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Managing Human Resources

Introduction to Human resource management

Human resource management is referred to as function in organization that is designed to maximize the performance of employees in service of their employer's strategic objectives. HR is concerned with management of people within the organization, by focusing on policies and systems (Ahgren, 2010). In the present study managing human resources has been discussed with respect to Kent Community Health NHS Trust. The current report entails to understand the processes for recruiting individuals to work in health and social care. Further the study includes the strategies for building effective teams for working in HSC. The report also includes the systems for monitoring and promoting the development of individuals working in health and social care.

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a) Factors that need to considered when planning their successful recruitment

There are different factors that need to be considered by Kent Community NHS trust when planning their successful recruitment. These are enumerated below:

Education: In order to recruit overseas nurses it is essential to consider their educational background. Through this health and social care organization will be able to match their skills with the qualities possessed by the nurses (Bryans, 2007). By gaining knowledge regarding the selection of suitable nurses it is important for the business to determine whether or not appropriate nursing skills exist within them. The consideration of professional degrees and qualifications is necessary for the purpose of selecting right person for the job.

Experience: For the purpose of recruitment it is important for Kent Community NHS trust to investigate the experience of the nurses so that they can carry out nursing practices in an effective manner. Better experience would result in enabling the nurses to perform with effectiveness (Chand and Katou, 2007). In order to handle sensitive case and to deal with sudden situations of emergency the work experience is necessary to be considered. While making recruitment of overseas nurses this factor has to be considered as it would result in cutting down the training cost of the staff.

Analysis of position: Kent Community NHS trusts attempts to meet the specification of job with respect to characteristics of individual. For instance the overseas nurses needs to possess technical skills in order to meet the objectives of the hospital (Elg and et.al., 2012). Further by making effective selection patients can be provided with proper care which would result in enhancing the reputation of the hospital to a greater extent.

b) Explanation to how relevant legislative and policy frameworks of the home country influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals

Various legislative and policy frameworks of home country are followed by the Kent Community NHS trust. These are being employed by the hospital while making recruitment, selection and employment of individual. It includes Equality legislation that is comprised of Equality Act 2010, Work and Families Act 2006 and The Maternity and Parental Leave Regulations 1999. These acts ensure prohibition of discrimination while making recruitment, selection and employment of individuals (Foster-Turner, 2006). Thus discrimination of individuals with respect to age, gender, nationality, color and marital status is not allowed. The Act of Work and Families policy reflects the provisions of flexible work environment, work for part time as well as aspects related to leave so that employee’s right can be protected. Theses legislative are considered while making selection of individual so as to reduce their exploitation. Another regulation is related to Fixed term Employees Regulations Act 2002 which states restriction on unfavorable treatment of fixed employees in comparison to permanent workers (Fottler, Khatri and Savage, 2010). Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 is also considered which states that the individuals are illegal to work in UK. Such policies and legislative framework assist the business in making selection of right persons for the vacant post.

c) Different approaches that may be used to ensure the selection of best individuals for work in HSC

Various approaches can be used by Kent Community NHS trust in order to ensure selection of best individual for work in HSC. Selection of suitable individual is important as it assist business in reducing the employee turnover and helps in retaining employees for longer term (González-Reverté and Miralbell-Izard, 2009). The firm makes use of approach such as reference of existing employees and management institutes so as to make selection of candidate that can effectively work in HSC. The firm can carry out psychometric test that is a written test through which the internal capabilities, knowledge as well as specific cognitive ability such as verbal and numeric skills can be known.  With this, various other aspects such as time management, way of thinking and efficiency can be effectively determined.

Moreover Kent Community NHS trust can also conduct medical test so as to ensure the physical soundness of the employees that have been screened out. This would assist in investigating the turnover as well as absenteeism of the worker (Haycock, 2011). While making selection, involvement of two people is essential as with this the qualities of the nurses can be determined in an effective manner. The competency of the nurses to carry out work in HSC can be examined.


a) Individuals interaction in groups in relation to types of team that work in HSC

