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D/508/0491 Managing a Successful Business Project Regent college Level 4


A Project can be defined as a set of work assigned to a group of people working in an Organization to fulfil the desired goal with in the specified time allocated (Kerzner, 2013 ). It is characterized by some unique qualities like having interdependent activities which is performed by the allocated team members. The task may be uncertain and full of risk also. The project management is the process of designing , supervising and managing all the activities involved in the project(Meng, 2012).

The present report is based on the Allan Reeder Limited that aims to do work regarding corporate social responsibility for maintaining its importance for sustainability and competitive advantage. The CSR is aiming to ensure that companies conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means it is taking account of their social, economic and environmental impact, as well as considering the human rights.

The report is explaining the production of a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources. This also produce a work breakdown structure and Gantt chart to provide time frames and stages for completion reflecting the value of undertaking the research to meet the desired objectives.

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Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario

Aims: The project focus to manage a successful business project by reflecting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the benefits of following it.

Objectives: The CSR ( corporate social responsibility ) is defined as the voluntary commitment of businesses that tries to incorporate the organisation practices achieving its goal by making and following some rules and regulations in terms of companies. The rules governed by them are following:

  • It tells that every company should do their businesses by keeping the moral values .
  • The company should take care of the cultural, commercial and geographical impacts and considering the human rights.
  • The human rights are moral principles that explores some standards of human actions and are continuously protected as legal principles in municipal and intercontinental law.
  • It posses a range of tasks in favour of the workers involved in any businesses by stop ending activities like the working in partnership with local communities, socially responsible investment, improving contacts between employees and customers, protection of environment and its sustainability.
  • There exists some businesses which have the main motto of accomplishing the social goals opposing those that tries only to meet the financial benefits. Such businesses are called social enterprises.

This process includes stakeholder analysis, the inclusive plan framing including the market place by understanding the surroundings and problems.

  • It maintains the wish to do best as an corporate i.e. doing leadership.
  • It establish a network to guard the entrepreneur in management's impact.
  • It makes communication possible by grasping the activities which bring profits to the organisation.

The project deals with the management of business of the Allan Reeder Limited corporation with the help of CSR i.e. corporation social responsibility (Baiden and Price, 2011). This project's objective is to manage the projects of the enterprise by following its rule like maintaining the ethical values within the businesses. Social, economic and geographical impacts including the standard of human rights are considered too. The activities like partnership among the local communities, investments which is done socially, communication between consumers and employees, etc. are managed by the CSR only. The CSR also insures the protection of environment and the workers (Doloi and Sawhney, 2011 ). So, the company should follow the legislative rules laid by CSR in order to make highest turnover.

The project management process covers the aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources . These all factors impacts a negative as well positive image on the production of the product. The research methodologies comprises of a list of activities like defining the objective and aim of the project, initialisation, motoring and controlling of the production's issues, as well as the execution of the project. This is reliable and accurate as per the project.

project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources

Project management plans are used by the project holders in order to solve the difficulties which are coming during its implementation and execution. There are three restraints present in this plan that are listed below:

Time: Time is a critical factor which can't be controlled. The activities involved in a project can take less or more amount of time to end depending on the number of workers involved in that task. Their personal experience and wisdom also affects. The projects which are completed after crossing the deadline generates a negative effect (Idemudia, 2011).

Cost: Certain budgets are made in order to implement a projects. So, managers as well as organisation should execute the project with in the specified budgets.

Scope: This shows the output of the project which are addressed by the project team. The team head ought to manage the scope as well as future alteration done with that because it affects both time and costing of the project(Jeston and Nelis, 2014).

Quality is not the part of project management but this is the motto of every delivery.

Project head determines that the best quality is achieved by high costing. So, the use of bad quality resources hinders the overall production as the works are not done at the allotted deadlines. So, the quality is most wanted characteristics of the projects.

The management of project includes various steps which are following:

Defining the project: Firstly the aims and objectives are defined in order to make successful projects.

Initiation: Before starting the projects the resources as well as the plans are made. This is called initiation of the scheme.

Planning: This includes the schemes which are developed in order to run the plans or projects. Time, cost and scope are focussed here.

Execution: This process comprises of all the work done by the co workers and it also gives the outcome of the project.

Monitor: The managers take necessary decisions by examining the work flow and control the whole environment so that the smoothness in the operation would maintained.

Closing: After delivering the tasks the management process of project will closed.

Risk management: To overcome the problems and summons occurring in the project management process is termed as managing the risk. The head of the projects ought to adjust the three factors that is explained above. They should make a situation of equilibrium among the time, cost and scope in order to achieve high quality product. The managers should prevent the share holders from making any new change in the scope as well as they have to manage the limits of the human resource and the economical conditions. In order to do risk management the mangers should focus on following tasks:

  • They have to define the projects and allot the tasks amongst the team members. They should also manage resources regarding that projects.
  • They are initiating by preparing the objectives needs for the project and should working to meet those aims.
  • The important task of him is to keep updating the stakeholders regarding the progress of required projects.
  • They need to concentrate on the risks and solve such issues.

