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Categories of Stakeholders

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Question :

The objective of this report is to provide a detailed information upon different topics by considering information through several sources. The analysis of three different topics based on:

  • Identify different categories of stakeholders as well as their influence upon business practices.
  • Evaluate the impact of fake news that may spread over social media.
  • Discuss quality management practices by considering quality control and assurance approaches.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotel


This report is classified into three different task as in first task it determine values of stakeholder that have direct and indirect interest within an organisation. These individual or group of people can be employees, customers and investors which has appropriate connection and relation with firm. In educational division stakeholder play a most important role by managing different activities effectively (Luke, Cazden and Coopes, 2013).


1.1 Two main categories of Stakeholders of a business

In a business organisation, it is required that manager create future goals and objectives to accomplish them effectively. In this procedure stakeholder provide their own contribution to getting desired outcomes and growth. They are individuals or group of people who has interest in an organisation and its activities. They can affect or be affected by different policies and actions of firm. There are some two main categories of Stakeholders of a business are given below as -

  • Project management stakeholders – They can be someone who is properly involved in organisation's project and has unconditional interest in firm's success and growth. They are the important part of a business organisation who helps in developing healthy and positive relation. These types of stakeholders are execute their strategies and planning to complete a task properly and getting higher success easily. They can be project management team of firm (Black, 2013).
  • Primary and Secondary stakeholders – There can be two specific categories of stakeholders as primary and secondary. They both are play a most important role in an organisation as Primary stakeholder are those who have direct and appropriate interest; in a business thus, Secondary stakeholders have indirect interest in firm. They are key components of a business organisation who helps to achieve future goals and objectives in effective way.; Primary stakeholder are employees, Board of directors, investors, strategic partners and management of an organisation. Secondary stakeholders are customers, vendors, competitor, bank, media and government authorities.

1.2 Four Stakeholders of High School and relationship each has with the aforementioned school

Stakeholder are individuals or group of people who have direct or indirect interest in an organisation. In education department, each stakeholder is essential to the success of higher educational objectives. They are the milestone in theses sectors who provide their appropriate contribution in child development and career growth. In Allerton high school which is a modern secondary school in UK has four different stakeholders as -

  • School board members – They are the higher authority of school who has power to manage all educational activity in school. Board member are basically perform their role and responsibilities as establishing a effective structure related to higher education, setting direction and guidelines, manage plans or budget, analyse risk management activities and examine departmental performance (Boulmetis and Dutwin, 2014).
  • Teachers – They are the most important and aspect in educational division. They have responsibility to build appropriate growth in a child for their future career development. A student learn each and every aspect from their teachers. So, they are the major stakeholders of Allerton high school.
  • Parents – They are desire for a successful and impactful educations system for their children. Parents are them most important stakeholder of educational division who has direct interest in educational prospectus. They want good and impactful education for their child to develop inner growth in them that helps to make successful career of them.
  • Administrators – These are the governmental bodies who have direct control on each and every department. In Allerton high school, these authorities manage grievances and anticipates issues as much as possible to resolve them in effective manner (Vasilevskaya, Broman and Sandahl,; 2014).

1.3 Stakeholders power and influence factors element

Stakeholders are the key element of an organisation who has power to organised and manage business procedure in effective and appropriate manner. Analysis of stakeholders power is a useful procedure that helps in decision making process. For them, it is require to manage their activity with appropriate balance and monitoring business policies and procedure in effective manner. Their main objective is to create possible success within an organisation to getting desired objectives. Stakeholders power analysis is a useful process that helps to identifying their interest, needs, limitations and; efficiency as well (Jennings, Rule and Vander Zanden, 2014). These activities assist to improving organisational strategy and manage capability of employees to pursuing future targets easily. There are various elements who influence in stakeholders power as -

  • Project planner
  • Group of stakeholder
  • Manager; of organisation and controller
  • Independent analyst

1.4 Involvement of Stakeholders in Mission statement of high school

Allerton high school is well known educational organisation in UK who manage their activities in effective and effective manner.; This organisation was established in the year of 1939 to provide higher level education to their students.

Mission and Vision statement of; Allerton high school – We accept challenges and implement effectiveness for young people to achieve success. We want to get achievements by celebrating success, developing individual and providing opportunities for becoming skilled and capable.

In this procedure stakeholders of Allerton high school as board members, Teachers and Administrators provides their effective contribution to achieving success and objectives of organisation.; In this procedure they perform their responsibility properly as manage plans or strategy, setting direction and guidelines to accomplish targets in appropriate manner (Capraro,; Capraro and Morgan, 2013).

Take help from this sample

Impact of Employee Empowerment Practices on Business

1.5 Objectives and Purpose of different organisations

In a economy, each and every business organisation is established to getting higher benefits and to achieving target objectives easily. All these firms has appropriate motive working criteria that requires to precede. These business organisations has different types and framework that they follow as -

Private sector organisation – This organisation basically establish to making money and getting desirable income. In this procedure, employees of firm provide their own contribution to accomplish their targets easily.

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