This helps management to enhance productivity of company by having talented and skilled employees. Staffing, training, compensation, employee relations are various HRM practices which are carried by human resource of ASDA. This benefits them to have talented staffs which conduct tasks effectively. Henceforth, performance and revenue of company enhances with aid of following practices:

  • Staffing:Human resource of ASDA conduct recruitment and selection process which help them to fill vacant positions for having adequate manpower in company. Management is able to provide financial services and products to buyers for sustaining firm’s position and reputation in market. In this, staff member important asset of company aid seniors in execution of operations effectively (Guest, 2017).
  • Training & Development:Performance assessment helps HR of ASDA to have knowledge about skills and capabilities of staff members. From this, training and development programmes are organised for enhancing abilities of employees. Thus, business activities are conducted in efficient way through which quality items and services are provided to buyers.
  • Labour relations: HR of ASDA maintains friendly connection with employees which help them to keep them dedicated to perform tasks effectively. With this, management is able to make staff work in team for accomplishing goals and objectives timely. Human resource makes subordinates understand benefits of team working in timely completion of targets.

Therefore, from these practices, human resource manager of ASDA promotes creative environment in company. Staffs are encourage and motivated to get incentives and better facilities in against of enhancing productivity and revenue. Management recruit employee in respect to their capabilities which help them to direct for performing tasks effectively. They give them direction to execute activities for attainment of individual and team goals. Besides this, training and development sessions are conducted by management to improve their knowledge and skills. This aid them to enhance skills and abilities of subordinates to deliver quality services and products to clients. Thus, employees are persuades to gain monetary rewards for inspiring them to raise organisational productivity and profit (Oke, 2016). Java assignments do take a lot of student's time because every assignment has to be done practically, that's why our Java Assignment Help Online service is very best and time saving for students.


P5 Importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision making

An employee relation is process which is carried out in an organisation for maintaining connections of human resource manager with staff members. In company, where employees get fair and constant treatment from seniors are committed and dedicated towards job and firm. In ASDA, maintain friendly relations with subordinates for making them feel valuable part of company. Management involve team members in meeting and conference to make appropriate judgements which are beneficial for firm. This helps them to give value and make subordinates feel valuable part of company (Sheehan, 2014). Employees are encouraged and motivated to carry out tasks effectively for accomplishing targets specified by seniors. Human resource takes opinions and suggestions to employees in respect to changes that require to be made in system in according to market situation. Henceforth, management make decisions which aid them to enhance productivity and revenue. These are benefits of employee relations which are mentioned below:

Early Achievement of Set Targets: Human resource manager maintain healthy and friendly relations with staff members. This helps them to encourage and dedicate employees to perform tasks effectively. In ASDA, management make subordinates work in team which aid them to divide work load. This benefits them to enhance performance of company by execution of business operations properly. HR maintains good connection with staff which helps them to inspire and direct them to complete targets within specified deadline (Paillé and et. al., 2014). Besides this, they also provide them motivation in respect to incentives and reward for attaining work and outcomes timely.

Ability to Reduce Risk: HR take care that they have skilled and competent people which aid them to accept challenges and overcome problems in an organisation. They establish friendly relations with subordinates who help management of ASDA to lower chance of issues and conflicts. This aids them to have dedicated staffs which conduct tasks in innovative manner for enhancing functionality of company. Thus, risk in respect to complex market conditions are handled easily.

Loyalty Of Employees: Human resource provide positive and interactive working environment to staff members. This helps them to make subordinates dedicated and inspired towards company. ASDA is famous company in which management promote positive behaviour aid them to make workers loyal. They willingly conduct activities for gaining incentives and rewards in against of their performance and outcomes. This also benefits HR to reduce labour turnover and absenteeism rate which help them to prevent expenses of recruiting new people (Kramar, 2014).

Increase In Sales And Profit Maximization: HR maintain relations with team members which help them to increase their morale to perform tasks effectively. In ASDA, management communicate information to employees about products and services. They conduct training sessions to enhance their skills to convince and influence customers to purchase items. Thus, company sales volume and revenue are enhanced which result into improvement in brand image and market position.

P6 Key elements of employee legislation and its impact on HRM decision making

Government frame laws and act for securing rights and safety of people in an organisation. It is necessary that human resource manager have knowledge about employment legislations for providing appropriate facilities to staff members. Management of ASDA frame policies and provide duties to employees to accomplish objectives. They require considering employment legislations for providing appropriate treatment, work and facilities to subordinates. It is essential that human resource frame policies and decisions in respect to distribution of work to staff (Shen and Benson, 2016). Henceforth, these are employment legislations which management consider while making decisions are stated below:

Data protection Act, 1988: This law was formulated by government of United Kingdom to safeguard personal information of buyer. It is essential that important data of customers which is stored by management is control and prevented from misuse or altered by another people. For this, laws and rules are established by authorities to protect data of staff and clients. ASDA is retail store which have database of employees and customers. It is human resource management's duty that subordinate's data is protected from being altered by other people.

