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Knowledge and Skills Required by HR Professional- Whirlpool

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGT209
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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  1. Elaborate on the method through which the growth and the development of individuals function.
  2. Explain the method and the ways of development of individuals.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


Growth and development are very necessary for every organization as it enables them to perform in a competitive environment. The development of individuals and teams encourages motivation, skills, and knowledge and improves the job performance of employees. In an organization, individuals learn or enhance their knowledge and skills from their working environment and specific training provided to them (Anitha, 2014). The present report is based on the case of Whirlpool as it provides products and services across the globe. The company deals in the manufacturing and selling of electrical home appliances. This report includes knowledge, behavior, and skills required by HR professionals and will determine the differences between organizational and individual learning and development. It will also analyze the requirement of learning and development, the role of high-performance work practices which contribute to employee engagement, and competitive advantages.


P1 Professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors

It is very essential for a company to recruit efficient employees to drive itself towards success. The extent to which a company increases its profitability heavily depends on having good and effective employees. It is the responsibility of HR to recruit employees with a sound minds and outstanding skills to achieve the objectives of the organisation (Hawkins, 2017). As per this scenario, a report is to be presented at the annual Confederation of British Industry workshop by the HR consultant of Whirlpool which would focus on how performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment. However, it is required from the HR professionals of Whirlpool to possess certain skills, knowledge and behaviour to increase the overall productivity of the firm.
The skills required by HR professionals are as follows:
  •  Effective Communication: This is an essential skill required in an HR Professional. They are responsible to establish communication effectively in all levels of the organisation, from CEO to entry-level employees. Effective communication would allow them to clearly explain the company policies and procedures to the employees. Along with this, the employees are effectively handled their job roles which increase their efficiency as they know the plan of action needed to accomplish their task.
  •  Conflict Management: Efficiency of HR professionals is denoted by their capability to solve conflicts. Whirlpool is global name and in such a big organisation, with a huge workforce, possibilities of conflicts are very high. These conflicts maybe between two employees or maybe between the employer and their subordinates (Turner, 2014). These professionals have to play a crucial role in solving these conflicts in an appropriate and respectful manner to avoid any hindering in organisational performance.
HR professionals are needed to be knowledgeable about certain aspects which are mentioned below:
  •  Government Rules and Regulations: An organisation must function according to certain norms given by the government and as per the law policies crafted for them. An HR professional must have knowledge of these rules and regulation and must monitor the work of their employees to ensure that all these regulations are rightfully followed.
  • Employee Legislations: An efficient way to increase the performance of employees is by ensuring that there is no violation of their employment laws. It is the responsibility of HR professionals to effectively manage employee's salaries, their incentives and compensations according to state and federal laws.

 HR professionals are needed to develop certain behavioural attributes for effectively carrying out their duties:

  • Ethical: It is required for the HR professionals of Whirlpool to be ethical. They should work discretely as they handle many critical information about the company and the employees. These informations must be communicated at the right time, to the right person and in a right manner. They are also needed to be vocal in case any employee in the company does not operate as per their set principles (Maxwell, 2018).
  • Transparency: For an organisation like Whirlpool to avoid frictions, it is essential for these professionals to establish transparent communication with their employees. This would help them in building strong relations with these employees and the workforce will have someone to rely upon in case of some personal issues. It would certainly help in increasing the employees' commitment towards the firm.
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P2 Personal skills audit to identify and develop a professional development plan

The skills and weaknesses of a person's professional career can be effectively determined by a personal skill audit. It allows individuals to determine areas in which they are perform their best and areas which require improvements (Kouzes, 2014). It helps professionals to carry out their responsibilities effectively and increase their work performance. In Whirlpool, it would help HR professionals in effective project management, decision-making and managing performance of organisation's employees.  Personal Skill auditing has enabled me to critically evaluate my values and skills and determining my strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strengths: Through skill auditing, I have analysed the skills which best shows my effectiveness. These skills are effective communication and decision-making.
  • Weaknesses: Other than effective areas, there are numerous attributes where there is a scope for improvement. These areas are time management, conflict management and collaboration.

To improve my performance in these areas, I have developed a Personal Development Plan which includes my current status in these areas along with the targeted proficiency I wish to achieve. It also includes the methods by which improvement can be assured and the expected time scale. 

Serial no.

Learning objective

Current proficiency

Targeted proficiency

Development opportunities

Time scale


Time management



In an organisation like Whirlpool, time management is very important as every project received has a certain time limit, delay in which could cause bad relationships with clients and unprofessional-ism. I haven't experienced any such case yet, but there were times when the team almost missed the deadline.  To improve, I have decided to undergo training programs to enhance my time managerial skills, in order to effectively manage the work of my team in a specified time frame.

