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Customer Relationshp Marketing in the digital age


1.1 Overview

Customer relationship is being referred as maintaining the relationship with existing and future customers. In the same way customer relationship marketing is about focusing on retaining the customers and sustaining the satisfaction, which is the most significant part of the business (Romero, 2012). In this current scenario, if the customers of the business are having very high level of satisfaction then it works as a competitive advantage for the organization. Today, most of the companies are using the technology, internet and internet services in order to satisfy their customers in the most efficient way (Thomas and Housden, 2011). This are the most successful form of marketing where the customers are satisfied in direct way and also regarding the extra services, which are required after selling the products and services to the customers (Baran, Galka and Strunk, 2008).

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In this digital stage, customer relationship marketing is one of the essential functions for those organizations who are marketing their products via online services. Amazon one of the world’s largest Online Store, which is incorporated by Jeff Bezos who wants to chase its customers through selling the products by using smart technology called internet services (Rönnbäck and Eriksson, 2012). Amazon sells its products via their online store and also interacts with its customers through this facility and satisfies their needs, desires and wants by keeping regular touch with them. In this digital age the company is continuously in contact with its customers by selling their products, solving the problems of customers and satisfying them with the use of digital age technology (Thomas and Housden, 2011).

1.2 Chapter Structure

This part of the research details about overall structure of report and presents the framework with step by step chapter that what exact details are structured in this research project.
Chapter 1: Introduction: In this part description about the topic is stated that is about customer relationship marketing in digital age. This will also comprises of purpose and objectives of report along with framework and significance of report.
Chapter 2: Literature Review: This section will cover the information from the previous research reports and other literary works in related to this topic.
Chapter 3: Research Methodology: This chapter of the report will cover the tools and techniques, which are used to complete the research in successful manner.
Chapter 4: Data Analysis And Findings: This is the most important chapter of the research where the detail analysis of the data which is collected for the research purpose will be analyzed.
Chapter 5: Conclusion And Recommendations: In the final part of this chapter the conclusions are concluded on the basis of data analyzed by the researcher. It also includes the recommendations about the customer relationship marketing in digital age.

1.3 Focus and Purpose

The main focus and aim of the research is to evaluate the role of digital technologies in establishing, evaluating and improving customer satisfaction at Amazon. By following this aim some objectives are framed in order to conclude the study in appropriate way. Following objectives have been formulated:

To identify the importance of digital technologies in customer relationship marketing at Amazon.
To evaluate the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies in customer relationship marketing at Amazon.
To analyze the effectiveness of digital technologies in light of customer relationship marketing at Amazon.
To assess the future growth of digital technology for customer relationship marketing.

The main purpose of the research is to examine the use of digital age in customer relationship marketing that whether it is accomplishing its role in efficient way or not. Further this will also facilitate to understand that how the customers can be best satisfied by use of technology.

1.4 Research Questions

In this specific report some research questions are framed:
How to evaluate the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies in customer relationship marketing at Amazon?
How to assess the future growth of digital technology for customer relationship marketing?

1.5 Framework and Analysis

Framework and analysis part of the study illuminate the precise details that how the research will furnish in an appropriate way. Below the overall frame and analysis part will assist the researcher to investigate the research study on the right path and in pertinent manner.

Research Approach: Inductive research approach will be detailed down in this study, as it will give the broad description of the topic in specific way (Daniel and Sam, 2011).

Research Type: In this research report in order to make in-depth understanding of the subject matter both qualitative and quantitative type of research strategy will be adopted.

Research Design: Research design which is chosen for this study is exploratory research design, as it will examine the study in accurate way.
Research philosophy: Research philosophy will assist the scholar to recognize the blueprint of the research and due to this interpretivism philosophy is applied in the current research (Saleem, 2008).

Primary data collection: For collecting the primary data Semi-structured Interview with the marketing managers will be done, which will give precise information regarding the topic.

Secondary data collection: For secondary data collection review of books, journals articles, published report and online articles are used (Daniel and Sam, 2011).

