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Context of Mcdonald

Organization Selected : McDonald


Marketing is an essential element which is essentially required to adopt by an organisation in order to spread information about the products and services they offered in market with an objective of attracting and influencing interest and buying behaviour of targeted customers so as to increase revenue of company. For this, the marketing managers are held liable to prepare a suitable marketing plan and strategies in order to execute marketing activities in an appropriate manner. The present assignment report is based on McDonald which is one of the largest American largest fast food company operated in multiple number of countries. Their major products includes Hamburgers, Chicken, French Fries, Soft Drinks etc. The project covers the different roles and responsibilities of marketing functions. In addition with this, marketing plan has been also discussed under this report. All other aspects are also explained under this report with the context of McDonald (Arguello, 2013).

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P1: Explain the key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions

Marketing function is an important factor of an organisation which brings many opportunities towards company to grab in order to attain strong position in competitive market world. McDonald is well-known brand name which has already attained huge customers base thus to retain them, the company always tried to give efforts to identify the changing taste and preferences through conducting research and accordingly make changes in their products features. It directly make huge impact on the sales figure of company due to which the revenue has also been increased. In addition with this, there are some other roles and responsibilities as well which need to be performed by the marketing team in order to achieve desired goals and objectives of company within pre-determined time period. Such roles and responsibilities of marketing function are briefly described as below:

Market research: 

It is an essential for an organisation t conduct research or survey in order to find out the current market trends so that further actions can be implemented to meet such current trends (Bačík, Štefko and Gburová, 2014). The marketing manager is held liable to make decision regarding conducting research with an objective of identifying the customer's taste and preferences, competitors' strategies etc. which direct them to make changes in their existing products and services in order to maximise the satisfaction level of targeted customers. This will help company in retaining loyal customers for longer period of time.


It is also an important marketing functions as it is essentially required to make decisions and strategies regarding adoption of marketing tools in order to spread information about the benefits provided in addition with the existing products and services such as discount offers, cashback or coupons etc. It help in influencing customer's minds and buying behaviour which brings beneficial outcome to company in terms of increasing sales and revenue.

Profit maximisation: 

Marketing the products and services by Marketing team of McDonald directly make huge positive impact on the revenue of company through increasing sales figure. For example, Advertising products on TV increases the chances of influencing buying behaviour of customers in favourable way due to which they may show more interest in buying their products and services (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013).


The customers always prefer to buy such company's products whose outlets are located nearby to them. Therefore, it is important for marketing team to find out the better location where the company can easily get crowd. For example, In London market there are huge number of people are present including large number of tourists thus required for McDonald to open their new outlets at such places which directly makes favourable impact on the company's revenue.


The marketing manager of McDonald is held responsible to prepare budget for marketing activities with the help of taking support from finance department so that it becomes easy to allocate cost on the basis of outcomes received in near future.

Management information system:

There is requirement to adopt such system in order to record all information gathered from research so that further actions to be implemented in order to fulfil their needs and requirements in satisfied manner. This help in making an effective decisions and plans for the betterment of loyal customers as well as an organisation.

P2: Roles and responsibilities of marketing related to organisational context

McDonald is well-known established brand in market which has already attained strong image in market thus it becomes easy for them to attract customers across worldwide. But to retain their brand identity it is essential for company to adopt various marketing tools in order to promote their existing products and services and explain why they are better than their rivals. Marketing includes promotions, sales, delivering products to the targeted customers etc. To bring company ahead than their rivals, marketing need to get adequate support from other departments such as finance, production, HR, R&D, IT department etc. which are equally liable to give efforts in achieving desired goals and objectives of an organisation (Campbell and Martin, 2015). All such departments are interrelated with each other which are further discussed under the below:

Marketing department with production department: 

The production department are liable to product optimum quality of products through minimising the wastage of resources. This will enable company to provide goods at an affordable prices. To manufactured demanded products, they need to get direction from marketing department which provides them sufficient information about the taste and preferences of customers through conducting research about current market trends.

Marketing department with finance department: 

No activity can be performed without funds thus the marketing department need to get sufficient support from the finance department to execute marketing activities in an effective and efficient manner. Finance department also required to prepare financial statements which clearly indicates the expenses incurred on each business activity. This will help company to know which marketing activity brings profitable outcome to company. Adopting marketing tool and techniques such as media advertising, print media etc. required huge amount of funds thus finance department need to support them in performing marketing activities without facing any difficulties (Clow and James,2013).

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Marketing department with HR department:

HR department is liable to fulfil the requirements of human resources in an organisation through organising recruitment programs and selection. This will help marketing department to get employees having proper knowledge about marketing functions which help them in executing marketing activities in proper manner.

