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Important Function of HRM by Nissan

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • People management is considered as the subset of human resource management. Evaluate an understanding of the knowledge and the skills in respect to be an effective people manager in Nissan.
  • People management is the practice for maximizing productivity. Explain important HR processes which underpin the performance management of the people at work.
  • Provide an understanding of contemporary issues facing the line manager in people management in the context of Nissan company.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Nissan


Every organization wants to run its business with the help of people who is important and managed by the HRM department. People are those who understand the needs and wants of business and give their contribution to completing tasks. Human resources use different types of strategies and policies to accomplish their goals and objectives. It recruits skilled employees, provides them with training and development program, maximizes performance by attracting people, and get work done effectively (Collings, Wood, and Szamosi, 2018). Managing people means arranging the people according to requirements in the business corporation and maintaining production as well as profits. This controls all activities and maintains the organizational functions effectively. Such a report is prepared to understand the management of people in the organization and how they help to attain the business goals. For this Nissan is chosen which is a motor manufacturing company in Sunderland. This organization was founded on 15 April 1984 and its has headquarters in Sunderland, United Kingdom. This report is divided into three parts where the management team of Nissan adopts policies and regulations to manage their staff and maintain the organizational production. Furthermore, the present report considers talent management, leadership & management, and training and development.


Key theoretical models as well as their applications

Leadership & Management

Leadership & management are important term which is used in organisation to attracts people and motivate them to complete the assigned work and maintain the organisational productivity. Leadership is the process in which employees are leading by leaders who understand the problems and provide a better solution which helps to control the business activities. Management is also an important activity which is perform by organisation's manger to control all function and manage the business performance. In context to Nissan, leadership and management both are important which helps to attracts people by solving their problems and suggest them a good path to complete the task (Hislop, Bosua and Helms, 2018). For this effective theory is used by chosen organisation that is:

Contingency theory: This is important for organisation to deal with difficulties and maintain the profitability by running the business. This theory states the concept of situation which is related with leader member relations, dealing with general atmosphere, loyalty and confidence that helps to manage the functions effectively (Worden and McLean, 2018). The management and leaders of Nissan organisation uses contingent theory to access, manage, control and predict the behaviour of employees which helps to understand how to motivate employees and get work done effectively. This is main theory of leadership and management which helps to maintain the good relation between employees and management. For instance, the management of Nissan assign the work and assess the activities which helps to defined how they can do better in order to achieve goals. By using this, relation between management and employees remains good and also maintain good atmosphere.

Training & development

Organisation is having different work and activities which is not known for every employees so they provides training and development to their employees which helps to work accordingly. The main aim behind this, to increase their learning capacity and make them good in business. This improves capacity and skills by getting training and development programme. In context to Nissan, management conduct training and development programme for employees which helps to perform well by increasing learning capacity which helps to attain goals and objectives (Sims and Bias, 2019).

Transitional Model - This model is related with vision, mission and objectives of business organisation where management focus on whole corporation. This involves two loops one is outer and second is inner. In outer loop management of Nissan organisation focuses on vision, mission and values on the basis of training and inner loop consider activity execution. This helps to perform the business activities effectively and increase the organisational production. For instance, Nissan is motor manufacturing organisation which uses new technology to add new features according to customer demand. For this managers provide training to its employees which helps to understand the new technology and perform business activities effectively (Analoui, ed., 2018). This also helps to increase the organisational productivity and profitability. Moreover, they develop training sessions which helps examine all factors which are available in organisation. This helps to build the confidence level and trust of employees and get them good education in order to perform well.

Talent Management - In organisation, many people are working at different post by showing their talent which helps to increase the business performance. In other words, this is a systematic process which is used by Nissan management to identify the vacant position, hiring capable and suitable person, developing the skills and expertise the person to match the position and retain them for long period of time (Dumas and et. al., 2018).

Expectancy theory:  This theory was stated by Victor Vroom, who states that a manager and leader should behave in good manner by motivating them and should increase organisational outcomes. If employees are motivated then only they perform well and helps to accomplish the goals. In context to Nissan, management understand needs of employees and motivate them by rewarding, bonus and promotion that helps to work good and give them opportunities to increase business more (Ballantyne, 2018).

