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Concept of Professionalism in Education and Training: Virgin Atlantic

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Question :

It is important for an individual to have training and education si that they can gain relevant opportunities and enhance its skill and knowledge. The company chosen is  Virgin Atlantic which was founded in 1984. the project includes the following-

  • Definition of the concept of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training.
  • Understanding the policy in relation to education and training.
  • Impact of accountability to the stakeholders and other external bodies.
  • Organisational context of education and training.
  • Contribution in quality improvement and quality assurance
Answer :
Organization Selected : Virgin Atlantic


Training and education is necessary for every individual person so that they can gain better opportunities in future and it is important for enhancing skills and knowledge. In business environment organisations hire a professional person for framing training and development session. The business environment is dynamic in nature several changes take place on daily basis for implementing this modification in the company there is a requirement of training and development for employees (Cooner, 2010). So that they can work on these changes easily and increase productivity and profit maximisation. This assignment is based on Virgin Atlantic is a company founded in 1984 and its head office is in Crawley, United Kingdom. A respective company is a large scale business in which there is the requirement of training and development for their employees that can be new or existing both. Mainly program of training and development is framed by the human resource department of the Virgin Atlantic. Apart from this, it is a long term procedure because of its dynamic nature. This report is explaining the concept of professionalism and dual professionalism in the area of education and training. Moreover, it enlightens how social, political and economical factors influencing education policy. As well as overall factors related to education and training is explained in the assignment.


1.1 Concept of professionalism and dual professionalism in education and training

Concept of dual professionalism – It involves both subjective as well vocational education and training. Mainly education and trainer are dual professional because they can guide in both the manner and they are teaching expertise also. Person who are dual professionals have to maintain and enhance their expertise areas on regular basis for gaining better results in future. It will be beneficial for their trainees also to who they are educating.

In Virgin Atlantic mainly Vocational training method is using for enhancing skills and knowledge of the pilots, air-hostesses and caterers (Wallis, 2015). Moreover, there are mainly two type of training method one is on the job and another is off the job method which is used by dual professionals in respective organisation for trained and educating their staff members. Description of these methods is mention below :-

  • On the job training method In this education and training method skills as well knowledge of employees in enhance or develop while doing working in organisation. In general words it can be said that, through trainers direct instructions is given to pilots, Air- hostesses and caters on their actual working area. With the assistance of on the job training method practical knowledge is provided to the workers in Virgin Atlantic (Young and McNulty, 2016). This method involves various techniques in it for providing designing education and training such as: coaching, mentoring, job rotation, understudy, apprenticeship and so on. Such practices results in increasing productivity and sales of business.
  • Off the job training method – This is the method in which training and education is provided to the employees away from their work station. Off the job training method is beneficial for giving subjective knowledge about the job role. Apart from this, it is expensive because in it another place is hired by the company for training their employees. There are various types of techniques which is used in it such as simulation, lectures, vestibule training, case study, role playing, management games and so on. Advantage of this is that it don't create disturbances for other staff members in their daily activity.

For Virgin Atlantic on the job training method is best for enhancing skills and knowledge of their employees. Because work of pilots, caterers and air-hostesses is totally based on practical knowledge.

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Concept of Professionalism - An person is known as professional when he/she have knowledge related to particular area and they are the specialist of their field. For becoming specialist in particular area there is requirement of education and studies so that they will be known as professional of that field (Hoyle, 2012). Below mention are some qualities which is required in professional person :-

  • Specialised skills and knowledge – It is the basic need which is required in individual then only He/she will be known as professional of education and training. As a proof there is requirement of some certificate which is foundation of knowledge. There are many companies such as Virgin Atlantic which hire professional for education and training purpose. For example, an person is specialist in Human resource then only he/she will provide training to HR department employees.
  • Competency – Business environment is dynamic in nature thus there are several situation which may arise for organisation. That can be positive and negative both but in such period it is the duty of specialised person to convert them into right through their efforts and hard work. Professional don't give excuses for anything but find solutions of the problem and come out with several opportunities from the things.
  • Responsibility - Professional feel themselves that they are responsible for all of their thoughts, views,words, actions and especially for their mistakes which is made by them. Because professional is also an human being they can also made fault but in this their accountability is that they have to right it again. When Trainers is taking their responsibility related to the human resource training then employees will be trained in better manner.

