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Hospitality Management Case Study- Imperial Hotel

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This unit is related with case of imperial hotel which is popular for delivering quality services to its customers but there is problem identified of guest dissatisfied with the service

  • Provide analysis of the problem 
  • Determine management and leadership theory influencing quality service offered
  • Give proposal of solved management problem.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel


Business is referred to as an activity which is directed towards attainment of financial objectives through fulfilment of human requirements. The concept of management stands crucial while dealing with an organisation as it attempts to support businesses in making best use resources and their integration so that better results could be achieved (Abe, 2010). This assignment focuses on case study of Imperial hotel which is known to deliver quality hospitality services to people. The business is encountered with a problem of poor guest satisfaction with the services which is to be analysed and ultimately resolved so that its corporate goals are fulfilled.


Analysis of the problem

The imperial hotel carries out its operations in the hospitality domain in the country. The ownership and management of this hotel is catered to Star hotels which is known to carry out its managerial activities in more than 25 hotels solely in the United Kingdom. The location of this hotel is prime and lies in the west end's part of London which enhances expectation of people who come to avail services offered by this hotel. It has identified that general manager with this hotel failed to live up to expectation of the people. He encountered numerous problem with fulfilling requirements of the people primary amongst them is failure to retain trained employees with the organisation and emerged to be poorest performer amongst star hotel chain. The obvious impact of such performance could be ascertained from sales revenue and profitability of this hospitality organisation (Runge, 2011). Therefore such circumstances arise need to restoration of building as well as manner in which resources are managed. To identify an approach which leads to resolution, it is first important to develop an understanding with the problem and prioritise them so that primary challenge could be countered (Kim and Jvm, 2012).

Satisfaction is referred to fulfilment of demands and expectations of people. A organisation working in the hospitality sector aims to provide best accommodation and F&B services so that distinct needs and demands of people are fulfilled (Why Customer Satisfaction Is Important, 2017). The imperial hotel failed miserably on the internal benchmarks which have been identified by them. The guests are presented with the Guest satisfaction Survey with which they are provided with an opportunity to give feedback relating to services and products which are offered by the company. There is an inclusion of online feedback which are obtained monthly by this hospitality organisation. The survey helped in identification of numerous major issues relating to the services offered by the company. The primary problem which has been identified is that there is an issue with checking in and out of the hotel and behaviour of the staff is not cooperative as well. The quality of services which are being offered by this enterprise is not as good as other organisation operating under this chain. The cleanliness in premises is beyond acceptable and technological equipments which are offered to people are unacceptable. There is a common problem which can resolve most of the issues which is ability to manage available resources so that better performance outcomes can be availed (Kern, 2014). The newly appointed general manager, Peter Farnsworth can make sure that there is an appropriate use of resources leading to procure better results in terms of guest satisfaction could be availed. Lastly it can be identified from the above scenario that leadership and motivational capabilities are amongst the two factors which are to be focused upon so that benchmarks in terms of customer service could be achieved. The features are to be incorporated with communication and coordination so that requirements of consumers are to be fulfilled in the desired manner. The attrition rate with this hotel stands near 80% which is alarming therefore needs to be dealt with through formulation of suitable environment and practices attaining suitable results.

Suitable leadership and management theories and practices influencing quality of services delivered

Both leadership and management theories is an attempt by an organisation in making sure that available resources are utilised in a proper manner leading to attainment of ideal results. There it is the duty provided to general manager with Imperial hotel to determine most suitable practices prior to understanding the business circumstances. The development of policies and practices will make sure that best best of talent could be retained with the organisation automatically influencing services offered by this hotel (Albert and Beatty, 2014). The services which offered by this organisation are not appreciated by people due to above mentioned reasons, therefore a general manager have to adopt to approaches which should impact quality of services delivered and must result in less labour turnover with the organisation. Forming a right control over numerous segment of an institution will be helpful in delivering a right experience to the client.

It is said that management approach helps in formulation of a framework which will be helpful to an organisation in delivering right services to people. This framework could be later employed by manager and leader in making sure that better results are availed. They helps in facilitating of right motivation and guidance to employee along with taking consideration of their individual needs so that they emerge supportive in leading an organisation to a higher place in the market. The theory of leadership and management which can be considered in this scenario are as follows:

Autocratic leadership Approach: It can be said that autocratic style of leadership can be an approach which can ensure that organisation reaches to a competitive place in the market. Imperial hotel is going through a difficult phase and under such emergencies this leadership approach emerges as suitable. It is essential for general manager Peter Fransworth to take full control of the hotel and to make sure that expectations of consumers are fulfilled. The decision power in this approach lies with the leaders exclusively and determine the manner through which employees are recruited and retained within the organisation. As per his initial suggestion, the recruitment practices can be outsourced so that professional could be hired.

