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Critical Evaluation - American and Japanese Cross-Culture Business Negotiation

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/508/0485
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Question :

This is a report based on the cross-cultural management issues which are faced between American and Japanese countries wile negotiation.

  • Conducting research on grounds of cultural dimension, leadership approaches, ethical challenges, and value systems when negotiation between American and Japanese nationals.
  • Discussion on the issues which may affect negotiation between American and Japanese nationals.
Answer :
Organization Selected : American and Japanese Cross-Culture Business Negotiation


Cross cultural negotiation is one of the many specialized areas in the wider field of different cultural communication. In this, report is focused on cross cultural communication training needed at the workplace. This is helping to improve the relationships in between different country’s culture (Willsteed, 2017). In addition, a report based on AMERICAN and JAPANESE cross culture business negotiation. Further, it covered culture dimension, leadership issue, ethical issue and value system. All such kinds of factor are helping to improve the business relationship with different countries. On the other hand, improve level of communicating with other help of non-verbal communication.


1. Hypothetical cross-cultural negotiation process

In this context, cross culture negotiation process is depended of two different types of countries and there business relation. It is help to design the feasible organisation culture and improve productivity and profit will be managed for the long period (Reddy, 2017). This is plan to use the enterprise resources and value of organisation is find with effective and impelling. Cross-cultural administration is the establishment of people and property that involve a various culture prospect. Cross-culture governance studies teach how to manage conflicts of the homogeneity culture and realize effectual social control.

To be solve any issue related to different person thinking, behaviour and felling. Communication is a cluster of codes used in abstraction which, if not mutual effectively, can act as an obstruction to establish credibility and trust (Reddy, 2018). We need more impressive tools, and the most essential is knowledge of all factors that can determinative the proceedings. Nations tend to have a domestic character that causing the type of cognitive content and process the society move in negotiate. There are some important factors is to be consider are as follows :-

  • The negotiation environment
  • The culture and subculture differences
  • There are some financial insecurity due to some monetary system will be change.
  • In this context, economic chan ages or political factor is give some changes in external working environment.
  • There are some different kinds of law must be changed in different countries. There are some new rules and regulation is give negative impact to society.

With the help of such kind of factor is improve the cross culture relationship between AMERICAN and JAPANESE countries (Willsteed, 2017). This is to be change the current market structure as per the need of the customer and culture dimension. There are some factors are most important part for in this research work of both the countries.

Culture dimension : In this context, culture sensitivity is one of the most important part and crucial skills for successful business. There are some points like culture time management, languages nuances etc. can help for any complex in business issue.

  • Customs :- In this context, business will be deal with other country, to be focus on some culture differences that may be presented in work place. This is focus on some basic custom used by internal work place in organisation. To be improve customer relationship management is handle any such kind of issue.
  • Languages barrier :- In a few nations, similar to the United States and Germany, it is basic for individuals to talk noisily and be more decisive or forceful when sharing thoughts or providing guidance (Pitkänen, 2017). In nations like Japan, individuals commonly talk delicately and are more uninvolved about sharing thoughts or making proposals. While interfacing with individuals from various societies, talking in an unbiased tone and trying to be obliging of others' information, regardless of whether it is given in a way to which you are not acclimated, can help encourage viable business correspondence. This is help to solve any such kind of problem indie the organisation.
  • Target audience :- When propelling a promoting effort or publicizing to individuals from an alternate culture, dependably investigate the objective market before starting the battle. Levels of conservatism, sex perspectives and belief systems can shift significantly between societies (Heasman, 2017). Exhibiting a crusade that isn't in accordance with particular social standards can affront the intended interest group and incredibly block the battle. Monitoring social standards can likewise enable your organization to limit the intended interest group. For example, in Japan and Austria, men ordinarily are responsible for basic leadership, however ladies settle on the dominant part of obtaining choices in JAPANESE.
  • Technology :- In this context, use new technology is help to improve current market condition. Application enables people to easily link with grouping around the world in a minute notice, but there are a few rules to retrieve before doing so (Keller, 2017). This is one of the most important part is improved productivity and profit will be managed for long period. New technology is help to increase the number of customer and improving the current market structure or increase profit.

Ethical issue :- In this context, some ethical issue is the most useful part of both the countries. The overall profit and productivity of business activity. To be improve the number of customers is only based on ethical behaviours. This assists to increase productivity and profit will be exchanged for some given time period. To be solved each and every type of conflict or remove any barrier to improve customer relationship management. There are some ethical judgement are based on social context (McComb, 2017). It is to be AMERICAN and JAPANESE countries focused on each and every social factors. This is to be improve the earning power of the employees and give some extra benefit for future time. On the other hand, creative contribution to the organisation with the help of different kind of ethical factor.

