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Organisational Culture: A Case Study of Charles Martin

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1447
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: LSBM101
  • Downloads: 377
Question :

This project takes into considering the case study of Charles Martin in Uganda what to do when a manager “goes naive”. The areas which will be addressed through reflective report are as follows:

  • This reflective report assists in identifying the sources which were used to support the arguments presented during the podcast.
  • Discussion the theories that were chosen for the podcast.
  • Identification and analysis of the areas that went well and the areas which needs improvement.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Charles Martin


Podcasting assignment has been given to me and four other students of same class. Working in team has helped me and my squad members to pull out the outcomes and resolving issues which has been made by us while conducting research in order to finishing the assignments right on time. With the help of discussed project it has been learned by me that firm can attain goals and objectives in much more effective ways if they will get to know about cultures of different places.

Along with this, I have got to know about various hypothesis which has helped me in practical learnings by which both personal and professional skills has been developed in an appropriate manner. Away from this, it has been analysed by me that personal learning can be done by using many sort of researches which has helped in achieving their degrees.

As a leader of team while performing tasks like gathering information from doing researches and from internet. It has been enlightened in front of me that how contingency leadership hypothesis can help an organisation to pull out to understand the organisational structure in various appropriate sense. Away from this, it has been located by me that there are ample number of theories and styles of leadership that may aid firm in making determinations in order to create favourable conditions.

Autocratic theory, trait theory, great man theory, democratic theory of leadership and so on are some hypothesis that can be used by leaders so that to attain all the desired goals and objective in short period of time of firm (Forbes, 2015). It is must for HR company to realize organisational structure while expanding its business at international level so that risks management can be done in order to resolve all the issues that may create losses for organisation (Dooly, 2017).

While going through this sample assignment I have used most effective theory which has helped me in assigning tasks to my team mates so that report can be finished in shorter period of time. With the help of this, I saw that team members worked with full of efficiency. Along side this, I have used democratic style which can be stated an approach that is being used by supervisors in most of firms has helped me in getting suggestions from my team mates. With their suggestions I have received huge help in order to reach to favourable outcomes. Main purpose of using this approach is to motivate team mates and to bring positive environment while preparing the results of tasks which has been given by superiors of mine (Tindall, 2012).

On the other side, I can say that while doing an assignments it is must for team mates to give their best so that favourable outcomes can be observed. I saw that innovation, use of technology, creativity and talents of squad members can help in various ways like working with smartness, usage of resources in most optimised manner. Along with this, I have examined that suggesting each other while performing tasks can share a good bond that can aid in making effective decisions. While considering all the activities and performing tasks we have faced various issues that are related opinions which has been given by other team members.

Confusions, disagreements has created problem where it took time while performing tasks. Religion of other team members and their way of thinking had also became a sort of barrier which wasted time and money as well. Attributes of mates and less effective leadership styles has created issues while coming to a conclusion which delayed the process of submitting the assignment. Along side this, it has been examined by me that while performing the task some of squad members did not took interest as topic was not up-to their expectations which has not been given by them. Podcast script is something what I think most of people do not know about it. Which has happened at the same time while performing the tasks therefore, it became difficult while asking questions from people (respondents) in order to pull out information at workplace.

Therefore, assignment which has been prepared is the best outcome after facing various issues and confusions (Pérez, J., 2012). After finishing it I have analysed that some of elements under this task are in unorganized manner that have created problem and delayed the submission process of it. Along side this, I saw that targets had been attained through me by bringing effective solutions to issues which came up across while going through the assignment. Balancing defects and strengths are vital for tracking and controlling entire assignment whether it is of company or podcast report creation.

On the other side, assignment has directly focused on setting up the script for podcast report which has been done in order to better learning can be done. Me and my team mates have used various tools, techniques and technologies in order to pull out best outcome of given tasks. Preplanning has also been done by me and other squad members so that benefits can be gained right on time. Along side this, I have examined time management is must while performing the task with the the help of this, goals can be attained or achieved right on time. Podcasting is a process through which information can be given to listeners and viewers which is related to business and other things. But, I saw that organisational behaviour depends on customers purpose.

Apart from usage of different theories while conducting research, I have used various techniques whose characteristics were similar to my aims in order to complete the assignment right on time. Other things that I have learnt while administrating the assignment has helped me in taking effective decisions if I'll get the same report to prepare. With the help of this, I can pull out the result in shorter period of time. Me and my team members has also understood the authors viewpoint which will aid us in future aspects. Life-long learning is being done while completing all the tasks that are related to this assignment.

Media tools has also been utilised by me and my team members in an appropriate way while investigating in order to prepare script of podcasting. For an example: itunes can be considered as a part of podcast where listeners can use it in order to learn about something (Most popular iTunes podcast categories worldwide in 2015, by number of active podcasts, 2016). I have also utilised all the factors which has helped me in preparing the assignment right on time. Me and my members have understood in a proper manner that what is podcast and why it is needed to be prepare by utilising various technologies. Away from this, it is must for teams while doing research to select theory in an appropriate way so that proper outcome can be pulled about with proper utilisation of relevant data which is being gathered through investigation.

Therefore, it is important for an organiser to select appropriate and relevant resources through which assigned assessment can be finished in given time of period by seniors. Information which is being shown under this report has been taken from various authors view point that has helped in different ways when me and my team mates got confused while preparing it. Every single squad member has given various thoughts and information which is helping them in hitting their targets in much effective and appropriate way. While developing the project it has been examined by me and team mates about our own strengths and weakness where we took some initiatives in order to overcome all weak points. Along with this, group's equal participation has helped them in gaining appropriate knowledge and skills.


Books and Journals

Forbes, D., 2015. Beyond lecture capture: Student-generated podcasts in teacher education. Waikato Journal of Education. 20(3).

Dooly, M., 2017. A Mediated Discourse Analysis (MDA) Approach to Multimodal Data. Research-publishing. Net.

Tindall, D. A., 2012. Designing recorded voice reflection as a pedagogical strategy.Using social media effectively in the classroom: Blogs, wikis, twitter, and more, pp.47-61.

Pérez, J., 2012. Podcasting in Spain: A new business model or a reflection of traditional radio?. Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media. 10(1). pp.23-34.

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