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Management of Financial and Human Resources - Health and Social Care (Sector)

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Question :

The scenario of this report determines the requirement of implementing and managing human and finance resources within health organisations in order to provide quality services to clients by analyzing their requirements and needs. All these management practices are required for effective planning by implementing several strategies.

  • Evaluate the requirements of identifying outcomes from service users in order to balance management priorities while managing and planning for resources.
  • Examine the role of project management in the context of financial and human resources as well as evaluate the source of healthcare funding and its requirement for short, medium and long term.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Health and social care (Sector)


Human resource plays a vital role in every organisation to achieve their goals and objectives. In health and social care sector, staff and nurses perform role of providing effective care services to people. They ensure well being of people by providing them proper and high quality facilities (Austin and Pinkleton, 2015) It is important for health care organisation to recruit appropriate staff. For this, they need to have an effective resource planning. It will give an idea of how much resources are required. Also, in case of need from which source resources can be recruited. This report shows a concept of resource planning and environment in which health and social care operates. Here the process of business planning is also studied. Moreover, role of project management in managing human & financial resources has been discussed.


Discuss the need to balance management priorities against outcomes for service users when planning and managing resources

Business needs to do proper resource planning in order to ensure systematic running of business operations. The main purpose is to recruit the best employees at right place. Also, it helps in avoiding shortages or surpluses (Renz and Herman, 2016). It is a concept which show how well resources have been utilised in business. Moreover, allocating resources properly help in achieving goals and objectives in effective way. In health and social care, nurses play a crucial role in providing proper care facilities to people. It is important because shortage of staff can lead to critical situations. It can also lead to decline in quality of services. People, who work in health care, should be given proper working environment. This is because health care is an industry in which working conditions are very harsh. It can affect individual health as well. Along with this, a situation may arise in which excessive staff is required. So shortage of staff will affect business operations as shown in case study (Ahmed, Bigagli and Wang, 2017)

In given scenario, the nurses were having adverse effect on their health. Also, there was not proper health and safety measures provided to them. Due to this there was shortage. Health care is a sector in which staff must be provided better working conditions to retain them for longer time. They have to work in different conditions that change frequently. They have to deal with various kinds of patients (Yemini, Cohen and Kliger, 2017). Moreover, their roles and responsibilities can change depending upon situation. Therefore, they have to perform duties and roles. The environment where staff works is very harsh. It directly affects their mental as well as physical health. Usually, staff leaves job after a specific time period. Therefore, it is very important to retain them.

Effective planning is important as it will help in providing appropriate staff. In this it is organisation is trying to reduce shortage of demand by recruiting people staff from different sources. Planning can be done by examining overall organisation resources. It will help in finding out (Srivastava and Kurien, Wipro Ltd, 2016) This is can be done by developing strategies on how planning will be done. This will make it easy for business to continue its operations in smooth way.

An effective planning will help in recruiting young and highly qualified staff immediately. It will help in identifying how many resources are needed and how it can be utilised. Moreover, the sources through which demand of staff can be fulfilled. Planning is a process in which the overall organisational resources are examined. In this, they are allocated according to the needs of business. This helps in meeting business demands in proper manner. Moreover, it helps in analysing how resources will be managed and controlled. The systematic process is beneficial when business face shortage of resources (Kearns, Hubble and Cairns, 2014) It provides options from where those demands can be fulfilled. It is important that business must be having alternative options so that in critical situation shortage and surplus can be controlled. This is only possible when resource planning is done by systematic process so that service demand can be meeting in appropriate way.

In given scenario, trusts are finding it hard to deal with staff shortage. It is because organisation in health sector has failed to develop long-term relationship with staff. In addition, they are not giving enough opportunities for growth. This is restricting them to work for longer period. The non-profit sector helps in solving societal issues. The main objective is to improve the well-being of people so that lifestyle of society can be raised. Moreover, their motive is to work for society without earning profits (Swink, Melnyk and Cooper, 2017). Generally, this sector works in health and social care to provide basic care facilities to people. They ensure that there is an appropriate staffs to deliver effective care. They act as third party and supply workforce in case of shortage. By communicating with health sector, staff is recruited.