There are various types of team that works in Kent Community NHS trust. This includes problem solving team, quality circle, self directed as well as leadership team. By hiring the overseas nurses the company can resolve its various issues in relation to quality of treatment that is being offered to the patients. As per the case the organization might face issues related to cultural differences (Hosseini, 2010). This is because employees are hired from across the nation which creates major problem while carrying out work at Kent Community NHS trust. In order to develop coordination among the members of the group firm can make use of BELBIN team role. This would assist in understanding the members of team and their roles in an effective manner. The organization might face issues in relation to the communication as the employees are from varied cultural background. In addition to this firm can make use of quality circle team so as to make nurses and employees effective and create self awareness among them regarding the organization (Larsson and Hyllengren, 2013). Through this, mutual understanding can be created among the self directed team which would assist them in contributing towards the achievement of goal. With the assistance of this theory all the teams can communicate with each other. Further motivation to work can be provided. It demonstrates the strength as well as weakness of Kent Community NHS trust and reflects nine roles that include plant, specialist, monitor, team worker, coordinator, resource investigator, shaper, implementer as well as complete finisher.

Under plan, act as a leader in the team and possess qualities such as creative as well as innovator (Mariappanadar, 2012). Along with plan each member with the organization can take appropriate decisions   that could assist the firm in enhancing the productivity and profitability of the health and social care organization.

b) Evaluation of approaches that may be used to develop effective team working in HSC

Various approaches can be used by Kent Community NHS trust at managerial level in order to develop effectiveness in team working. The organization can utilize an approach such as defining clear goals of team along with time period in which the needs to be achieved. Further the way of communication has to be specified so that better performance among the team can be enhanced (Runar Edvardsson, 2008). Further business can make use of good span of control that would act as an aid from employees to carry out work with concentration. For example, the induction team which is involved in providing guidance to the new personnel. This can be provided by senior nurses so that new joining can gain better insight to their area of work. Further this would assist in creating sense of achievement and belongingness within them which provides them motivation to work. By ensuring smooth flow of information among the departments good work environment can be provided to the employees of Kent Community NHS trust.

At middle level, effectiveness in working team can be promoted by providing authority so that workers can gain better insight to their roles and responsibilities. Moreover their performance and activities can be appraised from time to time. In addition to this they need to be provided with appreciation for their work (Schuler and Jackson, 2008). It would result in increasing the morale of employee which would thereby enhance the productivity of the business. Supervision of the work by leaders would facilitate Kent Community NHS trust in achieving long as well as short term targets. This plays an important role in getting the work done by motivating employees through rewards and financial benefits.


a) Ways in which performance of individual working in NHS can be monitored

There are different ways in which performance in HSC can be monitored in health and social care. Performance appraisal is the important technique that can be used for the purpose of improving the quality of services offered to patients. In addition to this it would assist in achieving expected targets. The firm can also use 360 degree feedback method that assists in providing detail of the job that is being conducted by the employees. In this, the person who supervises the work of the employees provides information regarding the work in accordance with the things they have been observed. By supervision the manager take appropriate decisions that would assist the business in achieving expected set of targets. It includes time management ability of nurses and other staff, attitude of workers, their relationship with the patients and dedication towards achievement of organization goal (Terziovski and Morgan, 2006). This has impact on the overall performance of the employees that are working in Kent Community NHS trust. Management by objective is considered another way through which the performance of the employees can be appraised. Under this manager and individual determines common goal along with individual goal. It is necessary to define the role and responsibilities along with the deadline of completing the task. This would assist the employees to carry out work in an effective manner that would result in achieving desired targets. Further this ensures growth of business. This technique needs less time and offers results with respect to failure within minimal time span. Thus Kent Community NHS trust can save cost along with time by obtaining feedback of employees which can enhance the productivity of the health and social care organization.

b) Ways in which individual training and development needs can be identified

The role of training and development is important in improving the working of nurses and health care staff. With the assistance of performance evaluation plan HSC can determine the areas where difficulties are experienced by its employees. Moreover it reflects the detail on the behavior of staff, their knowledge, competencies and capabilities that are essential for meeting the desired targets of the business. This can be effectively met with the assistance of training. The organization takes feedback from the supervisors working in health and social care organization (Walker and Bamford, 2011). This would provide effective knowledge regarding the ability of employees to carry out work effectively. Moreover through this, scope of development can also be analyzed. It is an appropriate method as the supervisors posses detail with respect to the job done by their subordinates and also they have the records about their job. Further with this health care firm can take suitable decision regarding the implementation of effective training program that could develop the skills of employees.

