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Affect of Significant Life Events on Individual - Case Study of Alexandria

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An individual throughout life goes through different phases where both negative and positive life event takes place. Significance of life events can be understood as those events which can affect a person or family mentally or physically. It has been found that they can feel surrounded with depression or stress while going through a life event like death, accident or other life incidents (Enoch, 2011). On the other hand, positive events like having a baby, getting married and many more. Present report is going to include case study of Alexandria who was a journalist and was suffering from Alzheimer’s from last 2 years but was not aware of it. When she get to know about it she started getting treatment and it is 2 months from that when she started getting treated. She came to her sister's house which is at London from France where she was working with a news telecommunication company. Apart from this, impact of significant life events on individuals, effectiveness of organisational policies, recommendations and many more are going to get enclosed in it.


1.1. Affect of significant life events on an individual

Significance of life events plays an important role in every single individuals life. According to present case scenario, Alexandria had Alzheimer’s. This is one of a common disease that mostly found in aged people where sick person losses the memory and some times do not even remember their own children (Entringer and et. al., 2011). Alexandria thought that she had Dementia but when she went to doctor she found that symptoms are of Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, it has been Alexandria was mostly going through the same thing and where she faced depression, stress, anxiety and many other things which impacted negatively on her way of behaving with others. In the year of 2013, around 8.2 million cases were found that were in stress and who was having Alzheimer’s in all over United Kingdom. Alexandria on daily basis when she used to go to the workstation she did not felt good at all because of experience that she was having where she used to forget about things that she placed for some purpose. She was going through a bad phase where almost every single person started judging her without even knowing about problems that she was having. A scenario took place when her boss started thinking that she is on drugs. Therefore, it has been analysed that sufferer needs support from others in order to stay positive while going through these type of diseases. An individual can also commit suicide if he/she do not handling the pressure in an appropriate manner.

As given under current case scenario, it has been found that person who is having Alzheimer’s do not feel any sort of pain but gets into stress because he/she do not remember things that she did for a long period of time. Psychologically this disease impacted negatively on life of Alexandria because of few things like she do not feel safe whenever she is out, forgets about eating, taking care of other persons (Children or Old aged). Alexandria can easily come out of this phase if bereavement can be given to her with proper care.

1.2. Analysation of possible group responses

It has been analysed that a group can only response (take proper care), if they know about the problem or situation that what type of problem individual is going through. If a group gets to know about life of event that took place in person's life then it is may be possible that problem gets solved with in set time frame and individual can happily come out of it (Grassi-Oliveira and et. al., 2012). On the other hand, it has been also located that support can or cannot be given by people's group it totally depends on how close they are with the individual. In present context, where Alexandria was having Alzheimer’s, colleagues at workstation did not knew about the issue that she was having. This whole scenario impacted negatively among relations that she had with her colleagues. On the other hand, her boss was having a thought that she started taking drugs.

All the situations can easily pull sadness in sick person's life. Most of the people all over the world do not know about the problem they are facing such as Alzheimer's because they don't know about symptoms of it. On the other hand, it has been analysed that this issue cornered Alexandria from others. This whole scenario made Alexandria to take initiative where she started living with her own family because they were the most closest personalities with whom she can share all the things which she was going through and can take care of her and her daughter. Support from her family was positive and of boss's and colleagues have impacted negatively on her life. Interviews can be considered as one of major component that can take place in order to understand the situation of ill person. Both family and health care providers can easily take initiatives if they will have proper information of problems that is being faced by Alexandria.

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1.3. Impact for others in health and social care

It has been located that person who do not have proper knowledge will react weird when situation of an individual like Alexandria is going to be faced. But, health care providers, highly qualified people in medical can easily come up with a solution that what issue is being faced by sick person (Lawson and et. al., 2013). Symptoms can be considered as the best way of understanding the disease. Going to consult with health care provider was one of major life events of Alexandria that changed whole scenario for her. Supporting staff of healing centre should attempt to build the level of patient in their temperament in light of the fact that these sort of patient overlook fundamental things like eating overlook. Attendants should change their calendar as indicated by the way of life of the patient, they have to make a diagram for every one of the prescriptions and different medications which tolerant require on consistent schedule. Typically specialists attempt to make sense of the sickness however for this situation Alexandria recommended her that she may adapt up to the issue of Alzheimer’s.

