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Care Planning Practices and Approaches - Niamh Finnegan

University: Arden University

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Question :

The scenario of this report determines Care planning practices and approaches for the Niamh Finnegan who is a 34 years old Irish woman. All the care planning practices of this report is based on designing and planning approaches in order to satisfy the requirements of service users.

  • Discuss a care planning framework and provide a clear justification for its selection.
  • Demonstrate care planning theories which are related to care plan based on the case study.
  • Provide a reflection that discusses formulation and implementation of a care plan relevant to the case study of Niamh Finnegan.
Answer :


The present case includes the case study of Niamh suffering from depression due to physical and mental abuse from past relations. This will have huge adverse impact upon their behaviour and start sleeping outside and taking high amount of alcohol. This will results in loss of job and affects daily routine life. Here, different approaches and therapies are adopted fro treatment and making of acre planning framework.


Care planning is important concept which includes the formulation of plans for individualized care of the patients. This plan includes all the details regarding issues which are faced by the patients and deciding the plans according to their specific needs. There is huge importance of such plans in guiding of patients for ensuring optimum care of health. It helps the patients to follow the guidelines and bring changes in their routine to make their live more healthier (Baicker, Cutler and Song, 2010). Niamh Finnegan is a 34 year old Irish woman living in England for 14 years and admitted to psychiatric hospital according to the section 3 of the Mental Health Act (1983).

In the present report explain about, designing of care planning framework, relevance of care planning framework with the theories of care and care planning and my own role in formulation and implementation of care plan of Niamh Finnegan.


a. Designing of care planning framework

Care planning framework is considered as the process of preparing guidelines which helps the patients in performance of different functions in adequate manner to get maximum results. Such plans are made after deep analysis of the issues which are faced by patients. This step is need to take because the patients are getting acre less after getting discharge from the hospitals in respect of their medicines, timely visit to hospitals and food requirements etc. In the present report observed that Niamh is careless in nature and not giving full support in taking all the medicines on the time. So, care plan is framed which is need to follow by her after its discharging from hospital. There are many benefits are associated with effective care planning framework which are defined below:

  • Ease to build effective routine life.
  • Attain recovery within stipulated period of time.
  • Getting more effective results
  • Build good social relations
  • Overcome from the depression effectively
  • Reduction in the bad habits and live healthier life

Care planning framework

Daily routine

Follow up


Need to take medicine on 10 am after having light breakfast


After that need to take medicine at 1 pm after lunch


Take medicine in night at around 9.30 pm


Takes healthier diet on daily basis and does not eat which is fried


Give more emphasis on salad and fruits


Takes the required amount of protein on daily basis


Need to go for social gathering in community twice in a week and contributes their efforts in all activities


For recovery from depression need to tale therapies on alternate basis from the hospital. This will helps to bring changes in behaviour.


Consult to doctor once in a week. This will provides the opportunity to them understand the effectiveness of medications and make changes if needed.


Frame work which is followed by hospital

How to diagnose issues?

Having informal conversation: Here, need to make which is necessary to make while treating the issues related to mental health (Braveman, Egerter and Williams, 2011). It provides the opportunity to the staff members of hospital to grab her trust and loyalty towards their services.

Formulation of systematic procedure: On the basis above issues need to formulate systematic routine which is need to follow while treating Niamh every day. It is important because it includes application person centred approaches according to their issues and behaviour. It helps to to take her out from old bad memories.

What need to perform in future?

What matters in the present case: It is the present case the main aim is recovery of Niamh from the situation of mental depression through application of the approaches

Things which need to happen at hospital: To help Niamh to overcome from severe depression need to build familiar nature in hospital. It is the duty of the staff members which are operating in hospital that adopt linnet behaviour and try to communicate as family member. Medical practitioners is need to adopt effective mental health approaches regarding depression which bring changes in behaviour so, not harming herself.

Things which are need to stop: There are many bad habits of Niamh like self harming, high dose of alcohol etc. which effects their physical and mental health. It is the duty of staff members of hospital that all the things which are harmful for health need to be stop and one nurse is always be with her for optimum care.

b. Relevant theories of care and care planning

Niamh is about to discharge from hospital but there are many worries of staff for her good health. They have the doubt that she is not going to take her medicines on time which has adverse impact upon their health. They also see that the issue is still present regarding her residence. So, it is important for her to take the behaviour therapies time to time which helps to make her life more better ( Carayon, 2016).

