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Managing Human Capital and Leadership - T.J. Morris Ltd.

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate effectiveness of human capital and leadership in order to attaining desired growth opportunities. This will assist in identifying the effectiveness of HR practices in order to compete effectively in the marketplace.

  • Identify models and approaches of the company management to its human resource.
  • Determine recruitment and selection practices in relation to strategic human resource initiatives.
  • Evaluate the approaches of human resource development in the context of T.J. Morris Ltd.
  • Discuss the classical theory and hybrid theory to evaluate practical values of organisation.
  • Analyze the characteristics of effective leaders in the context of T.J. Morris Ltd.
Answer :
Organization Selected : T.J. Morris Ltd.


Human capital is the main asset of a company who contributes their whole efforts in operating business activities. Due to hard work, commitment and full support of them, employers of enterprise are gained high success in a given period of time. So, it is necessary for managers to provide them healthy and safe working environment along with proper training so that they can work in efficient manner (Alpkan and et. al., 2010). To manage proper work of employees, leaders and managers are needed to adopt various approaches as well as style of leadership.

With this context, a report has been prepared on T.J. Morris Ltd. It is a retail firm of UK whose product are based on home bargains. This assignment has made a discussion upon how HR manages employees in its organisation by applying various approaches. Along with this, it has also discussed about some major theories of motivation, characteristics of a leader and measures of improvement.


This project has classified into five major tasks which describes the ways of HR manager used to manage employees in a clear and precise manner. It has also discussed about leadership approaches along with motivational techniques used in encouraging workers so that they can perform in a better way.


Approaches of company to the management of human resource along with relevant model

According to..., human resource management of an organisation is the main component which intakes various operations like job analysis, planning workforce, managing employment and more. All are these activities are fallen into three main categories i.e. staffing, compensation and designing business structure. In this department HR managers play an important role in conducting all these operations in a proper manner. They develop various policies and strategies to perform activities like employing people, provide training to them and more. Therefore, HRM is essential part of all type of associations associating in any type of industry. In context with T.J. Morris Ltd., is dealing in retailing sector. It serves commodities like food, beverages, beauty products, toys, clothing, domestic goods and more (Andrews and Boyne, 2010). It has almost 400 stores in UK where near about 17,000 employees are currently working. This firm was founded by Tom Morris in Liverpool as Home and Bargain. As per statistical point of view, it has ranked on 6th position in other retailers of UK in terms of offering discounts. Therefore, providing 4000 branded products on reasonable rates and offers, this firm has got success in making long term relationship with three million customers. In addition to this, it has made a record breaking turnover i.e. of more than £1 billion. It has provided a high quality of its branded products and provide effective services to customers in an efficient manner. This firm has used various distributing channels to connect with customers and aware them about new offers in an impressive way.

Due to increase in competition, many competitors of T.J. Morris Ltd. like TESCO, ASDA, M&S and more used various techniques to snatch position of this company and gain attraction of customers. Therefore, in this assistance, HR managers are needed to revitalise policies and strategies in order to gain sustainability of business in marketplace and give tough competition to rivals (Models of Human resource strategies.2018). They can apply following models and approaches within organisation so that goals and objectives of this company can be achieved:-

Models and Approaches :

Currently, the primary goal of T.J. Morris Ltd. is to provide high customer satisfaction and their retention with products for a longer period of time. To achieve this objective, it has given entire responsibilities to HR managers for designing the complete structure. They are required to design proper workplace, introduce perfect candidates in its various stores who have abilities to provide better services to clients (Coff and Kryscynski, 2011). Therefore, for fulfilment of this requirement managers have used various HR policies and model which suits best for the same. All these processes are useful in gaining proper work from employees as well as improve their performance in workplace.

In T.J. Morris Ltd. managers used three types of HR model for conductive operational activities of business in following manner:-

CONTROLLED BASED MODEL – This model seems to be very useful in achieving the highest growth of business. Through this model, HR managers of T.J. Morris Ltd. take entire responsibilities to implement changes within organisation. But bringing modification in business structure brings various issues based on technical and individual issues. So, to resolve all issues and control whole working organisation, managers are required to influence workers in a proper way (Birasnav, 2014). They should provide them proper working environment, training and development programs etc. so that employees become able to work in proper manner. In addition to this, for controlling operations, employers should organise conferences with employees and discuss with them about what changes are bringing and how to work on the same. They must give proper guidance and specific direction to people at workplace so that work or them can be done in right manner.

RESOURCE BASED MODEL- In this approach, employees are considered as most important resource of enterprise. Therefore, it is responsibility of managers to provide them all necessary facilities as per requirement of task so that they can work in a systematic manner. With this assistance, it is necessary for them to track performance of each member in workplace in order to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of them (Caza and et. al., 2010). After measuring the same, superiors are required to give them proper training so that they can cope up with weaknesses and strengthen their abilities. This would help employers to get proper work of employees. Further, HR managers should keep an eye on other tangible and intangible resources. In this manner finance, technology, human capital and other are considered as tangible resource while company's brand image, reputation, sustainability etc. as intangible. So, to manage all of them is a big responsibility of managers of T.J. Morris Ltd. Therefore, this theory helps employers in giving proper guidance to manage and utilise all the resources in a proper way, as it is based on reward-exchange effort method.

INTERGRATED MODEL- This model has been considered as a combination of resource and controlled based models. The main objective of integrated model is to make a proper discussion about dimensions of strategies build by HR of a company that are- 'Acquisition and Development' and 'Locus of control'. In this manner, first factor implies how managers develop skills and knowledge of employees in a particular field so that they can work as per business requirement (Birasnav, M., Rangnekar and Dalpati, 2011). While second one tells about the extent to which strategies of HR are used in keeping an eye on performance of each.


Critical analysis of selection and recruitment in link to strategic human resources initiatives

With rapid development of technology, it is necessary for a company to create modification in working system. It will help in gaining sustainability at marketplace as well as be in competition for a firm. Therefore, to gain this success it is necessary for an organisation like T.J. Morris Ltd. to hire high skilled employees in workers who have gained knowledge as per business requirement (Buller and McEvoy, 2012). In this assistance, HR managers play an important role in introducing best candidates within association. There are various methods are available in recruitment and selection procedure through which managers can fulfil the vacancy of enterprise in a proper manner. It includes the procedure of internal and external source in which process of hiring a candidate within workplace through job transfer or promotional activity is consider as formal method. While recruiting applicants from outer environment through online, placement and other method are considered as external source of recruitment. Further after getting a list of applicants through both sources, it is responsibility of managers to select the best among them by using different techniques of selection procedure.

Both external and internal source of recruitment are considered as equally important in an association. Therefore, in context with T.J. Morris Ltd., HR managers use both techniques as per requirement of job within organisation. Since this company is used to create changes on regular basis in business structure, so managers mostly use to recruit candidate from external environment. In this method, they used to approach online agencies of recruitment of UK like Talent Plus, naukri.com and more. Through these approaches, they get a list of various candidates for choosing the best on a specific position.

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