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Working Performance of Students

University: Mont Rose College

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 11 / Words 2865
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: DET7AB21
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Question :

This unit is based on conducting research about how employees are executing out their operations ta work place in order to enhance overall business productivity

  • Provide introduction of the topic and develop aims & objective.
  • Conduct literature review of the study to know importance of feedback
  • Develop methodology for peer discussion and personal debate.
  • Determine benefits of changes which are made to own practice.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Carnival Plc


Feedback is considered as transfer of information about one's performance. Teacher and parents are the first guardian of learners, they observe their activities and always work for their development. Both these persons are able to provide accurate information to the students about their working efficiency and improvement areas (Hattie, 2016). Peer group can help the students in finding alternative strategy that can improve their working performance. Theoretical books can only provide theoretical ideas but parents and teachers are the person those who can provide detail plan of implementing these ideas in the actual workplace environment so that overall performance of the person can be improved soon. Parents are the first teacher in the life of students, they encourage their children and teach them well so that learner can become able to perform well in actual environment (The Value and Effectiveness of Feedback in Improving Students’ Learning and Professionalizing Teaching in Higher Education, 2016).

When individual receives correctional reviews on their work then person get to know actual errors in current performance and always work for making necessary changes so that overall performance level can be improved soon. Feedbacks are designed in such manner so that student can know about quality, standard and appropriateness of their performance. These feedbacks can be of two types unintentional and intentional (Fullan, 2018). Both these type of reviews are helpful for students in making changes in own performance and improving level of working. Unintentional feedback are considered as powerful incentive through which person can make changes in own performance. Intentional feedbacks are given by peer group, teachers, parents directly to the student so that learner can make changes in own performance. This supports them in growing well and gaining more career development opportunities. Supportive feedbacks are beneficial for the learners in order make changes in their behaviour towards work. It happens because these feedbacks or instruction help the individual in identifying their errors and motivate the students so that they put their hard workers in order to gain success and complete work in effective manner (Van Geel and et.al, 2016).

Feedback system is the motivational tool that assists the students in improving their performance level. When person becomes able to perform well without any mistake then it encourages the person and boost their energy. That is required for teachers and parents that to provide feedback to all students in appropriate manner (Mulliner and Tucker, 2017). They always need to use correct language so that learners can take these instructions in positive manner and can work for improving their level of performance in workplace.

Present study discusses about how feedback can improve working performance of students. It will discuss importance of feedback system for the learners. Furthermore, it will analysis several ways that can support the learners in improving the performance by getting direct feedback. Role of feedback in motivating students will be explained in this research project. The study will describe various methods of research that can help the scholar in conducting this in investigation in effective manner. Furthermore, study will describe benefits of changes made to own practices.

Aim and Objectives


“ To identify impact of feedback on working performance of students”


  • To explain importance of feedback for student improvement
  • To analysis way of improving feedback so that learners can improve their performance
  • To determine role of feedback in motivating student.

Research questions

  • Why is feedback important for student improvement
  • How can feedback be improved?
  • Why is feedback useful for student motivation?


The main reason of conducting research on the topic is that there are many students those who are making mistakes in their performance. Sometimes improper guidance create trouble for them to make changes in their working pattern in improving their level of working efficiency. This demotivate them and they feel under confident (West and et.al, 2016). The main reason of carrying out this research is to identify importance of feedback system for raising performance of students significantly. Furthermore, it is an interesting area. Researcher has huge interest in researching about students and social aspects. Thus, this interest can help the scholar in finding in-depth detail about the topic and answering all research problems in accurate manner. In addition, researcher has experience of working a teacher. Thus, individual is well aware with the significance of giving feedback to the learners for improving their work performance and boosting their confidence as well. This topic has been provided by the university thus, researcher has conducted study on this subject matter (Freeman and et.al, 2014).


In order to carry out this research scholar will take support of interpretivism research philosophy. This would be perfect tool and will help the researcher in involving theories and models in the study. Scholar will use textbooks because this source is too prescriptive. Interactive strategies have been applied in this research because students when students ad teacher are being involved in discussion then actual results can be found out whether feedback system is good for the improvement of students or not. Furthermore, researcher will use cross sectional design (Bunce, Baird and Jones, 2017). This would be most suitable design for the current study because by this way qualitative research can be carrying out in effective manner. In addition, For completing this I investigation scholar will apply inductive research approach. This would be more suitable for the study because by this way individual will be able to apply theories and model appropriately and will be able to involve human being in the study. This will assist in finding accurate answers of the research questions. In order to complete this research scholar will use interview technique for data collection.

Importance of the study

Impact of feedback on student performance is the vast topic. There are many learners those who are facing issues in their work. They even do not know about their errors and ways to improve their working efficiency. By conducting this study scholar will be able to identify issues face by learners (Duffy and Azevedo, 2015). This would be better for the learners in improving their efficiency and growing well. Furthermore, this research will also be beneficial for the teachers and guiders to measure performance of student properly and give them correct guidance so that these people can perform well.


