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Bussines Practice Explorer - A Report on Cultural Festival Event

University: University of Bedfordshire

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2905
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSS005-1
  • Downloads: 409
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

• Business practice explorer provides set of assets and information for business processes. Provide knowledge and understanding of defined range of skills needed to function in both academic and business practice along with self-awareness of your own abilities.
• Generate a creative and soundly based solution to a predictable business context that requires the use of a particular range of techniques and information sources. Communicate in a manner appropriate to the  context of Cultural festival event. 

Answer :


Business practices are the way which is attempts to do proper and cost effective way. The company may have various rules for business practices for ensure that its employees are efficient in their work and able to abide by laws. The present report will based on “Cultural festival event” which is includes ample fun and enjoy programmes with proper management and requirements. The report will explain marketing strategy with complete marketing mix of event like including products, prices, promotions and others factors. In the event will also requires proper human resource management for handling complete event in proper manner. At the of report also include finance management for event because finance is most effective and valuable factors for completing successful events at venue.


Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy the very important document which is help to conduct complete event with proper management. This creates more effectiveness for business and for its management in respective manner (Nguyen, 2019). This refer with the overall game plan of event for reaching prospective goals and meet the success of event. This document is provide complete picture of event. For making proper marketing strategy for event Like Christmas here is use marketing mix for event. The event is hosted on college campus which have 200 people capacity. Marketing strategy for success of events are as follows : 

Product strategy:

For organize event here is requires product and services which will used for event in effective manner. This has create proper address works for proper management. For event here is requires products are Christmas tree which is one of the most important products for event, ornaments, tinsel, natural accents and candles, wide ribbon, sticking hooks. Those products are related to decoration. For lunch is requires plates, dish ware, cooks, raw food items, drinks and waters. As well as requires some extra products are return gifts, music system, lights and chairs. Those products are requires in event.

Pricing strategy:

The pricing strategy is related with price of product. For here is made strategy to purchase products from wholesale market for decoration because at their products have lower price is help to save money. As well as taking entry tickets from people who are comes at their for attend events. This help earn money for event and make money for paying expenses. This is best pricing strategy which is help to save money and earn also.

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Promotional strategy:

Promotional strategy is help to make positive goals for company. With the help of promotional strategy, more peoples are aware about the event (Sharma, Borna and Bott, 2017). For the event, here is produce advertisement which is include time, date, type, event name, limit seats 200 people, price of ticket, venues, some details of event like theme and contact number. Through this advertisement most of peoples are knowing about the events. As well as use social media promotion of event. Present days, most of the people are use social media for getting updates about any event and another aspects which will happens in market. This help to attract more people for attend event in effective manner.

Place strategy:

Place is the another strategy which is help to organize proper and successful event. The place for organized event is campus and the venue have capacity for maximum 200 peoples. The main reason for select this place for organized event is this place is the middle of the country and easy for people to reach out their. This is the strategy of venues but also make strategy for inside place of events like where is is severing food, sets of music and decorative equipments (Santoso and Lin, 2018). In that, decided place for food and water services are closer to each other easy for taking food and water. Decorative tree is the middle of campus and stage in front of entry gate. On entry gate having staff members who are checking tickets of customers.

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People strategy:

In this strategy is decide people list for appropriate management of people. For event offers only limited tickets which are 200 only have. Also decide required staff for event management like in proper aspects. Proper management of staff and people is help to manage works and tasks in proper manner. For that here is build strategy to divide each people departments vice with setting their roles and responsibility till the event will not completed. With the help of this, every event member know their work and task in whole and do work accordingly.

Safety and management strategy:

For organize successful event is required safety management and concerns because in the big event is requires safety management. For that here is use some safety and management strategy in advance if have an need in future. In respect of that manage and check fire equipments for protection with fire in the future. Also, make and provide 2 – 3 door and space for running from event in any accidents happening are help to protect people from any mistake as well as use first aid kid (Noe and Wright, 2017). This help to protect people from any mistakes which will be having in people mind as a biggest physical evidence.

Those are some important and effective strategy which are help to make higher growth of event in effective manner. With the help of those strategy, event will completed with proper success by managing those strategy like product, price, place, promotion, safety and management. Those are help to maintain proper and effective events with higher success.

Human resource management

Human resource management is another important aspects which is create more effectiveness for people and success of event. This management is help to maintain and plan performance management along with working closely. In the event, requires various people and human resource for handle complete event properly with managing and dividing works. Allocate work and task in each people is help to understand their role in whole event of Christmas. Like pre event and post event human resource requires in event. Those effective role and responsibility are as follows:

Marketing and event coordinator:

The marketing and event coordinator is most important human staff for event. Those are properly coordinate with whole event in proper manner by following their roles and responsibility within the event. They are oversee the entire event process, supervise the rest of the team to make sure no balls are dropped (Team Management and Collaboration, 2018). They are communicate regularly with the director to make sure the hours work is laddering up with overall vision. Marketing and event coordinator is important staff for event Christmas with culture festival.

Designer staff:

The designer is another important staff who are design whole event with proper decoration. They make event more attractive with decorate that by using different decorative which are looks Event operation and technologist:Welcoming Guest staff:Ticket taker:Security staff:Carting staff:On site leaders:Designer staff:and related to different culture (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2018). They are charge of all event visual component from the landing page, emails, social assets, décor and branded swag. They work closely with marketing lead on the creative development during event and its promotion phases.

