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Health Care Development


It is essential for individual to work in health and social care business and thus it directs its efforts in terms of developing personal as well as professional skills in an effectual manner. This is because, through developing such type of skills and abilities it is essential for the business to deliver best services to patients and thus attain results. In the present report, Cromwell Hospital has been undertaken which is a private hospital and thus it provides health care services to the individual (Alford and Hill, 2003). The report also addresses the impact that personal values and principles reflect the work of individual in order to deliver best quality services within health and social care business. Also, study indicates that, the application of principles of professional engagement with the service users of HSC. Moreover, it also suggests the way through which my own current skills can be developed.


Effect of the values on principles of support in health and social care

Regarding heterogeneity : At the time of delivering services to patients in cited hospital, I respect the diversity of the service users. Here, I will not discriminate among the patients in any of the following areas such as age, gender and culture etc. However, the given value which is being undertaken by me is the helping and supporting service users in HSC business. However, it is because with the help of the given values only I will be able to direct my efforts in terms of giving best services to each and every patient irrespective of their age, gender and culture.

Equal right : I also respect the value that the service users must be given such as  equal opportunity within the business. All this values helps me in terms of providing best services to individuals. Additionally, because of given value, I am able to direct my efforts in terms of taking the action against that individual who are not delivering right services to users.

Maintaining confidentiality : I also respect and value the principles of HSC regarding the confidentiality of information of patients who are taking treatment in business. Thus, through undertaking the given value, I can provide support to those patients who are suffering from severe diseases such as HIV, Cancer etc. It is the right of the patients to demand that their information should be kept secret and confidential. 

Assessing how personal culture influence

Being working as a health care worker it is essential for me to adopt effective culture experience so that, it should not impact my role as a health care professional. Also, it is essential for me to support the patients and their family, friends and also colleagues. It is my duty and responsibility to support the service users so that, they can recover from their diseases and also have no mental pressure (Brundrett, 2003). For instance, I possess huge experience in regard to handling and dealing with the individuals who are suffering from mental disorders and also support their family members and friends through convincing them about the health conditions of their patient. Thus, in such type of situation I can direct my efforts in terms of dealing with such type of patients in an effectual way.

 My own culture and experience helps service users to support them so that, they can live healthy life and attain success. But, if I would not have the experience regarding the same then in this situation it will become difficult for me to support such type of patients. As a health care worker, it is essential for me to develop varied culture and expertise so that I can effectively support and safeguard patients so they can be released from mental pressure.

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New developments and changes of personal values

The new developments prevailing in the health care home causes significant impact on the work of individual in order to improve the working condition in the business. For instance, new developments in HSC legislation cause essential impact on my work in the cited firm. There are some improvements which are being carried out in the Mental Capacity Act, 2005 (Brewster, 2005). This acts entails that, individual which are dealing with such type of patients must possess an efficient ability. Such type of legislative policies causes necessary impact on my work in Cromwell Hospital. Therefore, in order to comply with the given policy I need to attain training in regard to deal with the mental patients effectively.

Also, I need to change my personal values so that, I can assist individuals in order to achieve success. I also have to maintain patience at the time of dealing with patients and their family members so they can recover effectively. Additionally, I also need to learn the lessons from the feedback given by the patients and their family members of serious failure as it causes direct impact on my work in the business. For example, by mistake I have given expired medicine to my patients due to which he died. Thus, such type of serious failure causes direct impact on my work. I need to eliminate such type of mistakes through developing changes in personal values and direct my efforts in terms of checking the expiry date of medicines before prescribing it to the patients. Thus, it can be stated that such type of incident and development helps individual in terms of delivering their best quality services to the patients.


Personal SWOT analysis and learning style

Strength :

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills.
  • I posses leadership skills.
  • My strength is to deal with the mentally ill patients (Bryan, 2009).

Weaknesses :

  • Difficulties at the time of managing my work in an effectual manner.
  • Not able to direct my efforts in treating large number of service users within specific time period.
  • Improper knowledge regarding the sign language.
  • Need to develop non verbal skills.
  • Having limited knowledge of skills and abilities to train individuals (Cooper and Cotton, 2000).

Opportunities :

  • I have the opportunity to attend different training programs and workshops with the purpose of enhancing my skills.
  • Also, develop knowledge regarding medicines so that I can help patients.
  • Improve my technical knowledge through attending conferences and seminars.