Marketing department with R&D department: 

The marketing department mainly targeted such locations where they can easily get crowd for their outlet so that they can market their goods and services at such places in order to attract and influence their buying behaviour. Thus, it requires support from R&D who brings valuable information about market trends and locations through conducting research on regular basis. Supporting each other help company in increasing their revenues which makes positive impact on their existence in market.

IT Department with marketing department:

IT departments are held liable to record and keep information about the loyal customers through using MIS system due to which marketing department easily get direction to target market where they need to attract from their marketing tools and techniques (Draelos, 2010).


P3: Compare ways to use elements of marketing mix

Marketing mix is a combination of seven elements which includes price, product, place, promotion, process, people and physical evidence. Such all elements should required to be consider in order to make an effective marketing decisions and plans in order to achieve desired goals and objectives of McDonald. It is essential for company to compare its marketing mix with their rivals so that further actions to be implemented in order to bring company ahead than their rivals in market. Out of many competitors, Burger King is one of the tough competitor which brings lots of challenges towards McDonald. are you worried about assignment help at an affordable budget?

Marketing mix of McDonald


McDonald is well-known brand attaining huge customer base due to selling good quality food products and services. It deals in many varieties of products such as Hamburgers, sandwiches, desserts, cold drinks etc. due to which it becomes easy for their outlets to get success in every locations. Due to focusing on enhancing quality, the customers shows more trust and are more reliable which help company in achieving their loyalty.


McDonald charges an effective prices which can be afforded by medium and high income group. As they mainly focusing on improving quality due to which the company set price little bit high than their rivals. Nowadays the people are more health conscious due to which they prefer quality instead of price thus it brings beneficial result to company (Eslinger, 2014).


McDonald has located in over 119 countries in which approx. 36,258 restaurants are there which served company's products and services to the maximum number of people. As they always tried to expand its business through opening new outlets in such locations where they easily get huge crowd. For example, McDonald now preferred to reach their business to most of the rural areas in order to increase their customer strengths.


McDonald invested lot of money on adopting promotional tools and techniques in order to spread information about their quality and other benefits provided in addition to their existing products. Promotional tools includes Advertisement on TV, hoarding, print media, social media etc. which is fruitful to grab an atte4ntion of large number of customers across worldwide. Due to having strong brand, the company focuses on hiring celebrities to promote their products through advertisement.


It is related with the staff members engaged in serving products and services to the customers. McDonald has decided uniform for their employees which brings good image in front of the customers. McDonald has attaining different outlets in different countries containing clean environment and comfortable seating facilities which maximises the satisfaction level and help company in achieving their loyalty (Fırat, 2013).


The process of manufacturing food products are transparent to customers due to which they show more trust and reliable on their quality products and services. McDonald always focusing on adopting new methods of distribution and packaging so that maximum number of people can easily attract from different countries.

Physical evidence: 

McDonald is well known brand name whose symbol or tag-line can easily be recognised by the customers. Due to having large number of outlets in different countries, the customers find easy to reach at their outlets to get valuable experience of products and services of McDonald.

Marketing mix of Burger King:


Burger King is also engaged in selling different varieties of food products and services such as hamburgers, desserts, French fries etc. thus giving tough competition to McDonald and affect their revenues as well. Offering discounts on regular basis help company in achieving huge customer base.


Burger King charges lower prices on their food items as compared to McDonald due to which lower and middle income group are easily attracted towards their products and services. It help company in increasing market share which makes positive impact on the revenue of company (Lane, 2014).


Burger King has attained 13000 outlets in over 79 countries due to which the company has attained huge customer strength. Due to maintaining lower prices, their decision of opening new outlets in new countries are more successful. It directly impacts on their revenues and sales figure of company.


Burger King also invested lot of money on advertising products through adopting different marketing tools and techniques such as social media, print media, advertisement on TV etc. Through spreading information about company's products and services, the company easily get attention of large number of customers.


Burger king has employed large number of employees who are giving more efforts in serving company's products and services to the targeted customers. They mainly recruit employees from different nations in order to deal with customers having different cultures and backgrounds. This will bring good image in customer's mind due to which it become easy for company to achieve their loyalty (Marshall and Johnston, 2011).


Burger King has attained multiple number of outlets due to which the company an easily distributed to the maximum number of customers. The company mainly focuses on offering discounts due to which they always tried to give efforts in reducing cost of production.

Physical evidence: 

Burger King has expand its business to over 15000 locations in over 71 countries due to which the company has make strong presence in development countries. For example, opening outlets in India brings more profitable result to company.


