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Training and Development Practices in Supermarket Chain

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of training and development practices upon supermarket chain. These kinds of analysis will assist in identifying the impact of such in developing employee confidence and motivation.

  • Discuss the background and overview of this report.
  • Provide appropriate understanding and analysis over the topic based on different literature.
  • Identify different methods of data collection and analysis.
  • Design data analysis and ethical consideration over the research.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI



Human resource department performs various kinds of functions in an organisation. One of them is training and development. In this, the role of human resource is to provide training to employees so that their performance can be enhanced (Mansell, Carey and Tai, 2015) The main purpose of providing training is to improve individual efficiency so that goals can be achieved on time. Generally, training is provided to low level employees. It is because major business operations depend on them. Besides this, it is very important for human resource to make aware employee of modern and advance tools and equipment. This helps them to use it in performing their task in an effective way. There is a huge difference between training and development. Training is a broad concept and focuses on achieving goals whereas development focuses on individual growth. But these both are beneficial to employees as it increases their skills and knowledge. Also, it gives advantage to organisation as overall productivity is increased. It is very essential for organisations to provide training on regular basis. This is done to bring change in process and methods of performing task (Farooq and O'Brien, 2015) T & D are two main pillars through which growth opportunities can be created. It allows employee to grow and develop in their respective field. Also, managers put a lot of efforts in training staff. It benefits them as well as accomplishment of goals in time creates a good image.

Main body:

Training plays a vital role in boosting the performance of employees. It helps in providing required skills and knowledge that is required in job. According to Boons and Ruiz Puente, 2015 providing training creates a great impact on individual performance of employees. They start putting more efforts in completing their task. Along with this, team work is also improved. This is the main reason there why there has been boost in employee performance. However, it has also changed their behaviour towards management and colleagues. This has enabled them to coordinate with each other effectively. They help each other in completing their task. With this employee efficiency has improved. That is why there has been major impact on overall efficiency of organisation. The training is provided on frequent basis so that it becomes easy for employees to achieve goals and objectives.

Concept of training and development

According to Svantesson and Samuelsson, 2017 concept of providing training to employee is emerging very highly. It has allowed organisation to attain their target in specific time. Also, this has enabled them to expand their operations in different markets. The basic purpose of training employees is to make them learn new skills and techniques through which task can be performed. As per the view of Van Patten and Williams, 2014 the only way through which business efficiency can be increased is to train staff. This helps in making them confident that they are having sufficient skills to complete task in particular time. As elucidated by Bourque and Bourdon, 2017 employee gets more exposure in working, they apply knowledge in performing task. In this way it becomes easy for them to complete ion given time.

As said by Bakker, De Vries and Vachudova, 2015 the meaning of training is a process of learning skills that is required in a job. It is based on improving one's capability, productivity and capacity. It is an activity that is organised by organisation for a particular time period. On the other hand, development is a process through which employee continuously learn and gain knowledge in different fields. It is an individual task that helps in career development of a person. Ardrey, Desmond and Mortimer, 2016 said that when these two concepts are combined they boost an individual performance. This makes them eligible for doing various tasks and taking greater responsibility. In the view of Mukhopadhyay and Gupta, 2014 training is provided in different methods. It depends on requirements of organisation and employees. Besides this, it depends on cost and time. These two are the most important factors. It is because training requires a lot of time and incur huge cost.

Impact of training and development on boosting employee performance

Training and development are considered as two very essential aspects of the human resource management. In the initial phase only, after the employees have been selected in an organisation, a proper training and orientation is being provided to the employees so that they can stay clear about their roles and responsibilities towards the job (di Ruffano and Deeks, 2017) So, there is a strong relationship between the training and development and an improved rate of performance of the employees. Chain supermarket can also ensure providing an efficient range of development to their employees so that they may stay clear about their responsibilities towards the customers and towards organisation itself. To the organisation, employees should stay loyal and in a way that they can be able to satisfy all the requirements of the customers. For providing an appropriate set of training and orientation, Chain supermarket can ensure that they can make involvement of various sessions and also can divide the employees in some teams so that proper attention can be given to them. Organising sessions is considered as one of the effective methods and there they can also solve the queries of customers as well (Barquero and Bosch, 2015) It is because customers also love the fact that the company is interested in investigating whether they are happy and satisfied with the products or not. Also, employees of Chain super market can ensure taking feedbacks from the customers as well so that they can be able to realise that what factors are not liked by the customers. It is important because then, on the basis of that, Chain super market can make modifications and replacements on the same. This will also satisfy the customers to a huge extent, thus increasing the confidence rate of the employees towards the achievement of targets and goals.

