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Environment Decision Making in Interior Solution to Elementary School

University: ITCM College London

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Reflective writing or essay is based on all experience and learning process which are generated during actual analysing of task which is most important part of learning of humans. There are various day to day experience which we are encountered but not all would be forming integral part of our methods or writing as well. Thus there are some sections or part which is to be providing different development and efforts are made to reflect onto this daily practice. As in this paper I would be including experimental practice which is helping in developing my skills as environmental decision maker with giving interior solution to elementary school. So in this respect I need to undertake assessment like that of stakeholder analysis, principle negotiation and leveraging felt knowing. Then it would be including some sub parts like that of methods, results and discussion coming up towards conclusions (Ertmer and Newby, 2015). All things should be reflecting upon experiments that are been conducted environmental decisions which are based on interior solution to elementary school within Australia.

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This experiment is mainly based on workplace where I’m currently employed which is an elementary school within Australia. In starting I was recruited on temporary bases which they grew me on permanent bases at the time when supervisor gave the advice related to my work and smooth running. This reflective essay and part would be including various methods and based on them discussions or results would be generated (Fisher, Ury and Patton, 2015). There are also range of stakeholders who are been included within the topic conduct would be based on what type of data must be there and how that data is been analysed to end up with results. In this study on reflection mode negotiation would be focusing on interest of parties like that of stakeholders or management and conflicts which are arising among them all. So this principled negotiation will be with manager or management of this elementary school. Stakeholder analysis will be undertaken which is enabling to gain insight with help of felt knowing which are to be used in Fisher and Ury’s 4 step approach of principled negotiation. As I was not having correct or full knowledge about these concepts of stakeholder analysis, felt knowing and principled negotiation which was then increased after this whole experiment.


The current situation would be dealing with elementary school and its interior solutions which are more focused on environmental decision making (Schön, 2013). It is important for this industry or education sector that they are maintaining teacher and student ratio which is ideal at 1:15. But on certain issues like that of lack of teacher or not concerned about child this ratio is several time changed. This issues was discussed with management of school that if this situation prevailed would then be casing much problems like that of uneasy to learn or to teach. At the time of reflective writing I included Donald Schon and Eugene Gendlin’s work on reflective practice which is done to undertake exploratory practice in move or hypothesis testing. At the time when I’m using leveraging and developing use of Gendlin theory is to be used and also 3 level reflective practice of Donald Schon is been used. This will be based on bascially 2 major parts in each on them I included one experiment focusing on 2 aspect of my topic.

Part 1

This would be focusing on developing skills as environment decision maker what are the skills that are needed? What advantage I will be having after these skills are developed? And lastly what skills actually I developed so that I am able to take decision regarding keeping safeguard of environment where I was working (Schön, 2017). So in order to answer all these questions it was easy for me that I could be able to note down all my gathered experience and information in regard to it. During these working and development of skills there was certain one which need to be looked out separately these skills and feelings are those which should be given extra attention. For this part I need to carry system analysis of environment and this will be helping me to develop skills so that I could be able to take decisions. Thus this will be showing that it is having long term goal or outcome of taking decision in regard to environment. This will also be conducting analysis of system which is providing insight of various technical aspect of skills which need to be there at time of developing skills. In this form I need to negotiate with stakeholders of an elementary school like that of management, teachers, staff, parents and students (Dale, 2010). If there are certain decisions which I will be making then how all these stakeholders will be reacting to specified and particular decision. This reaction could be in both negative and positive way but this practice there would be no specified outcome and this is mainly done only to perform results of topic or experiment. Top the best assignment help with quality content.

Part 2

Then in this 2nd section where there would be providing interior solutions of elementary school of Australia. As I’m currently employed within “SCHOOL A” which is enabling me to achieve targets of my career and skill development as environmental decision maker. So I would be negotiating with management of school with the help of principled negotiation that of Fisher and Ury (Watt, 2017). This will be focusing on how important it becomes for environmental decision maker to develop their skills in order to provide interior solution to elementary school. In this regard it was important for me to conduct stakeholder analysis in consideration with interest, position and self-decisions. With the help of this negotiation it was possible that I could then be working as permanent employee at SCHOOL A which was included in system analysis. In part of negotiation with management of school was included within hypothesis testing and the compromising with the number of results were generated. Some of the hypothesis which I was able to build up was like that of:

  • The negotiation which I’m supposed to do could be leading to results and outcomes on permanent bases.
  • The negotiation which I’m supposed to do could not be leading to results and outcomes and they are to remain same.

