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J/601/1269-Human Resource Development-UKCBC-Level 5


The project have brief description of what licensed premises is? The report has been ready on the informative basis regarding the premises with licensed. The report will try to cover all the necessary points regarding licensed premises. It has been seen now a days with a change in trend that building up of new restaurant and pubs is very important. Today's  youth look for the variation of happening places and that is why new buildings are standing on every corner of the road. But the hard part of such establishment is to get permit for running the same. The project shall cover all the important points which are equally important to set up a licensed premises. It will also highlight the important laws and reform regarding licensed premises.

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Task 1

Licensed premises are basically those places where a special permit has been given to carry out some of the activities. It is very well known that not all the activities carried out in the market shall access a prior permission to carry out the activities that is why government has made certain rules or providing permit to carry out the activity. This permit is known as license which enable a businessman to carry out his business with full fledge permission of the government. For example if a business planner wants to open a business of Alcohol service then he has to seek permission for the license from government. Not all the premises need permit but there are few for it is mandatory to seek license and those are:-

Clubs- Club is a kind of hangout place for the people where drinks and snacks are being served. These are the places of high and loud music, dance, drinks and services which is now much in trend. As it is fact that Alcohol serving in normal has not been permitted by the government that is why these kind of places need to issue a Club license to carry out the activities.(Burton,  2015)

Hotels- the places to stay also need license. Hotels are building made for the people who travel and does not have accommodation of their own. They book hotel to stay for a limited period of time and by paying can avail the services.( Kypri, 2015.)License shall also be needed to carry out hotel services to ensure government that no illegal activities are being carried out in hotel.

Limited Premises- there are some of the premises which need a permit of carrying up a business for a limited period of time for an example a seasonal club shall be asking for a license to carry out his business for a limited period of time and such license shall be issued.(Evans,  and Roche,  2013. )

Whole sale and producer premises:- as the Alcohol service provide need licensed for their premises in the same manner the produces or the wholesale market premises also need license to carry out certain business especially when it is about Alcohol because government do not allow to carry out such practices without permission. The Mayflower is a kind of licensed premises as it is a pub.

When a licensed is being issued is shall be granted on 2 basis that is personal and premises. Both the license are granted to carry out the same practice of Alcohol but the services provided are way too different. There is a huge difference between a personal license and premises license.

Personal License

Personal License id basically issuing a license to a personal individuality. This license shall be granted to a individual person who want to sell Alcohol. A personal license specify an individual; to carry out his trade in Alcohol for an example those person who has a set up of wine shops or beer shop may get only personal license. This include the selling of Alcohol not serving of it. While premises license it totally different from personal license.(Sonderlund,  Miller, Palmer, and Kremer, 2013)

Premise license

premise license has been given to certain premises or any place where the Alcohol service activities are being carried out. The best example of premise license are Clubs, Pubs, Bars, these are the places where serving of Alcohol has been carried out. There shall be no selling of Alcohol in these place. They serve Alcohol with the providence of proper place to sit and enjoy the drink with music and dance. People are very attracted to these kinds of places.(Menéndez, Tusell, and Weatherburn, 2015.)

Hence both the license are way too different from each other but, they both get issued from the government to carry out the Alcoholic activities which includes serving and selling of alcohol.

When The Mayflower had made an application for license it was granted with premise license

For issuing any prime thing there are certain procedure which is to be followed by the organisation or the industry. Such procedure is necessary to follow in order to reduce any legal obligation for the business practice. According to licensing Act of UK government, there are various provision mentioned in the Act which shall govern to apply for licence whether it is personal or premise.

The procedure to be followed is :-

  • for applying license, the first step to be taken is to fill the form of license with all the necessary details, make few copies of the form and then submit to any local council. If the form is not being submitted to local council then it can be send to police authority. Another form of filling is by applying online if the council where the application has been submitted accept electronic application.(Vega,  Wilson, and Thomson, 2013)
  • After applying for the application, the applicant has to deposit a prescribe fee to the authority for license. Such fee may vary and it shall depend upon the NNDR that is National Non-Domestic Relatable value.
  • When no responsible authority or person makes any representation while application is properly made then, authority must grant application on 2 basis that is operating schedule and mandatory conditions mentioned in the act. This whole activity shall be carried out with little administration where the authority shall administer about is the application made shall be entertained, is it fulfilling the purpose? And no false representation has been made in the application.(Chalmers,  Carragher,  Davoren,  and O’Brien,  2013) If the authority does not find an appropriate reason for filling the license then it may with due power can reject the application for issuing the license.
  • The license shall be granted on 2 basis if you are not serving in a pub the personal license shall be granted and if you are asking for service of alcohol in Pub then premise license shall be granted.

Licensed premises are the places where Alcohol are being served. Bars, Pubs, Clubs are the finest examples of the licensed premises. Such premisses shall also comprises of staff which should be equally suitable for the job. There are various guideline on the conduct of licensed

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