Threats :

I have threat from other individual who have huge knowledge and experience in the field of health and social care and thus it creates competition for me.

Furthermore, in order to identify my own learning style, I have undertaken VAK model. It states that there are three different types of learning styles identified by Neil Fleming. It comprises of following activities such as Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. These all styles helps in developing learning as a specific phenomenon. Visual style indicates that the individual can learn the different things by seeing the pictures, maps and videos (Courtney and Thomas, 2005). While, in the similar way Auditory style it states that the person can also learn from listening in an effective manner. On the other hand, Kinesthetic learning style that helps individual to learn through moving, doing and touching the things in an effective manner. Thus, all these identified styles, I will prefer to learn in a visual manner. This is because I believe that I will learn in a better way by seeing the practical implementation of the things that I wanted to learn.

Developing the plan

It is essential for me to develop a personal development plan so that I can enhance my skills and capabilities within next four months and thus provide best services to patients. It helps them in improving and overcoming the disease so that set goals can be attained. Also, I need to function effectively as a health care professional and thus monitor the success of the business and assist service users to follow the guidelines given the service providers and thus results can be attained. On the other, business is required to develop effective plan for one year from now so that effective training need to be attained in order to enhance my skills and abilities and thus evaluate the performance in business (Edwards and Holt, 2010). While, for the next five years I need to plan effectual strategies so that set targets can be achieved and thus provide effective services to users in order to attain desired objectives.

Monitoring the progress against the development plan

Furthermore, there are different ways which are being used by me with the aim to monitor the development of my own skills. The personal development plan made by me states that I need to enhance my Makaton sign language or non verbal related communication skills. It helps in in attaining desired goals and thus developing effective communication so that I can communicate with the patients (Fisher, 2005). With the purpose of monitoring the improvements in the states skill, I have directed efforts in terms of evaluating the feedback from my colleagues and other individuals in the form of attaining training programs. In regard to the feedback, I am being able to assess that whether I am going on the right direction or not so that it helps me in improving my ability and thus attaining success.

Additionally, with the help of their feedback I can assess the further area of improvement and thus results can be assessed. Moreover, the aim is to monitor the improvement in my time management skills and thus I need to carry out a comparison between my current and previous performance. For instance, I have evaluated that currently I handle and deal with large number of patients than earlier then in this situation I can conclude that I have subsequently improved my time management skills. Therefore, it is essential for me to develop such skills and thus enhance the monitoring of the plan so that goals can be attained.

Evaluating the effectiveness of my development plan

The effectiveness of the development plan being designed by me in order to enhance the different skills which has been evaluated. There is around 3 months time being decided by me with the purpose of improving my Makaton sign language or non verbal skills. However, the time being set by me in my development plan is very less because it identifies that time will be spent by me on the activity of enhancing the sign language. Thus, it can be stated that I need to expand the time period in regard to learn the different types of non verbal communication skills (Kliegman, 2012).

Additionally, my development plan also helped that the skill relating to time management need to be improved by me till the year 2016. The time frame recognized in regard to enhance the given skills in an effective manner as it requires around one to improve the identified skill. Furthermore, it is essential for me to learn different types of languages. The time frame required in regard to improve the non verbal communication skills and thus one full year will be required to spend so that specific language can be learned and attain success (Lay-Yee and et. al.,2014).

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 Professional Relationship

Different professional relationships

While, working in the health and social care setting it is essential for me to play a effective role is played by relationships that different individuals associated with business to share the work with one another. However, in this part of business activities HSC plays a effective role. It is because of the main reason that individual in the care home need to collaborate and associate with one another so that they can carry out the tasks and responsibilities in an effective manner. Thus, ensuring that the severe disease or illness of patients can be treated and thus satisfy the needs of individual (Ogden, 2012).

Also, there are different kinds of professional relationships in health and social care setting that need to be developed and maintained. There is an effective association between care professionals and service users which is very volatile and fragile. The main reason of this is that there is no certainty of relation between both of them. In order to ensure that optimum care has been delivered and it is important for both the parties to enable that they understand and respect each other. Further, if such kind of harmony and synchronization is not present then there are certain chances that health care professionals may not be able to provide effective care to the service user and thus it leads to negative and adverse results. Also, it may not be wrong to say that the relation that both the individuals share with one another plays a crucial role in the health and social care home and also they effectively perform he activities such as delivering effective services to patients (Rämgård, Blomqvist and Petersson, 2015).