Along with this another way of identifying training needs can be through gaining feedback from the employees through mutual discussion. It is an effective method that can assist in determining the needs of employees in relation to training. By offering training the performance of the health care staff can be enhanced. This would result in increasing the overall productivity of the business. Method of SWOT analysis can also be used for the purpose of determining the weakness, threats, strengths and opportunities of the workers (Grimshaw, Rubery and Marchington, 2010). This would facilitate Kent Community NHS trust in determining the areas where training is required so that employee’s ability and skills can be developed.

c) Different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in HSC workplace

The employees of health care can be promoted and developed with the assistance of proper training. This would assist the employees to work in changing business conditions. The firm needs to organize seminars and coaching on periodic basis so as to enhance the knowledge the nursing staff. In order to enhance the satisfaction level of the employees it is essential for the health care organization to organize on the job training programs so that clear understanding related to job can be developed within the employees (Key Legislation regarding Recruitment and Selection, 2014). Moreover this would act as an aid in enhancing the productivity as well as work performance of the workers. On the other hand off the job training programs can also be organized by the firm which would assist the business in improving the interaction between the supervisor and employees. It can be carried by organizing meetings. Further seminars and coaching can be another ways to keep employee up to date regarding the information related to their job.


a) Theories of leadership that apply to health and social care work place

Various theories can be used by health and social care organization in order to motivate and enhance the performance of the employees. Different theories in relation to leadership can be used in order to improve the satisfaction level of the nurses that are working in Kent Community NHS trust. The firm can make use management theory of leadership. Under this major emphasis is given on supervision and encouragement of group performance which assist in evaluating the job of individuals (Miller, 2014). Further criteria can be set regarding reward and punishment that would enable in enhancing the competence and potential of the health care organization. Participative theory assists health care organization in maintaining work performance within the firm that could enhance the profitability of the business. In this the leader plays supportive roles and provides authority to nursing staff so that they can feel free to take decisions and can carry out work with motivation. This helps in boosting the morale of the team and results in establishing coordination among them for the purpose of attaining results in an effective manner. Thus role of leadership theory is critical in enhancing the productivity and work performance within Kent Community NHS trust.

b) Analysis of ways working relationships may be managed

The relation related to working can be managed with the assistance of promoting motivation among the workers. Employees can be inspired to work by offering them with proper working conditions as well as organizing training programs on regular time basis. The decision of the management in relation to the salaries, wages and communication act as means through which the performance of the employees can be improved in an effective manner. This would assist in building sound relation at upper as well as lower level. The health and social care organization can employ different practices in order to boost the morale of team work and motivate them so as to achieve the desired goals of the firm. The role of appreciation and reward is crucial in providing motivation to the employees (How teams work, 2014). Through periodic review of the performance positive feedback on the performance can be provided to the employees. This would assist in motivating the nursing staff to enhance their satisfaction level. This would have overall impact on the productivity of Kent Community NHS trust. In addition to this it is essential for the business to organize meetings and seminars frequently so as to resolve the issues that are being faced by the employees at various levels. Thus by providing solution to the issues of employees their morale and work performance can be enhanced to a greater extent. Further this would assist in building sound relationship among the members of team.

c) Evaluation of how own development has been influenced by management approaches encountered

The role of management approaches is critical in gaining knowledge regarding the human resources and skills required by them. Through this I have learned principles that are needed for the management of human resource and its appropriate utilization. While carrying out work in the nursing department I have explored that my supervisors follow various management approaches like scientific and bureaucratic through which I can gain better insight to handle my job in an appropriate manner. Through this I have developed ability to handle team and work in coordination so that desired targets can be achieved in an effective manner. From the study I have determined employees can be provided with financial assistance for the purpose of motivating the employees.

Moreover I have developed ability and knowledge regarding my job. Moreover I have developed capability to handle critical situation of the patients. This has developed my ability to work in an effective manner. While carrying out work in my organization I have gained that rules and regulation designed by the management assist in carrying out smooth flow of work. I have determined that my skills of analyzing particular set as well as pattern of behaviour have been enhanced greatly.


It can be concluded from the study that it is essential for the health care organization to consider various factors while carrying out recruitment and section process so as to ensure selection of best candidate for the job. It is has been inferred from the study that role of monitoring is effective in determining the areas where development is required. Through this Kent Community NHS trust can examine the need for training and development for employees. By organizing such the overall productivity and the performance of the employees can be enhanced in an effective manner.


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