The misery in sufferer is typical issue, it can be settled by inspiring patient to keep her patience high. The average staff need to keep an uplifting state of mind in the clinic and they need to advance the satisfaction at the working environment so the psychological weight on the sufferers can get low.

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3.1. Organisational responses to the need to support an individual

It has been located that there are ample number of companies in all over United Kingdom that are continuous helping people who are suffering from diseases (Madge and et. al., 2011). On the other hand, government also took many initiatives like developing insurance policies, made hospitals like where sick people are getting treated free of cost and provided some other channels as well that aid in delivering appropriate health services to patients according to needs and requirements. Apart from this, it has also been located that government have assigned tasks to special departments that are specialised in helping out patients that are suffering from Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, they have also made some strategies and plans in order to reduce number of cases of Alzheimer’s which is carrying a rapid increasing nature at current time.

Along with this, there are some health care departments as well that are rapidly delivering different services to sufferers till the moment they get out of the issue. In present scenario, Alexandria who was suffering from Alzheimer’s it has been located that if she would went to the right doctor at current time then it is may be possible that problem would have been solved in short time frame. Therefore, as diseases are deadly at this time, it is required for citizens of United Kingdom to go to nearer healthcare centre if they find any kind of abnormality in mental or physical status. On the other hand, because of internet people are gaining knowledge of different diseases but as incomplete knowledge is harmful for them they should go for regular check up to their family health care provider in order to stay healthy and come out of stress or wrong perceptions that they are carrying (Preston and Epstein, 2011).

3.2 Own personal contributions in supporting individuals

Medical support cannot be given by me because I am not a healthcare provider. Thing that can only be done by me is to give moral support to the person who is suffering from a disease. I found that, motivation or support plays important role and can save person's life because if an individual will not stay positive it is may be possible that her will power can get low. Apart from this, I also use communication factor in a proper way so that sufferer and her family's stress can get reduced. On the other hand, convincing power of my own is very much good which can help sufferer to feel secure and relieved from the whole scenario. If treatment requires high monitory and her insurance plan is not covering the diseases then I can support in those sense as well.

Financial support can be considered as the best way to reduce stress of whole family who is going through a bad phase which is related to health (Shapiro, Meschede and Osoro, 2013). Therefore, I may help her through getting quality treatment so that she can heal from all inner wounds right on time and live a happy and healthy life in future. On the other hand, in order to improve basic knowledge of citizens of United Kingdom, I can organise a small promotional event by taking taking help of my friends or neighbours and can spread awareness of different deadly diseases that are rapidly increasing in all over UK.

3.3 Suggestions for improving the assistance available in health and social care organisation

In present context, as Alexandria was suffering from Alzheimer's which is common in nature. It is required for government to develop various policies and spread awareness among people of United Kingdom of diseases that are carrying rapid increasing nature (Working together for patients and the public, 2017). On the other hand, it is also required for government of UK to keep on developing different insurance policies and rebate in healthcare services to citizens so that they can get whole treatment with special equipments. Along with this, healthcare professionals also needs to support financially and morally so that patients can stay motivated in an appropriate manner.

Apart from this, care takers, nurses, volunteers should communicate with patients at hospital in an appropriate manner in order to support them in befitting way. Interpersonal skills at health and social care sector should be effective in nature in order to deliver appropriate services to patients as per requirements and needs. On the other hand, it is required for them to deliver a family centric approach while serving patients. This may aid in developing a healthy relationship among customers. Positivity can be brought up in a befitting manner at hospitals and other places as well. It has also been found that in all over United Kingdom, their are many institutions who are specialised in making vaccines in order to reduce Alzheimer’s cases from all over the nation (Perry and et. al., 2013).

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From the above report, it has been summarised that patient who is suffering from severe diseases needs to get right treatment on correct time. Through this, person's both medical and physical considerations can get improved. Apart from this, colleagues, family and other people needs to be aware of problems that individuals are facing so that to keep them positive and motivate them that they will come out of situation very soon. Bereavement can be considered as the best way of treating people with different sicknesses like Alzheimer’s.

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