These approaches makes effort to bring changes in the behaviour of patient and try to take her contribution if diversified activities which makes their live more happier. There are different kind of behavioural theories are available which helps the patient to overcome from the situation of depression. The different theories which are mostly used in such cases to effectively treat depression includes interpersonal psychotherapy, behavioural activation, cognitive behavioural therapy, problem solving therapy, social skills training and supportive counselling. It provides the opportunity regarding overall development of the personality of patient. The contribution of different theories to overcome from depression is defined below:

Behavioural activation therapy: The main purpose behind the adoption of this theory that motivate the people to live their live in normal ways by providing emphasis on activation theories. This will includes about that giving preferences on the different aspects regarding pattern of avoidance, withdrawal, inactivity and scheduling of the pleasurable event. Through application of the approaches of this theory wants to evaluate the behaviour patient like Niamh and bring changes in their beliefs and contributes in teaching of the new ways which helps to overcome from the stressful situations. In this regard, there are many assignments are provided to her which is need to do on regular basis in a day.

Interpersonal psychotherapy: It is one of the important therapy which helps in identification of the actual reasons through which issue of depression arises in patient. This approach helps the medical practitioner of hospital to determine the actual resons of depression of Niamh. Some of them are physical and mental abuse in the previous relationship with women and men and long time is passed always to met her family which causes depression.

Problem solving therapy: The principles of this theory assist the medical practitioner in performance of their function through adoption of person centred approaches. It includes the identification of the multiple solutions regarding the actual issues and selection of the most effective which suitable according to the need of patient. It helps the therapist to achieve better results (Gordon and Findley, 2011).

Psychodynamic therapy: One of the major reason of depression among the individual is past activities which still impacts their behaviours and results in creation of the situation of depression. So, application of the provisions of this theory helps in identification of the such past conflicts which have the impact upon the live of Niamh and providence of effective solution which helps to forget past happenings.

Social skills training: It is noticed that due to the impact of depression, Niamh cut herself from the society and start doing harm to her self, taking the high dose of alcohol which ruin her future and life. It is one of the effective approach which is adopted by the medical practitioner to taught such skills which helps in building of good relation with the individuals of society on the basis of adaption of honesty and respect in her nature. It helps to make new friends and overcome from the bad effect of previous happenings.

Supportive counselling: It is one of unstructured therapy which doesn't consists any psychological techniques. This will includes the application of the normal approaches which helps the individual to ventilate their experiences and emotions and offering empathy.

There is huge importance of all the above mentioned approaches and therapies for Niamh to recover in fast manner and getting discharge from the hospital as soon as possible. It is time consuming process which takes the time but depending upon the will of patient that how it accept the approaches (Law and et. al., 2011).

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c. Own role in formulating and implementing care plan

I am the social worker in hospital mental health team working for the benefit of the patients whom are suffering from the mental health problems. I noticed that Niamh is one of the patient admitted in hospital under section 3 of Mental health Act 1983. She is 34 year old living in England from last 14 years. Due to having their mental health issues admitted to psychiatric hospital. From the analysis of the case study of Niamh, I observed that she is suffering from severe depression and previously takes many attempt of suicide. Due to having the mental issues large impact is ascertained on her behaviour and it is notices that she is sleeping outside on streets, self harming and consumption of alcohol in large amount (Magnavita and Heponiemi, 2011). The main reason which is ascertained behind the situation of her is that she have been in emotional relationship with women and men where physically and mentally abused is happen on her. Another major reason which is notices that she is not in touch with her family which affects creates mental issues. She is well treated in hospital and provide total care to Niamh which helps to recovery from their issues. After getting the proper treatment from hospital she going to discharge. But the staff of the hospital is worried that she is not going to take the medicines and right diet on time which has adverse impact upon her health and makes the process of recovery more longer. Staff of hospital also noticed that response of her with other patients of ward is not good which means there is not much changes are happen in the behaviour of Niamh. Also, the issues regarding the residency of her is present as she is not having permanent place to live. As social worker in mental health hospital, I decided to formulate care plan for her which helps her to follow the routine every day for getting recovery from effective rate. There is huge importance of such plan to remind the Niamh about their timely medications and behavioural therapies which are need to taken time to time from hospital. For making effective care plan I need to coordinate with her which helps me to understand the daily routine life of Nimah. It provides the opportunity to make changes in her living life style according to her healthier life requirements. The role which is played by me in formulation of the care plan of Niamh after her discharge is defined below:

Firstly, to make effective care plan I need to do informal communication with Niamh which helps to grab her attention and diagnoses of the actual reasons behind the depression. Such conversation helps to build effective bond with her (McCaughey and et. al., 2013). It helps to attain her trust on me and helps to gather personal details through which I understand the daily routine life and issues. It provides the opportunity to me provide guidelines regarding food and time of medicines and theories which is need to take on regular basis. I noticed that there are issues are present in her social networks which deliberately takes her to the situation of depression. In this regard, I recommend her to visit on alternate basis to our community to make new contacts.

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