Literature review

Importance of feedback for student improvement

As per the review of Gertler and et.al., (2016) Feedback is a reaction to an action done, the feedback can be in any form, maybe in a written form or verbally. The most common form of feedback is verbal feedback. The feedback is very important for any individual or group as whole to work more effectively and efficiently in there assigned task. Students are the one who needs the feedback the most in order to build up there career, set proper goals for there life. The Parents and Teachers plays a crucial role to guide any students. The Parents are the first with whom the students interact the most, the guidelines given by them to students becomes an essential part of there learning skills at early stage (The Value and Effectiveness of Feedback in Improving Students’ Learning and Professionalizing Teaching in Higher Education, 2016). As the students grows the feedback of parents become even more essential in there life, as they don't only need guidance on study related matters but also to deal with crucial life problems. There assistance improves there self confidence, expand there knowledge base, and enable them to interact more properly. But the role of teachers is equally important, the second yet the most important guider to the students is a teacher she is the one who shapes the overall development of a student i.e. there communication skills, behaviour and attitude, etc. this is can be achieved only with the proper feedback from teachers, there interaction with student builds up the positive connection, enables the students to interact more freely and properly to there teachers, further this builds up the sense of togetherness between the teacher and the students (Gertler and et.al., 2016). Both the verbal and written feedback is important, the class rooms discussion with positive comments encourages and motivate them, enables them to understand there areas of mistakes, clarify there misconceptions, enables them to improve there knowledge and motivates them to set a goal for themselves, written mode of communication assist the individual students, know there field of lacking and the field of improvement.

According to Galassi, (2017) Generally the feedback is given in positive context but for the overall development and growth of any student there is need for him to get a negative feedback, generally students receive these feedbacks from there Parents and Teachers so it should be given in understandable manner and in a proper language so an important and true message can be given properly, generally students avoids taking a negative feedback which is not good on its part because some areas can be improved only through negative feedback, this kind of feedbacks often help the students to know its areas of mistakes and work upon them guide and encourages him to improve from its better version to the best, this further develops the critical thinking of the students (Fullan, 2018). Feedbacks are an important part for the growth of an individual self. Parents and Teachers should work combine to give a proper and a needed feedback this will make the student grow into be a best version of itself. Further the proper working by student enable him to grow in all fields of life.

Way of improving feedback so that learners can improve their performance

As per the view of Fullan, (2018) teachers and parents are the first guide of students. A children get to know about many things by these parents and teachers. Teachers have to give feedback about existing performance of the student in positive manner. They have to use appropriate language, low pitch so that it does not impact negative in the mind of learners. If lecturers give feedback to the students in appropriate language and tone then it can boost people and they will take it into positive manner (Giving Student Feedback: 20 Tips To Do It Right, 2013). This will help the learner in implementing these suggestions in their working life appropriately and raising their level of performance to great extent.

Bunce, Baird and Jones, (2017) argued that aligning instructions to the learning standards is the great strategy that minimize confusions. Instructions that are given by the students need to be aligned in appropriate manner. This can help the student in identifying their own standards and improving their performance. According to Galassi, (2017) the good way of giving feedback to the children is that do not compare them with other students. If one person is being compared by other person then it enhances negatively among them. Some times positive comparison with other can create narcissistic behaviour and can reduce their motivation as well. As per the view of Freeman and et.al, (2014) teachers need to conduct open session for the students. In this session they have to ask questions with their learners. When learners fail to answer any question then they will realise that they are weak in this part. At that time if teacher provide these suggestions in motivational manner then student accept these challenges and will be able to improve their performance.

Role of feedback in motivating student

According to Duffy and Azevedo, (2015) feedback plays significant role in motivating students. When teachers guide people and make them aware with their existing performance. That encourages them and they become positive towards their work. It enhances competition among them and they always try to work better than their peer group. Thus, they take these feedback comments in positive manner which encourages students in performing well. Van Geel and et.al, (2016) argued that use of green lines instead of red makes the student feel aware with their mistakes. If teachers use red colour then it creates negative image in the mind of learners and they sometimes take in negative manner to these comments.

As per the view of Galassi, (2017) feedback system does not motivate students. When teachers provide feedback on their work then they feel demotivated and think that they are unable to manage their work and can not compete with their peer group. Teachers give instructions to all students, some get positive feedback and others get negative feedback depending on their work. Negative feedback demotivate the person and they fail to perform their work effectively. Mulliner and Tucker, (2017) stated that each person aims to meet with their goal and want to gain success in the market. Feedback system improve their efficiency level and make the person aware with their actual errors. That encourages the learners and they do not repeat the same mistake in the future.


Professional debate

Most of the professionals believe that feedback system, is the systematic way of improving performance of learners. Teachers, mentor always work for making positive changes in the working efficiency of the learners. If these people take their comments in positive manner then it can raise their skills and they can become able to compete with others. Feedback approach makes the students aware with the good performance's criteria. By this way learners feel motivated and they put their best efforts to reach to this goal. These criteria work as self regulatory approach (Booth, Newton and Twiss-Garrity, 2014). Nonetheless, there have been many other professional that believes that there is significant difference between students and teachers thinking. Both work for achieving different goals and objectives. But they both want to be best and recognised by others. For that feedback can be work as element that can improve knowledge of students about their mistakes and they can rectify their errors soon. This helps the learners in improving their work based performance to great extent (The Value and Effectiveness of Feedback in Improving Students’ Learning and Professionalizing Teaching in Higher Education,

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