Giving up of interior solutions within elementary school of Australia could be helping me to judge that what is reason behind my choosing of environment decision like that of building up of healthy schooling experience of students (Jorgensen, Patten and Strakraba, 2012).


The experiment which is based on developing skills to conduct environment decision making in interior solution to elementary school. Within both the part which are dealing with exploratory practice approach must be keeping experiment that including range of factors relating to situation (Walkerden, 2005). In both the parts there will be including stakeholder analysis, principled negotiation and leveraging felt knowing.

Part 1

At this stage I was having aim to implement exploratory practice like that of Schon and Gendlin’s reflective practice. Which will be supporting techniques to be used for system analysis and stakeholder analysis. There are possible reasons for feelings that are evoking into situational context and then searching upon my feelings that related to skill development. There were my thinking and suggestions which were available and then attempt was made to understand in better terms why skill development is important. Then I was engaged into reflective practice or writing which is looking upon issues like that why is it required to look up on skills and their development as well (Keen, Brown and Dyball, 2015). There were certain factors which I was able to develop like that related to:

  • Skills that are needed as environmental decision maker.
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Cognitive skills
  • Practical and professional skills and attribute

At the time of my undertaking I included all what is been mentioned into exploratory data so that I could be having clarity of ideas and then self-assessment will be done. This exploratory practice will be helping me to properly conduct whole hypothesis or move testing like that of leveraging of feeling to know. Among all the skills above stated I need to understand what is the primary which I supposed to be having at any point of time or what could be the main cause of my development of skills as environment decision making. 

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In order to testing of this hypothesis it would be required to have exploring various factors in case of development of skills which is done after including Gendlin and working with this skills.

Then at time of stakeholder’s analysis it was included within my understanding that all interest and demand of stakeholders should be giving chance of negotiation. Thus outcome will be there based on this analysis which is allowing me to look up on to my interest which is been aligned with that of my as well (Walkerden, 2014). If this is not been understood by me then this would be affecting stakeholders in negative way like they will not be remaining associated with SCHOOL A anymore.

Part 2

At the time of negotiation with management of SCHOOL A there was several issues and questions which I included to ask them and that decided my stake into school. This would be undertaking the principled negotiation which was introduced by Fisher and Ury in their 4 step model. These would be including like that of:

  1. Divising problems which people face
  2. Focusing on interest and not only on positions
  3. Setting up of stage for collective gain
  4. Insisting on goals and its criteria. 

Before conducting this negotiation it is require that I’m deciding over what is the problem which is related to each person is been facing like that related to knowledge and understanding. Then on 2nd guideline I would be focusing on my area of interest not on what position I’m having this is basically done prior to setting up with stakeholders analyis or including their mutual interest (Gendlin, 2015). Then reason behind as to why I was promoted to as permanent staff as environment decision making was to concern to my value as good and efficent employee. So this opportunity which was given to me was in relation to my working and how satisfied I was during my work. this is in regard to my liability implication ending up to as 3rd guideline of model. Then towards the end the insisting objective was related to my continued to work on hourly bases as I was doing before.


Under this part all important points would be included to be discussed like that of resulting into my experience to undertake the required study. As this study was based on experimenting with development of skills as environmental decision maker by providing interior solution of elementary school in Australia. So there would be certain discussions which are to be made like that of:

  • All the conclusion and resulting part of the study would be based in what I have learnt at the time of undertaking experiment.
  • All the things which I learnt was applied in my daily life both personal and professional which then is deriving important merits.

Like at the time of my reflection of leveraging to feel knowing which is one of the method used by me was regarded to as big challenge for me. Then I build up different hypothesis testing including Gendlin model (Keen, Brown and Dyball, 2015). I have also learned about stakeholder analysis which will be depending upon problems and results related to them all. This will be based on principled negotiation and linking with both the practice of stakeholder analysis.


From this experiment I have learnt that how I could be successfully developing all practice which is then impacting my learning and developing skills of environment decision making. I have learnt how I could be undertaking stakeholder analysis and how principle negotiation could be carried on.


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