The communication among the stakeholders, employees and the customers should be done on regular basis. This will improve the relationships among them and will be beneficial for the organisation. The resources should be of high quality as they are used by the employees to gain the best quality projects and delivery.

Work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide time frames and stages for completion

The work-breakdown structure (WBS) precise the tasks requirement so that the good production is achieved. It is shown as successive layers of the project's work areas(Hall, 2012). At the lower level normally work package or the activities are arranged. The WBS regarding this project are made below:

Involver present: Project manager and the team of the project.

Tasks involved


Resource needed



Meeting arrangements among the supervisors and the employees

Make surveys dates, resource needed,

Computer,pen,note-book, electricity,chairs,round table,etc.

Senior supervisor and co workers meeting executed before survey

Survey conducted at the assigned dates

Paper work for writing those dates and works allocation

Documentation work done before the date of survey.

LAN, personal computers,pen,pencil,table,etc.

Preparation of the documents regarding surveys

Documentations are done and meetings are fixed.

Rules and regulations are  made .

Seeking  customers need and design products.


of deadline to


Norms are applied on the employees

Maintaining smooth operations

Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods

Research methods are useful for business organisation, and for a new start ups or small scale enterprise, these methods are able to provide them data and information (Baiden and Price,2011). There are two types of research methods – quantitative and qualitative research methods. In Allan reader Limited, which is applied, it depends upon organisation capability and impotence. Both of them, have their own strategies, but when they put together, they able to provide the form of mixed-methodology research that helps in intelligibly understand the focus consumers needs and & wants and the quality of competition. Qualitative and quantitate research methods are such as follow:-

Quantitative research: Quantitative research methodology, focuses to be more integrated than qualitative research. Quantitative research is a paper based research, that included online survey, postal survey and telephonic call (Bakker and et. al., 2011.). It means to gain more information and data from the area of the interest, in which sampling sized is everything. The research gives busy bourgeois the quality to collect large bulk of data efficiently and quickly. It is also providing a general view of Allen Reader Ltd. and its target that it is become more demographical beyond its survey participants. The results and analysis of research can processed with speed also. The types of quantitate research are as follows:- questionnaire and surveys.

Qualitative Research: Qualitative research is a methodological analysis that focuses on what people feel, how they think and why they make different needs and wants. For example, if Allen Reader Ltd., thinks about changing their brand and gained some qualitative research forms , in order to understand the affectation reactions people with that product and its qualities. The method does non includes any numerical information and data and it a kind of investigation of any area or gathering (Doloi, Iyer and Sawhney, 2011). Types of qualitative researched are are as follows:- focus groups and one on interview.

As per above questionnaire, it is concluded that CSR activities are a important tool for every organisation, they maintain direct relationship with competitive advantages. In an voluntary organisation, CSR activities can be easily implemented. Through an distinct department of CSR activities some problems can be reduces (Hall, 2012).

The project has used many research methods like defining , initialising , executing , monitoring as well as controlling the projects in order to develop a fruitful result for the welfare of the company. The methods also describes the role of a good project managers and co-workers. The methods used in this project are hundred percent accurate. Because it is created by examining each and every parts and the issues regarding this by following the legislative norms and conditions of the CSR. So, by following this the organisation would surely meet their motive. The methods and the solution given in this research project is quite trustworthy. There may be no issues regarding the delivery of the product.

Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

There are the following techniques that helps in analysing research and data

Mean: Mean is also known as Arithmetic mean, and it is the total of sum of a database or list of numbers that divided by the number of items that mentioned in the list. It is an numerical quantity that can be replace the every existent item, and gives the similar results. It is useful in assessing the overall data of the Allan Reader Limited, with that company is able to known the customers choice as well as their needs and wants (Hotho, and Champion, 2011). Means is an geographical summary of data, using this tool, organisations can easily compute their sales and revenues.

Standard deviation: Standard deviation is often presents with sigma. But it can be ambitious to explicate as a individual number of its own. Basically, a small standard deviation refers the values that represents in statistical data, that close to the mean of data set. And a large standard deviation refers that those values are set in data farther away from the mean and its average (Idemudia, 2011). It is helpful in organisation, when managers have to observe and justify the data and information and it directly reflects large amount or a group of persons on which managers are being studied.

Sample size determination: This tool is useful in assessing a large number of peoples, in which communicator can easily get revenant information about the products and services of the company. It is not possible to collect data from large groups, in one time period, so that sample do it job very well. This method is assistive in find out a rights size of sample that will provide accurate information and due to this facts are always real and based on realistic activities.

Research tools and techniques are accommodating in providing facts and data from the area of interest. These techniques are mean, standard deviation, and sample size determination. By using these elements an researcher can get valid and actual facts from the customers. Along with this, communicator get numerical as well as a sample of data and information (Myers, 2013). These factors of data analysis are able to collect more information in a time of period. After that organisation can make direct relationship with their customers and it have well being knowledge of consumer's needs and wants. These methods are also effective managers wants information in geographical and numerical terms.