Human resource manager is responsible for doing resource planning. He identifies requirement of staff in organisation according to its size and departments. For this, manager must have proper skills which help in doing effective planning (Mayo, Duncan and Young, Joyent Inc, 2015,) In this an effective budget is prepared that describes in how many staffs is required in which department. With this it becomes easy to allocate resources to them so that goals and objectives can be achieved. Resource management is a process of identifying and managing different types of resources. It includes financial, human, information technology, etc.

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Different sources of healthcare funding and role of project management in managing human & financial resources in funding requirements

Health care funding is related to how organisation resource demand are fulfilled by taking funds from different sources (Jackson, Schuler and Werner, 2009) Health care organisation should have proper source through which this can be done. This will make sure that in case of need demand can be meet easily. Different sources of funding are :-

Government – They are the most common and popular source. Government provides a major source of funding in health care. Their aim is to improve quality of care so that people living standard can be raised. Along with this, many health care organisations are entirely dependent on government for funds.

Health care providers- They are those private institutes that works for benefit of people. They provide basic health care facilities to people (Last , Lyne and Yearsley, 2010) Also, they provide funds to other centres to fulfil their resource requirements.

Customers – These people exist in large amount and highly contribute in funding. They pay for the care services that are provided to them. In health care most of the contribution is made by customers. Due to their contribution quality of services is been improved. It is beneficial for them only as effective care will be provided to them (Miller, Hauer and Werner, 2015).

Non government organisation- These organisations are usually set up to provide funding to health care. They highly contribute in providing funds to health organisations. This helps them to fulfil their resource requirement so that effective care services can be provided. Moreover, they focus on improving quality of services for well being of people.

There are different resources that are required in business (Kearns, Hubble and Cairns, 2014). It helps them to achieve goals and objectives. It is very necessary for management to do effective resource planning. It will be useful for business to prepare a budget. Generally, resources are identified on basis of short and long term goals. This is because it helps in effective utilisation of resources in less time. Also, it reduces wastage of resources that saves money. Business follows a process of determining resources according to their goals. Management divide goals into short, medium and long term so that proper allocation of resources can be done. This is done so that goals can be attained in effective manner and users demand can be fulfilled. It also helps in controlling and managing of demand and supply of resources (Miller, Hauer and Werner, 2015).

The planning and management of resources are related to each other. Once resources are identified they have to properly managed and allocated. If not then it will lead to wastage and shortage of resources. Also, proper allocation helps in measuring the performance of individual. With this it becomes to analyse how individual has utilised resources and it what way. Moreover, it helps in managing resources in the future (Srivastava and Kurien, Wipro Ltd, 2016). Team performance depends on how they have utilised resources to achieve goals and objectives.

Manager and employees are responsible for appropriate use of resources. In project management people are accountable and responsible for appropriate use of resources. Managers are accountable while employees are responsible in using resources. Decisions are taken on basis of some standards.

There are certain restrictions that affects the preparation of budget of resources. These budgetary restrictions occur in due to fiscal and political change in climate. They affect the expenditure on plan for s short period (Austin and Pinkleton, 2015). Fiscal issue is related to availability of finance in resource planning. While political climate occurs due to change in government policies and regulations. It restricts an organisation to develop budget for their resources. This leads to rise in financial risk. It is a situation in which shareholder may lose money that they have invested. It is because company may have high amount of debt on them that will restrict cash flow. It will directly affect business operations leading to decrease in profits. Financial risk may also result in making company insolvent.

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The decision taken for health care funding should be effective. It decides the sources through which funds can be raised in order to meet resource requirements (Renz and Herman, 2016). But is this there are several factors that can influence the decision-making process when managing healthcare funding. This will lead to decrease in quality of care services. These are as follows :-

Resource requirement- It is the factor that influence funding in health-care. Managers have to evaluate what resources are required. If it is more than right source is selected that can fulfil the demand. If less are required than different source is selected.

Budgeting skills – If manager is having poor budgeting skills it will affect overall resource planning. This will make it difficult to take effective decision (Ahmed, Bigagli and Wang, 2017) It will directly affect funding of resources.

Time management- It is considered very crucial in decision making process. This is because if funds are not available on time then business operations will be affected. It will delay in providing care services to people. This will affect overall care centre goals and objectives.

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