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Evaluation of Educational Issues, Developments and Policies

University: Brown University

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Generate historical perspectives of the particular educational policies and the developments.
  • Evaluate the background to the introduction of the different policies of education and the developments.
  • Generate how much effective these educational policies are and how they solve the issues which have arisen.
Answer :


Education policy refers to those principles and policies of national authorities which are developed in context of educational sphere as well as the collection of legislations and rules that govern the operation of education systems. Education occurs in many objectives by several institutions. The main motive of these kind of plans and policies is the academic study of education policy. It search to answer questions about the intention of education, the impersonal that it is planned to accomplish, the methods for accomplishing them and the tools for measuring their success or failure. These kind of policies are formed and designed by the management of the company to device a purposeful and multidirectional changes and resolving issues which are occurred in education and education procedure. The implementation of these plans and policies is to extent that the activity is supposed to modify education as per to some policy objectives. This assignment will discuss about educational policy which are developed by UK government to make control on the complexities which are occurred in education sphere. Issue of this sphere will also explained with effective solution in term of policy.

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Explantation of educational policy and the nature of the particular issues

Education is an essential factor which is crucial for the human to make their mental development and improving their lifestyle. Educational policies are those national authorities plans and strategies which are developed by them to make development in educational program, to form modifications and make control on the complexities which are occurred in educational program. Education generates in many forms for different purposes. For instant, early childhood education, kindergarten through to 12th grade, graduate and professional education, adult education and job training. So, education policy can instantly impacted the education of people at all ages. Education policy analysis is the scholarly study of education policy. It help in searching the answer of questions about the motive of education, the objectives that it designed to accomplish, the systems for accomplishing them and the tools for measuring their growth and failure. There are several kind of issues which can be occurred and generated in education like fee related issues studiedness expectations of higher education institutes, challenges of alternative education, freedom of speech, student welfare, discrimination among disable students. These all kind of issues highly affect the education system in negative manner and create crisis in it.

The major issues which is highly influence the educational system is discrimination with disable students. This issue discriminate students in term of do not provide equal education to them, providing application forms in one format that may not be accessible, shouts at a disabled student for not paying attention and others. To over come this issue the national authority of UK developed a policy which is known as “Special Educational Needs and Disabled” education policy for disable and young people. Within this policy, a child or young person has SEND if they have acquisition difficulty or disablement which calls for special educational precondition to be devised for them. A child of mandatory academy age or a young person has a learnedness difficulty of disability if they have a importantly greater cognitive factor in learning than the absolute majority of others of the same age. If they have a disability which restricts them or hinders them from devising utilisation of educational facilities of a type basically offered for others of the similar age in thought academies.

Explantation of the historical context of the chosen issue and related policy and its development

The national authority of UK developed several plans and policies to resolving the issues and complexities of disable people so that they can also service their life in effective by getting education and learning,. But due to disability, they discriminate by educational institutes as well as society. So the government has formed the way in which provision and support is devised for children and young people with special educational requirements and disabilities. Therefore a new legislation “The Children and Families Act 2014” came in to force but due to not overcome disability issues effectively, the government designed a policy SEND. The government modified it in term of taking long term benefits it so that the child and young people which are considered within it can take advantages it. It contains sensory impairments such as those influencing sight or hearing and long term health conditions like Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and cancer etc. Within this policy, the SEND Local Offer is a origin that is framed to support children and young people with special educational necessities or disabilities and their families. It defines the services and stipulation which are available for both to those families that have an education, health and care plan and those who don't have a plan but still have the experience of special education requirement. The respective policy considered inflammation about public services crosswise education, health and social care.

This policy has wide scope and purpose because it help in raising aspirations, motivate & inspire people to reach their full potential & to experiences success. It help in find out talent in everyone and to offer a challenging environment in which to improvement can be finished. To encourage high demands by combating self-satisfaction, encouraging plausive mental attitude and setting challenging targets, to meet the academic, personal & social needs of students in preparation for adults life and the world of work etc. this policy is crucial.

The main purpose of this government educational policy is to identify the demands of students with SEND as early and quickly as possible. It most efficiently finished by collecting information from parents, education, health and care services or feeder prior to the student's entry into an academy. Another motive is to devise adequate stipulation to overcome all challenges to learning and assure students with SEND have whole assess and gain and better knowledge of the students by their parents an involve them in all phase of their child's education. This consist supporting them in form of know SEND process and activity, offering regular reports on their child's process and offering information annually.

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As per the preceding defined information it can be concluded that Education is an effective aspect to improve the life of people and developing the living standard of the society. It is essential for able and disable individuals so that they can make their life better. The national authority for different plans and policies which are used for resolving issues and discrimination which are form by the people and educational institutes regarding disable students.


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