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Behavioural Observation of Sam - Case Study

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on a case study of Sam who is suffering from some serious issues related to mental and physical health. In this regard, this report is going to analyze some specific areas as:

  • Provide an overall description of the case report as well as identifying relevant information.
  • Evaluate reasons for referral, procedure and background information related to the provided case study.
  • Analyze behavioural observation and mental status.
  • Discuss the test results as well as their interpretation.
Answer :
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Identifying information

Sam has been referred to a psychologist for assessment by his GP. Recently he is facing issues because of back pain which sometime become too bad for him to bear it. After taking treatment is not able to recover his health issues (Turner, Anderson and Cherkin, 2016). However, back surgery was carried out shortly after the accident but he was suffering from continuous back pain which was chronic. Some of the issues faced by Sam are reduce in mobility, insomnia. Apart from this, some psychosocial issues faced by Sam are feels angry and irritable most of the time. Sometime he also feels failure which makes him depressed.

Reason for referral

Sam has been referred to a psychologist for assessment by his GP, Dr Mark Thomas who is concerned that Sam is not making a satisfactory progress with recovery from a back injury. Reason for referring him to a psychologist is its psychosocial issues due to which his condition is getting worst. He feels angry and irritated most of the time especially when he feels helpless. Along with this, sometime his wife treats him like a lazy without understanding his concern and has arguments most of the time for households and money. Hence it can be stated that Sam was suffering from mental and physical health issues due to increase in back pain. It became important for him that proper treatment must be provided to overcome concerns.


There are various causes of back pain which lead to includes accidents, strains, accidents etc. Sam was suffering from back pain as because of trying to lift a heavy pile of tiles on site. After taking a medication he was not able to overcome his health issues (Qaseem, McLean, and Forciea, 2017). It is important for Sam to follow systematic procedure which in overcome both physical and mental health issues. State of mind can be affected at the time when an individual gets low back pain better then clinical test. An individual if suffer from chronic pain or facing issues in carrying out day-to-day activities then they may face anxiety, depression. Here, psychological therapies such as mindfulness-based stress reduction can help in overcome the symptom. Hence this, practice help in developing understanding to ignore negative mental thinking and focus on breathing (Chou, Deyo. and Grusing, 2017).

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Background information

Sam is a 45 year old who lived with his wife Sarah and 3 children. He worked as a plumber in a construction company over a year ago where he sustained a back injury after trying to lift a heavy pile of tiles on site. Further, he was on sick leave after suffering from back injury. He got injury on a spinal disc herniation of the lumbar region between LA and L5. Sam was also providing back surgery but still he faces back pain which is known as chronic.

Behavioral observation and mental status

Phycological factors are rarely seemed to be essential cause of prolonged pain but it leads to put inviably affect for worse or better. Pain which the brain thinks to important will be amplified and those who think it is of no consequence will be lessened. Mood can directly affect the pain and it is important to divert mind so that pain do not impact much (Cherkin, Sherman and Turner, 2016). To live with chronic pain can enhance depression, sadness, feeling of stress and other mental health related symptom. At the time of pain health care profession mainly refer to the psychologist or psychiatrist. To refer to the mental health profession does not sense that pain is in head. It leads to help in taking positive step for treating in a well manner as a whole person through treating both the emotional and physical pain.

Psychotherapy for back pain is a drastic form of knowledge therapy which is considered for treating severe mind, body and health condition. Psychotherapy is known as the form of emotional theory which is driven from psychoanalysis.

Two classes of antidepressants as regularly as conceivable used to cure discouragement in the people who experience interminable torment is specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). For most part, embraced SSRIs join and) sertraline (Zoloft) and fluoxetine (Prozac), however consistently suggested SNRIs fuse duloxetine (Cymbalta) and venlafaxine (Effexor) (Ehde, Dillworth and Turner, 2014).

These medicines have been seemed, by all accounts, to be shielded and fruitful for administering despairing with respect to endless torment, yet like all medicine, they go with some risk of responses. Not surprisingly, make a point to discuss these pharmaceuticals in detail with your master before beginning any treatment regimen that fuses them, and teach pro of the impressive number of medicine (tallying over-the-counter meds), home developed cures, and supplements you are at the present time taking to keep up a vital separation from any negative drug joint efforts.

Along with this medication some other types of treatments are as follows:

Talk treatment, extra properly called mental lead treatment (CBT). The point of convergence of CBT is to empower the person to manage their situation—and may fuse attracting the patient to change certain thought cases to an all the more elevating viewpoint, making sense of the way to issue settle, and beating fears (McCracken and Vowles, 2014).

Work on loosening up techniques, for instance, reflection or conceivably breathing exercises.

Deliberate linking a care gathering.

Standard exercise can aid to check feelings of stress, uneasiness and downfall. Exercise influences the body to issue endorphins, which can enhance you feel and may enable diminishing to torment perception too (Banth, and Ardebil, 2015).

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Test results and interpretation

To date, the composition shows that CBT is a capable part in the general treatment of CLBP. As noted previously, the biopsychosocial approach to manage unending distress organization has moved a long way from the out of date see that monotherapy is the most ideal approach to manage achieves general remedial change.

Distinctive components - natural, mental and social - must be in the meantime tended to and CBT serves a convincing part in dealing with the psychosocial portion of CLBP. Regardless, it ought to be joined with other supportive sections, for instance, dynamic recovery to oversee physical deconditioning issues.

Starting at now, be that as it may, there are no examinations particularly watching out for what mix of fragments for what sort of unending torment issue give the best therapeutic outcomes. Results showed this combined approach conveyed important improvements in failure, loaded with feeling inconvenience, self-practicality and catastrophizing at whole deal advancement. As of now, this accomplice of patients demonstrated hazardous response to both of these treatment portions when directed alone. Regardless of the way that there were some methodological issues related with the above examination, it outlines the creating clear need to coordinate "fragment form" examinations of extensive torment organization programs remembering the ultimate objective to dissect the relative duties of the diverse portions. This will also drive the heuristic estimation of a biopsychosocial approach to manage steady torment organization.

It is basic to observe that CBT does not particularly address the physiological fragment of torment. Regardless, the basic reframing of maladaptive considerations and adjusting frameworks can incite a decreasing in a bad position, which may, consequently, reduce the torment comprehension to some degree. Yet again, it should be seen that CBT interventions proceed from the view that a man's understanding, evaluation, and feelings about his or her prosperity condition and adjusting gathering, concerning torment and insufficiency, will impact the level of excited and physical powerlessness related with the torment condition. The general CBT system portrayed before it is used for most psychopathologies experienced (Chou, Deyo. and Grusing, 2017). In any case, there are capabilities in the utilization of this framework that are specific to patient's assurance. Thusly, while discussing the instrument of action for CBT one needs to consider a bit of the more typical psychosocial decided found in Sam who suffer from chronic pain.

Summary and recommendation

From the above report, it is summarized that patient with back pain have negative cognitions for present, future and people around them. They started thinking that they gave nothing to do with themselves with their pain. Due to which reason then started making wrong assumption that pain will not go away or they think that other people not able to understand their condition (Cherkin, Sherman and Turner, 2016). Due to this reason, they started feeling irritable, depressed etc. It is important to provide Sam proper treatment so that it can easily overcome its health issues. There are various psychological therapies that can be adopted so that an individual can deal with its chronic pain and overcome health issues and pain.

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