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Roles & Priorities of Nissan management

Management are those people who are playing important role within organisation as they set the goal and delegate work between employees which helps to complete the effectively. They have different characteristics and skills which help to deal with difficulties properly. The role and priorities of Nissan Management and functions are determined below:

Role and Priorities 

  • Training and development - Management give priorities to their training and development programme which are provided to people in order to perform good and increase business performance. In context to Nissan, manager are playing their role by providing training and development to people which helps to understand new process and increase this effectively (Honarpour, Jusoh and Md Nor, 2018).
  • Determining quality control standard - This means management should check the quality of their products and services which helps to run a business. In context to Nissan, management determine the quality standard by checking quality of their manufactured products and services.
  • Assessing project and resource requirement  - This is another role of Nissan where management give priorities to resources and project completion. In context to Nissan, management are giving priorities to their project and resources which are require to complete the project (Meyer and Grosse, 2018).
  • Maintaining health and safety regulations - The management of Nissan is following the all legal regulations and laws which is related to health and safety of people which helps to retain their employees for long term and increase the performance

HR Functions

HR department in business organisation are focusing on different types of functions which helps to fill the needs and complete the project. The functions of HR in context to Nissan organisation are as defined:

  • Planning – This means to make plans and schedule of completing task which helps to increase the business activities and maintaining performance which helps to complete the goals.
  • Recruiting and Training – This function states that HR manager recruits and provide training to its employees which helps to retain them and complete the work. In context to Nissan, employees are recruited and trained by HR management.
  • Employee relations – This is also important function of HRM in which HR manger of Nissan understand the employees problem and provide them optimum solution which helps to maintain good relations (Pool-Funai, 2018).
  • Organising – The manger of Nissan company organise their all activities and function according to schedule and maintain the good performance which helps to increase the productivity and profitability (Amoako, 2019).
  • Controlling – This is another activity in which all functions and activities are controlled by Nissan's manager. They make proper plans and control the management which helps to improve the organisational performance.

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Internal and external influences on Leadership & management, T&D and talent management

Internal and external influences

This is crucial for business organisation to manage its people and employees who are consider as core part of business entity. They helps to manage all functions and activities in synchronise form and maintain the good performance. In context to Nissan, management team execute various functions in order to examine the internal and external elements which helps to perform business effectively. Internal and external influences which are related to talent management, T&D, leadership & management are as defined:

Leadership and management

Internal influences – This factors which is related to leadership and management consider that includes manpower, volunteers, leaders and skilled employees that perform all functions and increase the business activities. In context to Nissan, various circumstances in which staff accept challenges in order to perform well (Starr-Glass, 2019).

External influences – This means those factors which resides out of the country and leads the changes in organisation. In social environment, leaders and managers of Nissan focuses on community, religion and different living style of employees as well as people which helps to produce products accordingly and maintain the profits.

Training and Development

Internal influence – This consider motivation, learning, values, beliefs and perception of management and leaders which influences training and development. In context to Nissan, employees are motivated and having good knowledge which influences positively training and development as they increases capacity of business organisation and complete the work.

External Influence – In business environment, various factors which is related to ideas, thing and place belongs to outside. In context to Nissan, different types of training programme and learning activities are run by management which influences on training and development in good way that increases confidence level.

Talent management

Internal influence – Working in good manner is only possible through having good skills and talent to complete the task in specified time period. Age, seniority and education level of employees within organisation affects the talent management. In context to Nissan, employees are skilled and experienced which helps to manage the functions easily and maintain the good performance. This influences talent management as employees works in suitable culture and environment by using their talent.

External Influence – In context to Nissan, workforce planning, job security, job satisfaction and fresh blood enters and other attracting employees consider as external factors which influences talent management in good way as it helps to increase the production level and profitability.

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From such determination and influences it has recommended that people management is important which helps to run the business organisation and maintain good performance. The management of Nissan formulates policies and regulation which helps to produce better quality of products and increase organisational sale. This is important for business organisation manage the functions and run training and development programme which helps to improve the organisational productivity and profitability. This report covers three area that are as followed:

In first part that covers leadership and management discussion, states Nissan should use contingency theory which helps to deal with difficult situations. By using this management can control and improve the organisational productivity (Gibbons, 2018).

In second area, it has suggested to management should conduct training and development programme that will help to accept challenges and manage the functions easily.

Ending area talked about talent management in which team management of Nissan organisation hire skilled and qualified employees which helps to give positive outcome to organisation and maintain the operations in good way.

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From this report it can be concluded that managing people is an art which is done by HR department that helps to perform all functions easily. Leadership and management is a systematic process which motivates employees and complete the task effectively. HR department consider recruitment, training & development and organising, controlling and employee relation which are important functions of HRM and helps to manage all activities effectively.


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