Difference between professionalism and dual professionalism


Dual professionalism

Professional is the person who is specialised in particular area. He/she is the person who provide training to the people related to an specified field it can be HR, Marketing, Finance and so on.

Dual professional is also an individual person but he/she is specialised in several areas. an person who is specialist in subjective and vocational both the method are called dual professional.

Hence, Virgin Atlantic is hiring professionalism trainers because of they want to train their employees mainly in human resource (LaPointe, 2010).

1.2 Own professional values influence own practice

Values are ethics of every individual person and it is applied by them in their daily basis life as well all such gives major impact on education and training session. Professionals also have their values which is applied by them in their working but all such can gives optimistic and pessimistic impact. Some of the values are mention below along with their effects :-

  • Expectation for high Standard - Every person expect high results same as professional also have such values who is providing training to the employees of Virgin Atlantic. If expectation of the trainer is high then they will use better tools and techniques within overall training period. So they can gain better results in return.
  • Updating knowledge and skills – Main motive of company behind providing training to their employees is to update their skills and knowledge. Professional with such values assist employees in gaining latest knowledge and skills of their specialised area. These values give positive impact on Virgin Atlantic because when staff member have updated knowledge then they will do their work in better manner and assist in generating profit.
  • Promoting equality in teaching and learning – Every employee have equal rights in the company for this there is several laws also which is given by government of particular nation. Trainer who have such values give wide impact on training and education session because when equal opportunities is provided to the employees of Virgin Atlantic then skills and knowledge of everyone enhance in better manner.

Above mentions are the values in professional which is hired by the Virgin Atlantic for education and training purpose. Many of them give positive impact on the respective organisation in enhancing skills and knowledge of employees.


2.1 Social, political and economic factors influence education policy

Education policy are the collection of laws, legislation and rules which control operation of education system overall. Training and education is the important process through which individual can enhance their skills and knowledge in better manner (McNiff, 2013). There are several factors which is involved in education policy and gives effect on learning process. Social, political and economical are these factors which influence and give their impact on education policy. Description of all these is mention below :-

Political factors - These are the factors which is totally based on government policies and process. It gives when impact on working of company and even on every factors. Educational policy also get influenced because of several laws and rules that is given by higher authority. As well all these legislations must be implement in training and education process when it is providing to the employees. All such activities are mainly provided with the motive of professional development and skill enhancement. In United Kingdom, various governmental bodies conduct program and initiative for professional development action. Through this, they maximize professional skills and knowledge of an specific person. There are several laws which is designed by government of united kingdom in the favour of employees. All such must be followed by the company and trainer during overall training period. One of them is data protection act which states that organisation should not to disclose their employees data with the professional who comes for education and training period.

Social Factors – It involves income and wealth, employment, social status and so on. All these factors are totally based on employment services and their need in an company. Virgin Atlantic is popular enterprise of Airways in which professional development and training is provided to staff members after keeping in mind educational policy (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). Social factors are rely on individual learning approaches which can give their impact on educational approaches. Thus, educational policies are totally interrelated with social factors and it gives wide impact.

Economic factors – These factors are totally based on recent trends and factors which gives wide impact on activity of business and process. Policies related to education and factors which can affected with all such approaches because it need appropriate skills and knowledge of economic factors as well as values. Virgin Atlantic company, professional who is providing training must have overall knowledge related to the inflation policy, interest rates and growth rate. Because these can give their impact business activity and operations directly and indirectly. when modification or up and down take place in economical factors then all such gives their impact on education policy. Because rates in which education services is providing will also get chanced.