Issues encountered in professional relationships

In personal and professional relationships, there are always chances that issues and problems may arise. Also, there are varied ways through which such issues can be resolved. One of the issue is that the parties involved in the issue must acknowledge and accept their mistakes and also join forces so that it is essential to make sure that a solution for the problem need to be identified and implemented at health and social care setting. It also helps the top management authority and other individuals in developing professional relationship to ensure that the issues faced by them is required to be resolved with great ease and comfort. While, another issue is that the communication and it also plays a critical role to resolve the issues in professional relationships. Also, it is crucial for all the parties involved in relationship to come together and resolve the problems (Spalding, 2008).

Personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting rights

In order to effectively work in HSC organization and also contribute and support in an significant manner so that organizational goals can be attained. Also, it is important for person in the sector to possess varied kinds of skills so that they can carry out the activities assigned to them in an effectual way. Furthermore, one of the abilities that I possess for working in the health care setting is about communication skills (Speed and Gabe, 2013).

Moreover, I also possess good knowledge about my area of specialization with which I am much effectively able to carry out the task and responsibilities assigned to me in order to solve the different kinds of issues by patients and thus satisfy their needs. It has been shown that HSC plays an imperative roles played by individual to possess good knowledge and experience of such care home. Thus, through such way business can easily solve the different kinds of issues which may arise at care home and thus patients can be treated well (Williams, 2012).

Personal Contribution

Effectiveness of personal contribution while working with others

My own personal contribution in the team can be states as individual giving importance to the achievement of goals and objectives of the team as well as focusing on individual aims. There are various experts which have stated that while making the different efforts in attaining goals and objectives of business an individual is capable of achieving the personal requirements. However, there are several personal contributions that an individual can made to the team through working in health and social care setting (Mental capacity act. 2015). These are as follows-

  • I motivate and praise other team members when they perform a particular task or duty in an effectual manner. Therefore, my team working attitude has helped me to become more focused towards the main goal of the team.
  • Also, I am very helpful towards the people and provide them necessary assistance so that it helps me to not only motivate them but also extracting the best performance out of them.
  • Further, as a senior member of the team I need to make sure that negative situations need to be overcome in the team.
  • I need to manage and control the performance of individuals through reviewing the regular performance and assessment because if that I am able to make suggestions that helps in improving the team working and thus enhance the overall performance.

Describing the limits that effect the work with others in HSC

Through evaluating the work it can be states that it effects the work and thus it limits the effect on service users and other colleagues in HSC. Therefore, it can be stated that business need to develop effective development plan so that work can be enhanced in health care home. The health practitioners need to provide effective services to patients and thus help them to overcome the problems. Further, at the time of operating the patients, my top management people have not provided me authority in regard to take decision regarding the use of different equipments then in this condition I will not be able to provide effective treatment to patients. Also, my role as a team leader in the team will also hamper. Thus, become a leader I can consider some power and authority and thus develop effective relationship between leaders and employees. Thus, it can be stated that my own work role can affect my working with other team members (Nee, 2012).

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Suggestions to reduce the effect of barriers

It is essential for me being a health professional to solve the problems and thus adopt effective strategies so that health of individuals can be improved. Also, I need to adopt effective tactics such as communicating effectively with the patients so that problems can be solved. Through learning sign language I can develop communication and attain results.  Also, it is important from the view point of service providers that it helps in interacting with individual and solving their issues so that success can be achieved while carrying out the tasks. I have developed my verbal communication skills because of which I can effectively communicate to my top management, friends and colleagues and also with the service users in order to solve their issues (Alford and Hill, 2003).

Means to improve personal contribution to develop effectiveness

While, working in HSC it is essential for me to develop team work and thus develop and maintain effectiveness so that desired goals can be attained. I also need to realize the aims and objectives so that firm can attain success. There are various ways through which team working can be enhanced. One of them is that top management of the business is required to put efforts in order to develop team and maintain a level of integration among them. While, also motivating the employees through organizing training sessions and programs team goals can be attained (Brundrett, 2003).


It can be inferred from the above study that it is essential for service providers in HSC to deliver best quality services to patients. In regard to this it is essential for service providers to enhance their skills and abilities so that patients can be safeguarded of Cromwell Hospital. Further, I have assessed my own personal development plan being a service provider in HSC and thus I have evaluated that I need to enhance my communication skills so that being a personal values can be improved.


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