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Understanding and Leading Change - Tesco Plc

University: Empire College London

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Question :

Explanation regarding change management within Tesco.

  • Comparison of ways in which change is impacting business strategy.
  • Evaluation of factors driving for change.
  • Demonstration of impacts of change barrier within decision making.
  • Application of various change initiative leadership aspects.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Delite Care Recruitment Agency


Change may be inevitable in present scenario, as the business world has become more competitive and complex than before. Change can be occur in several areas such as newer technologies, innovation or creations, market trends or conditions, increase international competition, deregulation of market and the changing of workforce, therefore leaders have responsibility to move ahead and provide right path to the organisation. Understanding and leading change helps in preparing to every individual for meeting as well as facing the problems which come with some implementation and initiations changes (Alkahtani, 2011). In this, participants evaluate the change process and the political, psychological and company's issues which they generate. This will support in dealing with initiatives can change and also learn for handle with resistance for successful change. This report is based on Tesco plc and Sports Direct International plc. It Compare the different organisations where have impact of changes on organisation's strategies and operations. It also will evaluate ways that internal or external drivers of change affects leadership, team and measures to minimise negative impacts. It explain different barriers for changes which influence leadership decision-making. This assignment will apply leadership approach to deal with change within the organisation.


P1 Compare different organisations and major impact of change on strategy and operations

Change management is the system which undertakes several aspects regarding the organisation including culture, policies, code of conducts, rules or regulations and structure etc. that are must be required for creating as well as maintaining positive environment in an appropriate manner. Change is very important component for every business firm that related with environmental factors and its elements have major impacts which can affects the organisational strategies as well as business operations (Anderson, 2010). Therefore, it is necessary to consider the change system and focus on creating appropriate strategies or actions plan so that they can deal with various issues regarding changes for achieving set goals or targets in an effective manner. Tesco plc and Sports direct international plc both are dealing in retail sector and focus on making better strategies as well as its adoptions which is depends on the environmental factors or forces that have direct affects on the business operations. It must be required to consider these forces so that organisation can survive in the competitive environment and create goodwill in the market place. Both companies are strong and big competitors in the market and try to build effective image as well as maintain position in an efficient manner. In the recent data, it has been analysed that Tesco plc lost its market share over the last 5 year so they made plan for getting back those shares. On the other side, Sports Direct international plc also ever been out of the news as per recent years. So, these crises are occurred due to avoiding changes. Therefore, government department and parliament subcommittees made rules and allow to entire UK's firms and necessary for every organisation to adopt changes (Anderson, 2010). There are some basic information regarding Tesco plc and Sports Direct International plc for better understanding such as:

Tesco Plc

Tesco plc is a British multinational grocery as well as general merchandise retail company which is situated in Welwyn Garden City, England, UK. This firm is dealing with several products or services so that it is also known as supermarket, hypermarket and convenience shop as well. It is third largest retailer in the world according to profits and revenues. This company was founded in the year of1919, London. There are number of employees working at Tesco plc that approx 476,000 as per recent data. It has around 6,553 stores all over the world so they provide their products or services in various areas including UK. Ireland, Thailand, India and Hungary etc. their generated revenue is approx £55,917 million in the year of 2017. some subsidiaries of Tesco plc are Tesco bank, mobile, Ireland and Book group etc.

Sports Direct International plc

Sports direct international plc is a British retailing group which introduced by the Mike Ashley, and it established in the year of 1982. This company is the largest firm which deals in number of items of the sports goods or products in the United Kingdom. This company operate around 670 stores in the world wild. It has generated the revenues approx £ 3,245 million as per the recent year's data and in this working around 17,345 employees who work hard for getting success and increase sales volume in an effective manner (Bingham, 2010). There are some subsidiaries such as Sports Direct, USC, Game digital and Ever last etc.

Therefore, Both companies are dealing in retail sector and have good image or reputation in the market so it is necessary to consider several changes while running the organisation in better ways. They try to identify various environmental factors and undertake some new technologies or better strategies so that competitive advantages can be achieved in well manner. Tesco sell effective grocery items and many more products with additional changes for the purpose of attracting more customers (Main, 2010). There are comparison of both organisations with major differences such as:


Tesco plc

Sports Direct International plc


This firm offers varieties of products such as Food, Frozen food, baby and toddler products, party and gifts, toys, sports and leisures and health or beauty products and many more for satisfying customers needs or wants. They focus on providing new products by adopting innovations and new technologies as well.

