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Developing Global Management Competencies (emotional-and-cultural-intelligence)

University: Northumbria university London

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages 12 / Words 3000
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: MBA61823
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Question :

An explanation is drawn regarding learning within critical incident.

  1. Explanation of self-awareness and continuous self-development in order to meet role of leader.
  2. Reflection of two critical incidents.
  3. Reflection of strengths and weaknesses.
Answer :


Management competencies are the required and necessary for handling the major objectives and competency level. Individual will need to acquire potential skills and wants in order to develop their own skills and knowledge enhancement. Present study will be based on developing global competencies in order to meet the emotional and cultural intelligence. In all over the study it will cover some necessary task and objectives such as how self awarenesses and  continuous self development will help you to full-fill the role as a successful manager or leader. Further apart it will more explain about critical incidents to reflect upon the findings and implications from two self analysis took list from the module. To analyse self competency level is very much required and essential for the individual with the help of self assessment. Furthermore, it will also cover the self SWOT analysis in order to develop self development.  

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 Self awareness has been used by the person in order to identify the individual behaviour to analyse the capacity of awarenesses of feelings Bird & Mendenhall, (2016). Individual feelings creates thoughts and new ideas through positive and negative experiences has been made. It brings new services and idea enhancement task. This makes very much attractive and influencing challenges for growing the innovation for greater opportunities. As an individual every person has different background culture understanding which makes us diverse and creative. Self awarenesses also helps to identify the different identification and corrective action plan. Besides, it also helps to make the most potential work and productive manner of growth. Being self-awareness enables to identify the individual capabilities and strength to manage the uncertain situation and business environment. Brewster, Chung & Sparrow, (2016) To become a good manager and leader it is very much required to enhance the understanding of management skills and wants. It also helps to bring new skills or learning from the experience. Self awarenesses is the most potential and target market plans which helps to bring new skills and wants.

 Self awareness refers to demonstrating the capacity of becoming the object of one's own attention. Self-awareness has been done on the basis of identifying the behaviours, processing emotions and storing information about the self evaluation by understand their own behaviour, nature, skills, capabilities etc. in order to become a good manager and leader individual requires to adopt managerial activities and leadership power and goals. Apart from that, self awareness involves the process to identify who an individual and how they function. It also brings new opportunity and growth in order to deal with the new challenges and growth.

Busse, Aboneh & Tefera, (2014) Self awarenesses helps an individual to grow self development on the basis of self actualisation. Every individual know about his own skills and level accordingly they adopt more self development plans in order to meet the self objectives. This self development process also helps to grab new future opportunity and growth for future times. Self development plans are more largely influenced by positive nature and growth.  Leadership growth is the growth managerial skills in order to meet the needs and self objectives.

In order to get self-awareness feedback is the another tool to measures such as individual also get the feedback can be measured through the multi source 360 degree feedback system. It is the process where subordinates or workers rates their manager on the basis of their nature, scope and influencing factors. Caligiuri & Bonache, (2016) It also helps to create new challenges and growth for the further development. Moreover, it also very much helpful to get the new opportunity and growth. Individual person always needs to analyse self opportunity and threats in order to gain the best essential target market goals. Moreover, another factor is the to attain the best possible action plan. Feedback from the colleagues will give better output to analyse individual weaknesses and strength. It provides opportunity to bring new skills and wants. Moreover, another major objectives and goals of the individual to provides the best opportunity and growth. It gives new opportunity and growth for self development process.


Dragoni & et.al., (2014) Continuous self development nourishing the individual skills and capabilities to meet the individual objectives and plans. Continuous self development is a necessary process individual must take control of in order to improve their learning and development. Self development is must be continuous process for continuous development process. It also makes the process of learning is more great full and implicating process of making good things. Moreover, continuous development gives learning and new skills which makes new development growth and opportunities. This process also helps to enhance the professional skills of an individual in order to grab new business opportunity and growth factor. Development process is the most required and necessary process to grab new future opportunity for the individual person. Elegbe, (2016) Continuous development process also assist to encourage individual strength and will to get the best position in the organisation. Along with that, this is the another major objectives and growth which helps to influence major objectives and target market goals. Continuous professional development encourage or improved professional skills beyond the training and development. Moreover, it is the most growing and influencing process of self development growth. It also brings new skills and knowledge for the individual through they easily get new development opportunity and growth. This process empowers individual and motivate them to achieve their goals and lifelong dreams and objectives. Goetsch & Davis, (2014) It will also help to motivate or influencing the best effective process. It is the another process of working which gives new process of working and target market goals. Moreover, in order to get the most powerful and empowering process of working which grow more challenging process of working. It is the long term process to enhance the most required process of work. 

 Self development will help to succeed as manager in the future. Every individual person must have potential needs to adopt the best possible action plan to make good impact on the behaviour.

Jackson & Wilton, (2016) To become a successful learner and goal objectives company requires to have the best possible action plan to meet the objectives and target market goals. Besides, it is the long term process to full fill the best possible action plan. Moreover, self-awareness development are very much required to enhance the leadership and managerial potential by addressing it from three perspectives. Self development and self awarenesses both are the part of emotional intelligence. It requires more development skills and large organisation part of the organisation. It gives new opportunity and growth for the individual development. It also helps to get the best possible opportunity and growth. It provides moreover best possible outcomes for the company development growth. 

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