1.6 Potential Significance

This current research study has lot of potential significance for the organizations, as it will help them to comprehend the customer relationship marketing in digital age as today’s era is of technological advancement only. Outcomes of the research will facilitate the business that how they can maintain better customer relationship marketing with them and how they can satisfy the customers via using digital age (Martella, Nelson and Marchand-Martella, 2010). Further a detail investigation will be sort out that whether the use of technology has enhanced the satisfaction of customers in efficient way or not.

Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

Literature review of the research helps the researcher to recognize the study and work carried out by the different research scholars in relevant to the selected topic. One of the major perspectives to inscribe literature review part is to examine the research study in appropriate way that is about the role of technologies in establishing, evaluating and improving customer’s satisfaction (Kimmel, 2009). The race to digital age or technological advancement is funded by dedicated enthusiasm that guide to a basket full of bad practice in the chase for customers, with too many online shopping companies that are not creating value (Rönnbäck and Eriksson, 2012). The smart technology is used by the companies for interacting with its customers while being focused towards servicing the high value customers (Sashi, 2012). In the current study, special consideration is focused towards each and every aspect of marketing in digital age and customer relationship marketing.

2.2 Marketing in digital age

The technological developments have taken this relationship of business and customer to a new extent. In the current scenario, highly digital devices and internet are being used by the organizations to be in touch with their customers (Rönnbäck and Eriksson, 2012). Using of technology in marketing is one of the most effective communications to be in touch with the customers that is before the selling of products and also after the sales of services (Maditinos, and Theodoridis, 2010). In this current scenario, using of internet and digital media facilitates the companies to promote and sell their products in effective manner, as they can directly contact with their customers and even know about their reviews that what they think about them (Ganguli and Roy, 2011). Digital marketing is creating better relationship with the customers via use of digital conversation and communication. Using the concept of digital age many leading organizations are siding with new level of marketing model, which assists them to deal with consumers through online communication (Docters, Tilstone and Bednarczyk, 2011).

2.3 Modes of digital age in customer relationship marketing

To maintain the customer relationship in digital age various types of modes are used by the companies to maintain better customer relationship with customers (Heaton, 2012). One of the significant perspectives in digital age is that in these the node of communication with customers is very quick and versatile (Farb, 2011). There are many forms through which the companies market their products and after that those customers who buy their products they communicate with them in order to know whether they are satisfied with them or not. Company maintains its customer relationship by emailing, blogs, social media and also through mobile communication. Many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. are using these sources of digital technology to make better relationship with its customers (Klaus, 2013). These companies know that to maintain long term relationship with its customers it is essential to assist them in very apposite manner. This enables the companies to know the satisfaction level of the customers, their views and then they offer their products in modified form according to suitability of customers (Choi and et.al., 2008).

Marketing in digital age is more affordable as compared to marketing in terms of traditional way as accessing through internet does not involve high investment. This also makes the purpose of the company for maintaining better relationship with customers as company can directly monitored with their customers (Caceres and Paparoidamis, 2007). This also assists the marketing management of the organization to avoid the research in respect to customer relationship as through digital mode they can directly contact with customers (Mengqiao and Xie, 2008). Here, the measurement of the customers can be done by analyzing their response and behavior towards their buying behavior and this help the company to maintain relationship with customers.

2.4 Process of customer relationship marketing

Customer relationship marketing refers to the systematic process in which companies use techniques of marketing to sustain an effective relationship with customers. This facilitates the company to retain their customers for long term duration (Dimitriadis and Stevens, 2008). Effective customer relationship marketing of the company also creates the brand image of the company in market as how the company is more conscious towards its customers (Baron, Conway and Warnaby, 2010). In this process, organization tries to manage their customers by interacting with them at different stage of sales. Like, when the customer purchases the product, company supports the customers by specifying the features, uses and quality of the product (Baran, Galka and Strunk, 2008). When the final product is being sold to the customers than company again contacts with its customers about the product regarding any problem, improvements and other queries, which are related to product (Kaur, Sharma and Mahajan, 2012).

