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Organisational Behaviour - Royal Dutch Shell

University: ICTM College London

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  • Level: Diploma
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Question :

The below mentioned questions will be dealt with by the researcher

  • Evaluate the impact of culture, politics and power on the behavior of others in an organizational context.
  • Assess how to inspire individuals and teams to reach their objectives.
  • Explain that how to co-operate with others in an efficient manner.
  • Describe the application of concepts and philosophies of organizational behaviour to a given business situation. 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Royal Dutch Shell


Organisation behaviour can be referred as the term used for evaluation of the style people communicate within their team and a company. Often, the evaluation can be implemented as an attempt to create more effective and efficient organisation business. This can be referred as human behaviour analysis in the organisation determining, the interface among enterprise and behaviour as well as enterprise itself. The main purpose of to carry out this study is to develop a proper conceptualisation and revitalise theory of organisational within the life. 

This report will analyse organisation behaviour and various aspects of Shell or Royal Dutch Shell i.e. an gas and oil companies incorporated in UK (Andersson, Jackson and Russell, 2010).

This is one of the major six gas and oil organisation i.e. Sixth-biggest enterprise in the 2016 revenues measured at the global level. This assignment will evaluate culture influence, power and politics on the other people behaviour within company. It will help in stimulating teams and individuals to meet their goals. This will helps in understanding the ways through other can co-operate In regard of discussing above mentioned aspects this report will analyse and implement various concepts and philosophies as well.

L01 Analyse the influence of culture, politics and power on the behaviour of others in an organisational context

P1 Organisation’s culture, politics and power influence on individual and team behaviour and performance

An organisation can be defined as the management and coordination of operating certain activities and task in regard of achieving objectives and target. Organisation behaviour can be defined as the behaviour and interaction methods used by individual of enterprise that influencing their working environment. People who perform in an organisation are rendering the proper development and training. There are certain parameters for following effective structure which have been determined already through the organisation. The power, culture, teams and values play major role in the determination procedure of structure and policies of BBC which influence company's outcome in several manner (Avey, Palanski and Walumbwa, 2011). Shell is one of six largest oil and gas company which has been dominating the market and prices as per their needs and requirements. Understanding the importance of organisational behaviour, the company will analyse the major influence of power, politics and culture of enterprise.


Culture influence: Royal Dutch Shell is a large organisation that supply their services and products in the global market as the enterprise is rendering major products. Shell culture has delivered the unique recognition of enterprise among the society their consumer and clients. Effective administration is required for the enterprise. In order to create an effective brand identification, this is essential for companies to manage more comfortable environment for growth and development of their individuals. If the worker are more comfortable in performing in organisational environment, the work productivity can be more higher. Royal Shell Culture provide more effective and positive environment to their consumer. In order to understand it's impact, the Handy's Culture typology will be opted (Bolino and et. al., 2013). Here are classified some of the culture influence that affect human behaviour which is mentioned as below:

  • Power culture: Culture of enterprise play vital role in achieving getting power within the working enterprise. This can assist worker to adjust in the working environment where power in the company where the power of practice coordination is attempted by an individual.
  • Role culture: Culture of enterprise will assist in determination the duties and roles that worker will perform within enterprise. They will set their roles according to practices and worker's skills.
  • Task culture: This can aid in rendering worker task and practices according to their interest and qualification due to attain enhance productivity and performance.

Culture of organisation can be defined as the principles and values which manager and leader share to the associates of enterprise. This can be defined as the procedure that set the standard of worker communication along with controlling the transactions of business.

The negative and positive activities and behaviour which are presents among worker that reflected in their performance. An organisational culture presents in their business hours, office environment, clients treatment, worker benefits, satisfaction etc.

Shell, follow vertically integrated structure and are active in the oil and gas industry region involving the refining, production, exploration, distribution and marketing, transport, trading, power generation etc. (Choi, 2011).

Shell operate in various nations in more than 70 nations, manufacturing approximate 3.7 million each year as well as has more than 44,000 products stations globally. 92,000 employees and more workers are performing their practices within the organisation for which the company has been managing their practices in effective manner.

There are various drawbacks and limitation of the presented report but due to administration of various activities and operations, the company has managed their weaknesses in more significant manner. The motive of corporation has been altered after the changes in political teams for achieving more new changes.

Now after facing such situation and working as per the change business structure, the company has carry out various modification within their culture, guidelines and policies of enterprise. It have facilitated employee's liberty and cater more values of them within the industry and organisation.