Leadership style :- In this context, leader is person who lead something new and improve internal work between two countries business. Leader is a great negotiator and each or every negotiator have leadership skills. This is helping to improve profit and overall on the job state of affairs. In addition, vision or team building capacity is helping with one of the most important qualities of a leader in the organisation (Adler, 2017). In absolutist authority style, labourers and devotees are controlled by one individual as a pioneer. There's no collective basic leadership and no concrescence amongst pioneers and staff. Labourers lose their duty, activity and responsibility. Such approach effectually affects repaying process.

In the vast majority of cases, totalitarian style can be utilized for reviving a coming up short business by deciding better approaches for survival with the best down arrangement of systems. The AMERICAN and JAPANESE country totalitarian style ought to be utilized just to outrageous alert and in the couple of circumstances when it is completely basic (Usunier, 2017). A basic leadership demonstrates for coordinating choice of pioneers by applying intermittent components considering an extensive variety of basic leadership for pioneers changing from despotic ways to deal with participative methodologies. Such model characterizes that on the off chance that the work is unmistakable and representatives are sufficiently capable, watching out for imperious approach gives better outcomes. Overhand in hazy circumstance with no enough data participative approach will help to settle on a superior choice (Adler, 2018). In a few circumstances when pioneer has insufficient help, utilizing participative procedure will help him to guarantee supporters about the balance of basic leadership's weigh between them. Experimental research on the regularizing choice model isn't broad however is for the most part strong of its essential premises.

This is help to solve any kind of problem in both the counties and leader is person who guide them. In addition, some new factor are improved or control to every sector of organisation. This is main issue of cross culture dimensions in AMERICAN and JAPANESE countries. This is assist to alteration some necessary betterment overall market structure. A good leader have different kinds of quality and influences goal to that part of work. There are sure capacities that a decent pioneer ought to have a few essential capacities. As indicated by him, AMERICAN and JAPANESE countries pioneers are conceived and create as per their condition and training. Administration then again, can be learnt and got by adequate preparing, training and getting extra aptitudes. Fruitful pioneers are great at utilizing both the qualities and shortcomings of a gathering to accomplish the best outcomes (Adler, 2018). They additionally have the capacity of uniting bunches by driving them without struggle and limiting amicability.

Successful administration must be based on a strong established which is thus reliant on the characteristics of respectability and lowliness. AMERICAN and JAPANESE countries characterize respectability as immovability of character, genuineness, uprightness, earnestness and great good character. Uprightness impacts the objectives that pioneers picked as well as the kind of devotees that they get. It implies subsequently that, high honesty manufactures put stock in, respect, regard and steadfastness.

Cross-cultural negotiation process : There is complete, process must be followed to improve productivity and profit will be changed in future time periods. In this context, the process is a huge challenger for any kind of negotiator. It is very crucial to know the commonest basic components of our counter party's culture. It's a sign of esteem and a way to habits trust and credibility as well as asset that can help us to take the right plan of action and tactics during the discussion (Wolf, 2017). The best way to identify the chief is to be powerfulness in abroad counties. It is find the right way, at the right time to the bridge the culture gap. This is to be help to improve current market execution of both the countries. It is to be focus on combination of both the culture joint venture business. Further, it covered to adopt third culture is personal relationship with such kind of activity. The cross culture relationship is focusing on common professional culture may be of enterprise relation. To be maintained the relationship with different level and improve any issue related to business.

This may be take new responsibility for cross culture dimensions. The effective are additionally more steady than different mediators, more averse to surrender when stood up to with misfortunes and impediments, and more prone to endeavour toward more forceful objectives (Reddy, 2017). For whatever length of time that they have a comment, high power mediators normally won't acknowledge impasse. This produces picks up for the effective mediator as well as empowers integrative transactions and the disclosure of commonly useful trade-offs that can profit the two sides.

One regular idea about power is that it prompts settled in mindsets. This may be genuine when somebody holds a situation for quite a while, however in unique settings, for example, bartering situations, mental power drives people to be more imaginative (Reddy, 2018). Our exploration demonstrates that mental power enables individuals to recognize novel mindsets about issues and makes them less inclined to comply with the requirements forced by the opposite side's offer. Al such kind of activity is help to improve current market structure to overcome such kind of issue.

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