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Recruitment and Selection Process - TPI Corporate Event

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Question :

The scenario of this report discusses that TPI is a corporate event organisation which is looking to recruit a talented assistant catering manager to manage their catering requirements effectively. In this regard, organisation requires to conduct human resource management practices by considering:

  • Evaluate human resource management in the context of TPI corporate event.
  • Analyse the effects of employment law and employee relations over the service industry business.
  • Discuss the appropriate recruitment and selection process for TPI corporate event.
  • Determine the requirement of training and development in service industry.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TPI corporate event


Human resource management is the management of al resources and people in the firm. Hospitality management is related to it only. Thus they can easily maintain strong position in the market (Abdelhak, Grostick and Hanken, 2014). Thus as a result they can maintain good and unique position in the market and they can also earn more profits. Assignment describes about the Hilton hotel which provides different services to all users. It was found in U. K. Assignment also describes about the role and objectives of human resource management. It further explains about the influence of relations of staff members and employment law on service industries business. It further explains about the recruitment and selection process and training and development in all businesses.


1.1 Role and purpose of HRM in service industry

Human resources management are the the most important and important process which are used for handling individuals in organisation. An industry can be related to sector of service and it can be related to any another association. HRM at service sector plays an vital role in selecting skill and gifted individuals who can increase gross sales and profits of companies, personnel advantages and compensation policies and assigning duties and tasks to workers according to their operational performance.

In relation to the service sector such as and tourism hotels and travel divisions HRM is mainly dedicated towards arranging people for organization, having the qualities and competences to satisfy staff members at work place through impelling flow of messages at work place and also providing greatest services to all their prospective consumers.

Role and functions of HRM in Hilton hotel are (Functions of HRM, 2017):

Recruiting process : In tourism and travel operations which is linked with service segment the major step is process of personnel management so that companies will complete progress and victory in their actions. The ability and proficiencies of workers shows the strength of service business hence the procedure of selection is connected with contracting talent, brilliant personnel among the pool of applicants who can enhance gross sales and productivity of firms by serving all clients according to the requirements.

Contracts of employment: This contract is an statement among the managers with workers at work place and this is an crucial activity related with HR. Staff members had to follow instructions and guidelines that are revealed in the written agreement. The employment written agreement is a printed document and staff members had to accept by instructions and principles of business related to service(Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011)

Deployment and observing workers: Human resources are constant procedure by nature because after hiring, collection of staff members, the course continuous to carry forward. In the service segment the most crucial activity is interconnected with deploying workers by giving them working in changed sectors according to the potential services with abilities (Cox , Arnold and Tomás, 2010).

The main duties of HR managers are also related with checking the methods which are accomplished by workers in order to examine that they are implementing their assigned work in correct directions.

Training and development: As the personnel managers are monitoring presentations of workers so there can be requirement of programs related to training for workers if they cannot accomplish their given goals. Training are important tasks for all workers as it results in enhancing their current awareness level so they can easily accomplish allotted aims with objectives. Travel and tourism segment training is crucial factor as it supports workers increasing their knowledge level so they can efficiently provide all their prospective clients.

In service sector such as tourism and travel industry personnel play an important part. The major goal of HRM is connected with employing ability and brilliant staffs who can effectively serve all the clients thus increasing gross sales and productivity of companies in ways. Workers can be chosen who are appropriate for overall business procedures they have good communication skills by which they can easily connect with users The major duties of workers in service sector are related with helping all the consumers according to their requirements and demands. If service industry wants to accomplish victory in their processes then they had to satisfy all the prospective clients by keeping good relations with them thus attractive gross sales of organizations.

Thus company has to apply all the rules and regulations so that so that they can maintain distinct position in market and they can directly enhance their satisfaction level. Hence they can easily enhance their reputation and thus can easily maintain strong position in market. Thus Hilton hotel can also give strong competition to other companies. Thus as a result they can easily enhance the services in better and efficient manner.

1.2 Justification of human resource plan on the basis of demand and supply for service industry

Personnel planning is linked with documentation of current and upcoming necessities of workers in company in order to achieve business purposes and areas in effective with intentional manner. Policies also involve workers who will be involved in various procedures (Daley, 2012).