Solving the queries of customers and providing them every need or requirement of the same is very important to provide a range of satisfaction to them. Customer's satisfaction will throw an impact on the motivational levels of the employees. More the customers are satisfied, more is the productivity of the Chain super market (Marczyk, De Matteo and Festinger, 2017) It further means encouraging the confidence rate of the employees, which means an increase in the performance of the employees. Therefore, this shows the impact and importance of the employee motivation. When the employees will be clear about their roles, it is obvious that they might be able to concentrate and focus on their job in an efficient and appropriate manner. When the roles will be clear enough, they can be able to focus on the targets better. Also, an appropriate set of development and training can help in making improvements in the capabilities of the employees as well. This will further get reflect in their performance, thus making the performance of the employees better. Also, an appropriate will help the employees to achieve a competitive advantage so that they can be able to cope with the challenges and barriers of different operations of the market place. This will help in increasing the competitive ability of the employees in Chain super market. Along with boosting the performance of the employees, this will further prove beneficial enough in increasing the overall productivity of the Chain super market. This will help in increasing the confidence rate of the employees and in a way that they can become able enough to deal with any competitiveness to help the company in achieving all the targets and goals (Guest, Namey and McKenna, 2017). This represents the importance along with the influence of training, development and orientation on the performance of the employees.

Importance of training and development in organisation

According to Mansell, Carey and Tai, 2015 training plays a crucial role in improving efficiency of employees. It is an investment done by organisation that gives return for long time. Basically, the role of training is to find out the weakness so that it can be improved. This program allows employees to remove their weakness. Also, it helps in them to gain similar knowledge. It is said by Farooq and O'Brien, 2015 that it reduces working time and helping other in case of need. Moreover, it allows employee to work independently without requiring much supervision. This helps in attaining goals in given time period. As per the view of Boons and Ruiz Puente, 2015 training helps in building confidence among employees. It makes them more responsible towards their job. They start utilising resources in effective way. Also, they have a better understanding of organisation roles. This also helps in making them a better leader. As elucidated by Svantesson and Samuelsson, 2017 if overall organisation efficiency is increased it helps is gaining more competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, regularly organising training program creates and better and effective organisational culture. This reduces chances of conflicts and allows employees to build strong relations with each other and management.

As per the view of Van Patten and Williams, 2014 a structured training program ensures that employee learn in a systematic way. It also maintains consistency in their working. Here, consistency is related to following organisation policies and procedures. All employees working in organisation must be aware of how policies have been followed. This helps in ensuring safety of workers as well as giving useful information. According to Bourque and Bourdon, 2017 training also helps in increasing employee satisfaction. By creating a better and healthy working atmosphere, it gives advantage over other organisation. Employee becomes more persistence towards their roles and colleagues. They start giving value to company. Bakker, De Vries and Vachudova, 2015 elucidated that training creates a supportive environment. It allows employees to work in team and help each other. When employee performs well very in training they are often appreciated by managers. This makes them proud and creates a feeling of belongingness. They become ready to take more responsibility and challenges. In this way it is beneficial for both organisation and employees. As said by Ardrey, Desmond and Mortimer, 2016 training is usually required at low level. This is because employees working here are not having enough knowledge and skills. Also, these people performs most of the business operations and works in production department. They require training in order to improve product quality.

Role of manager in training and development

As per the view of Mukhopadhyay and Gupta, 2014 manager and leader role in training and development is very wide. They are having the responsibility of providing training effectively. Besides this, they ensure that all employees are given proper training by using various methods. Moreover, they monitor the performance of each employee so that weakness can be found out and measures can be taken. As said by di Ruffano and Deeks, 2017 the mangers are having the experience of how and by which method training must be provided. They share their experience with them. Manager provide knowledge about how to use and equipments while performing task. Beside this, they train them to work in team so that goals can be achieved easily. According to Barquero and Bosch, 2015 by learning and working in team employee morale rises. They interact with each other and performs task accordingly. Also, manager monitor them and guide them on how to do task. Once confidence is build in employee they automatically do task on their own. As elucidated by Marczyk, De Matteo and Festinger, 2017 due to effective training of employees there has been increase in satisfaction. It has given them edge over other to put more efforts in attaining targets. Due to this their performance has increased. As per the view of Boons and Ruiz Puente, 2015 Leaders role in training is to guide and direct employee in right direction. They ensure that employees effectively work on methods that is provided by manager. Apart from this, manager monitors the performance of employees. This helps them to identify weak areas so that further training can be given. They also motivate employees in order to boost their confidence. This affects on their performance in positive way. An increase in their performance is observed. The results are achieved within time period. As elucidated by Mukhopadhyay and Gupta, 2014 it is said that manager decides the training method as well as process. It is done on the basis of requirement of organisation and employees.

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