On site leaders:

On site leader refers and works with whole team who are working under event. They lead whole team at venue and during the venue if it is required to lead them. They have various responsibility and role to perform their task at event. Depending on event needs most likely some extra bodies on site to help running the door an check people in event they are called as a helping hand. They go to point people for anything which are related to what are happens on the day of event at the venue.

Carting staff:

Carting is another important and effective staff who are provide various and effective services related to food to guest who are attend event. The food services management is another important aspect which is help to make attractive and tasty foods as per decided menu and severing services to guest. They have very important and effective role within the management which is required at venue. They create and prepare meal and delivery to guest by ensure about hygiene of food. Role to plan menus with us or guest to ensure all the meals meet the expectations of customers (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, 2018). As well as have responsibility to know about all the source ingredients for planned menu in advance of each event.

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Security staff:

Security is very important staff who are provide proper security to their guest in event. At the place of event as well as planning for event requires to make sure about their security guards. Those will help in future of event in any critical situation. Event security guards have duties and responsibility to monitor people at the events to ensure rule are followed and everyone acting safely. They are provide proper sense of protection to attendees and staff. With the people of 200, required proper security for any disputes and accidents in any possibility.

Ticket taker:

Ticket taker also have some responsibility to manage works at event which is checking tickets of whole guest without checking not to allowed in cultural festival event of Christmas (Getz, 2018). They have various roles and responsibilities such as checking and collecting admission tickets and passes from customers, assisting in finding seats and searching for lost articles as well as locating such facilities as rest rooms and telephones. They have very important and effective role within the event for managing guest with proper checking and collecting tickets of guests.

Welcoming Guest staff:

Welcome of guest is one of the most important think to give first and last impression on guest in effective manner. They are completely responsible for welcome guest and greeting them with proper management and well dressed is help to feel positive and wonderful. Welcoming guests in event a friendly and professional ways as well as addressing guest complaints of guest and providing proper facilities, program and others services to create more effectiveness.

Event operation and technologist:

Event operations and technologist are important for managed work in proper and respective manner. They are help to enhance the experience of attendees. Technology makes the work of an event manager easier and allow them to make focus on the main part of an event. They also help in all aspects ranging from attendee satisfaction to project management so it to make sure to try it out at for next events in effective and successful manner (Bratton and Gold, 2017). They have completely responsible for making a proper plan in which event organizer provide all important and necessary plans and points like budget, time sheet, suppliers of goods, venue and staff members as well as responsible for replaying to all queries which are raised by the client and make sure the event is taking place in smoothly manner.

Cleaning staff:

At the end of event here is required cleaning staff for clean the place and venue in prefect manner. This creates more effectiveness for head of venue and others. They have responsibility to clean over all place of event and venue in respective manner.

Those are the proper human resources management for success of cultural festival event of Christmas. With the help of this management event is complete on time and with management of time and human resources which is more important for event in effective manner. Moreover, event staff need to constantly be on their feet and attend to the many needs of event goers, requiring physical stamina and higher level of energy.

Finance Details

For the success of event is required capital and finance in order to purchasing and paying bills of product purchase for event. Finance is important aspects for event completed. For that required proper and effective planning and management like what product and services are required and its price. For that here is produce proper finance details for organize event successful. The details of finance for success of event are as follows:


Costs is important factor which is consists with price of product and services which will used in event. In the there various products and services are used for that event manager have to pay its against of purchase. Costs are in the format of direct cost and indirect cost. The direct cost includes the salaries, purchases equipment, maintenance charges (Lafortune, Rothstein and Schanzenbach, 2018). Those are important for success of event. Cost is also refers with the total amount of money which it costs a products which are purchase for providing proper services in effective manner. With the help of this, have proper and effective knowledge of purchasing products and services in effective manner. This includes various expenses which are as follows:

Expenses Amount in pound
Marketing and promotion 100
Entertainment 100
Staff travelling 90
Product purchase 90
Food and beverages/catering 170
Salaries 200
Venue rents 80
Miscellaneous 70
Total 900

Those are the expense which are happens in event. This budget planning is help to getting ready for expenses and paying for their expenses by creating most successful event. This estimated costs will help to arrange money and funds for complete event as well as help to positive success of event in respective manner.

Break even point:

The break even point is help for manage event by earning. Here is use source of earning is entry ticket. Cost of accounting is the point at which total cost and total revenue are equal and even. There is have not profit and loss situation which is generated with selling entry tickets which specific amount. The capacity of venue is 200 people and price of each ticket is pound 5. As per that break event point is to 900 like process:

= 180 * 5 = 900.

This is the no profit and loss situation. We are sales 180 ticket of event to customers in 5 pound of each is help get equal price as per expenses which will comes in event.

Those management is help to make a proper and effective management of work in effective and proper manner. This creates proper management of funds with no profit and loss situations by creating those in respective manner.


The above study summing up here as the business practices has most important and effective part of business where required a proper management for work. This report had been completed on the basis of organized successful event which cultural festival event of Christmas. For that here has include various important thinks and planing which has help to organize and complete successful event at venue. In respect of that, here has includes various marketing strategy with collecting proper evidence of marketing mix like product, promotional, price and safety management strategy for management of marketing. As well as here has describe human resource management who had been required at event with proper allocation of task in event and their responsibilities of staff. At the end of report has covered a proper finance details for managing works in appropriate manner. This help to manage proper funds and finance for required for event.


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