Health and Safety Act, 1970: This law was framed by government of UK to ensure that employees get appropriate working environment and facilities in a company. In this act, authorities define policies and rules in respect to safety, health and welfare of staff members. It is HR manager of ASDA responsibility who design system and infrastructure which is risk and hazards free. Thus, health and life of employees are secure which help them to easily attract large number of candidates to apply for job (Jennings and Stadler, 2015).

Equality Act, 2010: This law is constituted by government of UK to take care that all people get equality in an organisation. It is human resource manager duty that they provide work to candidates in according to their skills and capabilities. Equal pay, sex discrimination, race relations and disability discrimination laws are constituents of this act. HR of ASDA requires giving equal treatment, work and monetary benefits to employees. They need to frame policies and protect staff members from discrimination by seniors and team (Ones, Viswesvaran and Schmidt, 2017).

Thus, these are different employment legislations which HR manager of ASDA requires to consider while making decisions in respect to formulating policies. They even need to provide appropriate working environment for safety of health of employees. Besides this, provide fair treatment and facilities to subordinates in respect to their capabilities and outcomes. This benefits them to retain skilled and competent people which provide quality services and products to customers.


P7 Application of HRM practices in work related context

Human resource conducts staffing, training, compensation and other activities to have sufficient manpower in company. In ASDA, management uses external techniques for filling vacant positions. For inviting candidates, job specification is formulated by them to inform people about vacant posts. After this, human resource is able to conduct selection process which is to invite candidates to apply for job. Thus, choose applicant and send them offer letter to join company (Stone and et. al., 2015).

Job Specification: This is document which is prepared by human resource to spread information to public about positions which remain vacant. In ASDA, marketing manager is position for which individuals are invited to apply in firm.

Job Specification

Job Details

Post: Marketing Manager

Area of Function: Marketing department

Job Aims

  • Formulate marketing policies and strategies
  • Implementation of marketing plan
  • Supervision and managing activities of marketing

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain company’s image and goodwill in market as a brand
  • Sustain relations with stakeholders
  • Create competitive advantage to improve market position in respect to rivals

Curriculum Vitae: CV is written document which is created by an individual to give information to HR about their skills and knowledge. Their experience and qualifications for making them select applicant in according to job posts (Marchington and et. al., 2016).

Curriculum Vitae


Contact No.:




Efficient in framing strategies and conduct activities effectively for making growth in career as marketing manager.


  • Graduation in business administration
  • MBA in Marketing and human resource
  • Ph.D. In Marketing


Two years of experience as marketing manager in TESCO.


  • Good communication ability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership ability

Preparation of Structured Interview: Personal interview is conducted by human resource to assess capabilities of capabilities. They frame questions which they will as from candidate in respect to responsibilities of marketing manager in ASDA. This helps them to execute interview systematically (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Thus, these are questions which are prepared by HR to analyse candidates are mentioned below:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is marketing and its importance in a company?
  • How company can maintain its brand image and enhance in respect to competitors?
  • Why do you want to work in this organisation?

Offering of Offer Letter: Human resource manager selects applicants who possess ability and skill to work in vacant post. For giving acknowledgement of selection to candidate they send offer letter. By this document they provide them essential information in respect to their role and responsibilities, pay, working hours, terms and conditions of firm. Thus, invite them to join company (Stone and et. al., 2015).

Evaluation: This is process which is conducted by HR to examine whether staffing process was efficient or not. They find out knowledge that new joiners capability to work and achieve outcomes. Performance assessment aid management to acknowledge about need of training and development programmes to enhance their skills in respect to requirement of post assigned.

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From the above report it can be comprehended that staffing, personal administration, training and development, performance and reward management, labour relations are various functions of human resource manager. These practices are conducted by HR to have skilled and competent staff members to accomplish organisational goals and objectives. External approach helps management to interview and recruit new members which conduct tasks effectively and innovatively. HRM practices advantage employer to promote positive behaviour for retaining qualified staff. Employees are trained and management maintain relations for reducing issues and conflicts faced by them. With HRM practices organisation productivity and profit is raise, as HR have talented people which execute activities innovatively. Employee relations aspect influences decision of human resources and aid them to motivate and encourage staff to achieve targets, reduce risk, enhance sales and revenue. Besides this, employment legislations require to be considered by HR to make policies and provide duties to workers in respect to employment legislations. Thus, apply HRM practices that are recruitment and selection for employing new candidate in company.

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