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Development Program for Sun Court Residential Limited

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: D/507/2457
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Question :

As a HR professional working for HR consultancy firm known as “People ‘r’ Us”. The firm is bidding for a contract to design training and development event for Sun Count Residential Homes.

  • Develop an understanding on the learning theories and styles along with comparing the same.
  • Planning and designing a training and development program for Sun Court Residential Limited.
  • Carrying out an evaluation of training event with the use of suitable techniques.
  • Understanding skill development initiatives which are launched by the government.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sun Count Residential Home Ltd


In a business organisation, large number of departments are working but human resource division is important as they perform activities regarding workforce planning. In this field, training and learning provided to each individual for a specific purpose to enhancing their skills and ability. Through this they can easily achieve target goals and objectives in effective manner. In this procedure, human resources manager of firm provide their contribution by analysing organisation's requirement and need to accomplish them easily (Fine, 2012). They hiring new and skilled candidate for their firm who can understand business requirement and provide their effective service according to this. This report is based on Sun court residential home Ltd who provide care home services to old age people. Firm do not have a trained and skilled staff because CEO of organisation believe that training and learning process is a unnecessary factor that should have to be kept on minimum cost. In this procedure People“R”us, which is a consultancy firm is advised them on HR issues and its importance for getting higher benefits in company. This report includes various learning styles and its importance, Function of authorities respect training and development. At last it represent training needs for employees, its advantages or disadvantages,  evaluation form and success of this method.

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TASK 1 Comparison of various learning styles

Human resource manager of an organisation play a most important role by analysing employees skills and their learning power by enhancing them through different methods and strategies. Each and every individual has different learning style that they adopt through their own perspectives. This is a most important process for a successful organisation. For HR manager, it is required to adopt different learning style for developing performance and working skills of their employees. These learning styles can be - 

Honey and Mumford learning style – This is a most effective ans impactful learning style which was introduced by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford in the year of 1986 on the bases of their own experience and understanding (Ford and Richardson, 2013). According to this model, each individual learn different things on the bases of their requirement and capability. This model is classify intro four different elements as - 

Activist - These are the individuals who like to accept challenges to resolve them through their own efficiency and methodology. They are fast learners who are believe to take risk in order to enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Reflector -–This type of learners are very observatory and always want to take accurate decision on the bases of real data as well as solution. They learn different things from the real world. 

Theorist – These type of individuals are explore and analyse each element to take logical values and conclusions. They are the types of emotional people who accept to analyse several factor before making any decisions.

Pragmatist – They are experimental individual who wants to analyse each and every thing by their own experience. They believe to learn several things from real world and factors as well.

Kolb learning style – This learning theory was announced by David Kolb. This theory also determine through four different type of learning methods which helps to understanding scientific values and approaches of learning (Hendry, 2012). This model also determine personal experience of David Kolb for a specific learning approach.

Divergent – This type of learners are observing several values and factors before provide final decisions. They believe to gathering new ideas that they can easily implement in their working approaches. 

Assimilative - These type of learners are believe to conceptualise different methodological and theories for getting logical elements easily. They are like to solve issues and problems on the bases of theoretical approaches. 

Convergent - They are opposite to Assimilative learners because they believe to analyse solution on the bases of practical approaches. These types of learners are based on logical values and scientific reasons.  

Accommodative – These are the most creative personalities who wants to make several changes on the bases of their creative thoughts and innovative ideas. This type of people are more likely to get new experience in their learning values.

Sun court residential home Ltd can choose any of the model between Kolb learning or Honey an Mumford. On the bases of these two models, learner can easily enhance their learning capacity and skills easily. For this organisation, Kolb learning style will be more beneficial. 

1.2 Learning curve and importance of learning transfer in work place

For a individual, it is required to analyse a specific learning style on the bases of their skills and capacity.  After adopting this process, they can easily analyse their own performance with the help of learning curve. This is a graphical representation that determine impact of learning approaches on employee's performance within an organisation (Huselid and Becker, 2011). It is used to analyse values of individual in firm before adopting learning model and final impact on their performance as well. Main objective of this procedure is enhance skills and capacity of individual to getting desired outcome. All these procedure are based on their specific performance that should have to impactful and impressive. Through this procedure human resource manager of organisation can easily examine transformation and development in employees performance to maximise organisation's productivity and profitability. By this procedure, manager can easily analyse requirement of training in organisation to enhance workers interpersonal skills and working ability.

Importance of learning transfer

Enhance values – This procedure helps to polish employees skills and their working approaches. Through this, human resource manager of Sun court residential home Ltd can easily maximise values of their workers to provide quality services to clients and service users. This is maximise working effectiveness of firm as well as individual who are working in organisation.

Utilization of capital – For Sun court residential home Ltd, it is require to utilize their funds and capital by getting higher benefits and growth. For this, firm requires to provide quality services to their clients on the bases of their requirement and need.  Through this employees of organisation can easily provide them higher satisfaction to getting competitive advantages.

Build ability to face challenges – This is a most important factor in an organisation that they enhance skills of their workforce to face several challenges easily. Through this, they can get several opportunities to getting higher benefits and growths from competitive market. 

1.3 Significance of learning styles and theories when planning and designing a learning event

For a individual, it is required to adopt different learning methods that helps to enhancing their skills and working capacity as well. In this procedure, human resource manager of Sun court residential home Ltd requires to understand significant learning style and theories before planning and designing a learning event in their organisation. In this procedure, they requires to analyse several elements and methods that helps to provide desired benefits and outcomes. Before implementing any kind of method in organisation, HR manager requires to examine its benefits and drawbacks (Krot and Lewicka, 2012). Through this they can easily maximise values of their business organisation in target market.

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