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Enhance Quality of Learning and Increase Academic Achievement

University: University of West London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: ASS065
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Identify the techniques for building comprehension and retention.
  • Evaluate the role of developing comprehension and retention in respect to enhance quality of learning.
  • Generate the barriers pertaining to build comprehension and retention.
Answer :


For every educational institute it is essential to build comprehension and retention because it will help them in ensuring learning of students. Comprehension is considered as term that defines understanding of a person by reading material at a present time (Gernsbacher, 2013). On the other hand retention is considering situation which define about what that person remembers later on. There are different method which can be adopted by an individual in order to enhance comprehension and retention such as reading, keeping notes, writing and so on. Topics which are coved in this report are role of developing comprehension as well as retention in enhancing quality of learning and maximising academic achievement of a student. Moreover it will also describe about obstacles pertaining for building comprehension and retention of a person or students.

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a) Discuss the role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and increase academic achievement of students

In a life a person comprehension and retention plays an essential roles because that lead to generation of huge opportunities through which they can make effective career. These are also necessary for students as that will help in improving quality of learning as well as it will also enhance academic achievement (Krom, 2012). Comprehension is considered as level of understanding of any text or message. It will be generally developed by interacting among words which are written had how that can trigger understanding or knowledge outside any message or text. It is essential for a student to have comprehension because without it reading is considered as nothing more than tracking symbols in a book or a page with eyes as well as sounding them out. It will also develop a reason of reading anything as well as it is also beneficial because without comprehension a student not able to gather information’s through reading. In addition to this comprehension also plays a necessary role in improving pleasure and effectiveness of a student reading and listening abilities (Linderholm, Therriault and Kwon, 2014). It will also help them in developing understanding of different subjects as well as personal and professional lives. Moreover, that will also help a student in improving their grade in test through which they can develop effective and successful future or career.

Furthermore, retention is considered as information which can be defined as time duration that shows a person memory particular information. In a life of a student it is essential for them to understand things and retain it for log time duration so that they can exhibit their knowledge as well as skills in front of others (Martin, Nguyen and McDaniel, 2016). It will also help them in gaining good percentage in test or exam by which they can develop successful future or career. Student retention is not only play essential role in student’s life, it is also necessary for a schools or college because through this they able to show that more numbers of students are getting graduated from their colleges which enhance their goodwill and market value. Through both comprehension and retention literacy rate will also enhance which lead to successful future of a country as well as it will also increase the employment rate of nation. It is so because when a student start learning with proper comprehension and retention they able to do their get high score which help them in making good career that will improve standard of leaving as well as indirectly or directly it lead to growth of economy.

There are number of practices which can be adopted by a student or their family or school or teacher so that effective building of comprehension and retention will be done such as school must encourage their students for reading as well as learning through innovative methods. They may involve video and music in learning method because it attracts students and retain in their mind for the long time (Sellnow and et. al., 2012). Along with this it will also develop interest of students in learning as well as reading. It is also essential for teachers as well as parents to understand their students need, behaviour and expectation so that they can encourage them for learning effective because every person or student get motivated with different things. There are also several steps or strategies which can be adopted by a students in order to develop comprehension and retention such as they can conduct more and more reading and at last they can write down it as a summary, this will help them in checking their learning and retention capabilities. Moreover, they can also do reparation learning because it help in remembering things or information in effective manner as well as it will also lead to improvement in retention capabilities.

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b) Evaluate the obstacles pertaining to building comprehension and retention

A student go through several obstacles when they are pertaining to developing comprehension and retention and this will pulling them back from learning. Due to obstacles students avoid to learn ay thing as well as they also think it all are waste or didn’t have any value. From numbers of obstacles which hamper to building comprehension and retention, some main are given below:-

  • Lack of focus:Every learner need to focus for developing proper comprehension and retention but if a person has lack of focus them not able to understand things properly (Spiro, Bruce and Brewer, 2017). In today’s time, most of the time lack of focus is developed due to mobile phone and internet. Due to this reason student not able to focus on their studies as well as it also lead to low retention power among children.
  • Negative past experience:It is define as a situation at which a student go through some negative experiences which bothering them till now, due to this he/ she avoiding things related to particular situation. Such as a student do hard work for getting good marks as well as for that him / her study for whole day, but didn’t get good marks. Due to this experience they he/ she didn’t want to involve in study that much again because they experienced so bad.
  • Decoding difficulties:It is also a main obstacle of less comprehension and retention among the students. In this strategy, children not able to understand and decode things or information. This is generally occurring when a child is facing mental or growth issue which can be treated by medical therapies and medicines. Along with this, students who are going through this issue not able to retain things for long time duration as well as they are also face difficulties in learning or reading.

These are some of the main issues which are faced while building comprehension and retention. But there are also several method help in overcoming these issues and lead to effective comprehension as well as retention. Those methods are:-

  • Include videos, music and pictures:Music, pictures and videos attract peoples as well as it left strong impact on the person’s mind. So it is one of most effective method which can be used by teacher or family members for developing effective comprehension and retention (Swanson, Vaughn and Wexler, 2017). This will also help in developing interest of learning among children as well as they also encourage learning new things.
  • Ask to summarise story:According to this strategy family and teacher need to ask students to write a summary of what he learn whole day or by a particular subject. This is so because when children do so he/ she try to remember who day activities which directly help in increasing its comprehension and retention power effective as well as successfully.
  • Conduct writing continuously:According to this strategy teacher or family member need to conduct written test of children on regular basis. This is so because during writing child try to recall each and every thing that lead to improvement in retention as well as comprehension level (Temur, 2012). Along with this, due to respective practice student also able to know their effectiveness and weakness, that encourages them to improve it effectively so that they develop proper career.

Through these strategies family as well as teachers can avoid or minimise obstacles which developed during comprehension and retention among

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