2.2 Impact of current educational policies on curriculum and practice

Education policies involves several laws and rules which is given by government bodies for regulating overall procedure of education and training. These policies are most impactful and gives their impact on enhancing skills and knowledge. For providing education to employees proper curriculum is framed by trainee and human resource department but it should be prepared after keeping education policies in mind. With the assistance of such polices Virgin Atlantic can easily growth and also gain success in business environment. (GrayJoy2013). Apart from this, for development of specific area there is requirement of trainers and instructor who use several practices for achieving business advantages in better manner and easily.

Major objective of education and training to enhance particular area of a person for getting several business opportunities in present and future. Thus, in this factor it is important that trainer have to apply various innovative ideas and thoughts. So that staff member can learn easily and early by the approaches. It is not necessary that learners are always effective but they can easily learn things through several practical presentation. In these innovative and advance technology play their important role for providing effective training and education in better manner. Main motive of providing training is to increase skills and knowledge so that they can work in better manner and maximise profit. Through proper knowledge an individual get prepared for gaining several competitive advantages.

For instance, there are several educational policy which must be followed in the company while providing training to then employees. One of the major policy is that trainer should have to provide equal opportunity to every employment so their will be no discrimination. As well each and everyone can enhance their skills and knowledge.


3.1 Roles of stakeholders and external bodies in education and training

I am working as a Human Resource manager in Virgin Atlantic and my job is to look after each and every operation happening at workstation. The company is focussing more on sector of education and training. In this regard, it is my duty to examine the responsibilities of stakeholders and other external bodies in similar area. They all used to play an important role in arena of education and training. Some of the essential part which is carried by them are highlighted below :

  • Shareholders : They are owners of one or more shares existing within company. These personalities can contribute in various programmes implemented by organisation. (Mulcahy, 2011). This has been found that Human resource department of Virgin is focussed in offering training and education programmes to heir new hired staff members such as pilots, air hostesses, caterers. Share – owners usually invest specific sum of revenue in these activities. The main motive of doing so is to train them so that travellers would be provided best quality services. Thus, after experiencing safe travel along with better treatment, users get satisfied properly and may think for choose them in future also.
  • Government : This consist different authorised person in United Kingdom who are responsible for governing civilians living within nation. Their primary function is to frame appropriate rules and regulations for improving acquisition level as well as maintaining peace in UK. Government body caters free training sessions to private companies including Virgin Atlantic. This impacts positively on whole performance of corporate since skills of workforces get enhanced efficiently and effectively.

Suppliers, workers, consumers, the community, etc. generally treated as stakeholders since they are contributing their precious and valuable time for the growth or development of business activities.

  • Supplier : Suppliers are also considered as important part of mentioned firm because they used to supply raw materials and various other services to Virgin (Germain, 2010). By this way, company is able to manufacture luxurious facilities to their expected customers. They also support in learning sector by making tie - up of venture from necessary institutes that is providing experienced faculties, people having specialisation education sector and many more. It is to be noted that without those professionals, it is not easy to run organisation as they render several HRM practices.
  • Customers : They are common public who normally purchase services that are being offered by enterprise. Someone who has already taken facilities of Virgin while travelling to specific place generally give their suggestions in the form of comments on official websites of corporation. This may be optimistic as well as antagonistic (Cahnmann-Taylorand Siegesmund2017). Employees performing in Virgin Atlantic generally pay attention on those feedbacks. If they found any negative one, then investigation goes on and particular solutions are prepared instantly so as to satisfy those clients by rendering them better services. On the ground of those statements, corporation can create modifications in their existing training and education session.

3.2 How being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies impacts on organisations

It is significant to maintain accountability with stakeholders and extrinsic bodies. Without being responsible, Virgin would not receive success in sector of educational action and training. As discussed above,Stakeholders and external bodies are playing crucial role. Thus, it return company should also show some responsibility to them. This will led a great impact on entire corporation in education and training.