P4: Basic marketing plan

The marketing manager of McDonald is held liable to make an effective marketing decisions and plans for the purpose of executing marketing activities in such an effective manner that will help them in achieving profitable outcomes in near future. Marketing plan is like a blueprint which guides and directs the employees working in marketing department to perform marketing activities in an expected manner. McDonald also need to consider all such aspects which can affects the execution of marketing activities. Such aspects includes budget, objectives, vision, mission and strategies when enter into new market (Martin, Campbelland and Harmsen, 2014).


To offer quick services to the customers in order to enhance their experience by offering optimum quality, value, cleanliness and valuable services.


The mission statement of McDonald states that giving more efforts to maintain loyalty of customers, way to drink and way and favourite place.

SWOT Analysis of McDonald


  • It was first established in 1955 and from till to now, the company has attained strong goodwill in the global market.
  • McDonald has attained over 67000 restaurants which are located in multiple number of countries (Vanhamme and et. al., 2012).
  • Having skilled and knowledgeable staff members representing company in better manner which brings good image in customer's mind.


  • Due to high labour turnover, it becomes difficult for company to recruit skilled and knowledgable employees.
  • McDonald's pizza has not attained good image in market due to large number of competitors.
  • Nowadays people are more health conscious due to which they show less willingness to consume junk and fast food products.


  • Should engaged in proving other products other than fast food products in order to achieve huge customer strengths.
  • Expanding business to developed countries in order to generate huge revenues.


  • Due to having large number of rivals in similar market, McDonald may faces lots of challenges and threats in increasing their revenues.
  • Health conscious people generally not preferred to buy such products which negatively affects the revenue of company.


It refers to division of market of potential customers into different groups and segments on the basis of certain characteristics. It can be classified into:

  • Demographic: Such type of market is divided on the basis of age, gender, income, religion etc. McDonald charges little bit high prices thus concentrating on higher as well as medium income group.
  • Psycho-graphic: Such type of market is segmented on the basis of interests and lifestyle of customers etc. For example, higher income group mainly prefer to visit at their stores with their families.
  • Behavioural: Such type of market is segmented on the basis of buying behaviour of customers. For an illustration, Young generation mainly prefer to consume junk and fast food products thus required to consider their taste and preferences.
  • Geographic: This type of market is segmented on the basis of location where the company may decide to expand its business. For example, Due to having huge crowd in London Market, the decision of opening new outlets at such locations becomes more profitable (Marketing Structure. 2010).


Young people are the main targeted customers of McDonald due to which their revenue are largely depends on their buying behaviour.


It indicates the position of company in market. McDonald is well known brand in market which can be easily recognised by the customers. Due to selling quality and healthy food products, the company has attained strong brand position in market.

Marketing Mix of McDonald


McDonald deals in multiple number of products such as Hamburgers, Desserts, cold drink etc. along with the smoothies, fish wraps and salads. This will easily attract large number of customers.


The buying behaviour of customers largely depends on the pricing factors thus need to be maintain optimum prices so that maximum number of customers can easily afford to buy their quality products and services (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013).


McDonald has been located in multiple number of countries due to which capturing large market share. Further need to expand business to developed countries such as India, China etc. in order to attain strong brand image in market world.


McDonald need to continue spend amount on adoption of marketing tools and techniques. It includes online advertised, TV advertisement, print media etc. Hiring known celebrities will easily grab an attention of large number of customers across worldwide.

Marketing strategy:

To execute marketing activities in an effective manner, the marketing manager required to make suitable marketing strategies and plans in order to maintain healthy relation with their loyal customers. For this, relationship marketing is an effective option through which the company can easily attain strong position in market.


In this, all the pre-determined steps are required to follow by the members of marketing department in an appropriate manner in order to get profitable outcomes in near future. Maximum efforts given by employees help company in achieving better possible outcomes (Perreault, 2010).


The marketing manager are required to analyse all pre-determined activities in order to identify the level of effectiveness of each marketing activity. Through following methods, effectiveness can be easily identified:

Sales analysis:

Market-share analysis: It is concerned with study concerning marketing shatter whether it is low or high and there is large market share of McDonald.

Efficiency ratios: Asset Turnover Ratio- Revenue (Sales)/Net Assets

Cost-Profitability Analysis: It consists an profit examination in addition to costs. It shows gap between sales as well as cost.


It has been concluded from the above project report that marketing is an essential need of every company which help them to become known in market. Marketing manager holds all roles and responsibilities to manage and execute marketing activities in an effective and efficient manner. Considering different promotional tools such as Advertisement on TV, social media, print media etc. help in spreading information about company's products and services into market due to which the customers can easily attracts towards them.


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