3 to 4  months


Conflict management



Conflicts are likely to rise in an organisation as big as Whirlpool. These conflicts naturally occur almost daily. It gets tough for me to resolve these issues without being biased and anger overpowers me in such cases. I plan to undergo some sessions and learn how to effectively solve these problems without being biased. Also I intend to incline more towards my ethical values and focus more on being patient with the employees.

4 to 6 months





With multiple managerial levels and difficult work schedules, it is very important for employees in the organisation to effectively work as a team. I have been good in collaborating these employees and spreading good teamwork spirit. But my job requirements need me to be more effective. To ensure this, I plan to hold weekly meetings focusing on employees issues while working with each other and plan to read journals discussing various motivational theories which would help me in achieving better teamwork within the organisation.

2 to 3 months

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P3 Organisational and individual learning, training and development

  •  Individual Learning: This refers to the capacity of an individual to gather knowledge about external sources through personal reflection. This knowledge can be enhanced by interacting with others. In Whirlpool, if HR professionals are familiar with a specific skill set, it means that they have complete knowledge about that skill and is able to generalise the same in different situations (Longoni, Golini and Cagliano, 2014).
  • Organizational Learning: This is the process of generating, retaining and conveying knowledge within a company. The experience an organisation gains overtime improves its performance in the market. In Whirlpool, organisational learning helps HR professionals in developing better employee relationships, enhancing employee performance, etc. 

The difference between individual learning and organisational learning is mentioned below:





It aims at personal development of individual employees.

It aims at overall development of the organisation to gain a competitive advantage and to build stronger customer base


Individual learning is a flexible process. It allows an individual to choose their own methods to gain knowledge.

It is a rigid process, where the upper management decides the materials to provide learning which focuses on priority issues about the business environment.


Individual learning is a personal experience and is an ongoing process throughout the professional life of an individual.

A specific timetable is provided by the company for implementation of organisational learning


  • Training: Training refers to the process of enhancing personal skills required to enhance the performance of employees in their respective tasks or for a specific project. In Whirlpool, HR professionals undergo various training programs to enhance their skills and to better manage the human resources of the company (Schippers, West and Dawson, 2015).
  • Development: It is an ongoing process which aims at the overall development of an individual, team or an organisation. It maybe career development of organisational employees or business development, continuous development is essential for the growth of an organisation. In Whirlpool, HR professionals focus on their overall career development at ever stage of their work life cycle. They enhance their skills, develop better relationships with subordinates, develop effective time management skills and leadership skills, etc.

 The difference between  training and development is as follows:





Training is a job-oriented process

Development is a career-oriented process.


It helps the employees of the organisation to enhance their technical skills required for their job roles.

It helps the employees to enhance their overall concepts and ideas required for their whole career.


It aims at enhancing skills of an employees for a specific job role.

It focuses on the overall development of the employees and the organisation.


It has a narrow scope and aims at immediate need of an organisation

It has a wider scope and focuses is futuristic in nature.


P4 Need of continues learning and professional development

Each company requires to provide learning and development to its employees whether they are working individually or in a team. It increases employee's productivity and helps organisation to achieve sustainable business performance. For this, continuous learning and professional learning is necessary.

  • Continuous learning: It refers to learning of individuals to expand their skills and knowledge as employees need to adapt changes in business environment and new developments in industry. Continuous learning helps Whirlpool  to reduce training cost, promotes engagements and interest as new skills are added to them (DeNisi and Smith, 2014).
  • Professional development: This is a process which enhance and improves capability of employees by providing training opportunities at workplace or outside the business. It helps in improving productivity and efficiency of employees which leads to high quality of products and services. This  provides sustainability to organisation.
Like any other organisation, Whirlpool also needs to provide professional development and learning to its employees. As it improves ways of working in an efficient and effective manner which helps organisation to achieve improved productivity and profitability. In many ways, it is beneficial for the firm and would help in attaining sustainable business performance which are described as below:
  •  Improve performance: Employee of Whirlpool receives training which helps them to perform their job in better ways. As individuals become aware of practices and procedures related to the assigned task. It increase confidence among employees which makes them more responsible towards job. This confidence influence them to give excel performance. Continuous learning makes them competent enough for the changing environment (Ford, 2014).
  • Employee satisfaction: Training and development give access to different programs which provides and develop skills and knowledge to individuals of Whirlpool. Through this, employees get advantages over individuals working in other companies. It provides supportive and healthy working environment. This assist in increasing employee satisfactory through promoting employee engagement and learnings within the organisation.