2.5 Model of Customer Relationship Marketing

In customer relationship marketing companies use varieties of the sources to measure the satisfaction level of the customers. In this advance age of technology, companies use email, social media, online websites, direct marketing etc. (Kimmel, 2009). In first stage of customer relationship marketing Model Company do marketing of its products as per the needs, wants and desires of the customers and in order to assist this aspect they also run marketing campaigns (Prieto, 2009). At this stage company also do all those practices which create the loyalty among consumers and track the different opportunities in market (Farb, 2011). In second stage of this model company sale its products in market and tries to lead the market by selling the products at reasonable price and with best quality (Rönnbäck and Eriksson, 2012). In third stage company delivers the products to its customers and satisfied them in best possible manner. In last stage of this model they support their customers after selling to its customers, this can be done on the by offering the after sales services and providing some better services (Peck, et.al., 2013). This type of services also enables the companies to measure the satisfaction level and to maintain better relationship with its customers (Prieto, 2009). This facilitates the companies to measures the satisfaction level of consumers and ensures the customers that how the company is more conscious towards its customers (Farb, 2011). Better relationship with customers ensures the long term perspective and facilitates the organization to enhance their performance in market (Grigoroudis and Siskos, 2009). If the customer relationship marketing of the company is better than it also work as competitive advantage for the organization.

2.6 Objectives of customer relationship marketing

Customer relationship marketing is one of the functions of company where the practice of marketing activity is used to create and develop a successful long term relationship with customers (Reijonen and Laukkanen, 2010). In this present generation marketing activities and customers both are very significant as using of the marketing techniques, which also satisfies the customer’s needs states and establishes good image in the intellect of the consumers (Negi and Ketema, 2013). Thus, the main objective of the companies in today’s scenario is to establish better relationship with its customers. The main objective of customer relationship marketing is to maintain long term relationship with its customers and to enhance their performance in market by customer loyalty and brand image (Vaerenbergh, Vermeir and Larivière, 2013). In customer relationship marketing the main objective of the companies is to offer the right kind of then product to right person at right time. These relationship can be accomplish only when company is able to recognize its customers in efficient manner and maintain better relationship with them even after selling of products to them (Reijonen and Laukkanen, 2010). Better customer relationship marketing ensures the success of company in many ways:

Those consumers who are responding the company in efficient manner then company should maintain superior relations with them (Harridge-March, 2009). This relationship will retain the customers for long time and also creates the loyalty.

This relationship will also increase the profitability of their business and establish good brand image in market (Klaus, 2013).

By using customer relationship marketing it also enhances the performance of company in market as how the company is more conscious towards its customers (Klaus, 2013).

Research Methodology

The word research can be referred as the systematic and chronological examination of specific topic, which reveals the detail outcomes of the subject and also enhances the knowledge of researcher (Creswell, 2013). In this section of chapter, the detail study of the research is specified which assist to know that how overall research will be performed. This part is comprises of tools and techniques which are used in this research and on the basis of which final upshot is concluded (Kumar, 2010). In the present study marketing relationship with customers in the digital age is analyzed that is to evaluate the role of digital technologies in establishing, evaluating and improving customer satisfaction at Amazon.

3.1 Research Approach

Research approach can be termed as the strategy, which will be used in the research in order to evaluate the study in detail way. Approach of the research is depending upon the chosen topic of the researcher and according to which approach is selected (Daniel and Sam, 2011). There are mainly two approaches inductive approach and deductive approach. In the present report, inductive approach is selected as this approach facilitates the researcher to move towards the broader description of the topic (Martella, Nelson and Marchand-Martella, 2010). Through this approach researcher is able to budge from specific topic to the general topic and detail the study in very descriptive way.

3.2 Data collection methods

Data collection is one of the most significant parts of the research, as on the basis of which the whole study of the research is dependent. Basically, there are two ways of collecting the data one is primary method and second is secondary method of data collection (Creswell, 2013). This method comprises of collection of data from various sources such as through questionnaires, interviews, journals, articles, magazines etc. Collection of data from the multiple ways ensures the researcher to conclude the study of the research in specific way (Saleem, 2008). With the help of this data an effective role of digital technology is analyzed in order to understand the customer satisfaction level.