Sports firm is selling several products including professional equipments, various accessories regarding sports, casual lines of dresses and footwear for all people as men, women and children as well.


Tesco plc adopt better pricing strategies in which included cost leadership and many others (Branson, 2010). They provide products or services at the lowest price and also focus on maintaining the quality in an effective manner.

Competitive pricing policies are considering in the sports direct international plc. They also focus on making strategies regarding price as per the types, season and size of the products or services.


It has covered wide areas of the world as there are around 6,900 stores in 11 countries.

It also selling products or services at several areas as it has around 670 stores at world wild.


Tesco plc has strong brand image and reputation in the market. They also consider various tools or techniques for promotions such as hoardings, charitable events, televisions as well as commercial ads and many more for building goodwill among the competitors.

They promote their products by using various promotional tools or techniques such as endorses famous person or celebrities, place products in shows or movies and many more.

M1 Assess the different drivers for change

There are various factors of changes that can affects on the organisation and these are related with environment such as internal and external. In the internal, it includes events, factors, people, conditions and structures etc. which are generally under control of the firm. The changes of internal drivers in the activities, decision-making, and employees behaviours or attitudes according to situations (Brown, 2012). On the other side, external drivers can occurs outside of the company that cannot be control as well as beyond the control of the firm. In this included several element such as customers, technologies, resources and economy that influence the organisation in various ways. Therefore, manager or leader focus on monitoring and adopting the external environment whenever needed. On the other side, Sports Direct International plc who provide best quality of products or services regarding sports goods so that number of people can be satisfied and loyal towards firm.


P2 Evaluate ways in which internal and external drivers affects leadership, team and individual behaviour

Every organisation focus on achieving particular goals or objectives by completing tasks in an appropriate manner. There must be better workforce and effective team members who are able to complete tasks or works and accomplish set targets as well. Leaders play vital role in the business organisation because they focus on providing directions regarding right path and give instructions to employees towards goals and objectives in an effective manner. Leaders also try to adopt the different leadership styles for achieving best possible results or outcomes (Carrington, 2010). Leaders and managers are key people in the organisation because they set targets or objectives and provide guidelines to employees by influencing their behaviours so that company can make more successful. Leaders generally support in motivating people and inspire their behaviours so that they will be ready to achieve task or objectives and focus on company success as well. Motivation is best and important tool that helps in increasing productivity and perform every task or works in well manner.

Tesco plc is a British multinational grocery retail firm that deals in various products in the market regarding the food, health and beauty items, home appliances and baby care products and many more. They try to create a better team and workforce by appointing effective manage and leader within the organisation. Leaders adopt various styles of leadership as per the situations so that people can manage or maintain in an appropriate ways (Deppeler, 2010). Leaders and managers have responsibilities to form or establish team by choosing best persons and also provide training and development program to every individuals for the purpose of enhancing their skills or abilities so that they can perform every task in an effective manner and achieve predetermined goals or targets. Tesco plc always try to increase productivity and profitability by considering new ideas or innovation for producing and selling goods or services in an appropriate manner. There are number of factors regarding internal and external drivers that can affects on the leadership, team as well as individual behaviours within the firm. These are as follows:

Internal factors:

Internal factors are related with various environmental force in the organisation such as events, systems, company structure, people and rule or regulations that can be control by the firm. There are number of factors associated with the internal environment such as company's missions, and vision statements, organisational culture and leadership styles and many more. These can influence business performance or activities, decisions, attitudes and employees behaviours etc. there have considerable impacts of the changing in leadership styles as well.

There are SWOT analysis for better understanding of major impacts on leadership like:



Leadership styles must be adopted by the leaders for handling the situations within the organisation (Moss, 2010). Employees moral should be boosted so that employees will feel highly motivated and perform entire tasks in well manner. It can be possible by increasing moral and their confidence for achieving particular task or objectives in an effective ways.

There are several weak points can be find in the Tesco plc such as poor coordination among employees and management. It has major impacts due to internal forces so leaders have major responsibility to create better coordination in the organisation and also focus on creating positive working environment in an appropriate manner.



Organisational culture is very difficult in creating within the firm. It affects on the individual and group of people in the org

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