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Leopard Controls Management Case Study

University: Australian National University

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Question :

This case study analysis is based on the Leopard controls management system. Leopard controls is one of the best provider in context with the open system solutions and based on web platform. The structure of leopard controls initiates development as well as management environment. It helps organization management system in order to improve their process of performing in their organization effectively as well as efficiently. To built a custom made environment in the organization it is necessary to fulfil the demands of consumers which may arise in future. The management system of leopard controls is the largest supplier who is enhancing all services in accordance with their management across whole Australia.

  • Explain the concept of leopard control?
  • What are the issues faced at the time of leopard control management?
  • What are the ways to overcome the issues?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Qantas Limited


Issue 1:- Leopard control management system has faced the problem of fragmentation as well as degradation. As there are many species which has been decreased because of these problems. Due to fragmentation as well as degradation the consequences got built up as it arises between human and leopard. Fragmentation basically means that everything is divided into certain parts or segments. Degradation means something is been lowered down. So, it happened in leopard control management system also. As respect for leopards was less. It was analysed that the battle between human and leopard has been always there because of their small body size.

(Illustration 1: Leopard Controls)

Solution 1:- To tackle the issue management system of leopard control has enhanced the uniformity through various programs which help in achieving success and manage an effective management system. They researched it in a proper manner regarding the regularity of leopards in landscapes where history has been developed.

(Illustration 2: Source- http://www.walkthroughindia.com/wildlife/the-deadly-human-wildlife-conflict-in-india-people-and-wildlife/)

Issue 2:- The strategies which leopard control management system was affecting their growth because all strategies were client-oriented. In case of other organizations, they had always established their strategies in a way other competitors also get attracted but leopard controls were not doing in such effective way due to which their management system was not properly managed. Due to ineffective strategies, human leopard conflict also got increased.

Solution 2:- To reduce human resource conflict and make their strategies effective leopard control management system appointed school children whose role was to aware everyone and educate them to not do such conflict and don't provide any harm to them.

(Illustration 3: Source- https://www.change.org/p/stop-leopard-trophy-imports)

Issue 3:- Leopard control management system also had to face a big issue regarding the conflict from Shivalik – Terai landscape and some segments of Central India. Due to such conflict the development regarding social status as well as conservation was at critical stage which was very difficult for a management system to improve.

Solution 3:- Leopard control management system solved this issue through implementing new model so that the areas which have more risk can be protected well. They improved the areas through implementing all models to protect leopards with humans. They used two models; Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2A5 which had fire control systems and advanced technology for night vision.

(Illustration 4: Source- https://www.snowleopard.org/how-ai-helps-us-understand-protect-snow-leopards/)

Issue 4:- In Limpopo, South Africa almost all leopards were killed legally as well as in an illegal way because according to humans it was dangerous for them as leopards used to harm their livestock and conflict between them arise more.

Solution 4:- Leopard control management system was been focused only on protecting leopards because it is their responsibility to protect all leopards from human conflicts. To protect them they applied many methods so that they can research well regarding conservation and control all conflicts which is increasing day by day.

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Issue 5:- Leopard control management system also had to face issue in case of snow leopards as they were also been killed due to human conflicts. Snow leopards were killed because of their fur and people don't used to care for them though their bones are still used in Asian medicines.

Solution 5:- The management system care for both leopards as well as humans. So, they enabled scheme to provide farmers with compensation if their livestock is been harmed through which they don't harm leopards.

(Illustration 5: Source- https://wwf.panda.org/discover/knowledge_hub/endangered_species/snow_leopard/snow_leopard_sos/?)


  • It is very important to support wildlife. The leopards who are in danger due to increased human leopard conflict should be banned because continuous harm to leopards will also affect humans. Leopards are very important for the ecosystem because it is in context with cultural importance. If humans will continuously harm all leopards then it will be disadvantageous for them also. It is recommended that leopard control management system should establish strategies so that both human leopard conflict can also be reduced and leopards gets saved.
  • According to recent issues, the leopards are being harmed approx 53 % so it recommended that it should not be done like this because leopards are not only providing harm but they are also needed for better future. It is also recommended that if human conflict will increase more then leopards will be killed more especially in case of snow leopards. The leopard control management system should definitely save snow leopards because their fur are very important for livestock which is important for farmers.
  • The management system should just not focus on declining the conflict between both human and leopards but they should also apply strategies and different methods, ways so that leopards can also be saved because if only human and leopard conflict will get decreased but there can even the chance that humans will still harm them especially farmers. So, they should aware them, educate them that they are very much important to wildlife.
  • If leopards will be harmed then it will be a loss to them also. Before educating people leopard control management system must have knowledge that why these leopards are important. It is recommended that management system should effectively apply all the models and enhance them so that wildlife can be improved all over the world.

Leopard control management system should manage all the system of saving leopards and reducing human leopard conflict effectively and efficiently.

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