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Developing Organizational Vision and Strategic Direction

Introduction to Developing Organizational Vision and Strategic Direction

Development of vision of an organization is an important task because it articulates the essence of its values and beliefs. Moreover, it also defines the place of the organization in the world. Vision helps in the establishment of long term direction. This direction acts as a guidance in every aspect of the organization. Similarly, development of strategic direction is important. This comprises of making decisions regarding the strategies that need to be developed in order to achieve the objectives of the business (Developing strategy, 2015). The present report studies the development of vision and strategic direction with respect to Sainsbury. Preparation has been done for creating vision and strategic direction. The role of key stakeholders in relation to the vision has been analyzed. The communication strategy has been developed for the stakeholders of the organization. Lastly, implementation of vision and strategic direction within the organization has been developed.


Assessing the role of key stakeholders of Sainsbury

The role of key stakeholders of Sainsbury can be assessed in relation to the vision. This has been done in the following points:

Employees- Employees are the support system of Sainsbury. They work in various departments such as productions, operations, management, store operators etc. The employees play an important role in the vision of the organization. The company carries out various activities according to the vision that it has developed. Sainsbury has over 1200 supermarkets and convenience stores (About us, 2015). It has also expanded its operations in property, banking, energy, entertainment and communication sectors. All these sector are run by the employees as per the vision of the company. The employees work in a committed towards carrying out the operations of the company thereby respecting the vision. The employees also play an important role in making the new members of the workforce understand and follow the vision of the company (Germano and Stephenson, 2012). In this way, the vision is kept alive by the employees.

Suppliers- Suppliers also come under the list of key stakeholders of Sainsbury's. The vision of Sainsbury takes into account ethical trading goals. It communicates the larger sense of organizational purpose. Sainsbury cannot work without its suppliers. For carrying out its operations, it closely works with its suppliers. The suppliers play an important role in relation to vision (Killen, Walker and Hunt, 2005). They follow the rules of ethical trade which form the basis of the vision of Sainsbury. In this way, the suppliers help in upholding the vision of the company.

Government- While creating the vision, it is important to consider the role of government. As a stakeholder, government impacts each and every decision of the organization directly or indirectly. Various rules, laws, regulations, legislations and policies are formulated by the government. While creating vision, giant retailers like Sainsbury have to take into account the policies and legislation that government makes for retail industry. Government plays a significant role in relation to the vision of the organization (Linn, 2008). This is because it provides guidance to Sainsbury about the aspects that need to be included in the vision.

Community- Community comprises of the societies and the people that live in the areas surrounding stores of Sainsbury. It has a significant role to play in relation to the vision of the organization. In today's scenario, organizations have to be increasingly concerned about corporate social responsibility. It needs to take various actions for promoting the interests of the backward sections of the society. Special care is to be taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the organization (Turki, 2011). All the procedures that Sainsbury adopts for conducting its operations should be environmental friendly. This can only be done, if the vision of the organization supports the purpose. Therefore, community is a key stakeholder which is taken into consideration when vision of the organization is to be created.

Customers- In retail industry, customers are considered to be the king. The retail organizations provide goods and services as per the needs and wants of the customers. The vision is to be created in a manner that it allows the organization to serve the interests of the customers. It should take into consideration provision of satisfaction to the customers. If the vision does not support the aspect related to customers, it will have negative impact on the image if the organization (Wilson and Eilertsen, 2010). Therefore, customer is an important stakeholder in relation to the vision of Sainsbury.

Factors impacting organization and vision

The organization and its vision are impacted by various factors. They can be analyzed below:

Political factors- These factors are inclusive of the policies and strategies formulated by the government of the countries where Sainsbury operates. The company has to carrying out its activities according to the policies of the government. For example, the policy on fair competition which has been formulated by UK government needs to be considered by Sainsbury. It has to plan and implement its actions in a way that they promote fair competition (Pollard and Hotho, 2006). Further, polices on employment further guide the organization in formulating its employment and work practices accordingly. All these impact the vision of company as well. The vision has to be formulated according to the policies of the government.

Legal factors- These factors comprise of the legislations and regulations of UK. There are various laws on health and safety, fair trade, ethical sourcing, environmental safety etc. When Sainsbury is conducting its activities, it has to follow the legislations. The work practices of the company have to be according to the legislations. It has to follow the environmental safety laws all through its operations (Marginson, 2009). Further, the legislations on health and safety have also to be incorporated. This is the impact of legal factors on organization. All these also impact the vision of

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