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Performance Measurement in CERA

Introduction to CERA

In this report shows information and performance of CERA (Civil Engineering & Research Associates) which is a portal for students created by the University. CERA's approach has been to render high quality,timely planning,systematic structure and civil engineering proposal and solutions for their customers. This consists limitations which are apparent in CERA's individual performance measurement and fetching into account for its enterprise plan of action and recent developments in HRM practice as reported in professional way.. Performance management systems serve strategic,administrative and developmental purposes. Alternative measurement approaches and indicate methods are recommended. The limitations are evident in CERA's individual performance measurement, which taking into account. It consists the performance management system which raise job performance that is agreeable with the organizations strategy , goals and culture for example balanced scorecard. The CERA's validity , reliability ,acceptability and specificity is define with the limitations and strategy. This includes some approaches like comparative approach,attribute approach for measuring the performance. A performance measurement approaches have different strengths and weaknesses. Performance management system should be legally compliant. Sources of performance measurements are Managers , peoples ,subordinates, clients etc .

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Measuring and handling performance is challenging and one of the keys to gaining competitive advantage. The performance measured by the teams in management are like senior management which provides clear support, demonstrates links to organizational vision and strategy. In performance measurements some rater errors are considered like contrast, distributional errors , halo and horn errors. This report shows that reducing this kind of errors using analyzing and try to make managers (Sarjana, 2015) awareness of rating errors and helps them to develop strategies and limitations for minimizing those kind of errors. This report includes performance appraisal politics which refers to elevators purposefully warp a rating to achieve personal or company goals. Appraisal politics are likely to happen if top executives digest deformation or are complacent towards it and if deformation strategies are part of company folklore and are passed down from senior workers to new workers. This report include the minimization of appraisal politics using train raters,developing a climate of openness,recognizing workers accomplishments etc. The CERA contains characteristics of effective performance feedback process like frequent feedback , feedback context , self ratings, participation in sessions, recognize performance through praise,focusing on solving problems,focus on feedback on behavior or results ,minimize criticism,managing marginal performers and set goals and dates for review. This displays some legal issues for performance assessments are like documentation for legal protection,poor performance by in action, employers duty to the poor performer ,warning before judgment of dismissal,equal employment opportunity and termination. This managing the compensation which is like pay structure,pay level and job structure. In this theory for CERA, a person compares his/her ratio of perceived outcomes like pay,benefits,working conditions etc to perceived inputs for example efforts,ability and experience.

Limitations in CERA'S individual performance measurement

CERA encountered with various limitations with their present individual performance measurement system. As it is one of the important task for any organization to effectively measure the performance of each and every individual lies in an organization. Performance management is important factor for the organization as it is considered as a process of analysing collecting and reporting the information about the performance of an individual or group and even the whole organization and their system and components.

The problem which now CERA is facing is huge as they are encounters with the various limitations in their individual performance measurement system. The individual performance measurement is important because of the lot of factor and it is the framework which connect the organization with its objectives and goals. The individual performance measurement process is the key to get to know about the employee engagement with the organizations activities, goals and objectives. Usually the process of individual performance measurement process is carrying out by complying it with the performance appraisal process which is generally looking out by the managers and the employees. IN the area of accurately measuring the performance all type of organization are facing ample of difficulties as they are not able to figure out the original source from where they can measure the performance of their employees.

Organizations such as CERA are using various performance measurement tools to effectively get this task done. The basic limitations which face the CERA can be problem with their loose controlling over the performance criteria set by them which can be:


As the reliability is a basic criteria set by any organization for the purpose of effective and efficient management of the performance management. AS the performance measurement is constant and free from the error. The issue of problematic performance measurement is arise when the organization is totally rely upon their performance management tools and techniques and started loosing control over it.


The individual performance measurement process can only be considered as fully successful at the time it is accepted by the each and every individual within the organization. As it is meant to be for giving the satisfaction to each and every individual within the organization.

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The framework of performance measurement criteria is provide specific details about the what are the expectations which an organization is expecting from their side and in these case if they cannot meet with the expectation by the organization then it is very critical and crucial for the organization to measure the individual performance and provide them appraisal out of it .

The balance score card is refer as the one of the best technique to managing the measurement of the performance of individual in an organization. As balance score card is considered as the traditional approach of measuring the organizational success, so that the vision and the mission of the organization can be converted into the goals, targets and indicators. But there are some limitations present in the balance score card in the measurement of the individual performance.

  • Balance score card approach is not including each and every stakeholder of the organization where it is not prudent enough to measuring the individual performance fairly
  • The flaw of the process of the cause and effect relationship is very critical so sometime it generate the false assumptions and incorrect information that can be resulted as the false result for the indicators of the performance measurement.
  • The invalid and false assumptions can cause dysfunctional organizational behaviour with adverse consequences on the performance of the organization
  • Often organization is unable to understand that what exactly the Balance score card is and how to implement in the present structure of the organization
  • Because of the problem with the implementation process the strategy is became difficult to achieve a balance between financial and non financial measures.
  • Balance score card is establish the relationship between casual chains and measures was instantaneous obvious resulted the need for the strategy diminished drastically
  • The Balance score card is not consider the competition and technological development which implies the uncertain risks are involved with the process and the measurement process cannot be considered as fully fault free.

