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Managing Human Resource

Introduction to Managing Human Resource

Human resource management is a function which is undertaken by the administrative department for maximizing the employee's performance who are working within the organization. HR manager of the enterprise is responsible for managing people and they formulate specific plans and policies for better functioning. This present report is based on understanding the factors which need to be considered when recruiting people in the health and social care sector. This report will also emphasize on evaluating the different approaches in order to develop effective team within the mentioned sector. Further, the organization undertaken for the present report is National Health Care which is a publicly funded health care system. This health care organization is operated by four countries of UK and these are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Moreover, each of the system functions independently and operated by relevant government namely Scottish, Welsh, Northern Ireland Executive, and UK Government.

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Factors to be considered when planning for recruitment in Health Care sector

For NHS, the most crucial factor which need to be taken into consideration is the basic requirement for recruiting an individual. Being working as an administrator, it is the prior duty to make a sound balance of doctor, nurses and caretaker. Further, for the appointment of individual for a vacant position, mentioned hospitality firm need to prepare job description and job specification statement. The internal sources which are available with the organization is in form of transfer and promotion. This process is a part of internal shifting of employee's and they feel motivated if assigned for the higher authority.

On the contrary side, external source of recruitment comprises advertisement in newspaper and magazines, employment exchange, campus recruitment, casual callers, employees reference, former employees, etc. External source is mostly preferred because the health care ventures is in search of muti skilled and talented candidates who can cure patients with best of their efficiency and in limited time period.

It is quite essential for NHS to prepare job description and specification statement for a particular position. Organization is in need of two more caretakers and for that mentioned organization have to prepare specific statements. Job description will give a clear idea regarding the position and also the authority whom he/she has to answer. This description also gives an idea of salary which will be given to the candidate. Job specification on the contrary side shows the necessary skills which candidate need to have for the above made job description. This profile also evaluates the capabilities and skills which individual have to possess for a particular job. Apart from this, their qualifications, technical knowledge, attitude, behavior is also taken into consideration. Further, with the scrutiny of application, organization will pool up the most desirable candidates and conduct an interview and test for the same.

Overview of legislative and policy framework which influence recruitment and selection of employees

Each and every nation have their own legislative and policy frameworks which influence the recruitment and selection of individuals. Moreover, it is necessary for NHS to strictly adhere the rules and regulations. Further, the equality act in UK provides equal rights and opportunities to all the gender, race, cast and community. Apart from this, mentioned hospitality firm also need to follow Sex discrimination act, 1975, Race relation act, 1976 employment act, 2006, etc.

Employment policy and legislation employment act, 2004 has been prepared to resolve the conflict resolution at work. This act gives employees equal benefits and wage to all the individual who are working on the same designation. Further, NHS have to make privacy of the information which has been obtained from the candidates and they have to keep the information private. Further, the Electronic Communication Privacy Act protects the telephonic conversations of employee from employer. Thus, in order to have proper functioning of the mentioned health care organization, administrator have to play a crucial role in following the legislative and policy framework.

Process in selection of employees

As in the above point it was evident that NHS is in need of caretakers, so for that purpose they are in need of multi skilled and talented employees. With the scrutiny of applications, cited hospital firm have come up with the desired candidates and for this selection process will be taken into consideration. The selection process will consist of:

  • Invitation of application
  • Receiving the application
  • Scrutiny of application
  • Written test
  • Psychological test
  • Personal interview
  • Reference check
  • Medical examination
  • Final selection
  • Placement

Further, each and every health care venture have their own selection process but they have to follow the set criteria so that the administrator will be able to grasp best of the candidate for the caretaker position.

Recruitment and selection process in NHS

Being positioned as an administrator, the main priority is to recruit and select best of the candidates so that the efficiency of the firm is maintained and they will be able t\o give best of the services to the patients. Caretaker plays a supportive role for the patients and they are there for satisfying their needs and wants which they need in the hospital. They have to be friendly with the patient and need to give best of the services so that goodwill of the mentioned firm is maintained.

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Organization will effectively follow the recruitment and selection sources and will pool the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of desired candidates together. Then there will be a personal interview where HR will come to know their capabilities and good qualities which essential require for the mentioned service. Written test will be conducted for individual so that selection team will come to know that individual possess certain quality. Medical examination will be also held so that organization will be able to recruit a fit candidate. At last a final selection will be done and individual will be given appointment letter so that he/she can join the NHS on a particular date.

