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Reflection on Interview Activity and Methods to Collect Information from Market

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on the evaluation of the positive and negative influence of tourism development within the specified location. In this regard, reflection is based on evaluating numerous research methods that can deploy in gathering relevant information on a specified topic.

  • State a reflection based on tourism development within different countries.
  • Provide a clear understanding of primary and secondary methods of data collection by evaluating its sources. 
  • Discuss information related to primary and secondary research. 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Market research is such which help company to make an proper decision and strategy in great way and also make to attain the goals and objectives in right context. Even though, research industry is such which view both challenges and opportunity as well (Horn, 2016). Making record of all the thing which is available from the research can help company to use in their future prospect too. The assignment will include reflection on interview activity and method chose to collect information from market.



Tourism is considered by government as the main aspect that help them to attain better revenues and income in effective manner for increase of economy and development as Ill. Crete and Mallorca is a place where population is not so much but included as tourist destination as they are part of Spain and Greece. Moreover, various method are selected to collect information and data of their place in effective way and thus I faced a lot issues and challenges in the field while gathering such in proper manner. Even though primary and secondary method is chose by me to collect information and data in better manner.

Primary method: A primary method or source is considered as original study, document, object or observation too. In contrary to this, any source where any type of information is given as appeared (Lewis, 2015). Normally, if the scientific study or something is performed, primary source is that which has initial report that has prepared by scientist.

The method I chose in primary collection of data and information are as:

  • Observation: They are commonly used in relating to the behavioural science. Normally, it is considered as the scientific tool and the method of collection for researcher, when it is such which also formulate the various research purpose and it can be done in systematically planned and also subjected to the checks and controls as Ill. It also consider different sources as:

Structured and Unstructured observation.

Participant and Non-participant observation.

Controlled and uncontrolled observation.

  • Interview method: This method is such which do involve presentation of oral and verbal stimuli, even this can be achieved by two ways and those are as follows:

Personal Interview.

Direct interviews

Indirect oral interviews

Structured and unstructured interview

Telephonic interview

  • Questionnaire: It is kind of survey in which different questions are included and such thing help company to gather information and data. There some of the point which is required for the questionnaire and some of those are as follows:

It is considered as simple and short.

Adequate space should be provided or the answers.

Physical Appearance- Normally quality of paper, colour etc. is somewhere should be good as this has an attraction of respondent.

  • Schedules: This is being considered as similar to questionnaire which has an difference in between the schedules which are not filled. Numeration is that which explain the aims and objectives with investigation and also remove the misunderstanding and does help in having an respondent to record answer in better manner. Even I have somewhere also chose Ill trained thing which is required to perform various jobs, even though it is needed concept in this that person should be helpful, honest and hard working too.

Secondary source: In this secondary source documents is all about writing the primary sources in great way (Spooner and et. al., 2014). Although, document is that which report, analyse and also discuss with interpretation in primary sources as Ill.

The different method I generally chose in secondary criteria is as:

Moreover, researcher is such which generally obtain secondary data from the various sources as Ill, hence this is such which is basically include the published and unpublished data in great way too. Even though the published data is normally available in as:

  • Trade Journals
  • Public Records
  • Statistical and Historical document in right context.

Basically, before having an secondary data, it must be checked and with following characteristics-

  • Reliability of data.
  • Suitability of data.
  • Adequacy.

Generally, secondary sources is such which is somewhere always acceptable while market research but primary method is said to be best method rather then secondary source. Although, most the times sources which is seen and normally found while research is secondary research in great way too.

Hence, when I was collecting the information and data in Crete and Mallorca. Even though I have faced many challenges and issues which created hurdle in between the working of mine too. Hence, various challenges and issues that has been faced by us are those that has came in between smooth working of different thing. As, market research is said to be an organized activity which is conducted for collecting the information about various specific target customers in great manner. Even though, its being considered as the important component of strategy and in decision making as Ill. Moreover, market researcher is that which perform the primary and secondary research that help in obtaining the information and data in process with relevant information:

Some of those are as:

  • Existing market research methodology: It becomes very hard for the researcher and company to make separation from the available outcomes. Normally, on internet every day around 550 Websites are being added. It is that which create confusion for the team of mine to collect the information and data which is accurate. Although, existing techniques are those which does juggle different thing that has around challenge with right data.
  • Quality: Generally, it had a point of thing that sometimes while collecting needed data I get out some poor quality of information which is not helpful for the firm. Volume of the data that has collected from increasing the errors and having an human Weakness. Therefore, when I met and gathered data which is of poor quality then the mind set is such does not stand up with high risk of getting and quality of work too.
  • Research outcomes: When I and my team research in market the expectation of the client and customer do increase because of complex business dynamics. Moreover client expect that they would receive the actionable from market research in various ways. Therefore, that can help in having an right time business decision too. Strategy report which is delivered on time is somewhere it can become an challenge for having an market research in with companies globally.
  • Differentiate from the competitors: It is that which does increasing challenge with the market research which does help in exhibit unique thing which does contribute in market research approach. Generally, research methodology is such which is being folloId by the market research and companies that don't help in having an stand apart from crowd as Ill. Changing technology is with prime concern nowadays. Generally, it is being as which lead to avoid the commodification of different market of research project in better way too.
  • Clientele Constraint: Moreover, with an increasing competition, various client are there which need to have an up to date information and data that is being delivered super fast. However, it is such that would help the customer to come over the edge with high competition and having growth in market. Hence, client are those who has an constraint in terms of the timeliness and also provide with the budget in which work is involved.

Even though, there is a solution to these kind of challenges which is faced by me while collecting information. Basically, online research is involved as integral part in secondary research, data extraction is considered as the essential component of an online research. Automation is that which become the increasingly an inevitable necessity of near future. This is having an direct impact on the increased productivity of mine and many researcher too with overall output. Some manual errors are those which is having an during extraction and that can be eliminated.

Market research is something that which has an easily differentiate themselves from having an competition and also provide everything faster, accurate and has more information data to client. In summarize of this, there are some challenges which is faced by market researcher that can be addressed and also being resolved in with successful equipment of having an online with web data and descent activities in great manner.

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From the above assignment it can be state that, collection of different needed information from market is very much difficult in nature, Therefore, various method is there which has helped in gathering data and information in great manner. This is such which can help company to attain their goals and objectives in better way. Assignment, has included various thing and thus the collection of information was done from the places like Crete and Mallorca which are small Island in Russia and Spain. While was making an gathering data various issues and challenged in being faced by the us in great way and even though adjusted to come out from such thing in better way.

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