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Environmental Factors in Business Decision Making - Maybelline

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

The scenario of this report discusses that how an organisation can survive appropriately in the competitive business environment. In this regard, it is required for firm to evaluate several environmental factors as well as its potential impact over the business decision making.

  • Determine different types of organisation as well as identify their size and scope.
  • Evaluate interrelationship between different functional departments of Maybelline.
  • Identify positive and negative impact of external environmental factor over the business decision making of Maybelline.
  • Evaluate strength and weaknesses of Maybelline as well as its interrelationship with macro-environmental factors.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Maybelline


Business environment is all about understanding changes which is occurred at marketplace in order to run their organization in more effective manner. Basically, company can easily accomplish their business activities in appropriate manner by analysing the reformation so that they can attain their set objectives in a defined time frame (Agarwal, Grassl and Pahl, 2012). However, number of companies are emerging at marketplace with distinct motives, size, scope and so on. Thus, an assignment is going to highlight various types of associations and their major target towards overall nation and society. Additionally, structure of business entity are also described in this report by showing the relationship between various organizational functions. Furthermore, an appropriate PESTLE is also conducted for Maybelline and their SWOT for making changes as per fluctuation in different elements.


P1 & P2 Covered in PPT


P3 Relationship between various organisational functions

In an organisation, there are different department which are perform their work for achieving desired goals and targets to future time period. They are play an essential role in gaining high amount of income and profit in appropriate manner. There are various department of Maybelline company that are described as under:

  • Research and development- This is that division which help in analysing and examining the whole market needs and requirement for their products to provide quality based services in easy manner. With the assistance of this, an organisation are capable for carry out their production for designing appropriate services for the customers.
  • Marketing department- It is that division which have major roles and responsibility is to promoting their new products and services among customers at the large market place (Aterido, Hallward-Driemeier and Pagés, 2011). Apart from this, the financial growth of company is mainly depend on ability and capacity of market range and scope.
  • Production department- In this, firstly, company manager and their employees are analysing the whole market demand and it customers needs. According to their buyers taste and preferences, they are producing goods and services which assist in satisfying their requirement in proper manner. For developing quality best products, the firm need to analyse their buyers needs and wants after that they required to manufacture products in better way.
  • Human resource management- This is that department of company which has been designing their goods and services in appropriate manner. HR team members are those person who are responsible for all business operations and its functions (Auzair, 2011). Along with this, they are hire those employees who have ability to do work in gaining high amount of income and profitability. Maybelline division performing various work in order to reducing the major errors, mistakes and conflicts for doing effective business activities in easy manner.
  • Accounting and finance- This is that department which are developing and arranging all accounting and financial practices in better manner. With the same, the firm are capable for managing and maintaining their cash flow, budgetary control, fund flow, finance management and trading accounting which required to be maintained according to the specific situation. This can be known as confidential department of an enterprise which help in managing their financial statement of the company and also assist in getting success and growth in effectively. In this division, team members are recording each and every business function and activities for arranging all budgetary control and also manage all income amount related to specific products and services.


P4 Pestle analysis with their positive and negative impacts

Business environment consist of two major section which involve internal and external elements that impacts on operational activities either in positive or negative way. It is necessary for each and very organisation to observe, analyse and evaluate these components to carrying out different types of tasks or procedures in appropriate manner to achieve desired gaols or objectives (Avramenko, 2012). Pestle analysis should be conducted by Maybelline to determine impacts of them on organisational projects. A brief discussion about these external factors is given below:

Political factor :- This can be described as rules and regulations of several political parties which are established as per requirements which are necessary to be followed by organisations. Several kinds of norms are made by them such as pollution vehicles to reduce legal actions against firm then it is mandatory for companies to use ozone friendly transportation method for sales and distribution (Burns and Winter, 2011). Maybelline have to focus on these criterion made by political agencies because they are like apart of government as well. Following these policies avoid extra restrictions and busies can be run properly to generate better outcomes. It has positive impact that it helps to make n effective image and reduce risk of legal punishments.

Economical factor :- This can be described about figures of funds or money which is an important aspect of company to carrying out different activities or tasks for attaining desire outputs. It is necessary to implement required capital to conduct various aspects of business and maintain a margin between cost of manufacturing and funds. This will helps to overcome with sudden issues of firm easily. Maybelline have to balance money of investment in sufficient amount which become supportive to carrying out regular activities and also facilitate to reduced negative impacts of sudden arisen threat or issue in an organisation.

Social factor :- The term social factor is all about several kinds of values, beliefs and religion of people living at a place should be not harmed by conducting any procedure of operations in company. It is necessary to take care of various aspect that may hurt norms of any societal culture, religion etc. Many of regulations are also important which are made by particular actual trust that are mandatory to be followed by people living there. Maybelline is required to focus on these problems and carefully execute their packaging of product or several promotional activities on social media platform to improve sales and profits of an enterprise. Following the social rules has both positive and negative impacts such as it reflects as attached to cultural values but at same time people of other religion felt wrong about company (Chow and et. al., 2011).

Technological factor :- This cab be explained about various types of technological software and programmes that are applied in different companies as per requirements to complete required tasks and procedures properly. It will facilitate to gain better productivity as well as profitability of an enterprise. There are different kinds of techniques or methods that are in trends which helps to conduct desired events in appropriate manner to generate better outcomes in Maybelline. Technology also has both positive and negative impacts as it is beneficial to fulfil regular targets but single and minor issue will destroy whole results at one stroke.

Legal factor :- There are different types of rules and legislations that are made by government agencies which are necessary to be followed by each and every organisation to run their business in appropriate manner to complete desired goals or objectives (Commander and Svejnar, 2011). Legal regulations are mandatory to be applied by company while making any decision regarding various strategies or policies to carrying out operational procedures on regular basis to generate regular outcomes properly. Maybelline have to determine several changes or modifications of legal rules or norms an d upgrade system of working in company to avoid government punishments. It has a positive impact as it provides an opportunity to improve its image in front of legal authoritative as well as customers through avoiding any negative activities of legal offence.

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