Organizational strategy and recent developments

CERA is facing various limitations in their individual performance management process and here they required various tools and techniques to overcome from these adverse situation. For making their performance management process more prudent they are come up with various approaches:

Comparative approach

CERA can use the newly established and developed approach of the performance measurement to improve their measuring performance system. Comparative approach concerns with the ranking an individual employee compare to other in a group. Individual employees will be ranked as per to highest and the lowest performer and based on the result the measurement of the employee can be identifies. There are various techniques and tools are available for a prudent comparative approach which are forced distribution technique, graphic rating scale and paired comparison techniques.The use of comparative approach will ensure CERA to finalize the reward for the top performer and base on that top performer can be promoted on the higher post. At the other hand poor performer will be get a chance for improvise themselves and contribute within the organization. The ranking system in comparative approach is done on the basis categorization rules not on the base on the performance. These approach can be a better option for CERA to get over with the limitation of their individual measurement of performance.

Attribute approach

In the attribute approach employees are rated on the basis of some parameters such as problem solving skills, innovation, communication, teamwork, creativity, judgement and so on. The technique which is adopted for the effective measurement of the performance of employee is graphic rating scale which gives rating to the employee on the scale of 1 to 5 and another technique is mixed rating scale which is more systematic way of measurement.

Behavioural approach

This is also one of the developing technique which can be use by CERA for the effective individual performance management process. The behavioural approach is basically based upon the various vertical scales for different dimensions of the job. The behaviourally anchored rating scale is the tool which can be use in these technique and consist with the five to ten vertical scale. These scale is based upon the parameters which are decided consensually from all the employees. The behavioural observation scale is also a new behavioural approach with the more appropriate description along with the frequency to the employee behaviour for an effective performance. The overall score which is consider a step average for all these frequency. AS the limitation face by the CERA such as reliability and accuracy related problem. In the behavioural approach managers tend to remember only those behaviour which are very closely situated on the performance scale.

Result approach

The result approach is also considered as a one of the advanced organizational strategy and technique to measuring the performance of employees on individual basis. The CERA can use this approach as it is a straight forward and very simple approach where organization can rate there employee with the result generate from the performance based counting. As the already discussed Balance score card approach is also a result based approach and these approach is basically lies on the various factors such as customer, financial, operational, internal and growth. The another approach is productivity measurement and evaluation system which is very efficient in motivating the employees for improving their productivity and measuring the feedback which is generated out of it. These particular approach is consist with the steps of identification of the objectives which an organization is willing to achieve, the effectiveness of the objectives and the feedback get from the employees. So in these order organization is in a position where they can calculate overall productivity of the employees.There are various benefits which an organization can get out of using all these technique and tools as it will provide a positivity among the employees and they will be motivated to perform better to getting the reward.


It is required that company should make use of effective performance measurement tools so that individual performance of employees should me measured. It will render an innovative medium for identifying the flaws in the performances of staff members and on the basis of that measures can be taken for enhancing the performance of the organization. It is critical that different types of performance measurement tools should be used so that individual performance of staff members can be assessed and evaluated. It is also required that performance measurement tools should be chosen smartly so that required objectives could be achieved.

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CERA can make use of taking expert advice so that different view points given by experts should be identified and evaluated. It will also provide a medium for critically evaluating the performance of the staff members and on the basis of that actions could be taken for enhancing the performances. Outside consultancy firm can be hired so that they can be allotted the work for carrying out the required objectives in effective way.

360 Review

This is a vary innovative approach that could be used by company for carry out the performance evaluation of staff members. In this staff members are scrutinized by carrying out their 360 degree review. With this, there are various criteria on which this measurement are performed and it comprised of work job behaviour, planning and management achievement, attendance, on the job behaviour, risk management, flexibility, collaboration and risk management. All the performance areas are measured and on the basis of that overall review is carried out. In the same manner, the review is done by various members including subordinates, colleagues, superiors and other members .

Management by objective

This method can also be used and in this method strict performance appraisal of the staff members is performed and on the basis of that their performance is determined. With this, technical skills, interpersonal, communication, productivity and various skills are measured and on the basis of that measures are taken for taking actions for imparting necessary skills and capabilities to the staff members. With this, specific objectives are set for every staff members and on the basis of that they are guided for achieving their objectives. Goals are set and on the basis of that encouragement and motivation is provided to employees so that they could make efforts for achieving the targets that have been set by them.


From the above study it has been concluded that CERA company is facing issues due to some limitations that they are facing for carrying out the performance appraisal of the staff members. Major orientation of HRM for the company is comprise of Style, evidence based, commitment to HRM, view of staff members, views of strategic HRM and approaches for problem solving. People working at different levels should be provided with effective performance measurement tools so that they can evaluated.

With this, leaders in the company are task focussed and wants to be convinced with the evidences before they commit anything. Leaders are more relationship focussed and they give more importance to understanding the importance of evidence based approach so that required objectives could be accomplished. There are various performance measurement tools that could be used by organizations for evaluating the job performance of the employees. More than that, it is also required that these tools should be selected effectively so that they could be used effectively and required objectives from them could be gained. Management by objective and 360 Review are two different methods that could be used by organizations for properly evaluating the performance of their employees.


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