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Human Resources Manager Job Description Sample

Introduction of Human Resource Management

Human resource management has crucial significance in the organization as it has the responsibility to manage entire of its business functions and it provides in a particular direction to its workforce in order to achieve its desired target. It is a comprehensive and strategic approach that manages environment, culture and workforce in the company . There are several functions of human resource management (HRM) that involves recruitment, selection, training and development, motivation of employee, performance appraisal and retention of employees. These functions need to be managed in order to accomplish the organizational objectives and goals.

In this context the present report has been undertaken to assess the importance of recruitment and selection process in an organization, further attention is also given to evaluate the role of different leadership styles and their impact on organizational decision making. Recruitment is the process that helps in to identify capable applicants to employ and train them according to their experience and qualification to the company where vacancy is available (Holt and et. al., 2003). The main purpose of human resource is to recruit and develop efficient employees and is a cost effective measure that aids in to manage people of the company.

Here, in an analysis has been stated in about the international growth strategies that an organization selects for setting up its one of the branches in UK. In this respect the role of a branch manager is vast and is responsible for overall core activities including HRM to achieve success in the management, the analysis is being depicted below;

Job description and person specification

Being branch manager of the newly established organization there are many significant issues and factors that need to be given consideration during the process of recruitment and selection. As the branch is new and there is a need to recruit new staff from local demography and in this regard sales officer need to be hired.The job description and specification of person for sales officer is as mentioned below;

Job Description and Qualification Required

Job Description – Senior Sales Officer
Job Purpose To build business by assessing and selling prospects and maintaining relationship with clients.
Job Duties

  • To identify business opportunities by assessing different prospects and evaluate their position in the industry.
  • Analyzing options of sales and enhance the accomplishment of staff with competence and planning in delivery solutions by mentoring team members.
  • To organize sales visits and present in the products by remaining current on market activities, industry trends and competitors.
  • To prepare reports in by collecting, assessing and summarizing information.
  • To negotiate contracts, review sales performance, maintain technical and professional knowledge by reviewing the publications and personal networks.
  • To achieve a clear understanding about customers businesses requirements and making in exact swift cost calculation by offering consumers different quotations.
  • To provide information on future purchasing trends back to employers and attend in team meeting with shared best practice among the team.

Person Skills/Qualification

Presentation and customer relationship skills, creativity, sales planning, high energy level, prospecting and negotiating skills. In order to be a sales officer one need to have a bachelors and masters degree from a reputed college with a relevant experience of 4 to 5 years. Bachelor & degree will be preferred in finance, accounting, economics or business with risk and market function management. The candidate must have in a MBA in the financial field is useful for achievement of sales and banking.

Legal, regulatory and ethical issue in the organization

Every corporation need to undertake its operations within the legal framework as it aids in to establish a more of organized process in the organization. There are several laws that should be given full attention in mind throughout the progression of employment that involves in legislation concerned on fair principles . There are legal rules that determine equality on the basis of sex and every sort of information should be maintained in a confidential manner.

The interview panel must be acknowledged with all the documents that are only stated with unveiled at their end. Any kind of discrimination should not be followed in the organization that will have an impact and if oblique discrimination prevails then some legal actions can be taken. Fairness and uniformity is one factor that should be maintained in the company with enhanced quality of selection policy.

Selection process

A proper organized recruitment and selection process has been undertaken in the organization. In the beginning of recruitment and selection process it was being checked that every candidate possessed all the necessary documents for interview, it was further undertaken with first round of interview.

The entire selection process was undertaken in a sequential manner that included preliminary interview, selection tests, employment interview, background and reference analysis, physical assessment, job offer and contract of employment. The entire recruitment and selection process was massive work and was successfully undertaken.

Contribution in selection process

Being the branch manager there were several functions that were being undertaken by me and it required ample of assessment skills and chose the best talent for the company. During the recruitment and selection process my work was to examine each and every thing with suitable analytical skills and have to handle every candidate with adequate importance to have the most suitable talent in the company.

Skills and qualities needed for leadership

In order to manage the workforce and affairs of the company there are various attributes and skills that must be aligned within a leader. As leadership is a well defined process which motivates in individual to achieve their desired goal and it should be enriched with diverse competency and skills. Efficient leadership helps in to organize a group of people and move ahead towards the achievement of communal goal. Leadership traits will aid in to manage the company more effectively and some of the basic attributes are depicted below;

Qualities of a leader

Judgmental – Leaders must possess quality to judge and undertake logical conclusions for different issues. With the help of this high value decision can be undertaken from the existing information.

Perseverance – An efficient leader must have perseverance traits within them and it ash been explained as a capability to be associated with particular tasks or an activity which is irrespective of problems and must be covered along the way.

Capability to motivate others – This is an important attribute as leaders need to motivate team members from time to time to achieve increased performance.

Skills for Leadership

Communication skills – It is one of the most prominent strategies and must be used by companies to manage things adequately. It has achieved maximum number of ranking with an essential skill of good leadership. A good quality communication skills aids in to understand the actual thing leader wants to convey.

Decision making skills – Leaders prominent job role is to undertake diverse decisions from strategic to tactical decisions. The major decisions accomplished by leaders will have a major impact in their subordinates and therefore need to have a strong decision making skills .