  • Employees: If Virgin Atlantic would not arrange training and improvement classes for their personnels, then they will definitely become weak. In fact, workers may not able to perform their daily basis chores in effective manner (Walker and Colledge, 2013). It may influence negatively on whole production of company as customers do not receive contentment after experiencing services supplied by them. As a bad outcome, the declination of users begin in dramatic way which resulted in great loss lastly. On the other hand, when staffs will attain suitable learning, they would definitely give their best in producing satisfiable services to end users. It will impact positively on the image of venture.
  • Government: Virgin should follow each and every norms framed by governance of UK. If they would not abide according to those laws, they are treated guilty in the eyes of government. Punishment could be given to them in any form either as compensation or some serious charge. Thus, it can said that violation of rules will give antagonistic impact on organisation. Therefore, Virgin ought to be accountable to authorised system and this can be done by following the order & legalisation created by those governing bodies. When Virgin Atlantic become responsible towards regulations of government, in- return legal bodies will show more attention towards Virgin and cater suitable facilities to them.
  • Consumers: If company would not offer quality based services to customers, then they will move to other companies in search of desired products. This results in decrement in the number of passengers. Hence, selling level of Virgin got down which is not good in any case. Thus, better option is to train employees so that effective services could be delivered easily (Pleasance, 2016). Henceforth, enterprise should attempt to arrange modern learning sessions to their work – forces for making them more capable and skill-full.
  • Share-owners: It is necessary for Virgin to payback shares in correct hands. By doing similar, they can attract investors towards themselves which is proved to be beneficial for them in education and upbringing sector. People would like to participate in investing more money as a fruitful consequence. Hence, after receiving those investments, company can start the work of enlargement of their curriculum activities according to determined schemes.

3.3 Importance to work in partnership with employers and other stakeholders

Working in partnership is nothing but to make a collaborative relationship between one or more parties for attaining specific goal. It is to be noted that such relation is formed on the basis of mutual understanding and fidelity. It is very important for Virgin Atlantic to establish healthy relationship with employers and several stakeholders. Employers usually used to hire qualified people within organisation on the ground of skills and ability of workers(Billett2010). When Virgin Atlantic will start working with these managers, then they could easily keep connection with qualified and experienced personnels and make them a part of their business. This in turn helps in building powerful base of workforce. In this context, training and education field would be impacted positively as team leaders may work not really hard since recruited employees are already having experience of identical sector. If company will be strong in terms of employee, thus it is obvious that productivity gets higher automatically. On the other side, this is not possible to handle high work- load of managing whole staffs. Hence, it can be stated that load from the head or shoulder of Virgin get reduced. They are now capable of running commercial activity in proper manner. In addition to this, modern technique of training would be arranged for current as well as new members of enterprise in more appropriate way.

Virgin ought to also focus on creating strong partnership with some other contributors or stakeholders. When they become good partner of company since various benefits is being provided by those collaborators. For example, customers purchase services of Virgin which raises the net income per annum. This inclination would be continued along with the increment in number of users. By earning more monetary value, firm can be able to offer unique training classes to their workers such as pilots, air hostesses, etc. This will develop personal as well as profession qualifications of those members and standard of productivity get improves too.

3.4 Effect of being responsible to stakeholders and extraneous bodies on curriculum design, delivery and assessment

As I am working as a HR manager at Virgin Atlantic, it is my responsibility to concentrate on implications of stakeholders and external factors on curriculum designing, delivery and assessment. In this scenario, stakeholders & other external bodies like government, shareholders is playing great role. They used to provide effectual courses of study to expected workforces. An extraneous element known as 'share – owners' is playing a vital role in this context. They are supposed to invest adequate sum of money in case of any financial issue (Fish2013). Thus, Virgin is no need of worry in terms of finance regarding delivery and assessment. Thereby, it is depicted that Human resource division is positively effected in this case. At the same time, stakeholder like customer are responsible for giving cognition about recent marketing traditions and current demands. After receiving these facts and figures, Virgin can keep themselves updated in their curriculum programmes. On the basis of those information, deep knowledge can be offered to trainees while delivering training programmes. This help in improving current level of cognition and increasing productivity of Virgin as well. Hence, it can be said that being accountable to stakeholders and other extrinsic participants, venture can attain positive implications.