Contingency Approach: Contingency approach focuses on the dealing with situation as per the requirement. The leader in this approach does not focus on adopting a universal approach in leading a group of people towards assigned targets. This emergency in this situation can be dealt with application of contingency approach to leadership in an organisation. The general manager prior to consideration of the problems and available resources can identify an approach through which such challenges could be countered. The suitability of approach can be ascertained by the leader through a forming a right balance of the autocratic, participative and charismatic leadership tactics.

Human Relations Theory: The Human relations theory focuses on behavioural aspect of managing employee in an organisation. This approach defines importance of workforce through perspectives of an organisation and focus of an institution upon productivity of a business. This is similar to participative leadership approach as employees in this organisation are provided with a opportunity to grow and form decisions considering their own views and opinions. The focus on employees are considered to be useful as Imperial hotel is struggling with higher attrition rate of around 80%. therefore retaining and developing workforces of an organisation will be helpful in ensuring that better quality of services are offered to guests. The productivity and performance of employees could be improved by providing them with appropriate attention and recognition so that this feature aligns with the human relations theory (Alvesson and Willmott, 2012). This reason for which these two features are emphasized is that they tend to enhance level of motivation of individual leading to higher sales.

Bureaucratic Approach: it is approach which has been provided by Max Weiber which focuses on fixing duties of employees in an hierarchy. In this approach there is a clear description of the rules and regulation which are to be followed by employees along with power to influence decision making. The management with Imperial hotel can use this approach in forming right structure and assigning individuals to cater all the crucial segment such as accommodation, F&B, quality check, house keeping and finally staff management. The people who are assigned with task are held accountable for their actions which will results in improvement of performance by an individual. The responsibilities of individual are fixed it means that there are aware of tasks and activities which are performed by them along with clear description of chain of command and system of rules which assure that there is no confusion and right coordination among different segment and resources which are possessed by an organisation (Anderson and et. al., 2015).

Proposal to solve management problems

It has been ascertained that there are variety of problems which are encountered by Imperial Hotel in London which are to be dealt on a priority basis. The general manager which has retired from his duties with this hotel failed significantly on grounds of controlling and managing distinct resources with an organisation. The newly appointed general manager have taken up the tasks of conducting a detailed assessment so that problems could be identified. It is extremely important to increase the score in terms customer satisfaction as it will be able to uplift performance of an enterprise along with reaching to average benchmarks of 74%. the improvement in terms of service will be helpful to an organisation in expanding their market reach through word-of-mouth marketing measures. The crucial recommendations which are offered by Peter Farnsworth to overcome existing situation are as follows:

  • Analysis of problem from perspective of consumers
  • The workforce should be aware of expectation of customer form this organisation
  • provision of training and development opportunities to staff.
  • Complain handling mechanism

The efforts are directed in carrying out of drastic improvement in services so that it stands capable when it comes to fulfilment of needs and expectations of clients. The recommendation are crucial but there is an need to form suitable strategies so that so that targets in terms of customer service could be fulfilled. A brief mention of important strategies to be undertaken are as follows:

Customers oriented approach: Customer stands most crucial for an organisation therefore they are to be treated as VIP's. It is essential to inform employees to be attentive and responsive to the demands and expectations so that they can be retained with an organisation for a longer duration. The guests who have been satisfied with services offered will rewards a business with loyalty and simultaneously improving service score (Boswell and O'Kane, 2011).

Making training an every day priority: it is extremely important for an organisation catering its services in hospitality sector to possess a competent workforce. It is crucial to guide and train them into manner in which services is delivered so that better results are fulfilled. The performance support systems are helpful in providing feedback to them on regular basis resulting in improved overall performance of an organisation and employee satisfaction as well (Hislop, 2013).

Positive start for new employees: it has become important for management of this organisation to deal with the situation of high employee turnover. It is a major disruptive force which results in delivery of poor quality of services and care to people. It is essential to redefine approach through which employees onboard are treated. The employees are catered with updated compensation and appraisal programme which will be helpful in development of positive atmosphere leading to an enhanced job performance (Haddow, Bullock and Coppola, 2013). 

Consideration of customer service performance: Conducting surveys and feedback does not mean anything if they are not thought or acted upon. Therefore, it is essential for management to act upon complaints which are obtained through feedbacks and survey form such as employee attitude and behaviour, poor quality services and technical breakdown. All these areas are to be considered and resolved so that hotel's overall performance could be improved exclusively through actions and performance. If you want some new topics for case study writers, get help from case study experts. 

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