In terms of project management, every organisation expects outcome and results of their projects. Project management means to manages the over all activities and plan for a particular projects because the growth of the company is always depends on it. If an project become successful, it grow up name and fame of company as well as its market share. The outcomes of projects are based on organisation development and growth because it makes them strong in terms of finance (Mir and Pinnington, 2014.). Project also effects the decision making activities of the Allan reader limited, it reflects their long terms or futuristic goals and activities. For that company have to planned there strategies and implemented it in organisation at the time of needed.
P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis

As per the research, Allan Reader Limited can be implemented a communication plan in terms of quantitate research. The research provides managers accurate facts and data. These recommendation are helpful in research and data analysis by providing accurate facts and data. It is necessary that research plan can be communicate in all over organisation, so that all of the employees are able to know what is the interest are of customers (Meredith Belbin, 2011). Communication plan refers, a process in which a project is target and make it possible communication among peoples effectively. The plan is made up for long term by raising up company's profile and refine its image among market place and external environment.

Implementing a communication plan in research and data analysis

For facilitating the communication process in conducting a project process, makes the eit easier in understanding. In Allan Reader limited, it is necessary to make an effective communication among the stakeholders of the project. For communicating the team member of the project, it is very important to conduct a formal meeting (Meng, 2012). They also utilising the emailing strategy to facilitating communication fro each other. For communicating the senior boss or the superior of Allan Reader Limited, it is essential to communicate with them by social media or emails or several instant messages apps are mainly utilised. For alleviate communication plan among the stakeholders , the researcher has utilised the communication plan that is mentioned below

Purpose of communication


Frequency or timing

Methods of communication

Responsible person

Progress of the project process into correct direction

Team members that are involved in project process


Face to face meeting

Team leader

Existent issue with sorting process.

Managers and Employees of Allan Reader limited

At the times of needed.

Telephonic conversation and emails and social media apps and instant messaging apps.

Project manager

Main impact of using CSR activities

Directors, and other department members

During weekly meetings

Email messaging and weekly written report

Directors and mangers

Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance

Research is able in solving all issues regarding project and plays an important in decision making activities. It equipped and fully understand the issues of the project and trying to solve it by making it more capable that makes the best decision of organisational; goals and objectives. and Researches and data analysis is helpful in gaining organisational goals and aims. During this project process, manager of Allan reader limited, followed a strategy that gives accurate and proper information in this project. Firstly managers have to find out the subject matter of this project and collect data from various tools and techniques (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). Under any research programme, it is clearly mention how to implement the programmes of surveys in peoples and manager of Allan reader limited also found how people feel and how they react on a particular product and services of the organisation. There are many methods of research and data analysis by which any researcher easily facts and information. This project aims to that information is provided by the organisation, is it accurate and effective or not. Research is also effective in building knowledge and to know the attitude of the customers. For every organisation, Research plays an crucial roles in terms of data and information collection.

The main objective of research programmes is to develops the organisational objective and trying to fulling them with the customer satisfaction. To know all those surveys and questionnaires, managers are able to identifies consumer's needs and wants, now they are able to produces according to market demand. Research helps to take project to the next or higher level it makes it effective and competitive with market. This is mention below the process of research

By using it, an researcher can develop its strategics:-

  • Identification of topic
  • Think about research methods
  • Read the research (websites and articles)
  • Collection of data
  • Analysing the data
  • Write it up at all

By using this process, an researcher can get stable and accurate information that links from project makes it more competitive and ready to implement in market (Kerzner, 2013). Now it can be said that research is key of success in an project management process. It helps in what, why, how, where and whom , all the questions of the researcher. A true and primary research is an tool of proves all lies and supporting the truth. It can clear all issues and problems in manager's mind. Although research is a source to love writing, reading, analysing and sharing valuable information and facts.

For every project it is very essential to manages its activities and resources, it makes easier projects tasks and assignment. Project process can be defined as the those steps can helps in making project, these activities can be made before completing a project because to understand the needs of the project (Meredith Belbin, 2011). It means it makes easier future activities and able to save time of the employees. For effectively completion of the project, along with the performing of the project, closing of the project is necessary. Project process is affects the decision making process of the company by usi9ng new techniques and tools. It is helpful in achieving organisation targets and goals.

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From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that the project management should be done by accepting and following the rules and regulations of the corporation social responsibility (CSR). The CSR take care of all the tasks which is in favour of employees as well as enterprises.The conservation of human rights and the environmental protection is the main motto them. The project mangers and the entrepreneurs rules are also laid by them in order to maintain the smoothness of the all the operations which is to held during the production of the product. The project management process is also carried out in the project by designing the work-breakdown and the Gantt chart diagrams. The accuracy and relatability are maintained by the project managers and the co workers too. Small scale research are done by applying applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.


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