4.1 key aspects of policies, codes of practices and guidelines

Virgin Atlantic has made unique principles, guidelines & code of practices like different companies. The major motive of setting these policies is to maintain a disciplined environment within work - place. Some of the important code of practices of refereed firm in context with training and education are listed below :

  • Managers is liable to solve all issues of their group members as per the level of priority.
  • Effective communicational skills should be learned by subordinates to workers. During this, employers are obligated to take report from each subordinate.
  • Employers who are working under HRM sector should interact to each and every staff personally. This aids in maintaining healthy employee relationship. (Barkhuizen2011)

Additionally different policies are made by Virgin are following :

  • Equivalent chances should be provided to each employee in context to training sessions. The main aim is to remove every kind of discrimination which is done on the basis of colour, sex, caste, religions, etc. from workstation.
  • After offering development & learning skills to staff members, it is the duty of managers to take exams or test of each personnel. This assist in knowing about their grasping power.
  • Training sessions needs to be renewed after per five months. It will help in seeking attention of large number of workers and engaging all of them in particular task.

Guidelines designed by Virgin Atlantic are described below :

  • Employers who are present at high level designations are accountable to design proper guidance for other professionals or trainers (Muzioand Kirkpatrick2011). This aids in setting correct direction to them so that no conflict would raise in upcoming days.
  • Leaders are commanded to cater suitable knowledge to candidates present in several groups. In this area, focus should be more on communication skills, presentation ability, way of interaction and so on.
  • Higher level professionals are having duty to divide work loads of catering upbringing sessions to different team leaders. This maintains the decorum of organisation since entire work get completed before determined deadline.

4.2 Influence of organisational needs and expectations on curriculum practice

This has been observed that an enterprise consist of some expectations and requirements which is variant in nature. Virgin Atlantic is also having diverse necessitates and outlooks in their domain of human resource management. For instance, some of the curriculum programmes like improving communicational skill requires approx. 5 months. On the other hand, employers wish to complete identical chores in minimum number of days (Wright2010). The reason of doing identical hurry is to only save time for next training session. But it is to be noted that finishing such actions in less time lead to give an antagonistic effect on presentation level of employees. If act of interaction is not correct, then it is impossible to communicate as well as understand clients respectively. As an atrocious consequence, whole performance of Virgin get hampered.

On another side, this has been noticed that sometime company used to spend more frame of time while rendering specific learning to personnels. For instance, while delivering motivational speech for inspiring people at workstation, team – heads ought to take 3 to 4 days. Whereas they consume maximum quantity of time in motivating their contestants. This also give negative influence on working of organisation. Thus, it is proved that organisational basic needs and expectations are influencing curriculum aspects of HR department within Virgin.


5.1 Analyse the quality improvement and quality assurance arrangements

Quality matters a lot for everyone as without maintaining appropriate level of standard, it is impossible to construct powerful customer base. Since Virgin Atlantic is paying attention on training and development practices. They need to maintain good quality within organisation. They need to execute quality assurance arrangements in this regard. Virgin is hiring professionals like air-hostesses, pilots, caterers and so on which are from several other countries, cities, and culture. In such situation, there is a need to teach them suitable languages, traditions of their expected clients. Various measures which must be taken by the firm are given below :-

  • Training and education must be provided to the employees on time which can improve their skills and knowledge. So that they can provide better services to the customers and fulfil needs and wants.
  • In airline company staff members are from several countries and culture. So they understand and speak different languages (Couldry,2012). Thus, in such situation it is the duty of trainer that they must have to frame training program in such manner that it will enhance skills and knowledge of every employees.
  • For training session there is requirement of some resources which must be provided by the company. So that, professional trainer can provide quality of services to the employees.