Importance of human resource planning: The planning of personnel is helpful in order to manage with changed type of variations that may rise in future. It is an crucial factor which results in growth of all companies as working plans are connected with corporate policies. Requirements for analyzing demands and supply in economy: There is an crucial necessity for scrutinizing the demand and supply of personnel in economy as all the presented employees will be easily recognized that are involved in the working processes thus enhancing growth and effectiveness of companies. The supply and demand factor can be recognized so that fulfill competitive advantages in company so companies will accomplish victory in their business processes (Flamholtz, 2012).

Examining supply and demand in Hotel Hilton: The planning needs of human resources are recognized at Hilton with the help of supply and demand curves. The current staff members is examined with help of comparing current and upcoming demands. The needs and availability of employees are recognized with the help of recruiting agencies so they can easily select new workers who have skills and competences so that they can perform processes of business. Personnel are recruited according to funds of companies in order to make the procedure appropriate for corporate. The forecasting of supply and demand of human resource division is connected with investigating requirements and demands of employees for future intervals. Hence Hilton Hotel can increase competitive benefits in world of competition among different sectors related to service.

Human resource management plan is very crucial as it identifies the needs and requirement of all employees. Thus Hilton hotel can easily provide the details of all workers and organizes a training program so that they can easily provide training to all employees. Hence they can easily maintain distinct and good position in the market. Through a training program company can easily provide training according to all requirements of all staff members. Hence they can easily give appropriate and suitable training to workers. Thus as a result they can easily maintain distinct position in industry.

They can also organize online classes for all staff members. Thus as a result they can easily enhance their company. It provides a training program so that they can show good and different position in the industry. Hence this initiative it can easily enhance knowledge of staff ,members and they can easily performs various transactions related to all services of Hilton hotel and thus employees can give superior results. Through this workers can easily enhance their reputation and can perform in unique and distinct manner. Thus as a result they can easily communicate with all customers who come to their hotel.

They can also give training to staff members in a different manner and method. Company can easily provide a unique method in which all employees’ have to perform a certain role. This is different kind of training that is provided to all staff members and thus they can easily enhance their services in a unique and different manner. Through this employees can easily learn about the role that they are playing and manager can easily give various suggestions related to improvement of performance of all workers. Thus they can easily enhance their performance. As a result they can easily provide unique and attractive services. This is suitable and useful method that can easily increase the knowledge and they can easily develop motivational and zeal in the staff members. Hence as a result they can easily perform all services and can enhance their image (Fulton, and et. al., 2011).


2.1 Investigate and evaluate the current state of employment relations within the service sector perspective in UK

Unionisation refers to a procedure which develop workers organise of work and also items as intermediaries between firm's management (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016).

Law of employment are guidelines which regulate all events of company. Rules are formed from personnel in a company. Law of workers in a of UK that they protects rule and rights of a workers and the strong relationship within workers and management can be maintained. Law of employment say that minimum salaries rate decided by a personnel department of a corporation which should be paid to every staff member working in an corporation. It is govern by a act name The National Minimum Wage Act, 1998. As working hours are fixed then in which no nerwork is allowed to work it comes under Employed Time Regulations, 1998 and there are rules and regulations like flexible hours of work etc. enterprise can consider these law while creating employment strategies.

2.2 Methods of laws of employment affects management of human resources

Law of employment has strong influence on society of a personnel management of a corporation. It helps association to accomplish the objects and purpose in a very disciplined way. Some laws of a company in Hilton hotel are:

  • Health and safety at work act 1974: It requires businesses to consider that points that can harm to the workers and protect their safety cloths should deliver in a corporation and protections from different situations
  • Licensing act 1964: Alcoholic beverages which are in hold can be licensed for selling. They have to take rights to sell many drinks and should have distinct bar which can them.


3.1 person specification and Job description

Job description refers to the document that is prepared after examination a particular occupation. This document includes information about the roles and tasks of a specific occupation, its conditions, names and scope (Gruman and Saks, 2011). This is known as personnel management. This support in enlargement of organization and at the same time increases efficiency.

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