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PM203 Description Of Task: MU 34 Cylindrical Jar Level 5 Plymouth University


MU34, Cylindrical jar with “wavy handle” is an evolution of early dynastic period in Egypt. Its existence was determined by Mrs. Frederick F. Thompson in Museum in 1915.The inventory number of MU34, cylindrical jar is 15.6.3 and the dimension of jar are, H: 15.5 cm (6 1/8 in.); weight 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs.) However, it can be used for decorative purpose because of its attractive wavy handle (Cylinder jar with single wavy handle, 2017). In case jar is damaged, it is still can be used for the purpose decoration as it is an antique and is rare. It is made with clay, with the help of Nilt silt, which is also known as alluvial silt. The texture of silt changes when it is oxidised Like if its fired than it will become brown and if not than it will remain grey. In addition, Marl is used which is soft shale and it is found under layer of limestone rock only in dessert. It a rare substance because it is mined from rocks and have chalky texture. Apparently, its colour changes from white to olive if oxidised.  Further, when making inclusion is done which is known as process of removing impurities from clay in order to make its texture fine and dis-solvable which helps in giving desirable shape of object like wavy handle to cylindrical jar.  Temper is material which is additive and added by potter to make solution of clay malleable. The jar is manufactured with the help of various technologies which prefects its formation. It is manufactured by throwing with the help of centrifugal force which helps in formation of railing lines iv interior surface of jar. Further, after giving appropriate shape, burnishing is done with the help of pebble on dry surface before firing. However, burnishing is done to make surface of jar fine and less porous which helps in providing shining surface. Thus, the shape is given to jar by moulding it with hand, thump pot, anvil and paddle. Further, fiver star flat surface for standing it is pressed over matrix core and lastly for finishing greased base coated to jar at the time of final finishing.


MU34, Cylindrical jar with “wavy handle”, reflects basic domestic necessity of ancient people. It helps in deriving hoe people use of from domestic products for fulfilling their needs. Further, from the manufacturing, and formation it has been derived that people used to believe in pottery and were fond of items. It was the basic culture which helped people in discovering various daily life necessity (Stevenson, 2016). There are many relatable items which are discovered for different purposes like to give value to someone, for rituals, for praying, to reflect some ting etc. Every art of ancient Egyptian culture reflects their living condition, beliefs, values and needs.  Pre dynastic burials in Armant are the evidence which helped in deriving existence of these ancient articles. According to Egyptian beliefs there is life after death and the person who is buried will require his or her basic necessity which the used to use it in daily life. Therefore, at the time of burials the people who to bury who the necessary item with body. Thus, these beliefs and culture of ancient Egyptians is the evidence to manufacturing of cylindrical jar with wavy handle. The afterlife is an important aspect which reflects various evolution of Egyptian culture because according to their culture the person after death survives and that is why the people provides dead body grave goods in order to preserve dead bodies and to give life to preserve the bodies and to give life to deceased person. Two vases in shape of Monkey and Mother with her young are the relatable example of cylindrical jar with wavy handle. The shapes evolved in period of old kingdom in dynasty 6 and its dimension are, 1992.338: H. 13.7 cm (5 3/8 in.) and 30.8.134: H. 18.6 cm (7 5/16 in.) (Work of Art, 2018). Apparently, the Provenance of shape was collection of Theodore M. Davis. Apart from this, there is fragmentary face of king khafre which was originated from Egyptian alabaster and was viewed in Gallery 103 (Unknown Egyptian, 2018).  These shapes are the relatable example pottery making which was the occupation of and also the source of fulfilling basic needs. The shapes and articles were used of different purposes like, domestic, ritual, funerary, memory etc. (Josephson and Dreyer, 2015). In addition, there was cylinder vase which was evolute in Early dynastic period in dynasty 1 in region of Djer. The dimension of vase are, diam: 11.5 cm (4 1/2 in.); H: 18 cm (7 1/6 in.). The vase came into existence by Egypt exploration fund excavation (Vase 1977.112.52, 2018).



MU34, Cylindrical jar with “wavy handle”

ca. 3100–2650 B.C.

Cylinder vase

ca. 3100–2900 B.C.

Two Vases in the Shape of a Mother Monkey with her Young

ca. 2289–2246 BC

Fragmentary Face of King Khafre

ca. 2520–2494 B.C.


The cylindrical jar is evolution of Egyptian civilisation and is container which is used for domestic purpose. It was used by ancient people for various domestic purpose like drinking quids and storing. However, it an antique and therefore is generally found is museums and decorative item because it is sensitive (Brewer,2014). It is available in World Museum, level 3 and Ancient Egypt gallery. It was used as containers in various houses of Egypt and further it became antique of museum and is now use for decorative Purpose. The making of jar is antique and captivating for modern era and therefore it is now being used for decorative purpose.  Thus, the jar with way handle becomes easy to handle and therefore is used for the domestic purpose.

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