In every company there is an department which works for quality maintenance and assurance management. Major motive behind this is to satisfy needs and wants of the customers in better manner by offering then valuable goods and services according to the amount spended by them.

5.2 Function of self-assessment, self-evaluation and the quality cycle

Self- assessment is the process of accessing an individual's own idea, thinking and viewpoints. Mangers are liable to play the role of self assessment so that creative concepts could be launched in airline sector. They try to develop thinking skill in order to design innovative products and services. At the similar period of time, self – evaluation is also necessary. This is nothing but the act of evaluating personal range of progress and improvement. Employees should be capable of determining own range of development as well as learning. This aids in knowing about which sector is not improved yet and what are the things that is required to update. Hence, at final stage, a worker can easily decide knowledge needed by him or her. They would even tell their leaders to give them training in related field. Thus, professionals can gain a relaxation from their job for a while. So, self evaluation ought to be applied by Virgin in HRM area.

Quality assurance model should be executed within corporation for accomplishing the aim of maintaining quality. This model is mainly used to prevent faults as well as defects existing in merchandises. For implementing this, Virgin requires to follow three steps :

  • I. Analysation of risks : In this technique, possible risky factors is needed to determine. After that, Proper solutions should be generated by risk handers so that they get resolved immediately.
  • II. Plan overall activities : Herein, mangers should assign duties to every individual working at organisation of creating plans for carrying on entire work.
  • III. Implementation of activity : Subsequently, those plan of action is being implemented effectively.

5.3 Learning programme taking account of the quality maintenance

Virgin Atlantic should follow a learning programme for managing and manufacturing quality based services. This is carried for the intention of attracting large number of travellers towards their company. Mentioned venture ought to focus more in following points :

  • Quality retention in production department : A special team should be built for investigating about facilities and services supplied by Virgin (Simonand et. al., 2014). This assist in detecting about what is going wrong. Mistakes observed by quality team associates have to be checked and resolve the same on priority basis so that good services can be offered to end users.
  • Improvement in customer relationship sector : In airline industry, it is very essential to maintain healthy and effective relation with clients. A department should be created for handling such type of chores on the ground of their knowledge. Members participated in that sector should try to interact properly with each travellers. This is done for giving satisfaction to all people who generally used to travel with Virgin Atlantic.

5.4 Spheres for betterment in the learning programme taking account of the results of evaluation

Some of the areas of improvement is needed in the curriculum programme. Virgin Atlantic should concentrate on those domain in order make their workers more skilled. Important one are listed below :

  • Human resource department should be capable for dealing with customers by resolving their quires in few minutes as the quantity of users is more in comparison to previous years. This is linked with creating kinship with customers. As a result, quality get improved in effective manner.
  • Pilots ought to be hired by examining their past experiences along with qualifications by managers. This will help them since they do not need to work hard on those people as they are already learned similar action. It is to be noted that this is associated with production sector. If workers would provide safe journey, then quality is said to be developed.

These two domains are very important which requires to make better and it is possible by implementing quality maintenance agenda in corporation.

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As per the above mention assignment it has been concluded that, education and training is important for enhancing skills and knowledge of every person. For this session company hire professional person and they use several method for educating employees. This entire assignment is based on Virgin Atlantic which is an airways company which need professional persons for educating their pilots, Air-hostesses and caterers. So that they can maintain better relation with their customers as well there are various stakeholders and external bodies they gives their wide impact on education and training process.

Moreover, respective organisation is using on the job training method for their employees. So that, they can gain practical knowledge about their job roles as well enhance their skills and knowledge.

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