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International Business Communications

Introduction to International communication

International communication is a communication practice which occurs in international business. International communication is necessary for caring out all business activity. There is some importance of international communication in business for making any decision. The present report is based on an international business communication in the context of Networking. This report covers the importance of networking in International business. Along with this, different networking skills are evaluated.

Task 1

There are different modes of communication networking which business use for expanding the business in all over the world. Networking refers to a way through which formation flow within the organisation (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson, 2014.). There are various communication networks through which information flow from one place to other. Through networking, the flow of information is managed, regulated and structured.

The networking helps in making connection and building relationship. It is necessary to make sure that right people are included in a business network so that the organisation can gain success. There are various sources of the network through which effective communication can take place. Further, networking helps in providing most productive, expert and permanent tactic to build a relationship (Hovhannisyan and Keller, 2015). Effective communication and strong presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is the productive approach which aids in building a strong relationship with other business. Business networking events are organised around the world which helps in bringing together an extraordinary group of highly skilled and talented entrepreneur who give an idea of communication, creating and sharing with the potential investor. Along with this, networking is powerful in many ways as it motivates employees and gives opportunities to expand the business.

Networking is a low-cost method of marketing for developing sale opportunities by face to face meeting and or by contact method such as email, phone call, etc. Business networking offers a way to reach decision makers which can become sometimes difficult of using conventional advertising method (Zikmund, Babin and Griffin, 2013). If the company have an as strong network with its business client who is in the different country, then the company can easily continue its business activity without facing any trouble. For the international business, a company is required to develop a network with different business people so that it can operate the business all over the world. There are many firms who operate its business in a different country. In addition to this, at the time of operating a business in another country, the organisation is required to create a strong relationship with the employee by creating a strong network with them. The company can create a network by using different modes of communication.

There are some important communications networks through which the company can stay connected with different business thorough different communication network. Some of the communication networks are online networking and offline networking. Further, in offline networking company can connect with a different business employee for operating its business in another country through a telephone. It is the best way for creating a strong network with business operators in another country (Forrester and Maute, 2013). The organisation can stay connected with other people easily at any time. Apart from that, the changes in the mode of networking get advanced as there are new technology implemented which help in creating a strong relationship with the other businesses. The company can send information through an email and meeting can also be conducted with the help of video calling. There is some effective international business networking which is face to face networking, electronic networking.

Two most important networking skills in an international business communication are listening and asking question skill. These both skills can impress a client. If employee listens to its client carefully, then it shows respects in front of them while interrupting unnecessarily create a bad image. It is necessary to become good listener in which it is necessary to make eye contact and never show that feeling bored in front of the client (Chen and Chang, 2013). In addition to this, it is necessary to respond some of the key words. In networking, through listening skill, a good listener always pays attention to communication and responds with an appropriate question. Another listening skill is to ask right question because it builds trust between client and employee. It is necessary to ask the positive question to client and show interest in their answer.

Face to face networking events create a lasting impression in the mind of people. When networking event finish, it is necessary to stay connected with parties who participated in the event. There are different ways to stay connected with people by online social networking sites such as Facebook, or email, etc. there is some importance of networking in the business. Strong Network with other business experts become extremely beneficial for a success of business. Networking provides an opportunity to the business (Gilson, Maynard and Hakonen, 2015.). It gives a chance to meet a new people and in making something innovative. When the strong network is created with international business communication, then it becomes easy to get success. Further, the company can make a new innovative product with the help of strong networking. By communicating with different people help in getting an innovative idea for making a new product. At the time of communicating with different people, strong relation with new people can be build. It helps in learning new things with each other. There is a chance of getting a new idea which can benefit the company in different ways. Along with this, networking provides a great source of connection and opens a door for innovating new products for the customer. There is a big benefit of networking that is visible in front of others (Braun, Kavaratzis and Zenker, 2013.). It is necessary to make sure that business and social event is attended so that company image can be built in mind of people. The company can include international voices which help in making the connection and expanding international business. Email list, networking sites and online groups are the easy way for making communication with other business. There are some main social networking sites that are LinkedIn or other group sites for making business communication. Regular networking also increases a confidence which is important for the business owner. Therefore, the company can take advice from others through a good networking. There are many firms which expand its business all over the world and for this purpose it is required to make strong relation with people so that all resources can be easily available for them on time. For this, the company needs to develop a network with different clients and business men by using a different mode of communication (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra, 2014). Organization can use social networking sites for sharing any information related to the business.

There are many social networking sites which are created by a company. Through personal mail id, the company can send relevant information to another client. From email, LinkedIn, etc. these sites help the firm in operating its business by sitting far away from it. Further, this is an inexpensive method and very effective method which makes the business successful (Kwok and Yu, 2013). On the other hand, new intent apps are implemented such as Skype, WhatsApp, IMO, etc. which help in communicating face to face to a customer and client. The company can use this tool for communicating face to face without any trouble.

This mode of communication is helpful in creating a strong network. In addition to this, networking in business is the best way to find out what other think about products before investing time and money on promotion which is not profitable (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson, 2014). Strong networking helps the company in identifying the solution for a business problem. The company uses different modes of communication which help the company in making continuous contact with the different client. Networking is about to make a connection and build a beneficial relationship with clients. For getting success in business it is necessary to stay in contact with suppler, investor, client, and customer, etc. so that company may not face any type of trouble.

There are some modes of communication which company can use to stay connected with them all the time. This effective mode of communication helps in getting raw material on time. For example, if the company builds a strong network with a supplier it can easily get some benefit at the time of buying a raw material and can be available on time. So the company can remain in contact with them for getting success (Zikmund, Babin and Griffin, 2013). On the other hand, the company need to build a relation with the customer by using different networking sites. If organisation build a network with a customer by using a different networking site that is Facebook, Twitter this help in staying connected with the client for a longer time. Through this site, the organisation can easily communicate with its customer and come to know their review related to products. Through Facebook, Twitter, etc. it helps the company in understanding which product demand has higher demand in the market. Then the company can easily make that product and sell it in another country.

Further, it also helps in making new innovative products for its customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the organisation is required to make a strong network with investors who are interested in investing in their firm (Gilson, Maynard and Hakonen, 2015). The company can share its financial status of the company so that investor can make a decision whether they need to invest in their company or not. By using a different mode of communication, the company can also share information related to its company with its other stakeholder so that positive image can be built in the minds of the other stakeholder. From the above, it is clear that networking is very important for the International business communication.

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Form the above report it can be concluded that, It is necessary for the business to create a strong network by using different modes of communication so that business can achieve success. There are different ways of communication which company can use for communicating outside the country. Email and telephone call make easy for the firm to send information to the clients. Further, it can be concluded that there is some importance of networking in an international business communication. The networking creates confidence in business and helps in getting the new innovative idea for making the new product for a customer. Strong networking assist the firm in finding a solution for a business problem.


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