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Developing the Learning Skills

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0571
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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on evaluation practices by which individual can develop themselves for their professional development. All these practices will assist an individual to emphasis adaptability that enable inclusive practices in their career development area.

  • Evaluate the current resources and provide clear justification for its designing by implementing different theories.
  • Produce an information booklet and provide information on the basis of resource classification, sharing, legal requirements and intellectual property rights in its context.
  • Determine a teaching evidence portfolio with reference to new and emerging in order to meet needs of learners.
  • State a reflective account that evaluate the effectiveness of own practices.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Ausdrill Company


In an organization, it is necessary for an individual is to make improvement in their strength and also try to overcome with their weaknesses. For getting success, they need to make improvement in their skills and abilities and also select specific area where an individual is specialist. It is also required for a person is to analyze the adaptability of resources which enable an inclusive approaches in own specialist area. In this report, an individual main motive is to identifying major resources in teaching and learning and also analyses the effectiveness of particular resources for meet with individual needs and requirements in proper manner (Temple and et. al., 2018). This is also necessary for a person is to identify the main principles which help in designing and preparing the resources and along with this, evaluate the resource development that should be informed.


1.1 Purpose of resources in teaching and learning

There are various types of resources which are used in learning procedures so that the abilities and skills can be practiced and their learning process has been progressed. The level of understanding of learner and also analyze that area where which they find out complexity can be assessed and this will recognize by giving them appropriate resources. Therefore, learners are facing difficulties while progressing the tasks and gain support by providing specific resources. There are several descriptions which are only discussed in class to the student by giving them resources. Along with this, resources will play an important role in eliminating bias and also concentrate on enhancing the resources (Loucks and Van Beek, 2017). Moreover, the main benefit of using resources within the learning procedures is that this will help in developing and making the learners actively engaged in different activity related to learning as the tasks are provided by the assistance of resources which are also planned and prepared in active manner. The using of effective resources in the process while developing the learning skills and abilities among learners and gain achievements. In addition to this, the specialist knowledge can be gain by teachers that can develop and also making materials for resources that provided to them at the time of training and also understand the effectiveness in resources which can be utilized in activities of teaching (Certo, 2018).

1.2 Effectiveness of specific resources in meeting individual needs

Strengths and individual needs of all learners that can be recognized and identified by teachers which play an essential part of their responsibility and also analyze the requirements of learners who have specialist as per their specific area. Along with this, learners required to be encouraged and motivated by me so that they can achieving their maximum level of desired activities related to learning and also feel as inclusive in the surroundings of leaning. on the other hand, the weakness of learners have to be recognized and I have to assist them in developing weakness into strength by doing work together with them and assist them at the time of learning progressions.

There are different resources which can be used within my learning environment which ensure that all needs and requirements of learners are achieved and satisfied them. Various resources that include PowerPoint presentation, interactive white boards, worksheets, textbooks and handouts which are used by me in learning area so with the help of this each and every learner can gain advantages of such resources in better manner. By using interactive whiteboards and their various features will help in developing in my learner's concentration level and motivate them in participated in learning activity. It will highlight the attention of all learners and there are some topics which can understand by reading different books which can provide to the learners (Chib, Velthoven and Car, 2015). Another is PowerPoint presentation will addressing the attention of my learner and this will help in understanding each topic in easy manner. Along with this, worksheet provided to students is the other source which also helps them in learning different topics.

2.1 Analysis of principle of resource design

Learning design refers to that designing of learning experience. The main motive of this is to help a learning goals and objectives and also highlighting the expressed and define the major challenge or issue in the learning environment. Effective learning design is the appropriate outcome related to productive collaboration between content experts, learning and learner's practices. There are various principles which design the resources that are described as under:

Respect - the major goal and objective of an individual is to gain intention, expertise and analyze experience which assists them in achieving required goals and objectives related to resources (Johnstone, and Soares, 2014).

Iteration - this is small step which develop and frequent providing response and feedbacks which assist in ensure that the design help in acquiring goals.

Collaboration - the clear decision, roles and decision making process flow the information from one person to another.

Effectiveness and efficiency - the resources can be mainly focus on developing fast level of resources which has some possibility to learn, build and revise in given time period.

2.2 Evaluation of resources that inform resource development

Teacher will play an essential role of resource developer. The resource developer can be define as that person who is main in charge of developing and designing major resources which can satisfy the learners needs and wants and also assist them in achieving their whole desires in their activity of learning (Cantelon and et. al., 2017). The main role and responsibility of resource developer is to explain all the things. An individual requires to identified and also plan which has been developed for satisfying the needs of learning by all learners. Another step is that they require designing all the resource as per the person's needs and wants that can identify and supply all major resources to the learners. at the time, task has been completed by the students so the resource developer can assess their performance which can automatically develop to identify the major effectiveness of their resources in proper manner.

2.3 Analyze theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum design

In order to analyzing the importance of theories, principles and models of inclusive curriculum in designing and executing the program, it is one of the common requirement which can understand the two terms that is inclusive and curriculum. There are various principles, theories and models which are described as under:

Flexibility and variety in teaching methods - In this program should be design developing large range of accommodate methods to diverse the background and learning preferences without low the standard of learning in the learning place. it includes tutorials, lectures, practices, lab work, e- learning, etc.

Flexibility and variety in assessment methods - this program design will be develop and build in methods of high range for accommodating background of learning standards such as presentation, essays, group projects, reflective journals (Ullah and et. al., 2015).

Flexibility and variety in teaching materials - The range of teaching materials which can be used to accommodate diverse learning prefer and backgrounds such as text books, handouts, audio, etc.

2.4 Analyze ways in which resources can adopted to enable an inclusive approach

It is an essential for me is to analyze and understand the strength and weakness of each and every learner and also recognize their learning requirements which help them doing work together and this will assist in overcoming with certain learning difficulties and weaknesses. Along with this, learners have to motivate and encourage by me who develop and make them as inclusive approach in the large learning environment and it will help them achieving desired goals (Van Hoorn and et. al., 2014). There are various condition and situations which has been adopted by learning resources as per the learning requirements and needs of every student in the class. The resources have been adopted and differentiate with the learners for hearing impairments, visual and dyslexic as per their personal needs.


3.1 Explain ways in which resources can classified and stored

Learning resources are accessible in various forms and types in several sources and formals in better manner. There are different ways that includes photocopying and scanning that are available for producing their process of learning. As per the various learning needs of every learner resources can be adopted and amended. Here is our city-based assignments for those who faces issue regarding to their assignment by cities, assignment help Washington services is here to provide you best assignment writing guidelines.

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