Belbin's and Tuckman's theory of group behaviour

Tuckman's theory of group behaviour was developed by Bruce Tuckman and he propogate a model which comprises forming-storming-norming and performing steps. This model reveals that this model will help team to grow, they will be able to face challenges and will also be able to tackle the problems. A small brief of his model is:


In forming, team meet up and learn about different opportunities and challenges. In this, team members behave independently.


Disagreements and individual clashes between employer and employee is solved so that they can work in best of the manner for NHS growth and development.


Under this, group members agrees and discuss their ideas and also adjusts their behaviour pattern.


By working in team, the employees become focused in achieving organization goals and objectives.

Belbin's model focuses on developing more balanced team and he categorized individual roles into team. There exist action oriented roles which comprises shaper implementer and complete finisher. Then there is people oriented roles which includes coordinator, team worker and resource investigator. At last, there is thought oriented roles and it comprises plant, monitor-evaluator and specialists.

Different types of team study

There is not any specific approach in working in a team or group. Each and every group is unique and NHS have to opt best of the team structure so that they work with best of their efficiency. For mentioned hospitality, following approaches can be taken into consideration:

  • Diversity of skills and personality is initial factors and members in group need to employ their strength and have to overtcome the weakness they are facing.
  • Need to understand the core objectives and their decision should co-relate with one another.
  • There need to be complete transparency and every member in team should understand each other responsibilities and priorities.
  • In the coaching approach, employees of NHS is offered with required training so that they can work in an effective manner.

Role of empowerment of individuals and teams in health care industry

Empowerment means giving nurses and care taker some authoprity so that they will be able to work with best of their efficiency and capabilities. Doctor acts as a leader and they have to engage every group member of team in different activities. Further, they have to choose proper communication channel so that the information do not get miss-communicated. Further, doctors need to appraise the other staff on the work done by them. This will act as a positive approach and it will boost their morale. Further, in the absence of major doctors, nurses and care takers need to be trained upto that level so that they can easily cure the patients who is suffering from minor disease.

Reflective of team activities

In NHS, there is a proper structure followed by the hospital firm and every surgical department have their own specialized team who work effectively in procuring the disease of the patients. Moreover, hospital runs 24*7 so the work is done in shift and organization require talented employee's for the same. Every team have their own style of working and being the biggest health care unit in UK, they have to work with pre-defined standards.

Team working reduces the burden on particular employee's and they share each task for the best of the outcome. With each successful treatment, they will be able to develop the brand image of NHS.

Performance management system of NHS

As per the view of Mahadevan and Mohamed (2014), performance management is the system that helps in promoting and improving the effectiveness of workers within enterprise to perform the desired goals. However, it is a continuous process that helps managers and employees to work together in order to plan, monitor and review individual's work objectives so that they can contribute towards achieving organizational goals. It can be assessed that NHS undertakes varied approaches in order to measure the performance management system of individual. Being an administrator in NHS it is my duty to identify the current performance level of individuals, assessing different ways through which improvement of person can be attained, marking individual performance level and evaluating specific standards through test, fixing different performance level standards to be attained etc. Here, workers of NHS are required to share and exchange ideas with each other so that mistakes can be overcome and ultimately performance can be enhanced.

Training and development requirements of workforce within NHS

Training and development is a crucial function within HRM. However, both the activities helps in enhancing the performance and productivity of workers. Training is the program organized by the business in order to develop knowledge and skills in the workforce according to the requirement of job role. While, development is the organized activity that helps manpower of firm to grow and lean new methods through self assessment. NHS is required to identify the training and development needs of individual in order to achieve business goals. It has been assessed that people should keep themselves update regarding the new technologies introduced in market so that they can treat the patients well. It also helps them to acquire and expand their knowledge base. NHS is required to provide training to individuals so that they can enhance their skills and expertise which helps in boosting employee morale and performance level to achieve business targets.

