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Unit 5 Business and Business Environment Assignment Level 4


The assignment writing focuses on the business environment that impacts the operations of any organization. In this context, as business analyst of Grey Technology in UK, an investigation is carried to present report and essay on the analysis of the size and scope of the different types of organization in the business environment of UK. The assignment is aimed at the analysis of the current environmental factors that is influencing on the Grey technology company. The analysis of further applicable in the wider context will understand of the business environment in UK.

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Task 1

P1 Explaining the different types and purposes of organizations and their growth of the international Business Environment

The presentation provides a clear description of the three types of organization:

  • Zara (Private)
  • Audit Commission(Public)
  • Voluntary (The National Trust)

The three of the chosenorganizations operate in the different sector of the business environment of UK. These are categorized in the different sector with differentpurposes that determines the growth of the organization.

The different types and purposes of these organizations are presentedhereafter:

Zara (Private)


Audit Commission (Public)


The National Trust (Voluntary)


The Grey technology is one of the fastest growing private companies that operates in UK in the industry of Engineering sector. The purpose of any private organization is generally to earn profit by the running the business. This particular organization. The organization thus designs innovatively and manufactures cordless home as well as garden appliances. These are owned by non-governmental organization or by small numbers of shareholders that neither offers nor trade with the company stocks (Scott and Davis, 2015).

A public company is actually a company that is held by public like that of any corporation that does the job of issuing stocks.

The purpose of public company like Audit Commission is a public based corporation that does the job of appointing auditors to all the local authorities In Englandas well in the health services of England and Wales. The purpose of the organization is provide assurance as well as promoting value of the money of the tax payers in relation to the local government, nursing, community, health, local safety, rescue and other public services (Bouckaertet al. 2016).

Volunteer organizations are generally non-profit organization that runs the business for the purpose of social activity which is the reason, this sector is also known as the third sector. These organizations primarily do not run business for profit but a monetary amount is aimed at earning for purpose of socially contributing activities (Anheier, 2014). The National Trust In UK serves England, Ireland and North Wales in order to conservethrough charity the historic, heritage as well as cultural places and green spaces in the locations mentioned above. These types of organizations depend in the activities of charity in order to conserve the heritage of the places throughmaintenance.


P2 Background of each of the organization for explaining the size and scope of the organization


Zara (Private)


Audit Commission (Public)


The National Trust (Voluntary)


Background details

The organization operates in the engineering sector that based in Worcestershirethatpossess a turnover of £66m with compound growth rate to be 97.18% (Bootyet al. 2016).

The Audit commission is a public organization that is based in UK. Theorganization generalspans in four main areas of operations that include Audit, Assessment, Research and Data matching (Gov.uk. 2018).


The National Trust is one of the famous non-profitorganization in the voluntary and charity sector of UK (National Trust, 2018).This is a charitable trust that aims at the presentation of the heritage of Britain make it available for the people is runthrough encouraging partnership under in terms of independenttrustees.

Products and services

This private organization designs as well as manufactures home and garden appliances that are cordless. The organization provides products and services in 19 countries selling 22m products around the world (Bootyet al. 2016).

The services it provides is appointing auditors for the local government of England. Since 1st April of 2005, the function of the commission has been given to the Auditor General for Wales (Gov.uk. 2018).

The services it offers is giving the citizen as well as the tourists the aesthetic pleasure through management of and innovative presentation of the heritages and representing the natural as well cultural resources (National Trust, 2018).

Size and Scope

The size of the organization is that is that of medium-small organization that achieved £6m mark strength by strength (Bootyet al. 2016). Being the inventor of cordless home appliances, the organization has huge scope with developing new innovative products in intervals.

The size of the organization is that oflarge and the scope includes the identification of the Fraudulent initiatives which is another area of revenue generation that has been witnessed in the recent times that included £450 (Gov.uk. 2018). Therefore, overpayments are and other resources are available.

The National Trust UK third among the list of voluntary organization that yields an income of 460m as per the research of NCVO Charity functions (Data.ncvo.org.uk. 2018). This is large organization.

Vision, Mission and business objectives

The mission of the organization to “to provide the best loved floor-care and garden products in the world” (Bootyet al. 2016).

The vision and mission is to encourage the tax payers in paying the tax, for renderingbenefits that can be utilized in the public welfare (Gov.uk. 2018). Theobjectives is to deliver public services throughpracticalrecommendations after assessment. Researching on the different social issues and best tackling them through possible initiatives are  called

Our vision is to give access people to the culture, landscape and heritage of Britain by integrating with the likemindedorganization for helping to care it. The vision of the organization incudes meeting “the needs of an environment under pressure” (National Trust, 2018).

Legal Structure

The legal structure of this organization is that if sole proprietorship, Nick Grey to be the proprietor.  Profit is the only aim of this organization and providing customer satisfaction through innovation is the objective as well (Bootyet al. 2016).

This is public corporation with 2000 people working across England (Gov.uk. 2018). The legal structure of Audit Commission is that of an independent corporation

There is a National Trust Act that was passed by the government of UK in 1905. The legal structure or the corporate governance structure of the organizationincludes the board of Trustees and Council who agreed upon during 2014/15 to employ the ten year anniversary changes. Theseincludes the reduction of the number of employees to 36members till 2018 (National Trust, 2018). The council tenure will be that of two years. There are other specifications that reveal the legal structure of National Trust to be this type of voluntary companies as the name suggests. The governance of this type of organization is done by the trust where no statutory framework exists. Since, the trust is not a legal entity; it c cannotenter a y agreement by its very name but by the personal capacityof each of the trustees. Trust deeds are framed here in the case of National trust along with deeds of amendments as mentioned above (National Trust, 2018).


The stakeholders of the organization include the customers and employees (Bootyet al. 2016).

The stakeholder of this type of public organization that is corporation includes the taxpayers, governmental bodies in local level. Auditors whom they choose, housing, health and other societal associations (Gov.uk. 2018).

The stakeholders of the organization include the trustee members, the consumers, and governmental bodies both in national and local level (National Trust, 2018).

P3 Explaining the function of one of the chosen organizations and demonstrating the interrelationship of the various functions to that of the organizational objectives

The functions and the interrelationship between the departments of the Zara is presented here. The IT departmentalong with the marketingdepartment of the organization is responsible for the design of the products as well as the related services in order tp be unique in its way. The design of the product is then passed on to the manufacturing department where the production is carried under the supervision of the engineers. Further before the sakes of the finishedproducts, the marketing department executes the plans in relation to the promotion of the products for the increased sales of the organization. This is how the departments individuallyexecutes the functions that are aligned towards the achievement of the organizational objectives. The manufacturing department is dependent in the engineering and marketing department.The sakes department of this private company is not directly dependent on the marketing department. However, it is the marketing capabilities ad tactics that is going to influence the consumer well in order to increase the sales of the organization, Each and every department is aimed at the goal of profit making which is very common in private organization. Earning profit in theprivateorganization is highly competitive with several external environmental forces impacting the functional operations of the organization. Theinterrelationbetween the different departments is thus very important for achieving the long term goalsthrough the achievement of the short termed targets in the different departments. The customer relation is yet another department that is required is crucial for the improvisations of the products and achieving competitive advantage as well. It is the marketing department of the organization that again plans the tactics for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

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