3.3 Primary data collection

In primary data collection method the data is collected directly through the individuals, by observations, interviews and market research. Gathering of information through this method preserves the reliability, objectivity and consistency in the data of the research (Kimmel, 2009). In the current research for collecting the primary data Semi-structured Interview with the marketing managers will be done which will give precise information (Dimitriadis and Stevens, 2008). In this method questionnaire method will be used at the time of interview through which detail information will be collected.

3.4 Secondary data collection

Secondary data collection method states about the collection of those data which is already used by some other researchers or individual bodies (Farb, 2011). This information assesses the researcher to get the detail overview of the information about the topic. In the present secondary data is collected from review of books, journals articles, published report and online articles (Saleem, 2008). Information collected from this sources give detail information about the topic and helps to analyze the study of research in depth manner.

3.5 Sampling

In sampling technique an appropriate number of samples are selected, which are chosen from the entire population. These samples are selected according to the selected area of the research to know the exact information from those selected individuals (Rönnbäck and Eriksson, 2012). In perspective to this report and in contrast to sampling technique a sample size of 30 marketing managers is being selected. These samples are belonging to marketing mangers of Amazon. They assist the researcher to gather the detail information about the use of digital technology in customer relationship marketing and how it satisfies the customers in more efficient way (Creswell, 2013).

Data analysis and Interpretation

Data analysis part of the research plays very significant role, as on the basis of which the overall conclusion of the study will be concluded. From this chapter the researcher gets the final overview of the report along with findings and outcomes of the research. This part of the study comprises of analysis and interpretation of the data, which is collected by the researcher from the primary and secondary sources of data collection. In respect to the current part of the research, qualitative technique is used in which analysis of the data and information is examined with thematic analysis. With the help of thematic analysis appropriate information of the data is presented and this information is coupled with graphical representation. Qualitative analysis will clear all the detail information about the research and facilitates the researcher to accomplish its study. The purpose on behalf of which research is done is evaluated in this part of the research. As it is essential part of the study which explains that what are the findings and final outcomes of the research.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Making valuable relationship with customer in terms of marketing retains them for long term period and also creates the loyalty among them. In this digital age, the technology businesses, which are operating in online retail industry, are required to maintain effectual relationship with customers (Aksoy, Buoye and Henseler, 2013). It is very essential for any business to capture and retain their customers for longer period of time and develop relationship with its customers. Customer relationship marketing ensures the company that their customers will be retain with them for long term period, this is due to satisfaction of customers that how the company is more conscious towards them (Dumeresque, 2013). To maintain this effective relationship companies always has to implement advanced and unique marketing efforts, which gratify the customers in enhanced way.

From the above study, it has been concluded that Amazon has creating a valuable customer relationship with its customers. In this present research study, researcher has tried to gain comprehension about the effective relationship with its customers by the help of questionnaire, which is based on the marketing managers of Amazon. Finally, the report concluded that customer relationship marketing is beneficial for the company and to satisfy their customers they always try to communicate with them (Vida, Koklic and Kukar-Kinney, 2012). Company has strongly applying its marketing efforts to satisfy the customers in the best possible manner and they also solve the difficulties and queries of the customers as much early as possible for them. Amazon also permits its customers to summit their reviews on their website and conveys customers that they also can rate their products according to their satisfaction.

Reflective Statement

Through this present research report I had experienced a lot about the knowledge, concepts, philosophies and ideas in perspective to customer relationship marketing in digital age. This entire report facilitates me to understand and identify the role of digital technology at Amazon and this has made a knowledgeable experience in my life. This was the greatest familiarity for me about the marketing in digital way and shows that how this is implemented by the various companies in order to satisfy the customers and make better relationship with them. While studying this report I learned so many things that how to engage with managers of company and how much they are responsible towards their work and role. I also noticed that digital marketing has change the thinking, concept and mind of the marketing managers as now they think in very unique manner. Through this research I gained wide knowledge in the field of digital marketing, practical situations and about customer satisfaction also.



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