Problem solving skills – In every corporation, issues act as a shadow and with a view to enlarge the market and earn maximum profit, organizations involve themselves in risky projects that ultimately enhances challenges for individuals. Hence, it becomes the liability of a leader to overcome issues and manage things.

Capability to influence people – A leader should be energetic and enthusiastic in order to motivate others and perform with their utmost potential. In that aspect a leader should be self motivated then only will be able to influence others.

Difference between leadership and management

A prominent leadership style helps in to manage the issues during the time of peril and it makes an organization successful to achieve its mission and vision statement. It helps in companies to attain its strategic objectives in a remarkable manner and the prevailing competitive business needs in remarkable role to increase the performance level of a group or an individual . Many of the times leadership and management are often confused and this term is mostly interchanged but however both are different concepts. Management is a wider concept that involves one facet of leadership.

The job of a manager is to organize, coordinate and plan things adequately and on the other hand leaders need to inspire and encourage people. The management of a company focuses on the system and structure with prominent leadership. In order to achieve desired success companies require in both management and leadership. Leadership is essential to motivate in people and is valuable for swift functioning of operations in the company . The terms are essential and an organization cannot run its activities in absence of both the factors, when any situation of crisis leaders needs to resolve with the help of prominent strategies whereas, management works on diverse issues to avoid in contingency situations . Hence, it can be concluded that leadership and management is inter linked to each other and are both differentiated on the basis of managing people in the company.

Different leadership styles for various situations

Leadership styles play an essential role in the strategic decisions and accordingly anticipations are fulfilled. It is exclusively a leadership style that guides an organization and assists in moving ahead in the competitive business environment. Different leadership styles have numerous kinds of influence on strategic decision making of every organization and it has its own pros and cons . An efficient leader is one who gets himself adapted and manages the changing leadership styles according to the different situations. Through this better results can be acquired in, some of the optimum leadership styles are as mentioned below;

Autocratic leadership style – It is a kind of leadership style that helps in making strategic decision and in this all the decisions are undertaken by the leader himself. The leader using this style dominates the team members and do not involve in others in the decision making process.
Bureaucratic leadership style – This style is appropriate in the work place that involves in serious precaution from risk. In this approach the leader acts that he is including other team members in the decision making process but in actual phase himself undertake all the decisions.
Participative leadership style – Here, in leader involves in all the group members in the decision making process and is appropriate in the situation where in work requires quality and teamwork that is more important for increased productivity.

Specific goals and resolving conflicts

When working in a corporation there are conditions where in conflicts arises as people possess different views and opinions with changing circumstances. Such kind of differences raises chances for conflict and here in it becomes responsibility of the leader to manage such kind of critical situations . It is important to resolve in the conflict as it defines the actual goals and frame in diverse strategies to solve issues.

In this regard the role of a leader becomes important to undertake necessary steps to manage and resolve conflicts. Leaders need to undertake different decisions for instance appropriate training should be given to employees about the negative aspects of conflicts. This will help in making contingency plans and undertake possible solution, leaders need to make clarification with every team member regarding the conflict and strong communication must be maintained (Singh and Antony, 2006). Each and everything must be monitored by leader as it will ensure that future issues will not occur.

Effectiveness of team

The efficiency of a team within a company is massive and it motivates in team members to enhance the overall performance of a company. Team members mainly assists in achievement of organizational goals and a prominent leader is required to acquire the predefined goals and team members need to contribute with best possible way to achieve significant goals with assigned job responsibilities.

Team members should vividly contribute in the mission and vision statement of company and its certain importance as mentioned below;

Managing motivation – Being a leader it is needed to undertake different motivational programs with the help of which workforce can be motivated to attain the personal as well as organizational goals .

Long term suitability – It is essential for a leader to assess performance of every individual as it motivates in people to work with full efficiency and sustain for long run in the business that ultimately increases productivity with competitive edge.

Performance assessment – There should be consistent performance analysis through which team members can be encouraged and several areas of improvement can be achieved to get a meaningful result.

Increased communication – Communication is one of the crucial factors at every level and need to be managed with proper information flow. Through this employees can achieve effective information for further growth.

Factors involved in planning and monitoring performance

By making a suitable plan and monitoring the work an organization can identify the efficiency of workforce as well as determine the requirements in terms of their agreement and can contribute in the success of firm (Huang, 2001). There are various factors that need to be given consideration on initial performance plan as it aids in improve the work level and is a detailed plan with increased performance plan for an individual or a team to achieve the desired performance.

The planning and monitoring process aids in evaluate the strategic goals and also measures the work done. The crucial factors that need to be given attention are performance management, efficient leadership and deliver in continuous feedback on work (Leadership skills, 2011). Other factors include in setting up of clear communication with performance anticipations and associating performance with compensation exactly. In order to monitor performance leaders should identify the organizational career path and provide in appropriate opportunities for learning and development.


Hence, from the above report it can be sated in that recruitment and section plays an important role in every company and it ultimately the resource that gives in perspective about employee’s efficiency. In an organization after hiring a new employee there are several duties that need to be undertaken by the leader as it is very important to place the right person at right job.


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