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Approaches of Human Resource Management

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This unit state that as a human resource consultant you are invited by company of your choice to advise them on recruiting HR practices to compete effectively at work place

  • Demonstrate models to analyze approach used by firm for managing its human resource.
  • Provide discussion of selection & recruitment to human resource initiatives and recommendations for making improvement.
  • Discuss approaches to HRD and ways to improve it.
  • Provide evaluation of classical theories of motivation and with the help of these develop hybrid theory that contributes in  gaining practical value for these organization.
  • Discuss characteristics of effective leader using model to justify analysis. 
Answer :
Organization Selected : XYZ


Human resource are the people who work for the company and that department who is responsible managing resource for the employees and to manage whole system is known as Human Resource Management. As refer HR, balances all relation between industrial and organizational change with the help of government rule and collective bargaining. Under this report it shown different types of recruitment and selection procedure and ways to improve the old procedure. This report also shows that as a good and effective leader must have the best quality. This report is concern with different models, approaches of a company to manage its human resource. This report also throw some light on approaches of human resource development and the ways to improve it. It also evaluate different classical theories of motivation and from this theory, add the most meaningful theory which classify whole theory in one only (Brewster, 2017). It also shows different characteristics which a good leader must be posses and shows different models which help to make a good leader and enhance the best leadership quality.

TASK 1 Drawing on relevant models, analysing the approach of the company to the management of its human resources.

There are various models of Human Resource Management (HRM) which Marks and Spencer uses for the effective management of their employees. The HRM department of the company tries to follow certain approaches that lead to the effective production of quality products and services. There are many significant models which can be used by the human resource department. They have certain purposes for the organisation like providing framework for analysing management such as factors which are situational, stakeholders, levels of the strategic choice and the competence, provide help for the validation of various HR practices and distinctiveness; performs the characterisation of HRM which establishes variables and their relationship with each other and most importantly help to discuss the significance and the nature of key HR practices.

The approach which is followed by the HRM department of the company is the Harvard model which has follows the following concept it focuses in  the four core functions and their inter relation between them. These four functions are: development, selection, appraisal and rewards. These aspects have different impact on the employee which helps to manage the workforce of the company which are the part of fombrun model. But this model is regarded as incomplete therefore, has to focus on certain factors which helps to take a look on other aspects such as interest of the stakeholders, outcomes which are generated by the implications of various human resource strategy and various external and internal factors that affects the working of the employees in the firm.

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The model has the following framework of implementation. With the interest of stakeholders and the management panel of the organisation which includes share holders , employees, government , certain unions and communities which have a crucial role in the working of the organisation these people decides the vision of the company which helps to build up the goals and objectives of the marks and Spencer according to which the department of human resource has to form the strategies for handling their workforce in order to accomplish the aim of the company. They form certain policies, choices, performs various activities such as recruitment and selection of employees followed by influencing them in order to get the outcomes which are effective and efficient and also. Making the employees work in an efficient manner requires lots of strategic  plans which helps to motivate them and keep them positive minded so that they can continue their work and provide the excellent performance. They provide various benefits to these workers such as monetary and non-monetary benefits that motivate them to push their limit and provide more quantity of work which helps them to achieve the target related to every task. In the monetary aspects, there are certain procedures which are followed by the human resource manager such as providing them appraisals and conducting it timely which helps. Employees are provided various bonuses and incentives which provide them motivation to perform more in order to obtain much of these opportunities. There are also several non-monetary aspects such as promotion which boost up the morale of every worker and they work in the direction of providing quality services to the customers which not only builds the good image of Marks and Spencer but also provides certain advantages to them.

The department of human resource keeps a check on various external forces such as political, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that creates impact on employees in many ways. They keep a check on the structure of organisation and the working schedules of every worker so that these employees might not get frustrated which can lead to the degradation of the quality in their work that creates certain disadvantages to the company. HRM department makes sure that these aspects remain in control and continuously works in the direction of building up new strategies which can create improvement the working condition of these workers and persuade them to contribute more for the organisation. After the implementation of the strategies, the outcomes are analysed which are desired for effective result. The standard of the result is decided along with measuring parameters for them so that one can get acknowledged related to what has been achieved and what more is to be gained. These standard outcomes result in the commitment of employees for the work, increasing the competencies and making every work time and cost effective. These approaches play an effective role in the complete management of the employees in order of manage their individual interest to match with the company for the better productivity.

TASK 2 Critically discuss its recruitment and selection in relation to strategic human resource initiatives.

Make relevant recommendations as to how it could improve this process.

To run the company, one has to choose right person for doing job and when the company Is hiring people in vacant seats is called recruitment. When HR need additional labour and planning to add more people in their business, first step is full- scale recruitment and process of selection, but sometimes hiring lot of people is also harmful for the business. If there is temporary work, then hiring for part time work and add more incentives to existing labour is best Method. Planning of HR should be considered first while recruiting someone. As we can see there are many organization who use promotion as a motivating tool. This is the only key for career growth and increased income to move with their current organization. There is a advantage of promotion like to fill the gap with existing employee only, as he already know the policies and he get more speed in his work as compared to new one (Taylor, 2018). And on the other hand disadvantage of promotion, company may did not use the ideas of new person as it is not hiring someone else. Clearly there are some pros and cons and higher jobs are easily filled as compared to lower level jobs.

For recruiting, company also follow nepotism, it means hiring of relatives. Sometimes it is good for HR as they find a trustworthy people but hiring relative will create discrimination for the marital status. It is not possible for the person  to manage  his own family member in that organization. These are the internal recruitment method and these are mostly used by HR because it is helpful for an organization to give reward according to past performance, as management already know about the employee's ability. By hiring internally, organization can easily retain its investment and also reduce the amount of time to orient new person for new position. Similarly it also have some drawbacks, it provide limited number of person to select and reduce the opportunities to increase the diversity of an organization.

Another form of recruiting, is through internet. As this is used by almost organization and   they post their vacant post on the internet and their sites like Career builder and they accept only online copies. As it also have many advantages like it cost less as compared to traditional advertising, easy to catch people because almost half of population uses this sites and they easily get to know about new posting (Taylor,2018). It is easy process to select one out of many for HR, because job seeker can submit forms by only single click. Next is recruitment for diversity, many organization discriminate gender, race, origin, age. It is necessary for the employee to create an image of equal employment opportunities and these should be words but it is end of recruitment procedure. Another format comes for recruiting, is through agencies and executing search firms. These private companies find the potential candidate and charge some percentage amount of the annual salary. And it reduce the time of firm to choose and select one out of many as these agency know broad range of candidate. This is the method used for most senior position but it is quite expensive and the professional recruiter have not enough knowledge about the organization.

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