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P5 Contribution of HPW in employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performance working is related to providing a culture of transparency, open communication and trust in organisation. It is a process that create system which establishes actions and management practices that provides environment in which employees are more involved and responsible. Whirlpool uses different ways to provide high performance working to employees like it has open culture environment in their organisation. Where ever employee get chance to share their ideas and views with others and they get opportunities to learn and adapt new technology in industry by training and development (Jiang and Liu, 2015).

 It contributes in employee engagement and competitive advantage, as by enhancing skills and knowledge employees become able to perform in competitive environment and open communication increase trust among employees and organisation that increase employee engagement. National America Region has identified some dimensions that contributes in employee engagement and competitive advantage, like shared commitment to vision and goals, shared accountability and results, Transparent communication, mutual respect and solidarity etc. The following are ways through which HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage:

  • Open communicationIt helps Whirlpool in building trust between employees by improving communication and creating culture of transparency. Open communication involves employees in decision making process. Engaged employees in Whirlpool will works with full dedication that is very important for company for growth and attainment of long term goals and objectives. It increase productivity at workplace and profitability which helps business in growing. This will result in high employee retention which is beneficial for organisation (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013).
  • Team building: For achieving competitive advantage Whirlpool should focus on team building as teams are source of innovation. As they work more effectively in finding innovative solutions to difficult problems. Team generates new ides by exchanging views and knowledge with other members and improves synergy effects of working together.  It increase ability of employees to share and  transfer their knowledge, that helps in performing task in an efficient manner. It improves quality of products which increase profitability by achieving competitive advantage.
  •  Employee creativity: This will help whirlpool in achieving competitive advantage by using innovative ideas and creativity of employees for development and innovation of products. They can invent or adapt new technology for manufacturing products which are different from their competitors' offerings. This will provide competitive place to Whirlpool in market.
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P6 Different approaches for performance approaches

 Performance approaches are related to the management which encourage and improve effectivenesses of employees. It creates or provide healthy working environment where every employee can work with full efficiency which provides satisfaction. These approaches measures performance of each staff member by establishing goals and reward them as per their achievement in given tasks (Mone and London, 2018). Performance management approaches in Whirlpool helps them to motivate, satisfy, increasing employee loyalty, and building moral of employees. It will enhance overall productivity and profitability of employees. It ensures that objectives and goals of companies are accomplishing in an efficient manner.

For managing performance of employees HR manager of Whirlpool adopt different approaches as measurement of employee performance for organisation is very important which are described as follows: 

 (Sources: Performance Measurement Approaches, 2018) 

  •  Comparative approach: This approach gives ranking to employees according to their performance by making comparison of their work with other members of group. In case of Whirlpool this approach helps in rewarding top performers and   to provides proper training and development to poor performers so that they can improve their skills and knowledge for executing their jobs.
  •  Attribute approach: It measures the performance of employees on basis of some parameters like innovation, creativity, communication, problem solving skills, team work etc. Managers of Whirlpool ranks employees on scale of 1 to 5, they gives rate as high, medium and low on basis of above parameters. It helps in good distribution of work as per the skills and responsibilities of workers (Pinjani and  Palvia, 2013).
  • Collaborating working approach: This approach in Whirlpool helps employees to work together by collaborating with each other for achievement of goals and objectives. It provides effective and efficient attainment of goals as workers work together by using skills and knowledge of other employees. Managers grade employees performance on basis of their tasks and jobs. This enhances employee engagement as they share roles and responsibilities with each others.
  • Result approach: As per this approach managers of Whirlpool rates their employee on basis of their performance result. It converts strategies into operations while considering factors of external environment. This is very effective for increasing motivation of employees which helps in increasing productivity and in analysing feedback (Sessa and London, 2015). 
  •  Quality approach: It focuses on improving satisfaction of employees by eliminating errors for continuous improvement in organisation. In Whirlpool it is very beneficial for management as it assess workers and system, use teamwork for solving problems, evaluate performance by using many sources, involve internal and external environmental factors etc.

Thus, performance approaches have positive impact on business as it helps in analysing performance of employees. Increase employee motivation for better performance, provides training to them so that they can improve skills to perform better.


 It is concluded from the above project, that in order to achieve the desired business growth, it is essential for organisations need to develop knowledge and skills of its employees. This would help them enhance their work performance and give strong competition to the employees of competitive firms. HR professionals play a major role to achieve this in a company. They are responsible to conduct effective training and development programs for the employees after critically evaluating their performance. These programs aim at eradicating the weaknesses of their performances which are reducing their efficiency. Such sessions result in raising the capabilities of the employees and helps them to reach their full potential. The efficiency of workers can be enhanced by a great extent if the company adopts various HPW practices. Such practices helps a firm to engage themselves more in the company and ensures their better commitment for the organisation. 


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