Power and politics of organisation also influence the behaviour of organisation that consist of those practices which are essential to operate to meet the determined outcome that is impossible to meet in the standard condition.

Entire tactics have a very negative influence on the person on team and individuals behaviour cause this can build a negative aura within the company in which worker does not feel more better and perform effectively.

This is essential have a proper culture awareness and knowledge to worker due to which organisation will discriminate between worker on the grounds of their company's culture or worker themselves (Colquitt and et. al., 2011).

Each culture should be agreed over the open hands such as Royal Dutch Shell who is an international organisation as well as thus, they should be managed distinct people coming from various culture.

Hence, it can affirm that all of these components of politics, power and culture of organisation that are needed to be managed more effectively.

POLITICS: United kingdom government has develop rule and regulation related to exchange rate, international trade, global marking, taxation, CSR activities, labour laws and many others act. It is a obligation of an organisation to follow all policies as well as regulation of government in order to run entire business activities appropriately and achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time. By which thus effect their performance positive as well as negatively. In positive ways, company has get relaxation and entire into new market easily when authority make strong relationship with other nation. In negative ways, when their own nation can not have healthy relation with another country like UK, France.


P2 Methods to motivate individual and team

HR manager of an organisation has organising training program with in work place in order to enhance skills and knowledge that help to increase performance, productivity of staff members in long period of time. Through this, firm has capable to motivate workers toward enterprises goods, services offers. So that, training event help to achieve goals and objective in appropriate ways in limited period of time. There are various method of improve labour motivation. It is very important for organisation to adopt strategies related to motivation because it enhance employees performance and productivity as well as produce high quality of product and services that gain high customer's satisfaction (Demir, 2011). So that, it is a most important work for any company to implementing motivating planning work place. There are two type of condition extrinsic or intrinsic, those are explain as follows:

Extrinsic: Management used this method of motivation when they want employees completing their target according to their own thinking or thought. It help to develop self confidence and firm give extra holidays, bonus, high payment and many more.

Intrinsic: In this, manager assign employees role and responsibilities according to staff members desires or like given them task which are most favourite, provide challenging situation etc. It give high satisfaction to workers that help to rise performance quality.

These two method can not applicable in all situation. So that, management of an organisation has analyse their working environment and accordingly select best approaches in order to motivate employees in an effective ways to achieve goals and objective in limited period of time. Each and every company want more motivating as compare to other but this task not so easily to gain (French and Holden, 2012). It is all most impossible for those organisation how can not able to motivate staff members in an effective ways. Thus create negative impact on enterprises performance as well as quality of goods or services. Several scientist has study organisation behaviours and develop theorise which are help to motivate labour with in work place. Some motivational theories are Herzberg, Maslow, Alderfer Adams and many more. Motivational theories are divided into two part content as well as process.

Content Theories: It is as reference as need theory because it focus on employee's wants, demand as well as identify motivating factors in order to enhance performance, identification of needs help organisation to motivative all staff members in an appropriate manner.

Process Theories: Management of the company has analyse individual behaviour in order to know like or dislike which help to resolve issue at work place. For example, how work process with in firm has affect presentation.

Several motivational theories are explain as follows:

  • Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory

Maslow's has develop need hierarchy in order to addressindividuals various kind of needs according at different level of life stage. It has divided into five part and each organisation want to full fill these needs at different level department (Griffin and Moorhead, 2011). These all theory part are arrange in systematic manner which, individuals has want to achieve firstly psychological needs and then safety followed by social or so on. It shows that, needs are full fill on step to step process and on one period may jump into next level without achieving prior needs stage.

Five kind of Maslow's needs are explain as follow:

  • Psychological needs- It is a basic needs of human being like food, water, house, cloth etc.
  • Safety needs- Each and every individuals want to safety related to finance, health etc. in order to live life without any big uncertainty.
  • Social needs- Family, friend, love, support etc. with them individual person cannot live their life happily, it provide emotional satisfaction to workers.
  • Self Esteem needs- After achieve all fist there stage needs, person want to respect form other people that enhance self confidence, motivation and many more (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2012).
  • Self Actualization: In that stage, person want to work for gain prestige at society or an organisation, they work for social development as well as make good will, that enhance motivation into them in an effective manner.
  • Hertzberg Two factor theory: Management of the company has used this theory in order to motivating employees.
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