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Different strategies can be implemented to promote continuous development of healthcare professionals

There are different strategies such as performance feedback and incentives that can be implemented in order to promote continuous development of workers within NHS. Performance feedback is a crucial method which helps in enhancing and boosting the performance level of worker. According to the view of Sharma (2014), through gaining proper performance feedback it helps individual to enhance their professional career within NHS. Performance feedback method helps both positive and negative individual to effectively overcome their problems as it updates their knowledge regarding mistakes and also provides them opportunity to learn something new. Above all, performance feedback does not only help individual in informing them regarding their mistakes but also suggest and trains NHS workers. Also, it is essential for NHS to provide attractive incentives to employees so that it helps in encouraging them and enhance their performance level. For instance, it consists of enhancing wages, providing proper training and development programs and delivering rewards and benefits to achieve satisfaction among workers.

It can be assessed that through carrying out proper performance assessment measures it helps individuals to enable them regarding improving their own performance of working within NHS. While, training and development is also a crucial factor that assists employees to improve their skills and learning in order to implement it in business. These are the best methods through which individual working can be carried out in an effective manner and thus achieve desired success. Through using both performance assessment and training and development process within NHS it helps management to encourage individual worker so that they can carry out their job role efficiently. For instance, by assessing individual performance and obtaining feedback from management helps in improving the chances to overcome issues. On the other hand, through attending different training and development sessions it helps NHS workers to improve their skills and learning capacity and deliver best facilities to health care patients.

Different between transactional and transformational leadership

Following are the different theories of leadership which can be implemented within HSC-

Transactional leadership style

Such leadership style is concerned in order to maintaining operation of firm in a smooth manner. However, such leaders make use of disciplinary power and also uses incentives that helps in encouraging individual to deliver best results within organization. Transactional leaders effectively motivates the subordinates by exchanging rewards and benefits for performance. Thus, within NHS such type of leadership styles can be used so that better health care facilities can be delivered to patients in order to overcome their problems.

Transformational leadership

Further, it is another crucial type of leadership style that goes beyond managing the day to day operations. Moreover, it helps individual to develop effective strategies so that they can execute the operations effectively and efficiently. NHS leaders also make use of such leadership style so that they can function efficiently within every department and also work as a team so that desired success can be achieved. Main aim of carrying out transformational leadership is on team building, encouragement, interconnection with service providers at diverse levels so that best quality services can be rendered to individuals in order to improve the performance of NHS workers.

Emotional intelligence model and comparing two roles in NHS

Emotional intelligence can be stated as the ability of individual to monitor the emotions of each other and carry out desired tasks. However, it helps individual to discriminate different emotions and also label them effectively. Also, such information can be used as a guide in order to direct the thinking and behavior of workers to attain common goals. Emotional intelligence is used by management sometimes in order to relieve the stress of workers within NHS and helps them to carry out their task effectively and efficiently. Further, comparing two different roles such as doctor and social worker within HSC in order to analyze their differences and similarities. Both these roles possess the similarity that they are bound to provide better health services to patients so that success can be attained. While, the difference among these roles is that doctor are specialized in providing quality health care services while social worker just follow the instructions of doctors in order to deliver services.

Assessing the attributes and qualifications to perform within organization

Being an administrator it helps individual to identify different attributes and qualifications so that proper health care services can be rendered to users. It is essential for me to possess leadership skills so that care can be provided to patients as required. I also need to enhance my qualifications by carrying out certain professional courses and thus provide best working conditions within NHS. Further, in order to build my own career development and possess the ability to serve patients within care home within next five years. For this I need to attend different training sessions so that knowledge and learning can be enhanced effectively.

Reflecting upon leadership and management of NHS

It can be assessed that both leadership and management within NHS helps in carrying out the effective services to patients. Both these approaches are effective as it helps individual to enhance their skills and capabilities so that best functions can be carried out as per individual role. Therefore, it can be stated that leadership and management plays a critical role within NHS in regard to deliver better care facilities to patients so that desired targets can be attained effectively and efficiently. In order to carry out the role of administrator within care home it is essential to carry out effective leadership and management role in order to obtain desired success.


It can be conferred that managing human resources is crucial task within any enterprise so that organizational goals can be attained. Here, management of HSC is required to recruit and select skilled candidates so that best employees can be selected to work within NHS. Further, care home is also required to comply with different legislation provided by UK government such as Equality Act, Sex Discrimination Act, and Employment Act etc. in order to provide better working conditions for both employees and patients. At the end, different theories has been implemented in order to manage the working culture within NHS and provide quality health services to care users.


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