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Strategic Human Resource Decision - Marriott

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/0495 (RCF)
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Question :

This unit is based on understanding of strategic human resource management covering the following aspects

  • Analysis of HR policies and practices
  • Analysis of some specific external forces and influences these forces on HR strategic decisions
  • Analysis of how the HR function is organised and how HR policies and practices are delivered
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott


Strategic human resource management can be refer as an approach to the management of human resources of an organization that establishes a framework to achieve long term goals and objectives. SHRM also define as a set of action that are crafted for discovering, developing, maintaining and utilizing human resources within an organization. Marriott International Inc. is a leading chain of hotels which was founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott and it is offering outstanding services from almost 90 years and presently it is governing across 127 countries and territories. The hotel chain requires to put human resource management that can support it to meet its desired aim. The report includes the HRM policies and procedures, HRM commitment, external forces which impacts on the human resource management decisions(Armstrong, 2011).


1. Analysis of HR policies and practices

Human resource management has some prior responsibilities towards the organization and staff, they develops the policies and procedure which can make the work effective and efficient. It prepares a guideline which directs its personnel to complete the task effectively. It formulates the policies that assist Marriott Hotels to give the training to the staff, so that they can enhance the productivity. The main aim of the HRM policies is that to provide the culture environment with ethical training under the governance. Marriott Hotels adopted some of specific policies which help to improve performance of the firm through the manpower which is the main source of enhance the capabilities of a firm. There are three key features which aid to amend the actions of an organization, that includes flexibility, team building and culture management. Marriott Hotels applies some policies and practices to generate profit. Marriott hotel is chain of five star hotel. Their products are hotel and resorts and as per the data of 2017 they are 1,77,000 approximately employees working with them. Along with this they are serving worldwide as well it has more that 6500 properties in 127 countries and territories around the world. The organization was founded by J. Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott. Its headquarter is situated in the Washington, D.C. It was ranked at thirty three position among hundred best companies of the world in Fortune. At present time it is serving almost 6,520 number of locations and earning around US$2.359 billion operational income, along with $1.372 billion net income, approximately $23.948 and $3.731 billion as total assets and total equity respectively in the year 2017.

Human resources policies

Flexible work scheduleEmployees always wanted some support from the management, HR manager provide them flexible working hours that can be in shifts and there are various women who has children and family but they can't give a lot of time in job. So, there is a schedule as part time staff, the people who are working within this schedule are getting the benefit of flexibility(Boxall and Purcell,2011).

Regulation of policies – Policies are developed by the human resources management that are needed to regulate in order to take the decisions that should be followed by the staff. The decisions which are made by the management that will be soon come in existence as the policies that to drive the company in effective manner(Bratton and Gold, 2017).

Leaves and absence policies – The human resource management prepares leaves and absence policies to maintain the work flow and mark the performance of employees because staff absence may decline the hotel performance. If there are four employees would be absent on the same day from house keeping department. Then the guest will start complaining and t will become difficult to manage the work. The leaves are also structured by the HRM, they provides the leaves frameworks sick leave, casual leave, sandwich leave, etc.

Business and travel reimbursement – There is a reimbursement policy is also established by the human resources management for the middle level employees. When a manager will go on a business trip then the travel and hotel expenses are completely bared by the Marriott hotel(Brewster, 2017).

Human resource practices

There are some crucial human resource practices which encourages the efficiency of hotel, that are given as below -

Selection and recruitment – Selection and recruitment is the one of the primary functions of HRM. When a firm needs some employees at that time HR manager gives some advertisements in media then the interested candidate will reach to the firm and then they will have an appointment for an interview. They will get selected if they have the desired qualification which is required for the appropriate designation.

Pre-employment background checking – The recruiter needs to ensures the background of the candidate before selecting them.

Training and development – HRM plans the training program for new selected staff to enhance their knowledge and performance.

Marriott Hotels selected policies and practicesHRM Commitment

HRM commitment defines as a set of practices that has potential to contribute towards organization performance, these practices are good for workers and company both because it increases the productivity and quality of work and from the employee's perception it gives employee security, training and development which is essential to increase their confidence.

These policies includes planning activities, performance objectives and policies which can reach out to the goal of hotel business. It emphasizes on Marriott Hotel internal and external environment like clients, suppliers, competition and employees(Cascio, 2018).

2. Analysis of some specific external forces and influences these forces on HR strategic decisions

Employment Market – Employment market refers to an axis where employer and employee interact with each other. Employers searching for the best qualitative employee which can present the Marriott Hotels at its top level whereas the employee looking for a satisfaction in their job in terms of money and culture of the organization. The hotel management is looking for the mechanics which can operates the hotel chain with appropriate resources that includes to hire the people who has skills and offer them salary against utilising their efficiency. All of these kinds of factors has impact on employment market and the organizations needs to works on such area where workforce is easily available within the desired cost.

Unionised or non-unionised effects – The employee union has a powerful impact on the organization and can even change the human resource procedure of recruiting the people and payments of the labour. When there is no union in the hotel then human resource managers develops the policies to hire, compensation and benefits upon their research. Human resources managers directly interact with their employees to resolves grievances and performance issues. In unionisation employees encourages the bargaining and organization methods like employees can't be transferred from one work to some difficult work. The labour union can bargain their salaries against their work, the union is based on the direction of one responsible person who is elected by a voting. The elected person worked for the benefits of employees but it impacts on the HRM policies being in these situations human resource managers policies will not work properly. The elected person worked for the benefits of employees but it impacts on the HRM policies being in these situations human resource managers policies will not work properly. If the employees are organized the hotel can bargain with the union on hours, wages, vacation time, insurance and safety practices. The union works for their well being that's why they negotiate in concentrated contract. But the employees does not have any right to sue their firm in the court in any circumstance no matter the employee is demoted or fire(Daley, 2012).

The Non – unionised is that work force who are not included in the union at working premises. But they has liberty to work and negotiate and even they can sue their recruiters when they did something unfair with them. So in both cases, human resources management decisions are influenced with these things.

Marriott Hotel has unionised employees and that's why the firm gives them more benefits than non – unionised work force. These personnel are more efficient for company and that's why there is a long process in dismissing an employee. Whereas, the non – unionised the worker can be dismissed at any time when they violates the rules of of an organization(Lengnick-Hall, Beck and Lengnick-Hall, 2011).

Government regulations – The Marriott Hotel's HR is bound to follow the the government regulations like Equal Pay Act (1970), Disability Discrimination Act and Data Protection Act. They cannot avoid these acts even if they try to ignore it then they can be in problem.

Economical conditions – Economical conditions can made an impact on HR practices in Marriott Hotels because if there is a recession in company or country then the they can't hire high skilled people as they can demand for higher wages. They also cannot organize the training and seminars for the employees because that needs to be spend a higher amount on that.

Technological advancements – The HR can take an advantage of technology in Marriott Hotels because the hotel is already a luxury brand and because of that they can hire or appoint a new person in the hotel through internet or can reach to the other people via technological services.

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